GH Update Thursday 9/19/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/19/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

In the Metro Court lobby, Ava directs traffic setting up for the reception she and Sonny are giving for Kiki and Morgan. She checks her guest list, happy that Silas is on it so now he can't keep ignoring her. When she tries to call him again, though, he just presses the ignore button, so he can talk with his nephew, Rafe. They have something in common when Rafe also chooses to ignore the woman who keeps calling him, Taylor, saying it's nobody important. Entering her brother's apartment, a frustrated Taylor leaves Rafe a message about them both not wanting Molly and TJ together.

Silas assures Rafe that little Danny has turned a corner in his recovery, and barring any complications, he and Sam can go home soon. Rafe is grateful for all his uncle did to save Danny but wonders if he still wants to take him away from his home. Although Silas still wants Rafe to live with him, he now realizes he was wrong to force the issue without getting to know him first. If Rafe wants to stay at Sam's, Silas agrees. With a sly grin, Rafe notices that Silas is more conciliatory toward Sam.

As Molly and Sam are talking in the hospital hall, Nikolas notices Britt being wheeled by, holding her sleeping baby, and makes a beeline for her, much to the two women's dismay. They hope that there isn't more than friendship going on between them.

Felix walks in as Taylor is leaving yet another message for Rafe. When he asks what she's doing, Taylor requests he mind his own business. He's distracted by someone at the door asking for Sabrina. When Carlos asks if he's Sabrina's boyfriend, Taylor snickers from inside. Felix introduces himself as Sabrina's best friend. Carlos Rivera says he knew her in Puerto Rico and hopes they can catch up. Since he's going in to work, a helpful Felix offers to lead her old friend Carlos to the hospital where Sabrina works.

While Sabrina is packing up Emma's bookbag, Patrick walks up behind her and surprises her with a tight hug and kisses on the neck. He is grateful for her giving him the push he needed to get over Britt and the baby. She doesn't expect him to forget what happened, just to concentrate on the good things in his life. When she states she's not going anywhere, he intends on showing her his gratitude right then and there, but they're interrupted by a sick child with a very irritated eye.

Michael walks into Sonny's house and is surprised to find Kiki, who explains that she and Morgan are now staying there, since they were kicked off the Quartermaine's property. Kiki relates that Sonny's being really quiet and that Morgan's at the hotel to set up for the party. Since Michael's clueless about that, Kiki fills him in about the reception Sonny and Ava are giving for the newly-married couple. She's surprised Ava didn't invite him, but Michael understands that she wouldn't want him there. Kiki makes eyes at him and insists she needs him to be there.

Ava leaves yet another message on Silas' phone asking if he's actually going to show up for the party. All dressed up, Morgan approaches Ava asking what he can do to help. His mother-in-law isn't in a good mood, however, since she just found out he took advantage of her generosity and almost maxed out her credit card gambling online. She threatens to tell Kiki that he's been lying to her the whole time.

Handing her the out-take forms, Penny parks Britt's wheelchair in the hall promising that Dr. Chu will examine the baby for discharge as soon as the exam room is free. While she's holding her sleeping infant, Nikolas approaches and learns that his name is Ben. Britt assures Nikolas that she is more confident in her ability to bond with her child since realizing she's not like her mother. She thanks him for helping her and assures him she has a home to go to with Sabrina and Felix.

Patrick diagnoses Emma's condition as pink eye or conjunctivitis which is contagious, but she'll be okay in a few days. Meantime, she can't go to her sleepover, so now Patrick and Sabrina have a problem as to who is going to stay home with her, since they both have important commitments. Patrick is unable to get another surgeon to cover for him, so Sabrina offers to give up assisting Dr. Chu to stay home. Patrick is grateful, but Sabrina is disappointed at giving up the coveted opportunity to work with the obstetrician. On his way out, Patrick thanks her again for her support with more hugs and kisses.

Standing in the hotel lobby, Ava lets Morgan have it for taking advantage of her with the gambling charges while she's keeping his dirty little secret from her daughter. Ava vents about the way Morgan rushed Kiki to get married. He reminds her that she agreed to keep quiet and call in a favor in the future. She says the credit card was to provide for Kiki not enable his gambling addiction. He insists he's not an addict, but Ava's not fooled and threatens to expose him.

Felix takes Carlos to General Hospital and learns from Penny that Sabrina didn't make it in to work, because Emma's sick. Felix explains that Emma's Patrick's daughter, prompting Carlos to ask, "Who's Patrick?" When Felix is called away, Carlos questions Penny who fills him in.

Nikolas knows that Sabrina and Felix would not welcome Britt back to their place, but she insists that he needn't worry about her anymore. Running into Patrick, Nikolas learns Sabrina hasn't said anything about Britt returning. When he poses the question to Felix, he bursts out laughing at the ridiculous idea. He's really happy to have nothing more to do with the Britch. Meanwhile, Britt calls Taylor so she can use her secret to make Felix let her come back, but she refuses.

Silas explains how things have changed for him since he came to Port Charles. Now he has a daughter, and they're just beginning to establish a relationship. He advises Rafe to reach out to his new cousin, then he asks how things are going with Molly. Rafe sadly relates that she went back to TJ, even after he told her how he felt. Silas commiserates and asks if there's anything he can do. Rafe doesn't think so, noting that Molly and TJ are stronger than ever.

Down the hall, Molly and TJ hug as they talk with Sam who is going to check on Danny. They rejoice in the good news about the little boy, then Molly gives TJ more good news. Her publisher called and informed her that her e-book is selling very well. She hugs and thanks him for his help. He expresses how proud he is of her and kisses her, just as Rafe approaches. They fill him in on the latest good news. Rafe congratulates Molly as TJ goes on about the high school literary genius. Uncomfortable with their closeness, Rafe can't get away fast enough and goes to see Taylor, realizing she's right about their problem.

TJ enjoys reading Molly's book "Main Squeeze" on his tablet until he comes to the dedication page and reads, "To Rafe who taught me to depend on the kindness of strangers." Flustered, Molly explains she completely forgot about that. TJ understands that things between them were not good then and asks that she mention him in her next book. She readily agrees, then they hug and kiss. Molly wants to focus more on school than writing another book, though.

To prove that he's willing to get over their past, Michael agrees to go. Kiki's happy that he now accepts that Morgan had no idea they weren't related before their wedding. Michael feels they deserve their reception but thinks the timing's a little off. Regardless, Kiki wants him to go and give them his blessing. When he agrees, she suggests he bring a date.

Coming out of Danny's room, Sam is excited at his progress and eager to take him home. Silas promises Danny can make his escape very soon. Sam thanks him again then inquires about Kiki. He's hopeful she's open to the idea of getting to know each other and invited him to the reception, but he's a little nervous about facing everyone and asks Sam to join him, but she declines. He understands her need to stay with her son at night and sadly leaves after she wishes him good luck.

Sabrina has difficulty giving Emma her medicine. Even the offer of all kinds of treats doesn't work. The only thing Emma wants is her mother and Sabrina as a substitute just won't do.

As TJ and Molly are about to kiss again, Felix comes between them and takes TJ aside to remind him how badly he treated his sister. He thinks she's still pining for him and asks that he not lead her on again. TJ apologizes for what happened and promises not to go after Taylor while he's seeing Molly. When he returns to Molly, TJ reads the loving new dedication she's writing for him and returns her feelings.

Rafe explains to Taylor that watching Molly and TJ together is driving him insane, so he reluctantly agrees with whatever she plans to do to come between them, even if it initially hurts them. Eager to get started, Rafe and Taylor leave the apartment. At the hospital, Taylor approaches TJ and Molly, asking if they want to join them at a movie. She then greets Rafe with a passionate kiss, leaving TJ and Molly slack jawed.

Morgan doesn't believe Ava will do anything to jeopardize her relationship with her daughter, which he's promoting. Morgan knows they both have a lot to lose. Admiring his confident attitude, Ava admits she was just giving him a hard time about the gambling charges. Morgan admits it was stupid of him to do that and agrees to be cooperative and try to repay his debt to her. Kiki approaches them and wonders what they don't want her to know.

Britt keeps calling places to stay that are within her price range but is unsuccessful. Nikolas returns to the exam room where Britt says she doesn't want him to feel obligated to put a roof over her head, but he insists she's coming with him.

After not talking to her for two months, Michael calls Penny for another shot and invites her to the reception that very night.

Felix runs into Patrick and tells him Sabrina's good-looking friend from Puerto Rico was sorry to miss her. At Patrick's house, Sabrina opens the door to Carlos who grabs and kisses her.

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