GH Update Wednesday 8/28/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/28/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

At her home, Tracy tries to call Luke yet again to share her good news with -- that she's back in charge of ELQ. She can only assume that, since he hasn't replied, he must be dead. Suddenly, Luke appears at the terrace door advising Spanky never to make assumptions. When she asks what brings him back to town, Luke reminds her that he promised to be there for the birth of his grandchild and he always tries to be a man of his word. Tracy congratulates him, and he returns the gesture; he heard she's back in the big seat at ELQ. Tracy does not take the compliment well, though, and slaps his hand away when he offers it.

Holding the baby in the hospital nursery, Laura tells Lulu that she's glad to be able to know her beautiful grandchild from the beginning, unlike with Aiden. Even though Lulu and her dad have their differences, she asks Laura to tell Luke that he's welcome to come visit. Laura says she would if only she knew where he was.

As Sabrina and Patrick get off the elevator at the hospital, Felix is eager to inform them that Britt has left their apartment, most likely because the commissioner hauled her to jail for aiding and abetting her crazy mother who attacked Duke Lavery. Felix thinks they should know that Liesl Westbourne is now using the name Lisa Obrecht who has done such nefarious things in Switzerland, and he doesn't know how long mother and daughter have been in cahoots. Then he recounts how he gave Anna his apartment key so she could question Obrecht, then he stayed in the hospital on-call room. When he returned that morning, all signs were that Dr. Britchy West-scorn got what she deserved. Upset, Patrick orders Felix to stop, because that's his child he's talking about.

At Nikolas' place, Britt says "Good morning" wearing a robe and a big smile. She is most grateful that he sprung her out of jail and brought her to his spacious Gothic estate whose bathroom is bigger than Sabrina's whole apartment. When Britt asks if he's Batman, Nikolas points out that he does have a butler named Alfred. Britt says she couldn't have turned to Patrick, because things with him are "complicated." Nikolas is happy to help a friend, but Britt warns him that she's being accused of conspiring with her mad, diabolical mother. Nikolas knows what it's like to be guilty by association and offers to trust her if she will tell him the truth.

Michael goes to the hospital to tell Elizabeth about AJ, but she's not eager to hear it, because of what he said to her about her son, Jake. Michael understands, then informs her that AJ's been at the police station all night on suspicion of murder. Elizabeth is sorry to hear about Connie being shot in her office and how Sonny found her, then went after AJ, who was too drunk to remember anything. They both hope he didn't commit the crime but know that AJ hated Connie enough to want to kill her.

At the police station, AJ gets sick in a trash can and tries to recall the events of the previous night when he opened the Quartermaine's safe. Anna and Dante join him in the interrogation room with a coffee and a question -- did he murder Connie Falconeri? AJ repeats that he doesn't remember last night due to his drunken state, but Dante presses him by yelling and showing him crime scene photos where Connie wrote his name in her own blood. As Dante points out the hole in Connie's chest, AJ vomits in the trash can again. Once AJ recovers, Dante brings out his voluminous file with all kinds of crimes he committed which should have alerted everyone of his lethal potential. After Anna urges Dante to calm down, he apologizes then goes over the facts of the previous night and the hours he can't account for, which coincide with the time Connie was murdered. AJ insists he doesn't know where he went or what he did but does know that Tracy owns a gun, which she keeps locked in a safe at the mansion.

Patrick is upset that Felix is celebrating when his son is about to be born in prison. Felix, though, doesn't think Britt's child is his, but Patrick believes the DNA test. Eager to bail Britt out, Patrick takes off then Sabrina slaps Felix's arm for the way he just handled himself. Felix, however, stands by his belief that for everyone's sake, Britt should be locked up for good. Sabrina agrees that with Britt out of the way, there's no one between her and Patrick, but she doesn't want their baby to suffer for what Britt and her mother have done. Felix advances the notion that Britt's mad scientist mother used her tricks to help her get exactly what she wanted and Patrick is not the baby's father.

When Scott looks through the nursery window, Laura goes out to the hallway and asks where he's been. Bitter about her running off with her ex, Scott says that he also ran off with his ex, Lucy. They went to New Mexico to try to lure a lifestyle guru to join the staff at Deception, her new spa. Scott and Lucy don't understand why she's abandoned them, but Laura insists she's back now and 100% in their marriage, but he doesn't feel the same way. Laura's shocked when Scott announces he wants a divorce.

Tracy is upset that Luke took off without her and has been ignoring her, but he points out he's been busy trying to stay alive, and she had to regain her company. Unfortunately, he hasn't found Jerry. The drug Sean gave him is only a temporary solution, so he has to go off again to find a permanent cure, but he couldn't go without seeing Tracy first. When Luke tries to reach for her hand, Tracy quickly pulls it away then says a quick unemotional goodbye. Luke was hoping at least for a kiss farewell, which Tracy warmly responds to.

Britt denies knowing of Obrecht's plans for Duke Lavery, so Nikolas wants to know why she lied to the police about when she last saw her mother. Even though Obrecht has done some terrible things, Britt points out she's still her mother, so she lied to allow her to get away. Besides, her mother always looked out for her, especially with this baby. Nikolas asks how so? Britt admits that her mother has been "guiding" her with the baby from the beginning, but before she can say more, Nikolas' phone rings. It's Lulu telling him he's an uncle again, so he takes off to see them at the hospital, promising to finish his conversation with Britt when he returns.

Patrick goes to see Anna asking about Britt's mom. Anna confirms that Obrecht is responsible for attacking Duke and Robert but is not sure how much Britt is involved. They brought Britt in for questioning after she lied about her mother's whereabouts, but she was released with help from Nikolas Cassadine and a couple of high-powered attorneys. Anna advises Patrick to check with Nikolas to find Britt.


Scott is upset that Laura keeps running off with Spencer, because he will always come first with her. Laura insists she helped Luke on Lulu's behalf, but she married Scott. He, however, doesn't believe they fit anymore. He tried too hard to get her to the altar in an attempt to get their young love back, but he now realizes that his love is never going to be enough for her. He loves her way more than she loves him, and he thinks that Laura is also tired of him trying so hard. Although Laura promises to do better and try harder, Scott wants to break out of the endless loop they're stuck in. While Laura cries, he declares he's letting her go for both of their sakes. Scott wants to stay in town and run for DA and is glad he has Laura's vote. Then they hug and wish each other the best. As he leaves, Scott sees Luke but keeps walking.

Britt leafs through a family album with pictures of Nikolas and his various lady loves. Suddenly, she groans, grabs her belly, and sits down. She sighs as she realizes she was so close to telling Nikolas that Patrick isn't her baby's father. Patrick suddenly walks in, claiming he knows exactly what Britt and her mother have been up to.

When Nikolas sees Elizabeth crying at the hospital, she runs into his comforting arms and blurts out that AJ is suspected of killing Connie last night. Offering her a coffee and a shoulder, Nikolas reminds her that AJ told her he would have killed Connie if he'd had a gun. Elizabeth tries to rationalize AJ's outburst as that of an angry man who was just blowing off steam but didn't mean it. Nikolas asks if she's sure.

Luke asks a weeping Laura if she's okay. She insists she's fine while he's no worse than yesterday. Her doctors in Paris are insisting Laura go for yearly tests, but she's been putting it off. Luke encourages her to go for their family's sake. Lulu sees them and wants to know what's going on with her parents, but they put on a happy face and tell her there's nothing to worry about. To appease everyone, Laura agrees to go get her "wellness evaluation" as long as Lulu sends her daily reports of the baby. Lulu promises and hugs her mother goodbye. Laura then turns to face Luke who admits he wasn't always fair or gracious and thanks her for everything. Holding his face in her hands, Laura declares that they did a really good job. Then they kiss and part.

Anna suggests that AJ could make things easier for himself by cooperating with the investigation. As he once again denies he knows anything, AJ remembers opening the safe but doesn't share his memory with the commissioner. He refuses to say anything more until his lawyer, Diane, gets there but keeps having visions of reaching into the family safe. He is startled when he finally recalls pulling out the gun and quickly sits down, horrified that he "did it." When Michael comes to see him, AJ confides that he thinks he killed Connie.

Dante checks in with Lulu who wants to know when he'll come back. He's not encouraging, because something really bad went down last night. Dante goes to the Quartermaine Mansion with a police officer and questions Tracy about her gun. She admits she has one with a license, but when she opens the safe, it's gone. Tracy believes that AJ is trying to frame her for something, but Dante doesn't think she's involved. He thinks AJ used her gun to kill Connie.

Lulu faces her father and angrily asks him if he forgot to mention that he's dying. She had overheard her parents talking and knows the truth. Lulu realizes it's not her mother's fault that she got sick and loves her very much, but she wants her father to always be there for her and her little girl. Luke can't make any promises he might not be able to keep, but Lulu believes he can do the impossible yet again, so he determines to try. They declare their love for each other and hug as Lulu cries. Before he leaves, Luke admires the baby through the nursery window while Lulu blows him a kiss.

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