GH Update Tuesday 8/20/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/20/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth walks into the Quartermaine office looking for AJ and spots things in disarray. Tracy thinks he's out drowning his sorrows and warns Elizabeth of how destruction AJ can be, especially to himself. She defends her actions by insisting she was just taking back what was hers and that AJ's a really sore loser. With disdain, Elizabeth asks Tracy if she has people who still love her like AJ does, then she turns and leaves. Tracy looks at a picture of a disapproving Edward and states that AJ did it to himself.

Distraught, AJ walks into a bar and orders a vodka, then he has second thoughts and makes it a double. As the bartender serves him, Ava swoops in, grabs the drink, and downs it herself, then she orders another, because her life is going up in smoke now that everybody knows who Kiki's father really is. When Ava insists she had her reasons for lying to her daughter, AJ recalls that Carly did the same thing with Michael. He fills Ava in on what Carly did to keep him away from his son, including making him sign away his parental rights to Sonny, then they poisoned his mind against him. AJ accuses Ava of doing the same thing.

Agitated, Franco calls for Dr. Clay from his hospital bed. He's anxious to donate his bone marrow to Danny, but Silas informs him that he won't be the one to save the little boy's life. Franco is disappointed when told he has some cancerous cells in his brain which will require treatment. He wanted to show Kiki that he's not such a bad guy. Silas warns Franco that Ava's still lying.

While Morgan wants to have a pretend honeymoon with Hawaiian music and drinks, Kiki wonders if he knew she and Michael were cousins before they got married. Morgan swears up and down that he did not know she was not a Quartermaine before their vows. Then he turns the question around on her and asks Kiki if she still would have married him had she known that she and Mikey aren't cousins. Has knowing that changed anything for her? Is she now going to dump him?

Carly goes to Michael's apartment to see him, because he hasn't responded to her calls. As Michael takes out his aggression on a punching bag, his mother shows him the newspaper article and asks why he isn't happy that he and Kiki are not cousins. Michael informs her that it's too late. Kiki's already Morgan's wife. Carly is stunned to hear that Morgan wanted to trap Kiki before she found out she and Michael weren't related. She apologizes to Michael for what his brother has done and vows to put an end to it immediately. Even though Michael doesn't think it's a good idea, Carly rushes out.

Mac and Felicia run into Olivia and Sonny in the hospital hallway and inform them that Maxie's definitely in labor but everything's perfectly fine. Grateful to Maxie for giving her a grandbaby, Olivia prays that nothing will go wrong. When Olivia asks why she's in a wedding dress, Felicia informs them that she and Mac were at their wedding when Maxie went into labor. After Sonny congratulates them, Felicia and Mac state that Sonny also has a wedding in his family -- his son, Morgan just got married.

While Maxie breathes deeply, Dr. Chu alerts her, Lulu, and Dante that something's wrong with the baby. When Dr. Chu says that the baby's heart rate has dropped, Maxie fears that something's wrong with the baby's heart just like her. Lulu keeps telling Maxie that this is not her biological child and her heart condition is not contagious. The doctor determines that the baby's heartbeat has slowed down due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck. Lulu despairs about what will happen to their baby.

Connie and Tracy congratulate each other for getting what they both wanted. Connie's not happy, though, that it cost her her relationship with Sonny and every time she tries to talk to him, Olivia gets in the way. She knows they have a special connection and feels guilty that she stepped aside for her. When she went to apologize to Sonny, though, she found Olivia admitting she'd made a mistake. Then Sonny and Olivia rushed to the hospital when Maxie went into labor, so she didn't get a chance to talk to him. Now she wants to fight for him but can't compete with the baby that's bringing Sonny and Olivia closer together.

Sonny doesn't believe his son is married, but Mac and Felicia insist they saw him and Kiki at the courthouse getting their marriage license, then Morgan informed them that he wanted to surprise Kiki by actually tying the knot before she found out that Franco isn't her father. Although Olivia advises Sonny to go talk to Morgan, he doesn't want to leave Dante and his grandkid.

Kiki assures Morgan that she made a vow and will stay with him, but she has a lot going on right now. She has to go tell Franco the truth, then confront her mother and get to know her real father. Morgan is sad that his plans are going awry, but Kiki is determined to get everything out in the open immediately or she can't rest. Suddenly, Morgan is confronted by his angry mother who demands to know why he secretly rushed Kiki to the altar. He insists he loves her but Carly doesn't want his marriage to be built on a lie and wants to help him make it right, but Morgan won't admit anything.

Just as Dr. Clay is about to inform Franco about Ava's lies, Kiki walks in and starts to talk to him by calling him Franco. He wonders why she's not calling him Dad and vows to make himself worthy of the name. After she asks Silas to leave, Kiki tells Franco he's not her biological father. Ava arrives determined to stop her daughter, but she's too late.

Elizabeth next goes to Michael's looking for AJ but doesn't find him. She fears Tracy is right and he's drinking again, but Michael would rather look on the positive side and doesn't believe AJ would throw away his sobriety. Once Elizabeth fills him in on how upset AJ is, Michael gets dressed and goes with her, but then they decide to split up to cover more ground.

At the bar, AJ's bemoaning his loss of ELQ, which was his way of getting closer to Michael. And now Connie has destroyed his life. Ava has reasons to be upset with Connie, too, after she broke into her bedroom and stole Kiki's birth certificate. She and AJ feel that someone should get even with Connie and destroy her. They drink to that. Bolstered by the alcohol, AJ decides to take action. Ava determines to do the same but without so much drinking. After she leaves, AJ continues to down the double vodkas on his way to oblivion.

Spinelli goes to check on Maxie and talks to Mac and Felicia. Dr. Chu and Dante go out of the room to inform the gathering crowd what is happening. Spinelli worries about Maxie while she continues to labor with Lulu by her side. Sonny worries what will happen if things get worse. The doctor assures him they have options. Felicia and Spinelli go to see Maxie who asks if Ellie won't be upset, but he says the visit was her idea. He then assures her the baby will be just fine. Dante and Sonny worry there's nothing they can do to make sure their children don't get hurt. Olivia shares the story of Dante's birth with Sonny. Suddenly, machines start beeping loudly and Dr. Chu announces that the baby needs to come out now!

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