GH Update Tuesday 9/3/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/3/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Nikolas and Derek Wells (Julian) are with Sam and Alexis demanding to know why Dr. Clay is taking so long and holding them up with the procedure to save Danny's life. Silas Clay enters and looks like he might not have good news.

At the station's interrogation room, Diane represents AJ as his defense attorney after he's been accused of murdering Connie.

At the hospital, Kiki and Michael keep finding each other and he appears to "want to b there" for her after she's found out her mom has lied to her about whom her real father is and that she's now found out that Franco is not her father. But they are not certain what to do since she is married to Morgan.

Not far away, Felix finds Brad and tells him he knows that Brad knows that Patrick is not the father of Britt's baby.

At Nikolas' home, when Patrick has gone to talk to Britt, she reveals to him, for the first time, that she did, in fact, lie to him and that he is not the father of her baby. He tells her he has a hard time believing that although they both know that it's what he'd like to believe as it would make his and everyone's life so much easier. He then demands to know if he is not the baby's father, then who is?

Spinelli goes to find Maxie after she's woken in the hospital to ask her what she has to say about the fact that the baby everyone believes she's carried as a surrogate for Dante and Lulu is really theirs' (hers' and Spinelli's).

Dr. Silas Clay joins all of the interested parties after making them wait to find out whether Derek's (Julian=Sam's biological father whom they are not yet aware is her father) is a compatible donor for Danny. He tells them that they are "good to go."

Michael goes to the police station and urges Anna to let AJ go, but she tells him she cannot. Diane tells her, however, she can. She has no choice. They have nothing on her client.

Kiki joins Morgan who is looking for clues to convict AJ for killing his dad's girlfriend. She somehow has loyalty for the father of the guy she really does love.

Felix tells Brad that he needs to find out what Brad knows about the real father of Britt's baby. Brad tells him that Britt's mother is the source of all of the information. Felix knows that getting the information from Brad will be easier and that Brad has information that he's not revealing.

Britt asks Patrick why he would care or have any issues with finding out that the baby is not his. He tells her it's because for months he's been believing that he's a father so he needs to know unequivocally whether or not the baby is his when she's suddenly telling him it is not.

When Spinelli goes to find Maxie, Dante and Lulu join them, still unaware of the big secret. They are concerned, however, with the fact that when she gave birth, she somehow declared that the baby was hers and not theirs. So they need clarification with that, they tell her.

Morgan and Kiki continue to argue about whether AJ should get convicted and whether he should help the cops bring him to justice. She does not want that to happen to Michael's father, but he believes that AJ should not get away with murder regardless.

Diane and Anna have the same conversation where Diane protests the only evidence the cops have is AJ written in blood. That won't stand up in court. They have no murder weapon nor substantial evidence against her client, so they need to let him go. Anna tells Diane that she is not done and has witnesses to prove how AJ found the gun and what was done, whom she names as the most important one being Morgan Corinthos.

Felix grills Brad to tell him the secret regarding how and by whom Britt got pregnant.

Patrick demands that Britt tell him how she got pregnant by someone else. Did she just disappear shortly after they broke up and sleep with some strange guy? She reveals that she did not have to sleep with anyone.

Maxie affirms to Dante, Lulu, as well as to Spinelli, that she is going to keep the baby. As soon as they hear that, Dante and Lulu remind her the terms of their arrangement and the fact that she agreed that they would have parental rights to the baby she carried and gave birth to and she would not. They will enforce their legal right, if need be, and prevent her from seeing the baby if she does not honor their agreed-upon terms.

As soon as Dr. Silas Clay announces that they can use Derek's bone marrow to save Danny, Sam hugs him and everybody is happy and grateful to Derek. Nikolas tells his aunt, cousin, and family that he has to get back to his home and take care of some personal matters (which he does not reveal).

Britt answers Patrick's question by telling him that Brad Cooper (whom everybody believes is gay) is the biological father of her baby.

At the hospital, Brad has the same conversation with Felix.

Dante and Lulu discuss with Maxie how she is going to separate from the baby. Spinelli seems to want to back Maxie although Dante and Lulu haven't a clue as to why.

Anna goes to talk to Morgan who is ready to hand her all the evidence needed, along with the murder weapon, to convince AJ of the murder of Connie.

Dante tells Spinelli he realizes that Spinelli is a family friend and close to the baby but he is not part of the family so he needs to stay out of this. Maxie tells him however that Spinelli has something to say. Lulu encourages her husband to at least hear Spinelli out (although she hasn't a clue of the secret Spinelli and Maxie share). Spinelli then replies, facing Maxie, (and realizing that this is absolutely not Dante and Lulu's fault any more than it's his, since they were kept in the dark about the baby's parentage), that he agrees. Maxie needs to "take a step back".

Kiki finds Morgan talking to Anna and he knows that she was at the police station in an attempt to help AJ.

Brad tells Felix that he's always been interested in him and knows it's been unrequited. So, that might have something to do with the "secret" regarding the father of Britt's baby although he4 has not yet revealed the answer.

When Britt reveals to Patrick that Brad was the father of her baby and protests she did not have to sleep with Brad, Patrick tells her knows all too well the reason why she would not sleep with Brad. She explains that it was a 'business deal" where he would "help" her in exchange for her helping him by giving him a promotion he did not deserve at the hospital. Patrick then furiously confronts her, grabs a hold of her and demands to know how she could do this to him, lie to him, attempt to turn his life upside down in order to entrap him. She can't get away with this. Nikolas returns, walks in to see Patrick angrily confronting Britt and tells him he better get his hands off of Nikolas' guest and get out of Nikolas' home or he will break every bone in Patrick’s hands and Patrick’s days of being a surgeon will be over.

At the hospital lab, Silas announces he will get Mr. Wells' (Julian's) paperwork started so that he can donate to Danny. Alone with Derek/Julian, Sam tells him she wishes there was some way to re-pay him for what he's done for her. If only she had money like Nikolas, she'd pay him. He tells her she owes him nothing. She then admits that she has something to share and Derek encourages her to say what is on her mind. She tells him that for some reason when everything was hopeless and with the failure to find her biological father and nobody anywhere being a compatible donor for Danny, she somehow knew that a "miracle" was out there somewhere although she hadn't a clue where, how or from whom it would happen. And then he showed up out of nowhere and it happened. Knowing the secret yet not revealing it to her, Derek tells "his daughter", that if she wants to "repay" him, what she can do for him is to be there to take care of that wonderful little boy of hers'. She tells him of course she will do that and how grateful she is to him and she hugs him. He holds her (knowing he's her daddy) and Alexis walks in to see them together.

Brad lectures Felix on how Felix would rather have a false "lost cause" relationship with Magic Milo who is not even gay than to give a "real guy" like himself a chance. Felix tells Brad he'd rather have a lost cause than be interested in Brad because Brad is a jerk. But in the conversation, Brad admits to Felix that he has a reason to be a bad person. And he's afraid to be a nice guy because if Felix turns him down, he will take it personally. Felix asks Brad if being a jerk is worth being alone for. Brad then reminds Felix that he too (Felix) is alone and ask Felix how that's working out for him. Felix then realizes that that is true and listens while Brad suggests that maybe they can be alone together.

After Nikolas gets Patrick to leave his home so he can talk to Britt alone, he asks her if she might want to shed some light on what that was all about.

After Dante tells Maxie that he believes she needs to "step back." He tells her, Dante and Lulu that he realizes she's made a major sacrifice involving the baby. And he promises to be there for her. Hearing that, Dante and Lulu thank him for that and remark that he's "very kind." They leave Spinelli alone with Maxie and she demands to know what is up. Spinelli then reveals that he knows the baby is not theirs' but he did not know how to tell Dante and Lulu knowing that she's lied to them just like she's lied to him.

At the station, when Diane is confident that the cops have no choice except to let her client go, Anna returns to reveal that she now has evidence. And she officially announces to AJ that he is being charged with the murder of Connie Constanza Falconeri.

On Spoon Island, Nikolas asks Britt why Patrick got so upset about something she said or did that he decided to man-handle her. She tells him it was something regarding her mother.

Spinelli concludes to an emotional and distraught Maxie that because she caused everyone to live a lie about the true origin of her baby, she has to live without their child. And he walks out the door.

Sam talks to Silas about how they all have him to credit for this good news. She tells him that she has him to thank as much as Derek. He tells her that even if it were not him that was doing this procedure, it would just as well be another doctor. She tells him she does not buy the "I'm just doing my job" speech from him, because without him, her son would not be alive. She thanks him and hugs him. When they pull apart, they join again and kiss.

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