GH Update Friday 8/23/13

General Hospital Update Friday 8/23/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital nursery, Dante and Lulu discuss what to name their daughter as Lulu holds her. Lulu suggests Jacqueline. Dante asks where she got that name from, and Lulu says that it just came to her. Dante tells her that it kind of reminds him of Spinelli.

At the hospital, Sonny and Olivia get onto the elevator. As the elevator moves, Olivia has a vision of the puppy on a poster. As Olivia asks the puppy on the poster what it is doing there, Sonny asks what is going on. Olivia explains about seeing the puppy.

In a hospital hallway, Spinelli asks Ellie what Dante and Lulu's daughter has to do with him. Ellie says that the baby is not their daughter, but his. Spinelli doesn't believe it, but Ellie insists that the baby is his and Maxie's.

The surgeon comes out of the OR to speak with Mac and Felicia. They ask her if Maxie is going to be ok.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael finds an empty vodka bottle and the newspaper with the headline announcing that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. He hears footsteps and calls out for AJ but Kiki enters the room.

In another hallway at the hospital, Julian approaches a happy Alexis and Sam. He tells them that he hopes they have good news. They tell him that there is a bone marrow match for Daniel. Julian tells them that it is great news and hopes that they can do the procedure soon. Alexis tells him that it depends on him, because he is the match. Julian is surprised by the news. He says that he's not related, but they tell him that they were told that it was possible that a non-family member could be a match, and he is it.

In "Derek's" office at Crimson, Connie puts the pieces together about Julian and figures out that Derek is Julian Jerome. She starts to call Sonny to tell him when AJ arrives with a gun in hand. Connie asks what he is doing there. He asks what she thinks he's doing there, and aims the gun at Connie.  Connie tells AJ that he is drunk, and AJ agrees. She tries to calm him down, but he blames her for his starting to drink. He tells her that it all started with her, and now it will end with her right there.

Olivia tells Sonny that it means something about their daughter that the puppy appeared to her in the poster. Sonny is confused, and Olivia explains about her vision of the puppy. Sonny tries to calm her, telling her that everything is ok. Olivia tells Sonny about the last time she saw the puppy, and wonders why the puppy is back and asking for its mommy.

Lulu wonders why the name Jacqueline reminds Dante of Spinelli. He says it's because of Spinelli's nickname, "The Jackal". He says that he wants to pass on the name, because he doesn't want to think of Spinelli every time he sees their daughter.

Spinelli tells Ellie that perhaps he has done too much for Maxie and has been too focused on her, but the baby is not his. Ellie tells him that she is, and explains how Maxie came to carry his baby. She tells him that their baby was conceived when they had sex on New Year's Eve.

The doctor tells Mac and Felicia that Maxie is going to recover. Mac asks what happened. The doctor apologizes that no one has spoken to them sooner, but Maxie was in surgery because she hemorrhaged. The doctor tells them how Maxie is a fighter. Felicia tells Mac that he told her the same thing, and thank god he was right.

Kiki tells Michael that she didn't expect to find him there. Michael says that he is looking for AJ, and asks if she has seen him. She says that she hasn't, then asks if something happened. Michael tells her that he found the empty vodka bottle and the newspaper, and now AJ is missing. Kiki comments on how it is all a mess, and how her father is missing, too.

Connie tells AJ that he is drunk and not thinking clearly. AJ thinks she is telling him that he can't be strong and take action. AJ says that people think that they can walk all over him and that he won't fight back. He says that he's not letting that he's not letting her get away with it. As AJ rants about the story, and how he isn't just going to slink away, Connie hits the dial button on her phone for Sonny's number.  AJ tells her that this is the last time anyone messes with him.

The doctor tells Mac and Felicia that Maxie lost a lot of blood, but she will be ok. Felicia wants to know when they can see Maxie. The doctor tells them that they can see her in recovery in a few minutes. She then tells them how heroic Maxie was to carry the baby for Dante and Lulu, and how they have an amazing daughter, then leaves them. Felicia tells Mac that Maxie is amazing because of him. Mac teases that she's right, then takes her to go see Maxie.

Spinelli tells Ellie that he did sleep with Maxie on New Year's Eve, but the baby can't be his. He reminds her that she told him Maxie's plan to go back to Britt and have another procedure done so she could carry Dante and Lulu's baby. Ellie tells him that it was the plan, but when Maxie got to Britt, she learned she was already pregnant with Spinelli's baby. Spinelli starts to realize that Ellie is telling the truth and is overwhelmed by the news. He goes to look at the baby through the window. Dante and Lulu wave to him, and Spinelli shares his feelings with Ellie. Spinelli wonders why Maxie didn't tell him. Ellie tells him that the plan was to not tell anyone. She says that only Maxie and Britt knew. Spinelli points out that Ellie knew, too.

Olivia starts pushing the buttons of the elevator to make it get down faster, but Sonny tries to get her to stop. The elevator stops. Olivia asks what floor they are on, and why the doors aren't opening. Sonny tells her that they are stuck.

Alexis and Sam apologize for taking their frustration out on Julian. Julian tells them that he came to get tested because he felt bad about bumping the article from the front page. Alexis asks if he got tested out of guilt or if it was just a gesture. She wonders if he actually intends to go through with the procedure. Julian tells her that he wouldn't have tested if he wasn't going to go through with it. Alexis reminds him that it's a difficult procedure, but Julian assures her that he is committed to the process. He is still surprised that he is a match. Sam tells him that it would make a good front page story. Julian says that he is just happy to help. Alexis hugs him, and thanks him for his help.

Michael asks Kiki about her father missing. Kiki corrects herself and says that Franco is missing. She tells Michael how Franco escaped from the hospital unnoticed. Michael asks if she called the police, but she says that Morgan is at the police station. She came to the mansion to see if Franco was there, but he wasn't. She says she's hoping that Franco doesn't hurt himself or anyone else. Michael says he's hoping the same thing about AJ.

AJ stumbles to the desk, and Connie tells him that she had no idea the story would have had such an impact on him. She pleads with him, intentionally using his name for Sonny to hear. Sonny doesn't seem to hear what she's saying as he tells her that he's stuck in an elevator, and will be there to see her as soon as he can. AJ hears Sonny talking to Connie, takes the phone and hangs up the call. He tells her that Sonny isn't going to come to her rescue, and that Sonny's not the big man with the big gun this time as he throws her cell phone across the room.

Ellie tells Spinelli that she was wrong, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with the baby, so she investigated. She said that she tricked Spinelli into helping her hack into Maxie's records, where she learned of the miscarriage. She said she confronted Maxie about it, but she denied it. She says that Maxie only confessed after she threatened to go to the lab to check Dante and Lulu's remaining embryos. Spinelli tells Ellie that she told him that the baby belonged to Dante and Lulu. She tells him that she lied to him, and he asks why.

Dante suggests that he and Lulu get to know their daughter better so they can find the right name for her. Lulu tells him that the one name that won't work is Georgie.

In recovery, Maxie wakes to find Mac and Felicia there. Mac and Felicia tell her how well she did.  She asks where Georgie is. Mac asks what she means. Maxie tells them that Georgie was there with her.

Lulu talks to her baby, asking what they should name her. She tells the baby that the name Georgie should be saved for Maxie's own baby, even if Maxie did call her Georgie. Dante is worried that Maxie became too attached to the baby. Lulu says she worried about a lot of things, but she comments on how supportive Dante was. Dante is still concerned that about how attached Maxie became, and wonders if it will be a problem going forward.

Felicia tells Maxie what happened during the delivery. Maxie still insists that she saw Georgie. Mac tells her that she's on a lot of medication, but Maxie tells him that she came back for her baby. She asks where her baby is.

Olivia becomes upset, worried that something could be wrong with Dante and Lulu's baby, and they aren't there for it. Sonny tries to get a signal on his phone and asks Olivia if she has any luck, because he wants to call Connie back. Sonny starts to try to get the elevator to move or the doors to open. He tells Olivia that if the doors don't open soon, he's going to lose it.

Michael explains to Kiki that AJ is an alcoholic, but has been sober since he has been back, or at least he thought AJ was sober. Kiki asks if AJ has been drinking behind Michael's back the entire time. Michael hopes not, and that AJ hasn't acted differently until recently, but tells Kiki how Elizabeth found AJ at the Floating Rib getting drunk. He tells Kiki how AJ treated Elizabeth, but she took his keys so he couldn't drive. He tells her how AJ called a cab and that the cab records show that AJ was dropped at home, but when Michael got there, AJ was gone. Kiki blames herself for AJ's situation. Michael tells Kiki that it isn't her fault. He explains that any other job wouldn't have affected AJ this way, but ELQ was important to him as a way to prove himself to the family. Michael guesses the loss was too much for AJ. He notices that the safe is open, and wonders what AJ would want from the safe.

AJ accuses Connie of thinking she could screw him over. Connie pleads with him not to do anything, and tells him to think about Michael. AJ says that Michael only loves Sonny. He tells her how everyone has told Michael that he's a loser, a drunk and not fit to be Michael's father. He accuses her of taking away his last chance to be a father to Michael. He tells Connie how much Michael thinks of Sonny and how little Michael thinks of him. Connie tells him it's not too late to have a relationship with Michael. AJ tells her that she said he didn't have the guts to get payback, but Connie denies it. AJ tells her that printing that story was her daring him to get payback for destroying his life. AJ tells her it's payback time as he cocks the hammer of his gun and Connie pleads for her life.

Michael and Kiki try to figure out what AJ wanted out of the safe. Kiki wonders if maybe he wanted ELQ documents to fight the takeover, and Michael wonders if maybe she's right. He says he needs to find AJ, worried that AJ is drunk, and thinking he's lost everything. Kiki tells him that she gets that.  She tells him how Franco woke up from brain surgery to find that he lost the only daughter he's ever had.  They confide in each other how scared they are as they hold hands and exchange looks.

Sonny starts to lose it as Olivia does her best to calm him down. He tells her that he feels trapped and he needs to get out of there. Olivia knows how he reacts to closed places. She continues to try to keep him focused on her and calm. She tells him that Deke is dead and gone, and that she is there. She promises to get him through it, and they hug.

Alexis steps back and apologizes for hugging Julian. He tells her not to apologize, and that it's flattering to have beautiful women hug him. Alexis tells him how grateful she and Sam are, and that while there's still risk, that he's improved Daniel's odds tremendously. Julian tells them that he hopes that his bone marrow helps, but warns Sam that her son may grow up to love fast cars and bourbon. Sam says that she doesn't care what he grows up to love, as long as he gets to grow up. Julian asks how he can help speed things up for them. Alexis asks Sam if Silas even knows that a match has been found. Sam doesn't know, but thinks she should talk to him. She thanks Julian who tells her that if Daniel is going to use his bone marrow, she should stop calling him "Mr. Wells" and start calling him "Derek". Sam leaves to find Silas. Alexis guesses that Julian would rather they not fuss over him. He tells her that they can thank him by keeping his part low key. Alexis tells him that she understands it, as she prefers low key herself. Julian sympathizes with how hard it's been for her. Alexis tells him about Franco originally matching, but being disqualified. She tells him how devastated Sam was as they had tested everyone in their family except for Sam's father.

Spinelli asks Ellie how she could keep the news of is baby from him. Ellie tells him how Maxie begged for him to keep it quiet, because the truth would devastate Dante and Lulu, so she agreed to keep it secret. Spinelli says that she barely knows Dante and Lulu, and that he is supposed to be the man she loves. He asks how she could keep it from him. Ellie apologizes again, and Spinelli tells her to stop apologizing and give him a reason for keeping the secret. He wants to know how she could keep his child from him. She confesses that she kept it from him because she was afraid of losing him.

Lulu tells Dante that she doesn't know how attached Maxie is to the baby, but now that she's not carrying the baby, she believes that Maxie is starting to let go. Dante hopes she's right. Lulu tells him that she knows Maxie, and that she knows Maxie will be ok.

Maxie asks Mac and Felicia where her little girl is. Felicia tells her that the baby is with Dante and Lulu, and that she's perfect. Mac tells her that she did an amazing job, but he thinks that she's confused from the blood loss. Maxie insists that she's not, telling them that she saw the baby, and that she's beautiful. Felicia and Mac tell her that she was an amazing surrogate, but that the baby belongs to Dante and Lulu. Maxie insists that the baby is hers.

Julian asks if Sam's father refused to be tested, but Alexis tells him that her father didn't get tested because Alexis doesn't know who Sam's father is. Julian guesses that Sam was adopted, but Alexis tells him that she only knew Sam's father for one night. She tells him that she knew Sam's father in New Hampshire. She tells him how she met him while she was in boarding school. She explains how she remembered Sam's father's name, and that it wasn't a common name. Julian asks what Sam's father's name is. Alexis tells him that his name was "Julian".

Michael tells Kiki that he misses her. Before she can answer, her cell phone rings. She tells him that she needs to take the call. The call is from Morgan. She tells Morgan that Franco is not at the mansion, then that she is on the way. She tells Michael that she needs to go because Morgan needs her. Michael stops her, and asks if she believes Morgan. She says she does because she asked him point blank and he answered her. Michael tells her that is what Morgan is counting on. She tells Michael that Morgan is a good father. She tells him how Morgan has been there for her, and how good he is to her. She says she needs to be there for him, too. Kiki leaves Michael alone.

Sonny takes a step back and thanks Olivia. He says he's doing better because of her. She tells him that he doesn't say anything. She knows that Connie is first in his heart, and they are them. She tells him how they are grandparents together. He tells her that she is a hell of a woman. Olivia asks if he thinks that, even though she got them stuck in the elevator. The doors then open on the second floor. Olivia encourages Sonny to go find Connie, while she goes to check on their grandbaby. Sonny suggests she take the stairs like he's going to. He then leaves as she watches him go.

Maxie insists on knowing where her baby is. Felicia and Mac continue to try to convince her that the baby belongs to Dante and Mac. Felicia goes to get a doctor while Mac continues to calm Maxie, and Maxie tries to convince him that the baby belongs to her and Spinelli.

Spinelli can't believe that Ellie lied to him because she was afraid of losing him. Ellie reminds him how he was in love with Maxie for years, and how if he wasn't with her, he would have gone to Maxie when Maxie decided she loved him too. She tells him how he even slept with Maxie when he thought Ellie broke up with him. Spinelli says she forgave him, and she agrees, but says she didn't forget. She then reminds him of their arguments when she said she didn't want children, so when she knew that Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's baby, she had to wonder how long it would take for him to leave her for Maxie and their baby. Spinelli guesses that's why Ellie reconsidered having a family. He thought that she changed her mind because she loved him, but that wasn't the reason. He accuses her of changing her mind out of guilt over Dante and Lulu taking his child to raise it as their own. Ellie says that she wanted to tell him, but Spinelli tells her that she didn't.

Lulu and Dante agree that they've never been happier. Their moment is interrupted by the sound of Spinelli shouting at Ellie, asking how she could do it to him.

Spinelli shouts at Ellie that he doesn't even know who she is. She tries to appeal to him, but he tells her not to touch him. Dante and Lulu step out of the nursery, asking what is going on.

Julian asks Alexis if she's certain of the name of Sam's father. She says she's positive. She says she wasn't until she let Kevin hypnotize her. She tells him how she doubted hypnosis at first, but now she's a believer. She tells him how she remembered every detail of that night from the car, to the song on the radio, to Julian's friend knocking on the window and calling out to him. Julian flashes back to remember the same night. Alexis notices Julian's reaction, and asks if he's ok.

The doctor gives Maxie a sedative as Maxie continues to ask for her baby. The doctor says it should take effect in a moment. Maxie tells them that the baby is hers and Spinelli's as she drifts off.

Dante tells Spinelli and Ellie that they can hear them fighting in the nursery. Lulu asks what they are fighting about. Spinelli tells them that he and Ellie are fighting about the baby.

Michael is on the phone, trying to reach AJ, worried about him. Just as he hangs up, AJ stumbles into the house. Michael asks him what is going on, and where he was.

Sonny walks into the Crimson offices, calling out to Connie. He knocks on the door to "Derek's" office, calling out to Connie.

In the elevator, Olivia has a vision of blood pooling on the floor at her feet from under the doors, and she becomes upset, wondering why she's having that vision.

Sonny walks into "Derek's" office to find Connie on the floor with a gunshot wound to her stomach.

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