GH Update Monday 8/19/13

General Hospital Update Monday 8/19/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Olivia admits to Sonny that she made a serious mistake denying herself a chance with him and letting him go back to Connie and he made a serious mistake letting her, Connie listens at the door unknown to them. Only seconds later, however, Olivia notices her cousin standing beside the door and asks how long she's been overhearing their conversation. Connie replies long enough.

Elizabeth and Nikolas talk at the hospital about how they are still failing to find a bone marrow donor for baby Danny but they know that nobody can give up as Sam will not give up for her son. He also alludes to her that he knows she's dealing with "her own situation." Hearing that, she asks him what he's talking about. He tells her he knows that AJ got ousted from ELQ.

When AJ sits at his desk sullen and knowing the "jig is up," Tracy comes in to rub his nose in his defeat.

At the end of Felicia's and Mac's wedding, Maxie admits to Lulu that she thinks her water has just broken and she's ready to give birth.

After Anna and Dante haul Dr. Britt to the station, they remind her that the law does not discriminate regarding whether she's a doctor or anything else or whether she's pregnant. And if she's concerned about her baby, maybe she should have thought about that before lying for her mother.

In Switzerland, Britt's mom (Lisle Obrecht) holds a gun on Holly and tells her she had to take drastic action in order to silence "Herr Spencer." She tells her Luke "knew too much." Holly asks about what. Lisle replies he knew too much "about her." Yet she does not say more. Luke walks into a room to see something or someone that startles him.

Ellie rushes in at the end of Felicia and Mac's wedding and apologizes for being late, explaining that she was held up at work because of the stupidity of Brad. Spinelli joins her and they all rush to get Maxie to the hospital when she's ready to go into labor and have the baby.

Elizabeth explains to Nikolas about how AJ was devastated to find out that Kiki is not a Quartermaine and without her vote for him, he lost the election.

Tracy invites security guards to escort AJ off the premises and to make sure that he turns in his computer, smart phone and all of the company's stuff he's been able to use. She admits that the time she's always wanted has finally come for her. And she owes it all to Connie Falconeri.

When Connie overhears her cousin admitting to Sonny that she wants him and they both made a mistake agreeing to let him go back to Connie, Connie demands that Sonny tells her if he believes that also and would rather be with her cousin than with her. He does not answer right away.

Lulu tries to get a hold of Dante but he does not answer his phone when she calls him to let him know Maxie is going into labor. And Spinelli insists on going with them although he is still not aware of the "secret."

While Anna and Dante continue to attempt to get Britt to give her mother up, Liesl is ready to reveal a secret to Holly. Luke rushes and is surprised to see Laura. She tells him she knows he's dying and wasn't going to be prevented from finding her although he asked her not to. He tells her he can't put her in danger and this whole thing right now might just be a wild goose chase anyway.

While Dante is at the station with Anna and Britt, he discovers that Lulu has called him and he takes the call to find out that Maxie is going into labor right now. He tells them he has to go right now. Anna tells him she can handle this without him and encourages him to go. Britt remarks that she wishes him luck as a "new daddy," hoping to guilt-trip him for what he's doing to her when she's pregnant.

Holly holds a gun on Lisle and demands to know this secret that Lisle knows. Lisle replies that she could find that out from "Herr Scorpio." Holly tells her she'd do that except for the fact that Robert is in a coma. Lisle tells her he doesn't have to be. She tells Holly she has ways to "revive" Robert for her so he can tell Holly everything himself.

Elizabeth explains to Nikolas that Tracy somehow found a way to win Connie over and got her to print on the front page of her paper that Kiki is not a Quartermaine so AJ is no longer in his position of power. And when AJ found that out, he went to confront Connie and Sonny had AJ assaulted so that she had to take him to the hospital.

Sonny and Olivia both tell Connie that they did not intend for her to hear this conversation. It's private and between them and they need to continue it in private, but she tells them she heard enough of the conversation and demands that Sonny tells her whether he really believes there's hope for them or not.

Elizabeth admits to Nikolas that she is concerned about AJ's threat, which she knows he did not mean, to kill Connie.

Tracy continues to gloat after AJ smashes things and tells him that the law has zero tolerance for property damage. So she instructs the security officers to escort him out and throw him in jail.

Luke asks Laura how she found a way to get there, she tells him she was able to get Jerry Jacks' mother to tell her where to find her son and, in turn, where to find him.

Although Holly reminds Obrecht that doctors have tried and failed to bring Robert out of the coma, Obrecht tells her that doctors do not have the skill that she has. She alone put him into the coma and she alone can bring him out of it. When Holly is speechless, Obrecht asks her if she really wants to save the man she loves and bring him back to life.

Anna assesses to Britt that it's kind of ironic that she is about to arrest the woman who is carrying the child of the man who was married to her deceased daughter. The same woman also happens to be the daughter of Lisle Obrecht who has tried to kill her husband. And Lisle Obrecht is the lieutenant to Cesar Faison who has tortured her and her family for decades. In response to that, Britt tells Anna she agrees that those are all weird coincidences, but she knows nothing, so she needs to know how long they intend to keep her there. Anna replies for as long as it takes. She would like to use Britt to flush her mother out...even if she has to deliver Emma's little half brother or sister herself.

Maxie gets wheeled into the hospital with her parents, Dante and Lulu while Spinelli decides to not attend and instead have dinner with Ellie. We see Ellie sitting alone silently remembering how she found out that Maxie is pregnant with Spinelli's child and agreeing not to tell him in order to keep peace.

Alone with Ellie at the restaurant, Spinelli tells her that he realizes that maybe he needs to let Maxie and the people directly involved in the birth of her baby experience this without him, as he is not a part of this. In response to that, she asks him "what if" he was a part of that. Hearing that, he asks her why she'd bring that up. She asks him what if, hypothetically, he was the father of Maxie's baby. She realizes that he really, really wants children. He responds by admitting to her that he knows she doesn't. She tells him that she has changed her mind and is willing to have a baby with him although he knows that's very odd for her to say that given that he knows she really does not. She blurts out that she "has" to give him children. Or else she will never forgive herself.

As Sonny is talking to Connie and Olivia, Olivia gets a call from "their" son and informs him that "they" are going to be grandparents. While Dante is on his phone talking to his mom as Maxie gets ready to give birth, Lulu calls her mom and leaves a message on her voice mail to tell her about her new grandchild although she does not know where Laura is or why she's not answering her phone.

Luke and Laura brainstorm about whether Obrecht is willing or able to find the cure that could potentially save him. He informs her that Holly is with Obrecht in the other room.

At the station, Anna tells Britt if she really hasn't a clue what her mother has done, then maybe her mother can save her daughter and grandchild by coming clean. Britt reminds Anna that in order for that to happen, her mother would have to care about her, and she does not. Anna tells Britt she might be surprised to see how powerful motherhood and grand-motherhood is. Britt asks if they're going to keep her cuffed to the chair forever. Anna tells her no. They can get her a cell. She adds to Britt that she feels no guilt in making the woman who disrespected her granddaughter suffer.

Luke goes to find Holly but sees her passed out on the floor. He revives her and asks what happened to "Eva Braun." She replies that Obrecht got away after tricking her into believing that she'd save Robert.

At the station, Britt asks Anna if she can, at least, make one call. Anna tells her sure. She hands Britt her phone and tells her "maybe you can find someone willing to help you."

AJ goes to the hospital and walks in to see Elizabeth hugging Nikolas. He angrily walks away and she walks after him. Nikolas urges her to just let him go, reminding her if AJ just threatened a woman, she may not be safe around him. She tells Nikolas she appreciates his concern but she can't let someone she cares about suffer after all that's happened to AJ.

Meanwhile, Tracy sits alone at her office talking to her deceased father, admitting to him that she has nothing in her life except this company although she sounds like she might prefer to have Luke in her life more than owning ELQ.

Holly is surprised to see that Laura has found Luke and asks what she's doing there. Laura replies the same thing Holly is doing; saving the man she loves. Laura tells Holly she's met Ethan and he's a lovely young man. Holly tells Laura she heard about Laura's wedding with Scott and congratulates her. But Luke tells the two women that they need to focus on other things. He gets a call from Lulu and they all find out that he and Laura are going to be grandparents.

While talking to Spinelli, Ellie gets a call that makes her really angry that she has to get to the hospital and deal with Brad. He tells her he can wait until she gets back, but she asks him to come with her to the hospital so that he can be there for Maxie.

Mac and Felicia are outside Maxie's room happy to be reunited and that their daughter is having a baby. She tells him she hopes Maxie will be ok to have gone through all this pain when it's not her baby.

Spinelli is surprised that Ellie is encouraging him to go and check on Maxie. She tells him she knows that he needs to be there for someone very special to him. He then tells her that she's yet again demonstrated one more reason why he loves her is because she is so heroically unselfish.

Britt decides to call Nikolas who rushes to help her and asks Anna if the handcuffs are really necessary. Anna replies they are. Britt thanks him for his coming there so quickly and admits she didn't know who else to call.

Elizabeth goes to ELQ and walks into Tracy's office ready to confront her. Tracy sits with her feet up on the desk and tells Elizabeth if she's looking for her dead-beat boyfriend, she just missed him. He's probably out drowning his sorrows.

AJ walks into a bar alone and views all the bottles of booze. The bartender asks him what it's going to be. He replies he'd like a double vodka.

Luke and Laura are not certain whether he should go and find Obrecht to help save Robert or go and be there for Lulu. Holly tells them Luke does not have to choose. She will go after Obrecht. Laura asks her ex-husband what will he choose. He replies he will not break his promise to Lulu, so he leaves with Laura to return to their daughter.

When Maxie is ready to give birth, the doctor announces that they have a "problem" although we do not hear what.

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