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General Hospital Update Thursday 8/29/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital bed, Maxie dreams of holding her little girl and telling her how much she loves her until Lulu arrives and harshly removes the baby from Maxie's arms. After she wakes up, Maxie shakily gets up and insists to Mac that she has to go, but he manages to get her back into bed. Since she doesn't remember what happened after her C-section, Mac informs her she insisted Dante and Lulu's baby is hers and Spinelli's.

Spinelli still moons over his baby through the hospital nursery window while remembering Ellie informing him that Dante and Lulu's baby is actually his. When Nikolas arrives, Spinelli claims to be suffering from seasonal allergies and quickly leaves. Outside Maxie's room, Spinelli overhears Mac saying that Kevin thinks it was a perfectly normal reaction on Maxie's part, but she has to understand it is not her baby. Spinelli is tortured by Maxie's denial that the baby is theirs and leaves. Mac assures Maxie that the baby is fine and in the NICU just as a precaution.

Donning a sterile gown, Nikolas is introduced to his new baby niece and congratulates Lulu then recommends the name Nikola. Hearing that Britt is staying at his house, Lulu expresses her outrage and warns Nikolas to keep Britt away from Spencer and not let her pass her baby off as his. Nikolas counters with the fact that if not for Britt, Maxie wouldn't have gotten pregnant with Lulu's baby, but she doesn't want to go into the whole story. She's upset that Maxie believes the baby is hers, but Lulu's sure it was just the drugs talking. When Nikolas tells her Spinelli was crying again while looking at the baby, she gets a strange vibe.

Sabrina finds Ellie sitting on the floor in a hospital room crying over her situation. When she offers to listen to her woes, Ellie first declines then declares that Damian hates her, and he won't come around because of the horrible, terrible lie she told, which is gonna hurt a lot of people. Wanting to help, Sabrina thinks that Ellie finally coming clean will count for something if she just gives it time. Sabrina thinks Spinelli should return the favor after Ellie forgave him for having sex with Maxie the night she was paralyzed in a car accident.

Patrick storms into Wyndemere and yells at Britt about everything she and her mother have been up to. She asks how he found out. Patrick recites all the crimes he knows Obrecht has committed, including her partnership with Cesar Faison who impersonated and imprisoned Duke. Britt's response is that 1) Faison is in prison now and 2) she's not her mother. Patrick retorts, "Close enough" and can't believe that he started to trust her and offered to raise their baby together, but now he demands to know what else she's hiding. Britt insists she didn't know what her mother had been up to and would have turned her in if she'd been aware, but Patrick doesn't believe that for a second.

Molly and Rafe rejoice with Alexis, Sam, & Danny over the discovery of a bone marrow donor for the little boy and wonder how a stranger could be a match. Holding up a large picture of Derek Wells, Alexis introduces him as the new owner of The Press and Crimson to Rafe and Molly who thinks he's handsome. Sam doesn't care if he looks like Shrek as long as he's a viable donor for her son. Molly asks if Alexis is sure Derek is not just a long-lost Quartermaine. They think it's miraculous that they found a match, since they weren't able to find Sam's father with the only lead being his name, Julian. While they wait for Derek's test results, Molly offers to go to the gift shop for supplies, but Alexis insists they go have fun at the music festival.

Out in the hall, Julian talks with Ava on the phone. He's excited that he can save his grandson and wants to badly to tell Sam that he's her father. He is sure someday somebody will find out his true identity. To shut his sister up, though, he agrees not to divulge who he really is. When Molly and Rafe overhear him, he explains that was just a business call. After introducing themselves, Rafe and Molly thank Derek for what he's doing for Danny. Molly can't believe that a stranger with no connection to her family, could be a match, but Derek doesn't divulge the truth. He goes into Danny's room and meets the little boy. When he hears about Jason, he expresses his sympathy at the loss of Danny's father. Sam knows about growing up without a father and assures Derek that they will be just fine. While holding Danny, Derek calls him his "little man." Mentally apologizing to Ava, he starts to tell Sam something important but chickens out.

Patrick brings up the Nurses' Ball when Britt made her big baby announcement. He knows her mother was there, because he met her at the airport when she brought up Robin. Now he's sure the women were conspiring to use this baby against him. Britt admits that they were, but not against him, just to get him back. Patrick questions why Britt is protecting her mother and not thinking more about her baby. He wants her to cut off all connections to that lethal woman and promises that Obrecht will never come near his son. Britt doesn't think her mother would ever hurt her own grandchild, but Patrick thinks she's capable of anything and will put the blame on Britt, because she let her get away. When Britt points out he is her baby, too, Patrick determines to seek full custody. Britt yells that her mother is not a threat, but she will keep her away from the baby. Patrick can't trust Britt when she's lied about everything and agrees to supervised visits, which has her seeing red. Britt screams that he is making a big mistake and will never get full custody of this baby. He is determined to protect his son. At her breaking point, Britt shouts that the baby is not his son.

Ellie divulges that this lie doesn't just involve her and Spinelli; it's about Maxie and her baby, too. Quickly correcting herself to Maxie and "the" baby, Ellie remembers hearing a conversation between Maxie and her father about hiding something, so she determined to uncover the truth by illegally accessing Maxie's records. Now Ellie thinks she did it because she was jealous of Maxie, not to protect Dante and Lulu. When she confronted Maxie, she convinced Ellie to keep it a secret, even though Ellie knew how wrong it was. Sabrina thinks that Ellie's love for Damian made her do crazy things, just like her love for Patrick made her run the DNA test on Britt's baby. She still can't believe that Patrick is his father.

When he spots his picture on a table, Derek asks Alexis if she's investigating him. She admits she was curious about him, but it wouldn't matter if he were hiding some deep, dark secrets. He thinks that it might. Sam interrupts them by saying that Dr. Clay is on his way to give them the all clear.

Nikolas is glad that their mother returned to Paris when she did for her check-up. Thinking about Luke, Lulu gets emotional and tells Nikolas that her father is sick and could be dying. He looks really weak and in pain, but Nikolas is sure that Luke will find his way out of this. Lulu cries about her conflicting feelings of sadness and joy. Nikolas counsels her to try to focus on the positive right now, but he is distraught upon hearing that it's his grandmother, Helena, who is responsible for Luke's radiation poisoning. Nikolas apologizes and hugs his weeping sister.

Sam runs into Spinelli in the hospital and is concerned about him. He gets very emotional when she informs him about Danny getting his bone marrow transplant and hugs her. He shares he's having problems with Ellie but urges her to go find Dr. Clay and get her answers, because he's seeking answers, too. When Mac goes off to get her a milk shake, Maxie struggles out of bed. Spinelli and Mac find she's no longer in her room. As Dante and Lulu take a break, Maxie sneaks into the nursery to touch her baby.

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