GH Update Monday 8/26/13

General Hospital Update Monday 8/26/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Ellie reveals, for the first time, To Spinelli that Dante and Lulu's baby is not theirs.. she's Maxie's with him. He got Maxie pregnant the one and only time they slept together, New Years of 2012-13. She's known for a long time but has told no one. Dante and Lulu are in the hospital room with the baby and can hear their heated argument. They come out and demand to know what Spinelli and Ellie are yelling about. Spinelli is stunned and furious with Ellie and tells them they were talking about the baby. They ask if he means "their" baby. He replies no. "His" baby.

AJ runs to find Michael after having his "confrontation" with Connie. Michael can see that his dad is in trouble and asks what is going on. Michael wonders what happened to his dad and knows that AJ is in trouble.

Olivia knows that her cousin is in danger although she does not have "proof." Sure enough, she's correct when she envisions a puddle of blood on the floor.

After AJ has confronted Connie, she is lying on the floor in a pool of blood in her office when Sonny finds her.

When Spinelli answers Dante's question about "his" baby, Dante asks what he is talking about. Spinelli then silently remembers only minutes ago when Ellie informed him, for the first time, that the baby that Maxie carried and has just given birth to is his with Maxie. He waits and answers the question that he meant the baby he intends to have some day, but which Ellie does not want. He explains that the baby has inspired him to know how much he wants to be a father and that is what deeply divides him from Ellie. He knows he does not want to break their hearts and take the baby from them that they've believed is theirs and which is not their fault that she is not their baby.

Sam talks to Dr. Silas Clay about her search to find a bone marrow donor for Danny. She tells him that she is really surprised that no biological family member has been a match for her son. Then low-and-behold, this "strange guy" who just blew into town to take over Connie's paper, named Derek Wells, suddenly donates and he is a match.

When Alexis is talking to Derek at the hospital and he is almost remembering the night many years ago when he met her only once and impregnated her with Sam (although nobody knows to this day that he's the one), they run into a frantic Olivia. She tells them she knows that something has happened to her cousin.

Michael tells a distraught AJ that he and Elizabeth and many other people have been looking for him but found nothing except an empty vodka bottle and an open safe. He asks his dad where he went and what he did. AJ finds himself unable to answer.

Connie struggles to lift her head and sobs to Sonny telling him she loves him, but she's somehow afraid that it's "all over." He tells her she will be ok. He tries to call for help.

When Michael attempts to find out what happened to AJ, he passes out on the floor. Michael attempts to revive him but he's passed out drunk. Ava enters and asks what happened. She informs Michael that she saw him drinking and told AJ what everybody else tells him, that he's an alcoholic and should never drink, but AJ did not listen. She gets a call from her brother (Derek Wells aka Julian=Sam's biological father).

Sam talks to Silas about how they've tried and failed to find a donor and hoped Franco could be only to find out he can't be. They remark about how it's finally over and Danny will get his bone marrow.

Dante tells Spinelli and Ellie he’s sorry that the two of them are having problems but they would prefer they take it somewhere else. "Baby Girl Falconeri" needs her rest. They tells Spinelli and Ellie they need to find Maxie and make sure she's ok. In response to that, Spinelli remarks that he'd like to "talk to" Maxie himself. Alone with Spinelli, Ellie urges him to not give up on having a baby and she asks him why he did not tell Dante and Lulu the truth.

Michael tells Ava he's concerned about his dad. She tells him at least AJ got a cab. She tells him she has things to do and has to tend to some business. She tells Michael he need not worry about his dad. He, at the very least, got himself home safely, posing no harm to himself or anyone else, "as far as they know," she adds.

Olivia cries and tells Alexis she "knows" that something has happened to her cousin. Alexis calls Sonny to see if he might be able to tell them where Connie is, but he does not answer his phone. Sonny is on the phone attempting to get some help for Connie. He tells her that they are going to have the rest of their lives together. He asks her if she can tell him who did this to her, but she cannot answer. She spits blood. She seems like she's going into shock. Sonny dials 911 from the landline, telling them a serious injury has happened and they need to hurry up. It looks like this could fatal.

Dante and Lulu are happily talking to Mac and Felicia and they all suspect nothing. Mac informs them that some complications occurred with Maxie. She's hemorrhaged. He mentions that Maxie is out on pain meds and appeared "confused" when they last spoke to her. Hearing that, Lulu asks if there is something he’s not telling them. Mac replies that Maxie asked for "her" baby and insisted the baby was hers and not Dante and Lulu's.

Spinelli tells Ellie that he could not bring himself to smash Dante's and Lulu's hearts in a million peaces when he could see how much they loved the baby that they believed was theirs. She tells him she understands that but needs to know if he intends to hide the truth from Dante and Lulu forever.

Ava meets with Derek (Julian) and asks him what he needed to talk to her about that was so urgent. He tells her that she must know about the baby who needs a bone marrow transplant. She tells him she knows about Sam's baby, Danny, whom both Franco and Kiki could not donate for and the fact that her daughter is not a biological family member to Danny. He tells her that he just donated bone marrow, and it has been proven he's a match. She asks how on earth that could happen since he is not a biological family member. Derek/Julian then reveals to his sister that he now knows he is a family member to Danny. He's his grandfather.

Sonny urges Olivia to hang on, but it appears her heart stops beating. Yet she's attempted to write something in her blood on the floor.

AJ then talks to Michael warning his son that it's "too late" for him, knowing he's done something that he can't undo.

When Derek/Julian reveals to Ava that he's discovered that he's Danny's grandfather, she asks her brother if he's joking and how on earth could that be. He explains he now knows that he had sex with Sam's mother, Alexis, one night many years ago. He met Alexis and found out that she went to school in New Hampshire when he was there. She mentioned that she had a one-night stand when she was 16. She explained to him that she knew nothing about the man who got her pregnant with Sam on that night except that his friend called him Julian. He now has "connected the dots" and remembers the one-night stand he had with Alexis which he forgot and blocked out of his mind for all these years.

Ellie cries and tells Spinelli she is sorry that she kept the secret but did not know what to do. She tells him it's been tearing her up for months and she has wanted to tell him all this while but could not because she's scared. She loves him so much and can he ever forgive her?

When Mac informs Dante and Lulu that Maxie demanded that they give her "her baby" and not Dante's and Lulu's, Lulu is worried. So is Mac. They both know that something is going on with Maxie. Dante gets a call from Sonny after Connie has been shot. He tells them he has to depart.

When AJ is with Michael, Michael tells his dad he knows he is upset after getting booted from ELQ and drank too much. But they can "fix" things and nothing is hopeless. AJ knows it's not that simple.

Sonny notices that Connie wrote AJ on the floor with her blood, and he knows who did this to her, but it looks like it might be too late.

After Dante leaves Lulu and Mac alone at the hospital, she admits that she has been worried, for a long time, about Maxie getting too attached to the baby. She realizes that Maxie did an extraordinary thing for them. They remark about the sacrifices Maxie has made with her vanity involving stretch marks, making sure she doesn't wear heels. So, Lulu tells Mac, she did not want to remind Maxie that the baby is not hers. Mac tells her that he will make sure that Maxie is ok and tells Lulu she needs to go and be with "her" daughter.

Spinelli tells Ellie he can't even look at her right now. She has betrayed him.

At the hospital, Sam introduces Dr. Silas to Derek, still having no clue that Derek is her bio father but informing Derek that Silas is the doctor who will be extracting his bone marrow and saving her son's life. Derek stands beside Ava after revealing the secret to her. Sam can tell he has something on his mind.

Dante, Olivia, and Alexis along with uniformed cops and an ambulance team rush to save Connie but see that it's too late.

At the hospital, Spinelli looks lovingly through the glass at the baby he now knows is his. Lulu stands beside him and he reflects to her.

Dante observes that Connie wrote AJ with her blood on the floor and is ready to take police action. Before he can do that, however, Sonny has already taken the law into his hands by going to find AJ, and he points a gun at him ready to kill him.

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