GH Update Wednesday 9/4/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/4/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

In Danny's hospital room, Sam and Silas find themselves alone and take the opportunity to indulge in a little passionate kissing, unaware of what is actually going on between them, but they just know it feels good and do it again and again. Finally, Sam pulls away because he's Danny's doctor, but Silas wants to believe he's not just that. He feels they have something together that they can't deny. Sam is not sure there is anything romantic going on and apologizes if she's misled him. She thinks the kissing was just borne out of gratefulness, but she can only concentrate on Danny right now. When she suggests he go do what needs to be done for her son, he agrees to take the hint -- for now.

Alexis stares at Derek and realizes he does look a little familiar. She asks him if it's possible they met before. He reminds her they met at the Floating Rib, but she doesn't think that's it. She just doesn't recall where she knows him from. Not eager to play twenty questions, Derek asks her to show him the way to the exam room. When a nurse asks Alexis to get Derek to fill out a legible form, she barges into the exam room and is flustered to find him standing in his briefs. She shuts the door and turns her back then drops the clipboard and runs out of the room. Derek smiles at her awkward reaction.

Kiki drinks as she recalls the harsh words between her and Morgan, when he yelled at her to act like his wife, not Michael's. Michael approaches her as she stands outside the boathouse, wanting to talk to his brother. He's incensed when he learns he's not home, because he wants to question him about the gun he supposedly found, which turns out to be the murder weapon with AJ's prints all over it. Kiki relates how she came up on Morgan after he spotted the gun under the bushes. Since no one saw Morgan find the gun, Michael wonders if he planted it in order to frame AJ for Connie's murder.

Morgan goes to check on Sonny but finds Olivia sitting in the dark crying over a picture of them together. Apparently, she's just gotten to Sonny's house, unable to reach him by phone. She realizes she has to make some decisions about Connie's funeral, but she still can't believe her cousin is gone and that AJ is responsible. She wants him locked up forever. Morgan assures her AJ won't go free again, not since he found the murder weapon.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Britt what she did to set off the usually-reasonable Patrick Drake. It takes a few pointed questions to get the story out of her. Patrick is upset because she told him the truth about the baby she's been passing off as his. Nikolas can't believe she's been lying to everyone the entire time, while he defended and protected her. Britt is sorry that things didn't turn out the way she planned. Nikolas wants to know what her plan was. Was she going to let Patrick bond with her child then rips him away from him? She says no, she was never going to tell Patrick anything until he threatened to take her son away. She had no choice but to tell him the truth.

Just as Brad is about to kiss Felix, Patrick grabs him and lands a good punch on his face. As Felix separates them, Patrick screams that Brad lied and manipulated him while conspiring to pass his baby with Britt off as his. When Felix assures him Brad did not sleep with Britt, Patrick declares there's another way to get a woman pregnant. Trying to figure out what just happened, Felix doesn't say anything, so Patrick yells that he knows the entire scheme -- how in exchange for a promotion, Felix gave Britt his sperm. After Patrick walks away, Felix confronts Brad about the accusation, but he still stays mum.

At Patrick's home, Sabrina has a hard time assembling a baby changing table but gives it her best shot. When she finally has it up, she wonders if there are supposed to be leftover parts. When Patrick enters and slams the front door, though, the table falls apart as he sadly admits that she and Felix were right the whole time -- he's not the father of Britt's baby. Sabrina admonishes Patrick for hitting Brad when he found out he's the father, because he could press charges against him. Patrick doesn't care. He's upset that they played him and allowed him to believe he'd have a son with whom he could be supportive. Sabrina consoles him about his loss. Patrick is happy Britt will be out of their lives.

Olivia recalls other crimes AJ's committed as well as meeting him at the Metro Court and actually feeling sorry for him after Sonny laid him out. She thought him more pathetic than dangerous at the time, but now she realizes how wrong she was. Morgan consoles her that it's not her fault -- it's all on AJ. Olivia wants AJ to stop hiding behind his family name, because her cousin deserves justice. Morgan insists that's why he turned the gun in against his wife's advice. She wanted to protect Michael and ran to the police station to see him, lying to Morgan about it.

Kiki can't believe Michael's accusation, but he thinks his brother may be getting back at him, because of the way he and Kiki feel about each other. She quickly ushers him inside the boathouse and tries to talk him out of it of the notion, because it's ridiculous, but she understands that Morgan should have warned his brother before calling the police. However, Connie is the one who lost her life, and she deserves justice. Kiki tells Michael that Morgan is upset that she went to see him at the police station to see if he was all right. They're both worried about how things will turn out.

After hearing the truth from Britt, Nikolas is at a loss for words and goes to check on Spencer rather than tell her what a horrible person she is. Once he returns from tucking in his son, Nikolas tells Britt the story of how he once believed he was his nephew Aiden's father when his grandmother manipulated the paternity test. He grew so invested in that child and bonded with him, only to have him ripped away from him, so he can feel for Patrick. Now he wants to know what Britt's reasons were for doing something so terrible.

Felix is angry that Brad lied to him. Before he can reply, Brad gets a call from Britt cluing him in on what she has just done. When she starts bemoaning the fact that she just torpedoed both of their love lives, Brad angrily hangs up on her. Once more confronted by Felix about his questionable paternity, Brad admits he is the Britch's baby daddy. Felix can't believe he fell for Brad's sob story and felt sorry for him, now he won't believe another word out of his mouth and wants them to keep their distance, but Silas goes up to them and announces they're both needed to assist in Derek's bone marrow donation procedure.

Olivia tells Morgan how close she and her cousin were until they both fell in love with Sonny and did not end on the best of terms. She said things she'll never be able to take back, so she doesn't want Morgan to make the same mistake with his brother, because family comes first. They are the ones who will always have your back. When Olivia goes upstairs to check on Sonny, Morgan gloomily looks at a picture of him and Michael with their arms around each other.

Britt gives Nikolas a sob story about how hard it is to find a good, honest guy, but then she met Patrick, and she gushed to her mother about finally finding the right one. So, she pursued him and fell in love with him, but he didn't reciprocate her feelings. She allowed her mother to guide her in how to get him to love her, but it didn't work. Seeing the disapproval in Nikolas' eyes, Britt decides to get her things and get out of his life. When she's ready for the launch, she thanks Nikolas for helping her and being her friend. Since she has nowhere to go, he stops her from leaving in the middle of the night and allows her to stay for now.

Worried about him being so tired, Kiki urges Michael to sit and rest a while, but he can't stop pondering whether AJ really did commit murder while he was drunk. Even though he's not sure, he feels the need to support and help him, but he still thinks of Sonny as his dad -- the man who was there for him when he was growing up and whom he loves and respects, regardless of what AJ says about him. Deep down, he thinks AJ might have done it. Kiki tries to comfort Michael by hugging him.

When their hands meet on the elevator's button, Brad smiles but Felix turns and heads for the stairs.

Sabrina applies ice to Patrick's right hand and assures him they'll figure out together how to break the news to Emma. When she goes to leave and allow him time to think, Patrick asks her to stay, because he needs her. Sabrina runs to him and hugs him tight, then they kiss tenderly and go upstairs holding hands.

Britt quietly watches Nikolas as he sits and stares at a picture of Elizabeth and Aiden. Once he spots Britt, Nikolas puts down the photo and leaves the room.

Michael breaks away from Kiki and leaves.

Olivia runs down the stairs holding a note from Sonny. Morgan reads Sonny's goodbye note which simply says, "I'm sorry. I can't do this." Frantic, Olivia wonders what he's done.

Alexis and Sam share their experiences of the day. Sam thinks she might have just gotten carried away kissing Silas, but her mother wonders if she has some feelings for him. After considering the question, Sam insists she has to focus on her son and Silas can only be her friend right now.

Silas explains to Derek that he has two IV lines in both arms. His blood is to be removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood will be returned to him through the other arm.

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