GH Update Monday 9/9/13

General Hospital Update Monday 9/9/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital lab, Ellie asks an investigator if he's found a brain tumor that may have been taken from the lab. He informs her that he needed to prove to the courts that Franco Quartermaine has this brain tumor. But she confirms that she knows that it was Brad Cooper who's responsible for having the brain tumor removed from the hospital lab.

Dante and Lulu are ready to take "their" baby home. But not far away, Maxie is still in her hospital room with Spinelli, clearly indicating that she is not ok with the baby being taken from her.

Britt is going into labor at Wyndemere with only Sabrina there to help her after their confrontation. Nikolas returns to see what is going on.

Sonny is mourning the death of Connie and appears like he's ready to end his life or end AJ's until Olivia appears. He tells her she better get out. She tells him if he wants her gone, he will have to shoot her.

Lulu holds the baby and tells her she's doing such a great job at getting better and will soon go home with "daddy and mommy." She tells the little one that they will be with her when she goes to sleep and when she awakens in the morning. Maxie enters and tells her they need to talk.

Spinelli goes to see Ellie while she's working at the lab. He tells her they need to talk. He tells her after a careful observation of Dante and Lulu and their newborn, in addition to "another factor," he's come to the conclusion that telling the truth about the baby would be unusually cruel. And Maxie is in agreement. So they now need her to agree to take it to the grave. And he adds that that should not be very difficult since Ellie is so good at keeping secrets.

Maxie tells Lulu that she is not going to fight to keep the baby. Lulu tells Maxie she may not trust Maxie not to do what she previously threatened to do.

Nikolas and Sabrina are alone to attempt to get Britt to a hospital and deliver her baby. But the house is on an island and they are dependent on a boat that may not come in time.

Kiki tells Michael and Morgan that Olivia entered the house and freaked when she thought she saw Kiki wearing Connie's wedding dress. The two brothers know that it might have something to do with Olivia's delusions about something.

When Olivia goes to find Sonny and demands to know why he's taking such drastic measures, he tells her that he was ready to kill AJ. But Michael talked him out of it and he decided that he won't take Michaels' father from him. But he has a problem saying good bye to Connie. She tells him that he needs to let her help him get through this. He then tells her that if she cares at all for him, then she will let him be with Connie.

Michael explains to Morgan and to Kiki about what only he knows about his dad's wedding that almost happened with Connie but which was interrupted. And Olivia's "vision" that Kiki was wearing Connie's wedding dress might give them a clue as to wear Sonny is right now.

Olivia firmly tells Sonny that he needs to know that her cousin does not want her to die. And no matter what he says, wanting to take his own life in order to be with Connie is the most selfish thing Sonny could do.

Spinelli tells Ellie that due to her keeping a secret until after it was too late, she made him choose between having his own heart torn apart by losing his daughter or doing the same thing to Dante and Lulu. She protests that she knows he has good reason not to trust her and be angry with her. But he only wants her to give him her solemn word that she won't disclose the secret.

Maxie tells Lulu that she knows she was ready to prevent Lulu and Dante from taking her baby home. She was drugged and irrational and not thinking clearly. But she's not going to do that anymore. She realizes she is not well psychologically and ready to see Kevin Collins. She informs Lulu that Kevin told her that what she's doing is pretty normal as many women suffer from post partum depression. And they will do everything they can to "break" her of her irrational attachment to Lulu's daughter.

Dante find Brad coming off the elevator and informs him for the first time that it's now been discovered that Dr. Drake is not the father of Dr. Britt Westbourne's baby. Dante asks why Brad is bringing that to his attention and who is the father of Britt's baby.

Sabrina declares if they wait for the boat to take Britt to the hospital from Nikolas' home, it will be too late. So she will have to deliver the baby for Britt.

Olivia asks Sonny of he really wants to "off" himself. She cries and emotionally asks him if he is aware of what living without her cousin is like. She tried to find him last night, because she wanted to be with someone who loved Connie as much as she did. He's obviously mourning, but he needs to think what he is doing to her and to Michael and Morgan and Kristina as well as his new grandbaby. Is he really ready to let that go?

Lulu tells Maxie she's glad she is getting professional help and knows how traumatizing going through the pregnancy and having to give the baby up has been for her. Maxie tells Lulu that feeling that baby grow, all those months with her so close to her heart, created a deep emotional attachment, but she realizes she grew the baby for her and that child is Lulu's. She asks Lulu if she regrets having Maxie carry her baby, because she does not regret. It helped her focus on something wonderful after losing Spinelli.

Ellie tells Spinelli that maybe tonight while she's at work would be a good time for him to go and collect all of his belongings. Although he is not ready to do that, she tells him it's obvious that their relationship is over, and he can never trust her again.

Britt fights Sabrina and Nikolas and tells them she's going to only deliver the baby where there are doctors and drugs, and she does not trust either of them. Sabrina reminds her that if Britt is a competent doctor, she must know better than anyone that she can't wait for the boat to come and take her to the hospital. Britt tells Sabrina she will never let her deliver the baby. Sabrina is not a real nurse. She's just a glorified candy striper who is not ready to help her deliver the baby. She just wants to get revenge upon Britt and take her baby from her. Sabrina reminds Britt of all of the reasons she has given her not to trust her. Now Britt needs to rely on her to deliver the baby.

Morgan gets ready to go out the door and find his dad. Kiki encourages him to take care of his dad and assures her husband she will be there for him. He tells her how much it means for her to do that and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too, while Michael sadly watches from the door.

Olivia tells Sonny that he will be destroying the lives of herself, his kids and all the people who love him. He tells her that ending his life is doing all of them a favor. How can he say that? He thinks that if he goes on living, the psycho living inside of him will live on and on and on. He has to end that because he cannot put the people he loves through that.

Spinelli tells Ellie that in truth, he hasn't done much thinking about "them" with what's happened discovering that the baby is his and Maxie's. She tells him she realizes that, but she can see how cold he's been and that she must have damaged and ruined their relationship. She asks him if maybe he could give it some thought and asks if there's the remotest chance of them salvaging what they had, because she loves him. He then tells her he loves her too.

Britt gasps while in labor and tells Nikolas and Sabrina that she'd rather give birth in a deserted mosquito farm than depend upon Sabrina to deliver her baby. She knows Sabrina hates her. Nikolas reminds her that he now knows she has given Sabrina reason to hate her. He sits beside her and tells her that Epiphany praised his coaching abilities. He realizes that he was ready to abandon her and apologizes. He knows that she does not trust Sabrina and does not trust Brad, but she now has the chance to trust him.

Maxie tells Lulu she knows that Sonny has gone through hell losing Connie. She understands what it's like for someone to never see someone they love ever again.

Sonny tells Olivia he is who he is and does what he does, and people he cares about pay the price. He smashes all of the bottles by the bar on the floor one by one. He tells her that he and Connie were finally in a great place. They were going to be together and get the shot that they finally wanted, and it should have been him. She reminds him that it was not him and for the record, it was Connie's choice to be with him. She loved him so much. It was her choice and not Sonny's. Her cousin knew the risk, and he needs to know that she and Connie do not want him to die. Again she urges him to let her help him, but he demands that she get out and let him do what he intends to do. She then tells him if he’s going to kill himself, she will watch him. Michael, Morgan, and Dante all arrive to prevent him from carrying out his suicide attempt. Olivia asks if he intends to have his sons watch him do this too. He tells them they all have to get out of there. Dante tells his dad they are not going anywhere. Michael reminds his dad that when things happen, the people who love him do not turn their backs on him. And people do not run away when things happen. Dante reminds Sonny if he pulls the trigger, his baby daughter won't have a grandfather. What is he supposed to tell his daughter? He's not going to let Sonny take the coward's way out. He can't leave them and his new granddaughter nor Olivia. They all stand by him and tell him they will be there for him to make this work. All he has to do is trust them. Dante asks if he can do that. Sonny then puts down his gun.

At the hospital, Lulu gives Maxie the present she and Dante got for her a while back and asks her to open it. She explains it was a "push" present although Maxie reminds her she did not have to push when giving birth. Maxie is obviously less than enthused when she sees Lulu holding the baby in her arms that should be hers.

Spinelli tells Ellie he is not entirely certain what he should do. He still loves her but is understandably furious. He tells her he's not ready to officially break up with her. Maybe they should just be "on a break."

When Sabrina gets ready to deliver Britt's baby, she tells her maybe a way not to feel the pain is for Britt to focus on how much she hates Sabrina. Nikolas puts on some music and holds Britt's hand while she pushes. Sabrina coaches her to push. And within a short amount of time, the baby comes out. Sabrina wraps him in a blanket and gives him to Britt to hold her newborn son.

Sonny silently agrees to put down the gun after Dante and Michael urge him to let them be there for him, and they need him.

When Britt's baby is born, she is calmly with Nikolas and thanks him for his support. She can see that there is something wrong with her baby boy.

Lulu holds the baby that Maxie just gave birth to, telling her that nobody will ever take her from her mommy and daddy.

Spinelli meets with Maxie outside the room, and she tells him that Lulu has managed to forgive her for threatening to take the baby from her. She asks Spinelli if he has forgiven Ellie. He tells her he wants to. They both agree to never disclose to Dante and Lulu or to anyone else that the baby is not theirs. Maxie and Spinelli are both clearly not ok with the decision they are making. Unbeknownst to them, Brad is listening from the stairs.

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