GH Update Friday 8/30/13

General Hospital Update Friday 8/30/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Michael helps AJ try to remember what happened at the Metro Court. AJ says he remembers taking Tracyís gun from the safe. He says that he killed Connie and needs to confess.

At the hospital, Lulu goes to get on the elevator, and Dante walks off the elevator. Each has something to tell the other.

Maxie walks into the nursery ad sees her baby sleeping. She goes to pick up the baby when a nurse walks in and asks if she is the babyís mother. Maxie says that she is.

Morgan walks into the boat house where Kiki is waiting, asking if she wants to go swimming. She tells him that sheís not in the mood. He thinks that itís about Franco. She tells him that she is worried about Franco, because he just lost the daughter he thought he had. Morgan tells her that heís had time to get over it. Kiki still feels bad for Ava lying to Franco for years. Ava walks in, interrupting them.

At Wyndemere, Britt tells Patrick that he will never get custody of the baby. Patrick disagrees, and tells her to expect a call from his attorney. Britt tells him that heís making a mistake. Patrick tells her that heís protecting his son. Britt tells him that the baby isnít his son. She says itís not his baby. Patrick thinks sheís saying that the baby is just her, but Britt says she canít lie to him anymore. She tells him again that heís not the father of her baby.

The nurse apologizes to Maxie, telling her that she is covering for another nurse so she doesnít know everyone. Maxie is in pain, and the nurse guesses that she had a C-section. She tells Maxie that the baby will make her forget about the pain. She then encourages her to hold the baby. Maxie holds the baby, and the nurse asks if sheís nursed the baby yet. She offers to help Maxie and Maxie accepts.

Lulu and Dante sit down, and Lulu asks Dante to tell her about the shooting. He tells her about the media blackout, and how no information is being released yet. He tells her that the whole thing is a mess. He tells her that Sonny called the shooting in. Lulu asks who was shot.

Kiki tells Ava to get out of the boat house, not wanting to hear father stories. Ava says thatís not why sheís there. Kiki tells her that she canít stand the sight of her. Ava tells Kiki and Morgan that police just left the house. They were searching for a murder weapon. Kiki asks who was murdered.

Lulu canít believe that Connie was shot. She asks what happened. Dante says theyíre still trying to figure it out. Lulu shares a memory about her first day working for Connie when Connie was Kate. Dante tells her that the shooting is shocking for everyone. Lulu voices concern for Olivia.

Kiki voices concern for Sonny to Morgan. Morgan tells Kiki how much Sonny loved Connie, and how he must be a mess.

Dante tells Lulu that Sonny and Olivia are a mess over Connie. He says that Michael is upset, too. Lulu wonders why Michael is so upset. She didnít realize that Michael was close to Connie. Dante says thatís not the reason.

Morgan asks why the cops are looking for the murder weapon at the Quartermaine mansion. He asks who they think killed Connie.

Dante tells Lulu that they have a suspect. He tells Lulu that they think AJ shot Connie.

Kiki is surprised that AJ is a suspect. Ava explains that AJ was arrested, but the police came back to look for a murder weapon and take statements, even though no one has any idea what happened. Morgan wonders why AJ is suspected of killing Connie.

Dante explains to Lulu that AJ was drunk and angry with Connie about the story about Connie. Lulu says a lot of people are slammed by tabloids, but that doesnít make AJ a murderer. Dante explains that AJ had motive and opportunity. He tells her that the gun is missing. Lulu asks if thatís enough to implicate AJ, and Dante confesses that it is not. He says that they think its AJ because Connie told them it was.

AJ explains to Michael how Connie wrote his name in blood as she was dying. He says that thereís no way of getting around it. Michael tells him that Diane is on the way. AJ tells him that Diane canít change what happened. Michael reminds him that he doesnít know what happened because he was drunk and he passed out cold. AJ is grateful that Monica isnít around to see what is going on. AJ says that he is going to confess before she returns from Argentina. Michael tells him that he canít confess if he doesnít remember what happened. AJ asks him to get Anna so he can confess. Diane walks in and tells him that confessing is the last thing that he is going to do. She apologizes for taking so long to get there, but she just returned from St. Barts.  She says that she didnít return to hear her client use the ďCĒ wordĒ: confess. She tells AJ that he will never confess. She then has Michael tell AJ that the only thing he should say to the police is that he isnít saying anything until his attorney arrives, because anything he says can and will be used against him in court, and the less he says, the less the attorney has to be proven inadmissible in court. Diane is impressed with Michael. Diane reiterates that he wonít confess.  AJ tells her that he took the gun from the safe. Diane tells him that thereís no proof that he took the gun, and even if he did, thereís nothing proving it was the gun that killed Connie. AJ tells her that the gun is the same caliber as the one that shot Connie. He says that he remembers taking the gun from the safe. Diane asks if he remembers killing Connie.

Kiki canít believe that AJ is a suspect, and feels bad for Michael. Morgan is upset that she feels bad for Michael and not Sonny. He says heís going to see Sonny. Kiki offers to go along, but Morgan says that Sonny isnít going to want a lot of people around. Kiki tells him that she will likely go visit Franco then. Ava isnít happy with this. Kiki says that she needs to because heís still hurting over Avaís lies. She asks Morgan to tell Sonny how sorry she is about Connie. Kiki leaves, and Morgan starts to leave. Ava stops him, saying she wants to have a little chat.

Lulu feels bad that Sonny found Connie. Dante says it wasnít good, and tells her how Sonny went after AJ and how it was going to get worse if Michael hadnít talked Sonny down. Lulu asks how he knows. He tells her that he was there to arrest AJ. He tells her how bad off Sonny was. Lulu tells him how she worked for Kate the first time she was shot. Lulu wonders if Maxie knows about it since thereís press blackout.

The nurse is happy that Maxie is going to breast feed her baby, because it is the best thing for the baby. She tells Maxie not to be nervous, it will come naturally. Maxie wonders how she will know if sheís doing it right. The nurse says that she can do it. She prepares to breast feed when Spinelli comes in and stops her. The nurse wonders if Spinelli is the father as he puts the baby in its bed. He tells the nurse that Maxie needs to be in bed, and leads her out as the nurse asks what about the baby.

Patrick is convinced that Britt is lying about his not the babyís father. He reminds her that sheís a liar, and she says that heís right, and that she lied to him about his being the father of her baby. Patrick canít believe that sheís being honest, just when he threatens to take custody. He tells her that the paternity test proves that heís the father, and he wonders how she explains that. Britt says that paternity tests are not always accurate, and can be faked. Patrick still doesnít believe what Britt is saying, wondering if sheís going to tell him that Brad faked the tests. Britt tells him that Brad had nothing to do with it, and that her mother is the one who faked the test.

Diane tells AJ not to answer her question. She asks Michael to wait outside. Michael is worried about AJ, and thinks he should stay with him in case something happens. Diane explains that if the case goes to court, heís likely to be called as a witness, and she doesnít want him to hear anything detrimental, that would force him to perjure himself or cause him to be held in contempt of court if he refuses to answer. She asks him to wait outside for his protection. AJ assures Michael that he will be ok. Michael says that he will be outside and called him ďdadĒ. AJ realizes that, and Michael says he called him ďdadĒ because thatís who he is.

Ava tells Morgan that she wishes that he told her that he was marrying Kiki. She tells him that she gave him money for the engagement ring, but he could have called or texted her. She says that a mother wants to know when her only daughter is getting married. Morgan apologizes for not telling her. Morgan says that he had to marry her before Kiki and Michael found out that they are not related. Ava realizes that Morgan panicked. Morgan admits that he did, believing that Kiki would have run straight to Michael if she knew the truth.

Kiki approaches Michael at the PCPD, telling him that he heard about AJ. Michael hugs her.

Diane asks Michael if he remembers anything other than taking the gun from the safe. She asks if he remembers going to the office to kill Connie. AJ says he does remember.

Dante tells Lulu that after they feed their daughter, they will go talk to Maxie. They agree that they should tell her about Connie before someone else does. They walk in to find the nurse feeding their baby, and they are upset as Lulu wanted to feed her. The nurse asks who they are. They explain that they are the babyís parents. The nurse asks who the other woman was. Dante asks what other woman.

Maxie tells Spinelli how she just wanted to see the baby, and then the nurse went on about breast feeding and how good it is for the baby. She tells him that nothing happened, she didnít get a chance to do it. She says that she has done nothing wrong. She asks that he doesnít tell Dante and Lulu that she tried to nurse their baby. Spinelli tells her that the baby isnít Dante and Luluís. He reveals to her that he knows that he and Maxie are the babyís parents. Maxie tries to deny it, but he tells her that Ellie told him the truth. He tells her everything Ellie told him. He tells her that he slept with her that night because he thought Ellie was leaving him, and no matter how misguided their being together was, they created a baby, and Maxie knew all along, but lied to everyone. He wants to know how she could do that, and asks her to make him understand why she did what she did, and how she could lie to him.

The nurse tells Dante and Lulu about Maxie. Lulu explains that Maxie was the surrogate. The nurse becomes upset, and Dante asks what happened. The nurse tells him that she asked Maxie if she wanted to breast feed the baby, and Maxie told her yes.

Britt reminds Patrick that her mother is a doctor. Patrick tells her that her mother is unlicensed and is wanted by the WSB. Britt tells him that her mother still knows her way around a lab, and can fake a test. She tells him that when he accused her and her mother of conspiring against him, he was right. She starts to spill the ways she and her mother conspired against Patrick. Patrick wants to know why.

Morgan confessed to Ava that he rushed Kiki into marriage so he wouldnít lose her. Ava asks if Kiki was upset when she learned the truth. Morgan says he never told her, so as far as she knows, he didnít know the truth. Morgan says that Michael doesnít believe that he didnít know the truth, but Kiki does believe he didnít know. They agree that Morgan and Kikiís marriage is safe. Ava tells him that it is unless she decides to tell Kiki the truth.

Michael tells Kiki that that the whole thing is a train wreck. He tells her what has been going on regarding AJ. He tells her that AJ is talking to Diane, and how he hopes she can help him.

AJ tells Diane that at first he didnít remember anything, but things are coming back in pieces. Diane asks what he remembers other than taking the gun and going to the office to kill Connie. AJ tells her about the rage he remembers feeling. He tells her that heíd decided that Connie wasnít going to get away with what she did to him. He remembers going to the office, and pointing the gun at Connie. Diane pushes, asking if he remembers pulling the trigger. He tells her that he does not remember shooting Connie. He says that Connie wrote his name in her blood, then asked what other explanation there could be.

Michael wonders what Kiki is doing there. She explains how she heard the news from Ava, and all she could think about is Michael and how he was doing. She wanted to check on him. Michael asks how Morgan feels about that. She tells Michael that she didnít tell Morgan. She confesses that she lied to Morgan.

Morgan asks Ava why she would tell Kiki the truth. She tells Morgan that maybe she thinks Kiki should know the truth. Ava reminds him that Kiki is upset with her for not being honest with her, so maybe she should be a good mother and tell Kiki the truth, that the truth could fix their relationship. Morgan begs her not to say anything. Ava agrees to keep quiet as she puts her hand on his thigh. She says she wants him to do something for her.

Britt tells Patrick that she was devastated when he dumped her. He says they barely had a relationship. She tells him that her mother saw how much Britt was hurting, and knew that they had unprotected sex, and that a child could bring them together. She tells him how her mother was trying to help because Britt loved him. She tells him how her mother came up with the idea to fake the paternity test. Britt says that she is not proud of what she did, and that though the means were devious, her feelings were real. She says that there was nothing she wouldnít do to win his love.

Lulu asks if Maxie nursed the baby. The nurse tells her that a young man came in and stopped her before she did. She said she assumed that he was the babyís father. Dante tells her that he is the babyís father. Lulu wants to see Maxie, and Dante agrees that they will take care of it right now. Dante tells the nurse that only he and Lulu are allowed in there to see the baby. They leave to go see Maxie.

Maxie begs Spinelli to understand. She wanted to give Dante and Lulu the baby she promised them. She didnít want to let Lulu down, because Lulu already thought she was too responsible to do it. She tells him that when she fell over the dog, she had a miscarriage. She wanted to fix things so they could have the baby she promised. She said when she tried to fix it, Britt told her that she was already pregnant. She tells Spinelli that her first instinct was to tell him about their baby, and she looked for him that day. She reminds him that he had made up with Ellie, and that he was finally happy with someone. She said she couldnít tell him and ruin it for him, and she couldnít tell Dante and Lulu the truth. She says that no one was supposed to know the truth. Spinelli tells her that he knows now.

Britt tells Patrick that he knows the truth now. He says he only knows what could be another lie. Britt offers to do another DNA test with Patrick, and he will see the truth. She tells him again that the baby isnít his. He wants to know who the father is.

Spinelli says he now knows he has a child, that they both do. He tells Maxie that she had to know he would eventually find out. He tells her that her plan isnít working, and that they are both attached to the baby. Her body tells her that sheís the mother. He tells her how much their daughter means to him. He tells her how she is his first love, and that she loves him in return. He asks if she thought she could give their baby away without consequences. Before she could answer, Dante and Lulu enter the room.

Morgan tells Ava that he will do anything to keep Kiki. Ava says sheíll think about what ďanythingĒ will be. She reminds him that she owes her one now. She asks Morgan to give Sonny her condolences as she leaves him.

Kiki tells Michael that she didnít plan to lie to Morgan, but if he knew she was going to see Michael, he would be upset. Michael still believes that Morgan knew the truth about him and Kiki when Morgan married her. Kiki doesnít want to discuss that. Michael apologizes to Kiki. He tells her how worried he is about AJ.

Diane tells AJ that there could be a million reasons why Connie would write his name in her blood. He asked what the reasons would be. She says she doesnít know yet, but itís her job to find at least one reason. Diane says that if he canít remember pulling the trigger, all of the evidence is circumstantial. She reminds him that there are no witnesses, and no murder weapon.

Morgan walks out of the boathouse, talking to Sonny on the phone, telling him that he is on the way over. Morgan drops his phone. When he bends over to pick it up, he sees a gun.

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