GH Update Wednesday 9/11/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/11/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

When they see each other at the hospital, Patrick asks where Sabrina was the previous night, since she didn't go see him. Sabrina explains how crazy things got when she was delivering Britt's baby, especially when they realized he had fluid in his lungs and needed immediate medical care. She assures him that Dr. Clay successfully treated the baby once she got him to the hospital. When Patrick asks about Brad, Sabrina recalls he was there in the beginning but then left. Nikolas, however, hasn't left Britt's side. Patrick is glad that Nikolas is there for her, but when Sabrina speculates that maybe he will end up helping Britt raise her son, Patrick feels a pang, because he was supposed to do that. Sabrina commiserates with his feelings but advises him to move past it and start appreciating and focusing on what he does have, instead of what he's lost. Then she goes back to work.

Britt can't rest easy in her hospital bed, because Patrick asking who her father's baby is is haunting her dreams. Just as she wakes up crying, Nikolas enters her room with her baby boy in his arms. Seeing the strange look on her face, Nikolas asks if she's all right. Britt explains she was just having a bad dream, which he finds totally understandable given what she's just been through. She assures him she's just a little sore, but everything looks fine. Nikolas jokes that they said the same thing to the baby and assures Britt that her nightmare is over and they're both perfectly healthy. Britt is grateful that Nikolas was there to assist her, and he's glad to have been able to do something to help her. When he tries to pass the baby to his mother, though, Britt refuses to hold him.

Getting ready to leave the hospital, Maxie still can't bring herself to open the "push present" Maxie and Dante gave her. Anna enters her room asking if she's okay. Maxie tells her she's finding it hard to say good-bye to the baby. Anna explains that Felicia filled her in on what's going on with Maxie and gives her the benefit of her own experience when she had to distance herself from Robin in order to keep her safe. Every time she had to leave her, it was unbearable. Maxie relates how much she misses the baby inside her and wishes she was as strong as Robin who overcame her postpartum depression. Anna assures Maxie that she can feel better, because she's also very strong.

Monica visits her son in jail, but when she hears that he can't remember whether he killed Connie or not because he was so drunk that he passed out, she explodes in anger. She can't understand what would be so bad that he'd resort to drinking again, so AJ goes on about all that Connie did to him to cause him to lose ELQ. Monica can't believe he'd use such an excuse. Even though AJ apologizes, Monica rails about having risked everything for him, including her marriage and her career, to give him a second chance and now she's sorry she did, because he just threw it all away. When he claims he's not as strong as she is, Monica explodes that he's not thinking about what will happen to anybody else only himself. Michael arrives saying that he is going to stand by his dad.

Dante calls Olivia to check on his father. He is happy to hear that Sonny is resting, but Olivia wonders how she's going to tell him that AJ is pleading not guilty. While she's ranting about the lying cowardly SOB, Sonny comes out of his room wanting to know whom she's talking about. Olivia lies to keep the news away from him then offers Sonny breakfast and his medicine, which he refuses to take, because he doesn't want to feel better. He feels badly for what he put his sons through and assures Olivia he's handling it. To prove it, he eats a strip of bacon and drinks some juice. Unable to put it off any longer, Olivia approaches the subject of planning Connie's funeral.

While looking at her baby girl, Lulu can't distinguish any Spencer or Corinthos features, so she decides she must be her own unique self. Lulu asks Dante how Sonny is, but he's not sure. They both hope he's feeling less hopeless than last night. She finds it hard to believe that someone who's usually so strong can feel so helpless. Dante won't be able to forget how he advised his father not to take the coward's way out, because he needs to be there for his new grandchild. He thinks Sonny's gonna need her more. Dante's worried when Lulu informs him that they won't release the baby yet, but she quickly explains that she needs a name first.

Britt explains to Nikolas that she won't be breast-feeding her baby, regardless of all its benefits, including mother/child bonding. Nikolas wonders why Britt doesn't want to bond with her son. She explains she's destined to be as bad a mother as hers was to her, but Nikolas doesn't believe that is true, and he's proof of how different a child can be from his father. He is a very good father, so Britt can also be good to her son, but she pulls up her covers and turns away, insisting she just can't. Before he takes the baby back to the nursery, Nikolas urges Britt to remember that she's not her mother.

Before Anna leaves to go to work, she fills Maxie in on what Patrick is going through with letting go of the child he thought was his. Maxie is surprised to hear that Britt had her baby and made a full confession of her deceitful plan. When she wonders why she would do that, Anna speculates that, since she's now a mother, Britt wants to be a better person. Afraid of Britt's newly-acquired honesty, Maxie goes to her room to request her silence. She explains that Spinelli knows he's her baby's father and has agreed to let Dante and Lulu raise her, now she wants Britt to promise she won't break their hearts. Britt assures Maxie she won't. Seeing that the baby's not in the room, Maxie can't understand why Britt doesn't want to spend every moment with him. Maxie feels it's too late to have any regrets on what might have been and now has to live with her decision. Britt feels genuinely sorry for what she has lost, but Maxie is thinking more about what would happen to Dante and Lulu if they lost their little girl.

Lulu relates to Dante how much better Maxie's doing now that she's decided to deal with her issues. Anna runs into them in the hallway, admires the baby, and gives Dante and Lulu a present for her -- a soft blanket just like the one she once gave Emma. Anna then informs Dante of AJ's attempt to implicate Sonny in the murder. She promises to find justice for Connie and urges the couple to find a name for their beautiful angel. Suddenly they get the same idea. Once they fill out the required paperwork, Dante and Lulu happily leave the hospital. Maxie spots them as they get into the elevator and quietly says good-bye to her daughter. Once back in her room, she opens the present and reads a grateful note from Dante and Lulu, then looks at a framed photo of the smiling baby.

Unable to watch her son behind bars, Monica leaves the jail. AJ feels he deserved the tongue-lashing then goes on to explain what Diane's strategy is to get him exonerated. She's going to try to pin the murder on someone else -- namely, Sonny. He recalls how furious Sonny was with Connie, and he was there when she was shot, then quickly left the crime scene after writing AJ's initials in her blood to frame him. The fact that he tried to kill AJ proves his propensity toward violence. Michael can't believe what AJ's trying to do and wants him to call off Diane, but AJ wants her to build a reasonable doubt, even if it is at Sonny's expense. He commiserates with him when Michael informs him that Sonny tried to kill himself.

When Sonny opens his front door, he's assaulted by cameras and reporters, shouting for him to comment on AJ's not guilty plea in his girlfriend's murder. They inform him that Diane is claiming Sonny killed Connie, because they'd been arguing. Enraged, Sonny uses a male reporter's head as a punching bag until he goes down then grabs the man by the throat. Olivia runs outside and stops him. As she tries to drag Sonny back into the house, he threatens the reporter if he ever comes back. Once inside, Sonny screams about how much it took for him not to kill AJ, but he did it for Michael. Now AJ is accusing him of killing the woman he loved? He determines that he's not getting away with it.

As he walks down the hall, Nikolas assures the baby that his mother loves him, and she'll come around. Patrick sees them and stares at the baby, commenting that he doesn't look anything like Brad. Nikolas adds that he also doesn't look anything like Britt, but then again, to him all babies look like Yoda. Patrick assures Nikolas that he no longer thinks the baby is his and a new paternity test proves it. He just has to get used to it now. Nikolas understands Patrick's feelings since he went through it with Aiden. He got through it by concentrating on what was good in his life instead of missing what wasn't his to begin with.

Monica is called in to one of the hospital's board members' office and informed that, due to the distraction her son's arrest is causing, she is being asked to step down as chief of staff, because it's tarnishing GH's reputation.

At Britt's request, Nikolas returns with her baby, explaining that a visit from an old patient changed her mind. She happily takes her son into her arms and introduces herself as his mommy.

Patrick walks up to Sabrina and apologizes. He admits she's right. He needs to focus more on what he has, especially her. He tells her he loves her, and they kiss.

Although AJ thinks this plan is his only shot at avoiding a life sentence, Michael thinks there's got to be another way that won't sacrifice his other father.

Dante and Lulu visit Sonny and introduce him to his granddaughter. Olivia tells Dante how Sonny lost it with the reporters at the door. She knows how much Sonny needs this. As he takes the baby into his arms and looks into her eyes, he's moved that they named her Connie. Sonny smiles when the baby coos at him and makes funny faces.

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