GH Update Friday 9/6/13

General Hospital Update Friday 9/6/13


Written by Michelle
Pictures by Juanita

As Diane defends Franco, she asks the court to dismiss the charges. She produces Franco's brain tumor in a jar, claiming it is responsible for the crimes he committed. Therefore, the charges against Franco should be dismissed. Carly is in the courtroom as moral support.

Sabrina pays Britt a visit at Wyndemere, yelling how she could do something so terrible to the man she's supposed to love.

Patrick and Emma are at the house when he tells her he had to return the changing table, and they need to have a heart to heart.

Nikolas tells Brad to man up and take care of his son for whom he's responsible.

Michael is now involved in the search for Sonny. Olivia is extremely worried that he's done something terrible. Morgan, Kiki, and Dante are there helping to try and locate Sonny. Olivia fears Sonny will harm himself.

Sonny is in a dark place. He has a loaded gun in his hand as he sits on the floor staring at a picture of Connie.

Franco is intrigued by his tumor; Carly disgusted. Diane artfully makes Franco's case to the judge, citing legal precedents. 

Britt tells Sabrina she is trespassing on Nikolas' property. Sabrina is angry that Britt cheated Patrick and Emma out of a little boy after dangling him in front of them and making them fall in love with him.

Back at the house, Patrick tells Emma that there will be no baby in their lives. He tells her he's not the father, because there was a mix-up. When Emma asks how that could happen, he explains that people sometimes make mistakes.

Nikolas dictates that Brad stands by Britt and the baby, but Brad feels differently. He says the kid is not his responsibility.

Dante tries to calm Olivia down. Olivia mentions the article about Kiki. Michael wants to know how it's relevant.

Staring at a picture of himself and Connie, Sonny says everything he touches, he destroys. He points the gun at this stomach, but then gets a vision of Connie talking to him.

To get attention away from the newspaper article about Kiki, Morgan yells at Michael that finding Sonny is more important than anything else.

Sonny talks to Connie. He tells her he loves her and asks her not to leave him. She says she will always love him. Sonny has regrets about getting between his two sons and helping Morgan marry a woman who doesn't love him enough -- not like he and Connie loved each other. He thinks if he shoots himself, then he can be with Connie.

Britt and Sabrina continue to argue. Britt accuses Sabrina of weaseling her way between her and Patrick, but Sabrina replies that she was waiting for Patrick to grieve his dead wife. Sabrina says that Britt was the worst mistake Patrick could have made.

Emma asks Patrick some questions regarding the "mix up." She wants to know if the baby will miss them. She gives Patrick a big hug and says that the real father could not be a better father than him. Sitting on their living room floor, Patrick continues to comfort Emma. She comforts him in return. She suggests that he have a baby with Sabrina.

Sabrina tells Britt she was cruel to Emma. Britt denies hating the little girl but continues to call her a spoiled brat. Britt starts to have pains and doubles over, thinking something is wrong. Sabrina doesn't believe her at first.

Brad tells Nikolas that he and Britt had an agreement that he would not have any part in raising her child. Nikolas tells Brad that things have changed and Patrick is no longer a part of the equation, so Britt is moving in with him. Brad accuses him of being in love with Britt, but Nikolas claims they are just friends. Brad does not back down to Nikolas and says that if Britt wants him involved, she should ask him herself.

The judge asks Diane to further explain how the tumor is responsible for causing all these crimes, so she submits neurological reports supporting her theory. The prosecutor thinks this defense is ludicrous. Diane is determined to have the charges dismissed.

Dante, Michael, and Morgan head to the hospital after hearing about someone with a gun shot wound who matches Sonny's description. Dante asks Kiki and Olivia to stay in case Sonny returns.

As one of Franco's victims, Carly takes the stand. She says that Franco's behavior has changed for the positive since the tumor was removed, but then she states she does not trust him with her children. Carly then talks about the positive changes in Franco. Carly says she doesn't understand the change herself and is not sure if he's safe now.

Sonny puts the gun down. He thinks he's marrying Connie and goes through the whole wedding ceremony.

Back at the hospital, Dante, Michael, and Morgan realize the man is not Sonny. Dante insists on staying to visit his wife and daughter and sends Michael and Morgan back to Sonny's house to check in with the women.

While she's talking to her, Olivia has a vision of Kiki wearing Connie's wedding dress. Kiki doesn't know what she's talking about. Olivia thinks she knows where to find Sonny and runs out without saying where she's going.

Sonny recites his vows to Connie. He envisions her saying her vows to him.

Patrick leaves a message for Sabrina that he has talked with Emma, but the little girl interrupts him. Emma comes to Patrick with two baseball gloves and a ball to play catch, saying that he doesn't have to wait for a son to do that. They exchange I love yous as they head outside.

Brad runs into Dante at the elevator and asks the detective to talk to him.

Nikolas walks into his living room as Sabrina is making Britt comfortable on the floor. When he asks what they're doing, Sabrina sarcastically replies that they're baking a cake. Then she states that Britt is in labor.

The judge does not make a ruling on the Franco case, because she needs more time to go over the evidence Diane presented in court.

Sonny begs Connie not to go. She wishes she had more time to give him but disappears. Sonny picks the gun back up, points it at his heart as Olivia runs in, screaming for him to stop.

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