GH Update Friday 8/16/13

General Hospital Update Friday 8/16/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Floating Rib, during Mac and Felicia’s wedding, as Felicia asks if anyone can show any reason that Mac and Felicia shouldn’t be married, someone walks in and makes their way through the bar, eliciting various, yet negative responses from the various people in attendance. Felicia vows not to let this person ruin her wedding.

At Kevin’s office at the hospital. Connie arrives, and thanks Kevin for seeing her. Connie asks Kevin to help her try to figure out why she has a knack of making the worst decisions. She tells him how well things were going with Sonny, until she blew it all to hell.

Olivia arrives to Sonny’s office, wondering if she is there at a bad time. Sonny says it isn’t a bad time, but asks what she needs. Olivia tells him that she is worried about him and Connie because Connie hasn’t returned any of her messages.  She tells him that she’s worried that AJ would come after Connie, and that Sonny would go after AJ. Sonny tells her that both have already happened.

Anna and Dante arrive at Britt’s apartment, guns drawn, then burst in, guns aimed at Britt, ordering her to freeze. Britt raises her hands and tells them not to shoot.

In Corinth, Luke and Holly look around a room as Luke comments on how someone went to a lot of trouble to hide a spiderhole. Holly wonders who, and Luke guesses that it was Jerry.

Lucy is upset over the intrusion of the person who has arrived at the wedding, asking how dare they show up. The person is revealed to be Richard Simmons who announces that he is back. He then asks Port Charles where their manners are and how they aren’t welcoming him. Maxie then voices her feelings, upset that she won’t allow Richard to ruin Mac and Felicia’s wedding. Richard asks why he would want to do that, and Lucy tells him that he is trying to ruin it to get revenge on her for not allowing him to use his song during the Nurses’ Ball. Spinelli asks Richard to leave, while Mac threatens to remove him. Richard tells them that he has something and Lucy thinks that he has a gun. Richard draws a gun that shoots confetti.

Luke tells Holly that he has never met a door he couldn’t pick. Holly tells him that maybe they can ring the doorbell, then tells him to watch how the professionals do it.

Connie tells Kevin about all that she and Sonny have been through, and how Sonny has always stood by her until she threw it all away. Kevin guesses that Connie is talking about the story Connie posted. Connie tells him that he’s right. She tells him that she’d promised Sonny that she wouldn’t print the story, but she did, and that Sonny considered that a betrayal. She tells Kevin that she’s not sure that this is something that Sonny can forgive.

Olivia asks Sonny what happened when AJ came after Connie. He tells her that AJ isn’t going to press charges against him, because AJ broke in and threatened Connie. Olivia wonders if AJ physically threatened Connie, and that if he did, she would break his hands. Sonny tells her that AJ reacted just like he thought AJ would, and that AJ is going down, taking people with him, but he won’t let him take Connie with him. Olivia guesses that the whole thing is bringing Sonny and Connie back together, but Sonny tells her that he wouldn’t go that far.

Britt asks Anna and Dante not to shoot because she’s pregnant. Anna tells Dante to search the place, then tells Britt that they are looking for her mother. Britt asks if she has a warrant, but Anna tells her that she has the permission of the tenants of record to search the premises. She tells Britt that her mother is wanted for the attempted murder of Duke Lavery, then asks her where her mother is.

As Holly works on picking the lock, they hear a voice singing. Holly asks if they should take cover as Dr. Obrecht arrives, and Luke greets her.

Lucy asks some men to escort Richard to the nearest dumpster. She tells Richard that he is going to Ferncliff. Felicia tries to calm everyone down, while Maxie reminds Felicia that Richard crashed their wedding. Felicia tells her that crashing a wedding isn’t a crime. Richard tells them that he comes In peace. Felicia wants to continue on with the wedding, but Richard says he’s not finished. Lucy fear what more Richard wants, but Richard tells everyone that he is there to apologize.

Kevin tells Connie that she seems to think that she had an ulterior motive for running the story about Kiki, but Connie asks what the reason could be. Kevin tells her that she could have reasonably guessed Sonny’s reaction to her printing the story, but she did anyway. He asks her to consider why she would take that chance, knowing the potential outcome.

Olivia tells Sonny that she was wrong in guessing that he and Connie had reunited. She says that the way he rushed out of the Metro Court, that rescuing Connie would help them to repair any damage. Sonny tells her that just because he rescued Connie, it doesn’t mean that he and Connie fixed their relationship.

Dante tells Anna that Dr. Obrecht is not there. Britt tries to assure Anna that her mother didn’t do anything to Duke, but Anna disagrees. Britt asks her if she has any evidence, and Anna tells her that she has Duke’s eyewitness testimony. Britt tells Anna that her mother doesn’t live in the country, and she has no motive to try to kill Duke. Anna tells her how Duke identified her mother, and that her mother participated in Duke being held prisoner. Britt is sure that Anna is mistaken, but Anna tells Britt that she is not.

Dr. Obrecht addresses Luke as “Dr. Von Schemerman”, then asks if he prefers to be addressed by his real name, “Luke Spencer”. Holly is surprised that Luke knows her, but Luke says that he doesn’t her as well as Anna and Robert knows her, then he introduces her to Holly. Holly correctly guesses that Dr. Obrecht is responsible for putting Robert in a coma, but Dr. Obrecht tells her that she can blame Anna for Robert’s condition. Holly says that Dr. Obrecht has to pay for what she’s done to Robert, and for working with Jerry. Luke tells Dr. Obrecht that it is quite the coincidence that she shows up at the very place where they are looking for Jerry. He tells her that she will explain or she will die instead of go to prison.

Richard says that he wants to apologize for his behavior at the Nurses’ Ball. He blames his behavior on his being on a juice fast with Demi Moore. Lucy said that if he would have said something, they could have gotten him something to eat. Richard tells her that when they cut his number, he just overreacted. Mac wonders why he feels the need to apologize at their wedding, and Richard says that in order to get everyone he wanted to apologize to together, he would either have to do it at a murder trial or a wedding, and he thought the wedding was a better idea. He apologizes to Lucy, and asks for her forgiveness.

Sonny tells Olivia that what happened to Connie doesn’t change his relationship with Connie, but Olivia tells him that it will. Sonny tells Olivia how Connie insists that what she did was ok, but Olivia tells him that he and Connie need to learn how to communicate. Sonny tells her that it isn’t that easy, but Olivia asks him to consider that maybe Connie had a good reason for running the story. Sonny tells her that he knows Connie’s reasons. He tells her that Connie knew that printing the story put their relationship at risk. Olivia accuses Sonny of using his relationship with Connie to get his way, but Sonny tells her that he was protecting his family. He then asks Olivia if Connie would have blindsided him if he was married to Connie. He tells her about all he and Connie have been through together, but then Connie stabs him in the back, and he isn’t going to just take it.

Connie tells Kevin how she loves Sonny and wants a life with him. Kevin reminds her that she chose to put her relationship at risk anyway. He asks her if she’s unhappy with Sonny, but Connie insists that she is not. He asks her if Sonny is unhappy with her. Connie says that she feels that he is right now, and that he’s happier with Olivia. She tells him how she’d told him they couldn’t be together after she was integrated. She says that she broke his heart. She tells him how Sonny accepted her reasons, then she started to see a light in his eyes when he was with Olivia. She tells him how she took Sonny back, then ran the story. She tells him that he has the opportunity to be with Olivia if he just takes it.

Dr. Obrecht asks how she could possibly be working with Jerry if Jerry is dead. Luke is convinced that Jerry is alive. He may be dying, but he is alive, and he guesses that Jerry was going to buy the cure from Dr. Obrecht. Dr. Obrecht says that she knows nothing about a cure. Luke guesses that she may be telling the truth. He guessed that she doesn’t have the resources without help from friends such as Cesar Faison.

Anna shows Britt a photo and asks if that is her mother. Britt says that it looks like her. Anna tells her that Sabrina will testify to seeing Britt with her mother a couple of days ago. Britt denies it. Anna asks her if she knows that her mother runs a clinic that is a front for an operation run by Cesar Faison. Britt doesn’t believe it, and guesses that Anna is making it up about the clinic. Anna tells her that the things that Dr. Obrecht has done are serious, and that if Britt doesn’t start answering their questions, she’ll be in as much trouble as her mother is in. Britt says that she hasn’t done anything. Dante tells her that she is an accessory, and that she harbored her mother. Britt challenges them to arrest her, but Anna tells her that she has no problem arresting a pregnant woman, telling her that plenty of babies are born in Pentonville. Britt relents and promises to cooperate.

Luke guesses that Jerry is dying, but he cannot go to a hospital, so he turns to Faison for help. Dr. Obrecht tells him that a year ago, a cure would had been impossible, but not now. Luke guesses that Dr. Obrecht perfected a cure and gave it to Jerry.

Kevin asks if Connie ever discussed Sonny’s feelings for Olivia with him. She says that they discussed it, but Sonny denied having feelings for Olivia. Kevin wonders why she would second guess Sonny’s feelings for her. Connie says that he was with Olivia. Kevin asks who Sonny chose, and Connie says that Sonny chose her. He asks her if Sonny chose her out of feelings of guilt or a sense of duty. Connie says Sonny chose her because he loves her. Kevin encourages her to work it out with Sonny.

Olivia asks Sonny if he and Connie are through. Sonny admits that he doesn’t know, but he isn’t optimistic. Olivia doesn’t like the way that sounds, and tries to get out of the conversation, claiming to have things to do. Sonny wants to discuss it further, but Olivia tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to her right now, telling him how she feels about the situation. She tells him how he went running when Connie snapped her fingers. Sonny disagrees. Sonny tells her how he couldn’t have any idea what would happen. Olivia tells him how there’s always some drama between him and Connie, and she wonders why she stepped back. She tells him that she should have stood her ground and fought, and so should he.

Lucy tells Richard that she forgives him, and encourages everyone else to do the same before she resumes the wedding, and they do. Mac comments on how Richard may be a good luck charm, as he was there when Felicia agreed to marry him. Maxie then encourages the wedding to continue and Lucy agrees, ready to start again.

Anna asks when Britt last saw her mother. She flashes back to when she saw her mother at a time when Anna and Dante were there before her mother escaped. Britt tells them that she saw her mother yesterday morning. Dante doubts it. He wants to know how the empty vial of Propofol got into her apartment if her mother was there the previous morning.

Luke guesses that Dr. Obrecht has the cure. He tells her that she should answer him or she will face interrogation in a WSB “black site”. Dr. Obrecht wonders why Luke is so concerned about Jerry after what Jerry did to his family and friends. Luke says it’s not Jerry he’s concerned about. Dr. Obrecht guesses it’s Jerry’s illness he is worried about. She guesses that he has the same illness. Luke tells her that Helena poisoned him with the same thing. Dr. Obrecht calls it karma that Luke killed Helena, and now Helena is killing him. Holly tells her that if she cured Jerry, she can cure Luke. Dr. Obrecht tells her that she was not able to cure Jerry, and that Jerry has died. Dr. Obrecht tells her that it wouldn’t be the first time that someone didn’t get what they paid for. She tells them that they can blame Robert and Anna for the premature end to her research and the death of Jerry Jacks. She tells Luke that he can expect to die soon, too.

Anna tells Dante that forensics testing will confirm what Dante has found. Dante still wants to know how the vial came to be in Britt’s apartment if she had seen her mother the day before. Britt claims to not know, then mentions that she lives with two nurses. Anna accuses Britt of lying to her.

Holly tells Dr. Obrecht that she doesn’t believe her about Jerry. She thinks Jerry was at that house. Dr. Obrecht says that he did live there, and that they’d arranged to meet there for him to pay for the cure. Luke asked why she agreed if she didn’t have the cure. She says that while she didn’t have a cure, she had something that slowed the progression of the illness. Luke asks where Jerry’s body is if he’s dead. Dr. Obrecht tells them that she’d cremated him. Luke disagrees, telling her that he thinks that Jerry is alive behind that door.

Anna tells Britt how Duke almost died, and that Britt is lying to her, then tells Dante to read Britt her rights. She comments that Britt could be considered a flight risk. Dante agrees, then places Britt under arrest.

Dr. Obrecht tells him that the door could lead anywhere, and that some doors are not meant to be opened. Luke asks Holly to keep an eye on Dr. Obrecht. He says that he will be back and he will have Jerry with him.

Mac and Felicia continue their wedding, and recite their vows. Lucy then pronounces them husband and wife.

Olivia tries to leave, but Sonny stops her, not done talking to her. Olivia tells him how they were done the minute Connie was back and Olivia took herself out of the picture. Sonny encourages her to talk to him. Olivia says she never should have stepped aside, but she should have stayed and fought for Sonny.

Patrick and Sabrina tell Emma that it’s time to leave the wedding, especially if they want to visit Duke on the way home. Emma makes Mac and Felicia promise to save her a piece of cake. Patrick promises to give Luke their love. Mac comments on how Anna is not going to stop until she has the person responsible for what happened to Duke and makes them pay.

Britt tells Dante that she understands her rights. Anna brings prenatal vitamins for Britt to have in jail. Britt tells Dante that he should be more compassionate as a father to be. She warns Anna that her mother will not stand for her being arrested. Anna says she is counting on it.

Dr. Obrecht warns Holly that Luke’s condition is too far advanced for him to survive. Holly tells her that either Luke lives and Dr. Obrecht goes to prison, or he dies and she will die with him. Holly explains that she is Robert’s ex-wife and that she will sleep better knowing that Dr. Obrecht has paid for what she did to Robert. Dr. Obrecht tells her that she doesn’t understand the position that she was in. Robert knew too much and had to be silenced. Holly asks what Robert knew too much about.

Luke hears a sound and calls out, asking who is there. He hears the sound continue and the lock open.

The wedding continues with toasts and cake. Suddenly, Maxie gets a surprised look on her face, and tells Lulu that her water just broke.

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