GH Update Monday 9/16/13

General Hospital Update Monday 9/16/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny asks Ava that he needs her to testify to the cops that she saw AJ very angry and ready to kill Connie. She tells him she will do that for him under one condition.

Franco is horrified when he sees Heather Weber at his door. He demands to know what she’s doing there. She happily tells him she’s there to wish him a happy birthday along with Jason. And she addresses him as "Mr. Frank."

Shawn and Max find Vince, the man who is the source of secrets they need to know for Sonny, tie him up and threaten to kill him if he does not cooperate with their wishes.

Ava tells Sonny that of, course, she will go to the cops to inform them that she noticed AJ getting angrier and angrier and ready to kill Connie. She wants to throw a party with Sonny for their children to celebrate Morgan and Kiki's marriage. She tells him that since their respective kids eloped and had a private wedding, they should have a family get together. She asks him if they should not acknowledge a marriage that they have both been 100% behind from the beginning.

Felix runs into Carly at the Metro Court and tells her about his unsuccessful attempts to find the right person. He tells her that maybe they should talk about her love life instead. He tells her he hopes she's done with AJ and he tells her that he knows there might be something in her life that she is not telling him.

Franco reminds Heather that he is free and legally allowed to not be stuck anywhere, whereas she is supposed to stay locked up in the funny farm. She helps herself to his food and demands what is due her. He asks her how she got there. She tells him that she has devised a system that is fool proof for coming and going. He tells her he remembers the plan she had to escape that she used for the sole purpose of killing people. She tells him she has another plan, but it does not look like something he's inspired by.

Dr. Silas Clay first warns Sam and Alexis that there is uncertainty of the outcome of Danny's procedure. They are worried as they see he is very “business-like” and not “happy”. But he assures them that there is no sign of infection and in most cases, there is no cause for worry. And they talk about Derek Wells, still all unaware that he's Danny's grandfather.

Shawn and Max warn Vince if he does not tell them what they want to know, there will be consequences.

Felix reminds Carly that Franco is a serial killer and he does not buy that a tumor made Franco do it. And he gets the idea that Carly might have “feelings” for him. She tells him no but does admit that she offered Franco a room at her hotel, because he had no place to go and she helped him blow out his birthday candles.

Heather encourages Franco to open his birthday present. He sees she has a drawing with stripes. He has no clue what that is for. He thanks her. She tells him it was her pleasure. He tells her he's grateful for her coming by with this fabulous gift and get back to those “good folks” at the institution before she loses her painting privileges. But she affirms to him that she's not going anywhere. Not until she gets what is rightfully hers.

Ava tells Sonny that she, very similarly to him, has lost someone she loved. But he tells her if she's simply broken up with her daughter's father or something of that nature, it’s not the same as having the person one loves die. She tells him that she understands very much what it's like to go that very dark place. And something tells her that Sonny knows that all too well just like she does.

Shawn and Max continue to threaten many different types of torture on Vince including deep frying his fingers, in order to motivate him to tell what he knows. At that point, he finally announces he will tell.

At the hospital, Derek Wells informs Anna and Duke, for the first time that he donated bone marrow to baby Danny. And although one would assume the odds are very unlikely that he'd be a match, he was. They tell him that's great. But Duke tells Derek “not so fast”. He has something very important to discuss with him.

While Silas talks to Sam about Danny's procedure, he tells her that he has one other thing to discuss with her. She asks what that would be. He replies it's “about them” (him and Sam).

Heather tells Franco that Silas offered her some favors in exchange for her being tested to be a bone marrow donor for little Danny. But he reminds her that she was not the donor. She tells him regardless of that, she agreed to get swabbed and notices that nobody acknowledges her for her heroic gesture. She knows that Sam and Silas are getting closer. And she indicates that Franco owes her something. She talks about how she is “due” a BLT from Kelly's. He asks her what is so important and if what she's talking about is no more than a sandwich. She tells him that she's known that he's been seen by all as a psychopath and sociopath until he had the surgery. And she wonders what happened when they took the brain tumor out of his head. He tells her now that he's a “new man”, he feels nothing but guilt and shame to know he ever helped or trusted her. He tells her that if she just goes back to her cell and stays there, he will bring her all the BLTs she wants for the rest of her life. She tells him if he does not go down to Kelly's and deliver a BLT to her now, she can let everybody know that he's hiding her in his hotel room and helped her escape. He asks if she is threatening him. She then pulls out her phone and attempts to dial 911. She asks if he intends to go down for her escape or if she's going to get what is hers.

Ava notices the medication that Sonny takes and tells him she knows it's for bipolar disorder. He does not want her to know that but she seems to know something very significant about him.

Franco goes to Kelly's and knocks on the door to demand an answer. Inside, there's only Shawn, Max and Vince, the guy they are “working over” to get vital information from. Shawn gets the door and tells Franco he doesn't want to be bothered. But Franco indicates he’s not going anywhere until he gets a BLT. Shawn grabs an un-eaten sandwich, puts it in a Styrofoam container, gives it to Franco and sends him on his way. He then returns to Vince and asks him who he works for.

Derek meets with Alexis who hugs him in appreciation for the heroic deed (still unaware that he's her daughter's father).

Sam talks to Silas in the other room about arranging a dinner date and finding out about one another.

After Vince answers the question of Shawn and Max, they let him go. He asks if they really intend to let him go just for answering. Max assures him that he's certain that his boss will implement far worse consequences than what they can give him. So he's free to go.

Sonny tells Ava that he's been taking medication for bipolar disorder since long before he lost Connie. She then tells him that she does not intend to pry or get into his business. But she indicates that she understands it all too well.

Vince rushes to the dock to find a boat to get him out of there. But the boat leaves without him. Derek appears out of nowhere and starts questioning him.

Felix asks Carly if she would be willing to use her master key to go into Franco's room when he's not there. He reminds her that he knows she can and probably has done it before. At first, she hesitates but then agrees. From inside, Heather stands and listens in at the door. At that point, she grabs the large knife she has kept in her purse.

Derek knows that the man who works for him has revealed his secrets to the sources he does not want them revealed to. Derek demands to know what Vince told “Sonny's boys”.

In the elevator, Anna asks Duke just what his secret is regarding what he had to find out from Derek Wells.

On the docks, the man assures Derek that he did not reveal anything to Sonny's guys except whom he works for. And he assures Derek they are still in the clear.

Shawn then calls Sonny to tell him that he and Max found a man who is working against them and the man revealed that he's working for Julian Jerome.

Derek and Vince meet with Ava and they all affirm that the rest of the world mistakenly assumes that “Julian Jerome” is dead. Derek pulls out his gun and shoots the man without a thought, informing him that he will have something in common with the “deceased”. He stands beside Ava and pushes Vince into the river like so much left over debris.

At the Metro Court, Franco stops Carly and Felix from entering his suite.

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