GH Update Thursday 9/5/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/5/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the phone offering help to Elizabeth. As he hangs up, he walks into the living room where Britt is shopping for an apartment. As she hangs up, Nikolas asks her what sheís doing. She tells him that sheís leaving.

At the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina come off the elevator where Sabrina tells Patrick that at least work will keep him busy, where he wonít have time to think about his problems. He says he hopes so, kisses her, and leaves her to go start his shift. Felix approaches Sabrina, asking her if she heard. She says she knows that Britt lied to Patrick. Felix tells her that Brad is the father.

Britt is grateful to Nikolas for offering to let her stay, but she says itís time for her to leave. Nikolas tells her that sheís not going anywhere.

Michael arrives at the courthouse. AJ is surprised that he came. Michael asks if AJ thought he wouldnít come. AJ says that after last night, he wasnít sure what to expect.

At the boat house, Kiki texts, asking how someone is holding up. Morgan walks in, and she tells him that sheís been worried, knowing that he was upset over Michael. Morgan says it wasnít about Michael, it was about his father.

At Sonnyís home, Olivia cries and prays that Sonny comes home. Someone walks into the house, and Olivia runs inside, calling out for Sonny, but it is Dante. Dante was unable to find Sonny. Olivia tells Dante that sheís afraid Sonny will kill himself.

AJ tells Michael that they found the gun with his fingerprints on it, so he didnít know what to expect. Michael tells AJ that he told him he stands by him. AJ still thinks he killed Connie, and says he wouldnít blame Michael if he decided he couldnít stand by him.

At the hospital, Carly walks into Francoís room as he is packing. She asks what is going on. Franco tells her that he is a free man, just in time to go to prison.

Britt tells Nikolas that her realtor has some places lined up for her to look at. Nikolas tells her that she canít keep running around in her condition. Britt tells him that she would feel better if she had a place to stay. Nikolas says she has a place to stay for now. Britt tells him that she needs to find a place before the baby is born. She says that when the baby is born, she will need a place to take him home to. She says she has other things to do, too, since no one will give her a baby shower. Nikolas tells her that he will help if she needs anything. Britt points out that he canít even look at her, and she guesses he wants her gone.

Sabrina canít understand Brittís actions. She tells Felix how Patrick looked forward to the baby. Felix tells Sabrina how he gave a ďdonationĒ for a promotion, and almost tells Sabrina what he almost did.  Meanwhile, Diane approaches Brad nearby. Brad tells her that some charges were dropped. She tells him that heís got the wrong person. She tells him that heís holding something for her. He tells her that he canít give her what sheís looking for, as it is against hospital policy. She shows him an envelope, and tells him that he has cash for his trouble. He tells her that he will be right back, and goes to retrieve something.

Franco tells Carly that he is being released just in time for his pre-trial hearing. Carly is surprised to hear that news. Franco is convinced that heís going to prison, but Carly tells him that he doesnít know what will happen. Franco tells her how he didnít like prison when he was in for a short time, so he knows he will hate being there for the rest of his life. Carly asks if he feels he would have been better off if she let him pull the trigger. He says that it would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money. Carly says she wonít apologize for caring whether he lived or died. Franco says heís just not sure why she did care. Patrick joins them. He wants to do one more exam to make sure thereís no complications. Carly excuses herself and steps out of the room where she encounters Elizabeth reading the newspaper. Carly asks her if she is ok when she sees how upset Elizabeth is. Elizabeth shows her the newspaper headline. She tells Elizabeth that she heard.

Michael tells AJ that heís not leaving him, and that he wonít be the only one supporting him. He tells AJ that Diane is on the way and that Monica is leaving her conference early to come home to support AJ. AJ isnít happy that Monica has to come home to another disaster, but Michael tells him that the point is that heíll have people who care about him there to support him. AJ comments on how Elizabeth wonít be one of them.

Carly tells Elizabeth how awful what happened to Connie is. She tells Elizabeth that she canít imagine how Sonny must be feeling, telling her how Sonny canít deal with grief, and that AJ doing it makes it worse. She tells Elizabeth that it is typical AJ. She then tells Elizabeth how AJ tells everyone that heís changed, but he always crashes and burns. She says the worst thing is that Michael is around to see it happen this time. Elizabeth asks if sheís talked to Michael, but she says she hasnít spoken to him since AJ was arrested. She said she wouldnít know what to say, and she doesnít want to hurt him by saying she told him so. Carly says that she knew that AJ would disappoint Michael. She tells Elizabeth that Michael needed to find out what kind of man AJ is, and Elizabeth needed to find out, too.

Brad comes down the stairs with a bag as he watches Felix and Sabrina talking about Britt. He hears Felix telling Sabrina that he hates that what Britt did will result in Patrick and Emma getting hurt. Diane attracts Bradís attention. He goes to her and gives her the bag, telling her it was the item he promised her. She trades her envelope for the bag, then leaves Brad looking at Felix.

Nikolas tells Britt that she has done despicable things, but that doesnít negate that sheís pregnant, and that apartment hunting is too much for her to do on her own right now. Britt reminds him that she is a doctor. He says heís aware, but would he advise a patient to do what sheís doing. Britt tells her that she knows her own body, and that she Is ok to look at a few apartments. She wonders why he cares anyway, as it isnít his responsibility. Nikolas agrees that it isnít his responsibility. He reminds her that itís the fatherís.

As Brad watches, Sabrina says that Felix was right, but he never answered her question. She wants to know what Felix almost did that was so bad that he wonít tell her. He tells her about how he talked to Brad, and that he almost saw a human being in Brad, and they had a moment of connection. He tells her that he and Brad almost kissed.

Carly tells Elizabeth that she cares about her, and that thanks to Jake saving Josslyn, they are always connected. She tells Elizabeth that when she heard that Elizabeth was dating AJ, she was worried about her. She said that she knew that Elizabeth would try to save him. She tells Elizabeth that she will fail, and at least things didnít get too far with AJ. She says that Elizabeth now sees AJís true colors.

Michael says that he knows AJ made a comment about Jake to Elizabeth. AJ tells him the comments he made to Elizabeth about Jake to drive her away. He wants to know what kind of person says those things. He says the same kind of person that would kill a woman for printing an article he didnít like. He says heís decided to plead guilty.

Dante tells Olivia that Sonny is going through a tough time, but that doesnít mean he will kill himself. Olivia tells him that no one has seen Sonny since the night Connie died, and who knows how long ago he wrote the note. Dante tells her not to jump to conclusions. Dante thinks Sonny is just clearing his head. She says that the note says that Sonny is in a very dark place. She says they need to find him before itís too late.

Morgan tells Kiki that he went to see Sonny, but Sonny is missing. Kiki asks where Sonny is, and Morgan snaps at her that he doesnít know.  He tells her that he, Olivia and Dante spent the night looking for Sonny. He tells her that Sonny left a note that said ďGoodbyeĒ. Morgan tells her that it sounded like he didnít want to go on living. Kiki wonders if maybe Sonny didnít mean that. Morgan explains about Sonny being bi-polar to her. Morgan is scared, and Kiki tries to comfort her. She wonders why he didnít call her. He tells her that he knew she had other things on her mind. She tells him that sheís worried about Michael and AJ, but he comes first.

Michael tells AJ that he canít plead guilty, because it takes away all of his options. Diane walks in and tells AJ that he should listen to Michael. Michael hopes that Diane can talk some sense into AJ. AJ insists that he has made his decision, but Diane says if he pleads guilty, thereís nothing she can do for him. She says if he pleads not guilty, she can work with that, and possibly even get him a lesser charge and a lighter sentence if she doesnít get him acquitted. Diane tells him that his guilt or remorse can be discussed with a shrink or a minister, but a guilty plea only ends one way. Michael tells AJ that he doesnít want to spend six months in Pentonville, let alone his entire life. AJ apologizes to Michael for failing him. Michael tells him that falling isnít failing, not getting back up is failing. He pleads with AJ to let Diane help him. AJ is convinced that it means nothing to him if he canít be the man he wants to be for Michael and Elizabeth. He tells her how hard he tried with Elizabeth and he blew it. Diane tells him to stop wallowing, because they havenít begun to fight. AJ tells her that he has nothing left to fight for.

Carly advises Elizabeth to learn from Connieís death, telling her that AJ hurts everyone around him. She hopes for Elizabethís sake that she made a clean break from AJ, and she leaves Elizabeth. As Carly leaves, Elizabethís cell phone rings. Michael is calling, telling Elizabeth that he has an emergency and needs Elizabethís help. Elizabeth asks what is going on. Michael explains how AJ is ignoring Dianeís advice and is going to plead guilty, which would send him to prison and prevent Diane from being able to help him. He says he knows that things are bad between Elizabeth and AJ, and that sheís hurting, but he pleads with her to come to the courthouse. He tells her that it could help him change his plea. Elizabeth wonders why, and Michael explains how AJ feels like heís lost everything, and Elizabeth is part of it. He says heís not asking her to stand by AJís side and support him, but her being there could stop AJ from throwing his life away.

Diane tells AJ to plead not guilty. He reminds her that they have a gun with his prints on it. She tells him that they have nothing. She reminds him that the gun has been in his family for years, so there could be any number of reasons why his prints would be on it. AJ asks about Connie writing his name in her blood. Diane says sheís been thinking about it. She theorizes that Sonny could have written his name in her blood, thanks to Sonnyís feelings about AJ. She tells him that this theory could create reasonable doubt, and thatís all she needs. She tells him that his pleading guilty and going to prison isnít going to fix how AJ feels about hurting Elizabeth. The hearing comes to order as the judge arrives. The judge asks AJ for his plea.

Sabrina asks Felix how he could have almost kissed Brad. Felix claims that Brad tricked him. He tells her that it doesnít matter because Brad supported Brittís lie about the baby. They agree not to talk about the incident with Brad anymore. Sabrina leaves Felix to find Patrick to check on him. As Sabrina leaves, Felix calls out to her that he wonít buy into Bradís lies ever again. Brad approaches Felix and tells him that they werenít lies.

Nikolas tells her that Brad, the father, does bear some responsibility. Britt tells him that she can take care of herself. Nikolas tells her that she needs to think about the baby, too, and that Brad needs to help support the baby. Britt tells him that Brad has nothing to do with the baby.

Patrick gives Franco a clean bill of health for the brain tumor. Carly asks about the cancer cells. Patrick suggests they watch and wait. Patrick tells Franco that he can go. Franco thanks Patrick for saving his life. As Patrick leaves, Franco comments that heís free to go to jail. Carly tells him that he says heís a changed man, so maybe the jury will believe it. Franco tells her that he would have never guessed that Carly was naÔve on the inside, but Carly tells him that she is not naÔve. She says she didnít talk him off the roof to watch him go to prison. Carly asks how heís getting to the courthouse. Franco says that Diane is sending a car, but Carly wants to know why Diane isnít picking him up personally. Franco tells her that Diane has another case. Carly starts to leave to let Franco get dressed when Franco grabs her wrist, then asks her if she will go with him.  Carly tells him not to make too much of her saving his life. He says he doesnít know how things will go. She asks if he is scared. He admits that he is, and that heís completely alone, too.  He tells her how he lost his daughter, and that when Carly saved him, she became his only friend.

A little boy named Simon asks a nurse for Patrick. Patrick joins them, asking if Simon had a follow up. Simonís mother says that he didnít, but he wanted to come and thank Patrick. Sabrina watches as Simon gives Patrick his toy car. Patrick comments that itís Simonís favorite car. Simonís mother tells him that Simon wants him to have it. Patrick tells Simon that he doesnít have a place for the car, and asks Simon to take care of it for him, but bring it whenever he comes in. Patrick hugs Simon as Simonís mother tells Patrick how she hopes he has a little boy someday, because heís a natural.

Felix tells Brad that he has nothing to say to Brad. Brad continues to try to convince Felix that he wasnít lying. Felix isnít buying it, and thinks that Brad will next tell him that he never conspired with Britt or is the father of Brittís baby. He tells Brad to tell him.

Nikolas asks what Britt means that Brad has nothing to do with her baby. She covers by telling Nikolas that she and Brad donít have a relationship where he will be a father to the baby. Nikolas insists that Brad needs to support the baby and give her and the baby what they need. Britt says she canít just go to Brad and tell him that the rules have changed. Nikolas says heíll do it.

Morgan and Kiki arrive at Sonnyís house as Morgan asks Dante if thereís any word from Sonny. Dante tells him that they havenít heard from Sonny, but Shawn called from Bensonhurst, and Sonny isnít there either. Morgan wants to know where Sonny is because they looked everywhere.  Dante tells Morgan that Shawn is back in town, and that he and Max are searching everywhere for Sonny. He says he also called Kristina but hasnít heard from her. Morgan says that Kristina texted him, and she hasnít heard from Sonny either. Olivia walks in, telling them that this is a family matter, and they all need to work together. Dante wants to call Michael, but Morgan tells him no.

The judge again asks AJ for his plea. Diane encourages AJ to plead not guilty. Elizabeth walks into the courtroom, and Michael draws AJís attention to Elizabeth arriving. The judge presses for his plea. The judge then presses Diane to get an answer from Diane. Diane encourages AJ, and AJ pleads not guilty. Diane asks for bail. The prosecutor asks that bail be denied as AJ is a flight risk. The judge agrees and denies bail. Diane starts to argue, but is shut down as the judge ends the hearing and AJís attention is completely focused on Elizabeth.

Dante wants to know why Morgan doesnít want Michael involved. Morgan argues that Michael is supporting AJ. Kiki tries to convince Morgan that Michael can help. Morgan doesnít think that Michael can do anything that they canít do, but Dante tells him that Michael knows Sonny better than any of them do, and that he may have some information that they donít have. Olivia pleads with Morgan to let them call Michael. She tells him how she would give anything for just a few more minutes with Connie, and that she doesnít want Morgan to ever feel that way about Sonny.

AJ is led out of the courtroom while Michaelís phone rings. Morgan asks Michael to come over to Sonnyís house, because they need him. Before Michael can ask for details, Morgan hangs up. Michael tells AJ that he has to go, and that heíll come and see him as soon as he can. He advises AJ to do whatever Diane tells him, and not talk about the case to anyone. He thanks Elizabeth for coming and leaves. AJ also thanks her. The guard starts to take AJ away, but he asks for a moment. The guard gives him a minute. AJ again thanks Elizabeth for coming to court. He tells her that he didnít mean anything he said about Jake. He was just trying to push her away, because he didnít think he needed her, but he does. Elizabeth stops him, telling him that her being there isnít what he thinks. Inside the courtroom, Diane is on the phone, telling Franco that sheís done with her first client, and that it is his turn. Franco is less than enthusiastic. Diane tells him not to worry, sheís got everything under control. Franco hangs up and asks Carly if sheís coming with him. She agrees to go with him.

Britt asks Nikolas to not say anything to Brad. She says she doesnít need him fighting her battles for him. He says he feels the need to. He says that knowing she is taken care of is the only way heís comfortable with her leaving his house. He leaves to go talk to Brad.

Brad tells Felix that he never said he wasnít the father of Brittís baby, but the rest of his story was true. He says he wasnít lying about his feelings for Felix either.

Sabrina asks Patrick if heís ok. He tells her he doesnít know what bothers him more, that he let Britt play him or that heís not going to have a son. Sabrina says that they both know the answer to that. He tells her how much another baby was starting to mean to him. Sabrina tells him that it still could happen, someday. He tells her that heís glad for the opportunity, but itís harder now. He tells her that he needs to go get Emma. She wishes there was something she could do to help.  As Patrick walks away, she comments that maybe there is something she can do.

Brad continues to share his feelings for Felix with him. Felix told him that he should have thought about that before he conspired with Britt, and how because of that, he could never return Bradís feelings.

Britt makes a call, telling someone that sheís not going to be able to make it today, and asks to be able to call later. She hangs up and feels a pain with the baby. She hears the door close and thinks its Nikolas, asking if Brad turned him down. Sabrina walks in, vowing to be Brittís worst nightmare.

Brad is doing paperwork when he feels a hand on his shoulder. He thinks its Felix and calls out to him. Brad turns to see Nikolas behind him. Nikolas tells him that itís time for him to man up.

Elizabeth tells AJ that she doesnít know how she feels about AJ right now, and that she canít make any promises. AJ says that he doesnít expect her to. She tells him to not expect her to show up every day to support him, but she knew she had to be there today. AJ says thatís enough, and he can hold onto that. The guard tells him that time is up and leads him away.

Michael looks at the note that Sonny left. Morgan asks Michael if he thinks Sonny could have committed suicide. Michael says that when Sonny gets like this, itís bad. Olivia agrees. Dante encourages Olivia to believe that Sonny is ok, and that they will find him. Morgan apologizes for pulling Michael away from AJ. Michael says heís glad Morgan called, and that they have to pull together for Sonnyís sake.

Franco and Carly arrive at the courthouse just as the judge calls the hearing to order. The judge reviews the charges, and starts to look for Francoís list of homicides. Diane asks for the charges to be dismissed and the judge asks on what grounds. Diane says that Franco isnít responsible for his crimes. The judge asks who is. Diane takes a bag from her briefcase and in the bag is a jar containing Francoís brain tumor.

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