GH Update Tuesday 9/10/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/10/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Silas looks at Kikiís birth certificate as Sam approaches and announces that Daniel is asleep. She tells him how Daniel tried to escape his crib, and how she is surprised that he is so strong. Silas tells her that he will need his strength. Sam notices that he is a little off, and guesses that he is thinking about Kiki.

At Sonnyís home, Kiki looks at a photo of Michael and Morgan. Carly walks in, asking Kiki if sheís trying to decide which brother she wants. She suggests that Kiki choose the one sheís married to. Carly asks if Sonny is home. She says she has news for him: that the judge ruled on Francoís case.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy fixes a drink while Ava watches a story on TV about Lucy giving the reporter a tour of the Deception office. Tracy canít believe that Ava watches such shows. Ava tells her that sheís a businesswoman and needs to keep up on pop culture. The next story on the show on TV is reporting that thereís been a ruling on Francoís case. The announcement of that story gets Tracyís attention. When the announcer says the story is coming up, Ava turns off the TV, then she and Tracy check Twitter for the ruling. As they check Twitter, Franco walks in, announcing that he is a free man.

Back at the hospital, Brad walks to the nursesí  station, wondering to himself if he heard correctly that Maxie and Spinelli are the parents of Dante and Luluís baby. He is surprised by the arrival of Felix. Brad says he thought that Felix wasnít speaking to him anymore. Felix says that while that was his intention, he canít stay silent about Bradís refusal to step up and claim his own kid.

At Wyndemere, Britt holds her son, and realizes that something is wrong with him. She notices that he is pale and isnít breathing right. She asks Sabrina what she did to her son.

Sam tells Silas that with all that has been going on, they havenít talked about Kiki. Silas tells her that if Kiki gets back to him, he will let her know.  He tells her that Kiki asked for some time. Sam asks him what he wants. He tells her that it would be nice for Rafe to have a cousin, but Sam pushes further saying that she didnít ask him about Rafe, she asked about what he wanted. Sam mentions that it is surprising to her that he has a daughter with Ava, and reminds him that it wasnít very long ago that Ava wanted to reunite with Franco.

Tracy is very surprised that all of the charges against Franco were dropped, even with Diane as his attorney. Franco tells her that Diane has gotten actual guilty people out of going to prison many times, but he is actually innocent. Ava says that Franco didnít have a tumor when he performed graffiti. Ava tells Franco that heís always been obsessive. Franco calls it eccentric and quirky. He wants to know why Tracy and Ava are so anxious, asking if they donít see a difference in him. He tells them that there was a lot of evidence proving his innocence. He tells them that almost everyone in the courtroom believed in it, too.

Carly explains to Kiki that Franco was exonerated, and how it came to be. She thinks Sonny should know what happened. Kiki asks if Carly thinks Sonny will kill Franco, but Carly doesnít think he will. Kiki explains that Sonny is missing, and shows her the note Sonny left. Kiki tells Carly that Michael, Morgan and Dante are searching for Sonny, and that Olivia ran out of there, saying that she may know where Sonny is. She says that maybe theyíre together. Carly wonders where Olivia went. Olivia, Michael and Morgan walk in with Sonny.

Felix tells Brad that Nikolas practically begged Brad to step up and be a father to Brittís baby, but Brad refused. Brad wants to know how Felix wants nothing to do with him, yet he eavesdrops on his conversations. Felix explains that he didnít eavesdrop, but word got around the hospital that Brad told Nikolas that Britt and her baby are on their own. Brad tells him that he and Britt have an arrangement, and it doesnít include his being a father to the baby. Felix tells him that whatever happens to the baby is on him.

Sabrina attempts to help Britt with her baby, explaining that she didnít do anything to him. Britt tells her hat Sabrina just tried to get back at her through her baby, but Nikolas backs Sabrina up, telling Britt that Sabrina didnít do anything. He reminds her that sheís an OB and asks her to try to concentrate on what could be wrong with the baby. Britt listens to the baby, then determines that he has fluid in his lungs and needs to get to the hospital.

TJ is cleaning a table at Kellyís when Taylor surprises him, having just returned from being out of town.  Taylor complains about the time she spent time with her parents. She asks him how things are going with Molly. She asks if Molly agreed to give him another chance. He tells her that Molly says sheíd think about it, but he hasnít heard from her since.

Brad tells Felix that Britt wanted to raise the baby alone. Felix tells him that her plan was to raise the baby with Patrick, but since heís not the father, his participation is not an option. Brad reminds Felix that Britt makes very good money as a doctor, and that many women raise babies as single mothers. Felix expresses that he is not a fan of Brittís but heís close to having her move back into his place even though he has zero connection to the baby. Brad snaps that he has no connection to the baby either. Felix asks why he has no connection to Brittís baby.

Nikolas gets off of the phone, telling someone that they are on the way. Britt attempts to get up to take the baby to the hospital, but is in too much pain. Sabrina and Nikolas stop her. Sabrina offers to take the baby to the hospital while Nikolas stays with Britt, but Britt refuses, continuing to blame Sabrina for the babyís condition. Sabrina tells her that no matter what she thinks of Britt, she would never harm her baby, and Nikolas agrees with her. Britt considers it, then allows Sabrina to take her baby. Sabrina promises Britt that she will save her son.

Carly asks Sonny if heís ok, and he insists that heís fine. Olivia tells him that Dante is picking the baby up from the hospital tomorrow. Sonny tells Olivia that he doesnít need her to take care of him. Carly suggests that Sonny get some rest. Olivia reminds Sonny that he took care of her all summer, and she wants to do the same for him. Olivia takes Sonny upstairs, and Carly asks Michael and Morgan where they found Sonny. They tell her that the two of them and Dante found Sonny and Olivia at the Haunted Star, then that Dante went to the hospital to check on his baby. Carly tells them that she knows how hard it is on them when Sonny gets like this. Michael thinks that they got to Sonny in time, and Morgan wonders if Sonny is going to be ok, then asks Carly how she knew what happened. She tells them that she didnít know. Michael asks what she is doing there.

Ava and Tracy are surprised to hear that Franco was cleared because Diane produced Francoís tumor in a jar. Franco pours glasses of champagne for himself and Tracy, refusing to include Ava in on the toast to his freedom. Franco then tells Ava itís time for her to leave. He tells her to pack and get out of his house.

Silas tells Sam what kind of woman Ava was when he knew him, that she was an adventurous woman who liked to live dangerously. Sam is able to see the similarities between herself and Ava under other circumstances. Silas admits that he would live dangerously, too. Sam asks if Silas living dangerously had anything to do with Stephen Clay, but Silas denies that it did. Sam asks what made him so dangerous.

Taylor guesses that she timed coming home right since Molly doesnít seem interested in giving TJ a second chance. TJ tells her that Mollyís been focused on Daniel and his recovery from the transplant. Taylor says she bets Molly makes time for Rafe, but TJ says he wonít let Taylor trash Molly. Taylor asks for a glass of water, and he offers her one that he just poured. She wants a fresh one, but as TJ insists, he spills some on Taylor. She accuses him of spilling it on her on purpose. As he tries to help her dry off, Molly and Rafe walk in.

Britt wonders what kind of mother she is to give her baby away right after heís born. Nikolas tells her that the baby needs her, but he needs her to take care of herself for him. Britt still doesnít trust Sabrina, claiming that Sabrina doesnít know what sheís doing. Nikolas asks if she trusts him. He tells Britt that he would have been completely lost without Sabrina there, and he reassures her that Sabrina is doing everything she can for Brittís son. Britt continues to express concerns for her son, scared that she will lose him.

Brad tells Felix that he is only a sperm donor for Britt to have her baby. Sabrina comes running in with the baby and tells Felix that she delivered the baby, and that heís coughing up fluid now. Felix has her take the baby to pediatrics and calls to let them know that the baby is coming. He then turns to Brad and asks if heís coming, too.

Michael and Morgan are surprised to hear about Franco. Carly decides to wait another day to tell Sonny about Franco, even though Morgan says that Sonny isnít going to be happy that she kept it from him. Kiki tells Carly that she knows Franco isnít her favorite person, but she needs to see him. She asks if Carly knows if Franco is at the Quartermaineís. Carly snaps that sheís not Francoís keeper until Michael tells her thatís not what Kiki was implying. Carly then apologizes for her reaction, and tells Kiki that Franco was staying at the Quartermaine mansion, so his being there would make sense. Morgan says that he should stay at Sonnyís house, and ask if Michael would give Kiki a ride. Michael says he would if Morgan is ok with it. Morgan tells him that the night showed him that they are family, no matter what. Morgan kisses Kiki goodbye. Carly advises Morgan that Sonny is tired, and not thinking straight, so it would not be a good time to talk to Sonny. Morgan insists that what he has to say to Sonny canít wait.

Up in his room, Sonny is preparing to get ready to get some rest, ordering Olivia to turn off the light. Olivia tells him that he needs to take his medication. Sonny asks if sheís a nurse. Olivia tells him that he nearly killed himself, and she doesnít care if he resents her for the rest of her life, if she has to follow him around, she will. He tells her where to find his pills as he lays down. Olivia hands him his medication, and goes to answer the door. Sonny apologizes, and so does Olivia. She opens the door to find Morgan there. Morgan asks how Sonny is doing, and Sonny says heís getting there. Olivia leaves to go make some tea, and to give Sonny and Morgan some privacy. Morgan tells Sonny how Sonny scared him. Sonny says he wasnít supposed to be there and see it. Morgan tells Sonny how sorry he is about Connie, then he takes the blame for Connieís death.

Kiki tells Carly and Michael that Franco isnít answering his phone. Michael tells her that Carly is probably right and Franco is likely at the Quartermaineís. He tells her that he will take her there, and Carly says that she will go along.

Ava tells Franco that he canít kick her out of the house, because itís Monicaís house. Both Franco and Tracy says that Alan gave it to Monica. Franco says that as one of Alanís heirs, he has the right to kick her out. Ava asks Franco how he thinks the Quartermaines will react to Francoís actions in trying to take over ELQ. Franco says that itís a huge weight on his shoulders, then he confesses to Tracy that he poisoned her relish.

Sam pushes Silas for details about what made him dangerous. Silas asks her why it matters so much, and reminds her that she told him that a personal relationship between them is forbidden. Sam tells him that he is her friend, and she just canít think about them being anything more while Daniel is sick. Silas tells her that Daniel can be well as soon as tomorrow. He wonders what happens then.

TJ tries to explain what happened to Molly, but she guesses he was drying off a shirt. Taylor tells her that TJ threw some water at her. Molly says that maybe Taylor deserved it. Rafe steps in and suggests that he and Molly find a table. TJ asks if he can talk to Molly for a moment, then steps outside with her. Once theyíre outside, he tells her that what she saw wasnít what she thought she saw. Molly says itís ok, but TJ say it isnít. He tells her that he has been keeping his distance because of Daniel, but he hears that Daniel is doing better. Molly tells him that they are waiting to see if the transplant worked. TJ then asks if sheíd thought about getting back together with him yet.

Silas tells Sam that thereís a good chance that Daniel will recover thanks to Derek. He asks if that happens, where does that leave them. Before Sam can answer, Sabrina rushes off the elevator with Brittís crying baby. She approaches them, asking Silas for help. He and Sabrina rush off to help Brittís baby as Brad and Felix arrive, and Felix rushes off with Sabrina and Silas.

Nikolas helps Britt to recall her experiences with babies in similar situations as her own, helping her to remember that the babies turn out ok. Britt says that sheís there to help those babies, but sheís not there for hers. Nikolas tells her that Sabrina should be at the hospital with Brittís son by now, but Britt says she should be there with him. She says she knows what to do for him. Nikolas asks her to walk through the procedure, and tell him what she would do for the baby. As she describes the procedure she would perform, we see Silas performing that procedure to her voiceover description. Outside of the examination room, Brad and Sam watch as Silas works with Brittís baby.

Sonny asks Morgan why Connieís death was his fault. Morgan says he asks Sonny to keep the story about Kiki quiet, and that came between Sonny and Connie. Sonny insists that what happened to Connie wasnít Morganís fault. Morgan says that if heíd told Kiki the truth in the first place, maybe the story wouldnít have been printed, and none of it would have happened. Sonny tells Morgan to forget about AJ, what AJ did is on AJ, not Morgan. Morgan says he pressured Sonny, but Sonny disagrees. He says that the fact that Morgan came to him was important to him, and help to mend the distance between them. He reminds Morgan that Kiki wants to be with him, but Morgan tells him that she doesnít. She tells him that Kiki only wants him because she was in the dark when she married him

Michael, Kiki and Carly arrive at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael wants to talk to Kiki for a moment. Carly goes into the mansion, giving them some privacy. Kiki asks what he wants to talk about. Michael tells her that itís about Morgan.

Morgan tells Sonny that Kiki will leave him if she ever finds out that he knew that Franco isnít her father.

Tracy is surprised to hear Francoís confession. He explains to her what he did, and she is upset with him. He tells her that allís well that ends well, and that she has ELQ again. Ava tells them that Tracy has ELQ because of her. Tracy wonders why he did it since he and AJ donít like each other. Franco says he poisoned AJís relish, too. She wants to know why he did it. Franco says he has no idea, and that maybe that happened because of the tumor, too. As Carly steps in behind him, she hears Franco say that he doesnít care about Tracy, the birthright, ELQ or Ava. He tells Ava he never cared about her. He says that the truth is that his heart belongs to someone else. He turns to face Carly, and Carly walks into the room.

Molly tells TJ that she does want to get back with TJ. TJ is happy as they hug. Inside of Kellyís, Rafe and Taylor watch the happy reunion, neither happy about what they are seeing. Taylor tells Rafe that they have a mutual problem there. She asks him what they are going to do about it.

Nikolas hangs up the phone after speaking with someone, and Britt asks if he was speaking to Sabrina. Nikolas tells her that he was speaking to the launch captain, and that heís back. Britt starts to worry that something is wrong, saying they should have heard something from Sabrina by now. Nikolas tries to calm her. Britt starts to worry that complications occurred. Nikolas is sure that Sabrina will call when she can. Britt insists on standing up to leave. Nikolas picks her up and carries her out of Wyndemere.

Kiki says that she doesnít want to discuss who knew what and when. Michael says that he doesnít want to talk about that. He says he didnít want to admit it, but Morgan loves her. He tells her how he behaved badly, and she tries to stop him. He tells her that he was looking for any reason not to trust Morgan, but Morgan is family, and he needs to be on Morganís side. He tells Kiki that sheís family, too, DNA or not.

Sonny tells Morgan that he will be by Morganís side, no matter what. Morgan says heís by Sonnyís side no matter what, too. He tells Sonny that Sonny has so much to live for, and asks him not to do anything to hurt himself. Morgan tells him that he needs Sonny in his life. Morgan apologizes for doubting what he means to Sonny, and tells Sonny he loves him.

Tracy laughs at Francoís feelings for Carly. She says that Franco does fit Carlyís pattern. Carly tells Tracy she has no room to judge, given Tracyís feelings for Luke, but she and Franco are not, and never will be a couple. She shoves Franco ahead of her, out of the room. Tracy tells Ava that Carly protests too much, but due to the grief Carly has caused the Quartermaines, Tracy is happy that Carly is going to get what she has coming to her. Ava then appeals to Tracy, asking Tracy if Tracy is going to let Franco kick her out. She reminds Tracy that they are friends. Tracy agrees that they are friends, but reminds her that they donít work together anymore. Ava reminds Tracy of the job Tracy gave her. Tracy says that Ava only had that job because Ava said she had Franco wrapped around her little finger, and that she would deliver Franco. She says that AJ is in jail, and Franco doesnít answer to anyone anymore, except maybe Carly.

Carly is upset by Francoís declaration of feelings for her to Tracy and Ava. She tells him that she doesnít believe he is capable of romantic feelings for anyone. Franco reminds Carly of all that she has done for him. Carly tells him that she what she did because Jason would have wanted her to do those things. Franco asks if what she did was about Jason. Carly says that she didnít say that. He asks if Jason is the only reason she cares about him. She tells him that sheís not playing his mind games with him. She starts to leave, and Franco stops her. He says that he doesnít want to play games anymore. He says he wants to tell her the truth, and he needs her to believe him. Carly says that she will never have feelings for him. She says she doesnít know what to believe about the changes she sees in Franco. He tells her that heís going to prove to her that heís a changed man. He leaves her to go upstairs.

Tracy tells Ava that she has an hour to pack and leave the mansion. Ava tells her that they had an agreement, and that she needs the job. Tracy tells her to set up shop in her art gallery, and wishes her luck. Ava tells her that she doesnít understand. She says that she needs ELQ, but Tracy says that ELQ doesnít need her. Ava tells Tracy that she canít do this, and Tracy says she doesnít like this side of Ava. Tracy wonders if Franco is telling the truth about the tumor, because now he seems like the sane one. Ava tells her that if she believes that, sheís as deluded as Franco is. Tracy tells Ava that the Quartermaines will be a lot better off with Ava out of ELQ and out of their lives, and she leaves the room.

Nikolas and Britt come off the elevator, and Britt asks Brad where her baby is. Brad starts to explain when Silas comes out of the examination room and assures Britt that her baby is fine, and that everything is normal. Britt is relieved, and Nikolas takes Britt to see her son. Silas tells Britt that Sabrina got there with the baby just in time. Britt wants to see her baby. Nikolas takes her into the room to see the baby. Silas turns to look at Sam, and asks what she is smiling at. Sam says she is smiling at Silas, and doesnít understand why he would call himself dangerous based on what she saw him do with Brittís baby. Britt spends some time with her baby. Nikolas tells her that she needs to be looked at, but she wants a little more time with her son. She thanks Nikolas for bringing her there.

Felix is surprised that Sabrina delivered Brittís baby by herself, and tells her that she deserves a medal for doing so after what Britt has put her and Patrick through. Sabrina says sheís a nurse first, regardless of what Britt did to them. She guesses that itís all over now that the baby is born. Felix tells her except for one thing. Sabrina asks except for what. Felix points out that the baby looks nothing like Brad at all.

Kiki tells Michael that she doesnít know what to say. Michael asks her to promise to be good to Morgan, and to love him as much as he loves her. Morgan approaches them. Michael asks how Sonny is. Morgan says that Sonny will be ok. He compliments Michael on getting through to Sonny. Michael tells him that it was all of them together, and that Sonny loves and needs all of them. Morgan thanks Michael for bringing Kiki to the mansion. Michael says thatís what family is for, then hugs Morgan.

Olivia gives Sonny some tea and his medication. She urges him to finish the tea and take his pills, then get some rest. She tells him that heíll feel better in the morning. She leaves him. Sonny destroys his pill, saying to himself that he doesnít want to feel better.

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