GH Update Monday 8/12/13

General Hospital Update Monday 8/12/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Silas finds Ava alone in the Quartermaine house when she appears to be stressed and drinking. He angrily tells her if she reads the paper at all, she will be able to see that her little secret is out.

Michael rushes into the courthouse to stop Morgan and Kiki's wedding from happening.

Luke and Holly find Sean who appears to have a small bottle of the potion that could save Luke's life. But Sean and his daughter tell them they cannot have it.

Britt returns to her home to see her mother demanding to know if she's made any progress on their "mission". Britt attempts to tell her mom that she is not quite as "on board" as her mom would like in their plan to entrap Patrick to do what they want him to do. Her mom demands to know why she's still in her own place, not living with Patrick and why, where and with whom was she out. Britt replies that she went to a movie with a "friend" who is not Patrick. His name is Nikolas Cassadine. And she reminds her mother that Patrick is not a "subject". He's a man who is not in love with her and whom they cannot force to have those feelings. Her mom tells her she has to make greater efforts. She replies that she doubts any amount of effort will motivate Patrick to break up with Sabrina.

At the hospital, Felix finds both Patrick and Sabrina and informs them that he's been working with Spinelli and they've almost uncovered proof that Brad is helping Britt lie about many things including the claim that she's pregnant with Patrick's baby. But they are less hopeful and motivated than he is. Sabrina tells him she can't get away now. She has work to do. And Patrick tells him he can't go with Felix to see what Felix wants him to see since he has to attend a childbirth class with Britt.

Spinelli is with Maxie ready to throw a wedding shower for her mom and Mac. He tells her that he will help her while she's very close to giving birth, almost as if he somehow knows that it's his baby. But she tells him there's no reason for him to make all these efforts because this is not his baby.

Silas tells Ava that he has proof that he is the father of her daughter although she does not want to admit to that. She later admits to him that it's true. Kiki is his daughter.

When Michael rushes to prevent Kiki and Morgan from marrying, they ask him what his problem is and if it's due to their not asking him to be their best man. But he tells them it has nothing to do with that. There is another reason. And he pulls out a document for them to see.

In Ireland, Holly urges Sean and his daughter to know that Luke has been poisoned with plutonium 210. Time is of the essence, she tells them. Luke urges her not to tell them more, but she tells them that this is of an urgent nature to save his life before it's too late. They tell them that the formula they have is only a temporary solution. Luke demands to know how they know that. Sean replies that there is a reason why he's in the wheelchair he's now in.

Back in Port Charles, Anna talks to Duke about how people sometimes have kids with people they'd rather not admit they had them with. She reflects that although Robert Scorpio was not the right man for her, he gave her her daughter. And she mentions that although she doesn't understand Ava's motives for not wanting to make it known who her daughter's father is, she must have her reasons. But he knows that the discovery that Kiki is not a Quartermaine could have him out of a job. She tells him that may not happen because he might be able to "reason" with Tracy. They both laugh. And they both remember that not only has her daughter been killed. Her daughter's father was killed by a diabolical bitch.

Obrecht continues to berate her daughter about her failure to win Patrick over. Knowing that Sabrina is a major factor of what's preventing Patrick from wanting Britt, her mother concludes that the best hope they now have is to "eliminate the competition".

Dante and Lulu get ready for their Lamaze class when she talks about her dad being gone. He reveals that he has gotten some notes from Spinelli which he's not told her about after Spinelli has been Maxie's Lamaze coach. And they just realize that Maxie is not there yet.

Maxie is behind with Spinelli who somehow knows that he plays a very important role in her pregnancy. But she reminds him that she has to get to the child birthing class without him.

Silas asks Ava if Kiki is aware that he's her father. She tells him that if her daughter has not yet found out, it will just be a matter of time before she hears what's in the papers.

The clerk of courts hears Michael demanding that they stop Morgan and Kiki from marrying and they let Michael talk alone to his brother and "soon to be" sister in law (and assumed cousin). He then blurts out to them that he's just discovered that Franco is not Kiki's father. Silas Clay is.

Luke asks Sean how he became paralyzed. Sean's daughter informs Luke that an enemy named Balkan shot her father. And Luke knows another one of the Balkan's victims was Jerry Jacks. She then reveals that both she and her father knew the risk of that very same plutonium that could have wiped out the entire town of Port Charles yet said and did nothing. They protest that they did not have a choice.

Britt's mom reminds her daughter that she idolizes Faison, although Britt reflects that her father was never there for her mother. She tells Obrecht she does not mean to be cruel but cannot stand to see her mother's love for her father going unrequited. Obrecht tells her neither does she like to see that very thing happening to her daughter. And for that reason, they have a specific plan for Patrick. Britt tells Obrecht that her plan, for now anyway, is to attend the childbirth class with Patrick, not to kill Sabrina. She goes out the door and leaves Obrecht alone in the house. Obrecht obviously has a devious trick up her sleeve. She announces she has a "schedule of her own and competition of her own to eliminate."  She holds up a picture of Anna, Duke, and Robin.

When Kiki sees the evidence that she is Silas' daughter and not Franco's, she is shocked that her mom would have told her otherwise. Michael tells her that her mom undoubtedly lied to her. She appears completely confused and Morgan is angry, knowing what his brother is doing. Michael then declares to Kiki that now it's confirmed that they are not related. So they can be together. She tells him she does not know what to say. It's too late. She can't do this to Morgan. But he tells her that they are not helping him or anyone else living a lie. Right then, Morgan asks his brother if he can have his "wife" back. And he reveals that it is, in fact, too late for Kiki and Michael. He (Morgan) has already married her.

After Luke finds out that Sean's daughter could have prevented Jerry Jacks from carrying out his dastardly deed but did not, he asks if she knows how many lives she put at risk. She protests it was not that. She had not choice except to do what she did in order to save her dad’s life. She explains that her father intended to give the money Jerry Jacks needed in order to administer the cure to save the lives that needed to be saved. But when he tried, he failed. So Jerry had to go elsewhere. Luke still demands to know what all happened and why they failed to do what was needed in order to save many lives that were in danger.

Spinelli talks to Felix at the bar and they reveal that they've uncovered information that explains why Britt has been lying and whom her real mother is.

Britt then arrives at the child birthing class alongside Lulu who admits that so far only Spinelli has been able to attend with her. In response to that, Britt remarks she guesses a "fake father" is just as good as the real one. Right then, Dante sees Maxie and is glad she's there as he motions for her to come inside.

At the hospital, Patrick gets ready to depart and attend the class with Britt. He declares to Sabrina that although he's not looking forward to seeing Britt, he knows he has to commit to the baby that he now believes is his. Dante and Lulu assist Maxie and they share with her that Spinelli has written "extensive" notes for them. Lulu tells Maxie that Spinelli is "amazing" and she could see what a wonderful father Spinelli would make, some day, some way, when he finds the right woman with whom to have a baby. And they talk about Spinelli's relationship with Ellie assuming that the two of them could very well have a baby some day. Maxie listens silently to that and does not look contented.

Michael finds out that Morgan must have already known of the discovery that Kiki is not Michael's cousin. He wasn't about to tell her or anyone. And that's the whole reason he was going to rush to marry her before it's "too late". He's furious with his brother.

Sean's daughter explains to Luke and Holly that Jerry Jacks could not find the serum to save the lives and could only obtain the temporary cure. Luke tells her he's not going to let that stop him. He needs to find Jerry Jacks and get to the bottom of that now.

After Ava admits to Silas that he is Kiki's father, she moves up toward him and kisses him in a devious way.

Morgan protests to Michael that he needs to realize that Kiki has chosen him (himself). Whether Michaels' her cousin or not, it doesn't make a difference. He asks Kiki if that's not right. And she cannot confirm what he's hoping she will confirm to the two brothers.

Maxie is with Dante and Lulu at the birthing class but she clearly has her mind elsewhere. Lulu tells Maxie she is, without a doubt, the best friend in the world. Dante assures her she will get through this like a champ and they will be there for her every step of the way.

Patrick is with Britt attempting to be an honorable father to her baby while Sabrina goes with Felix to listen to what Spinelli has uncovered, which "may" prove that Brad and Britt are lying about Patrick being the father of Britt's baby. He talks about a mysterious woman who had some dealing with a Swiss Clinic, who may have been a doctor but got her medical license revoked for experimenting on a live person. Hearing that, Sabrina demands to know what he's talking about. He then shows her an article with a picture of Dr. Obrecht.

Anna talks to Duke about a woman by the name of Lisle whom she knew and had conflicts with at a Swiss clinic. It appears she may be talking about the same woman whom Spinelli has discovered is Britt's mother on Britt's birth certificate but has disappeared without a trace and ceased to exist after she gave birth to her daughter.

Britt's mom talks about Faison who could have had a life with her and Britt but who chose Anna Devane's family instead. She then puts on a blonde wig. She reflects that "his" little Robin is in the hands of Jerry Jacks. And soon "his" fixation on Anna will be dead....along with her.

After Ava kisses Silas, he pulls her away and tells her he will not let her distract him any longer. She's been lying to him for 21 years. Kiki is his daughter and he's going to be part of her life whether she likes it or not. And he does not care what types of consequences she intends to inflict upon him for doing that.

Morgan tells Kiki that he's seen her as many different people. But none of that matters. He wants her to be his wife. The only thing that matters to him is that they are together. He tells her they need to go and celebrate their wedding night. She leaves with him but looks back to Michael.

In the childbirth class, the instructor tells all of the participants that "this" is all that General Hospital can teach them. Now, the next objective for all of them is parenting. And that is all up to them. Lulu and Dante sit on either side of Maxie and tell her she's made their dreams come true. Patrick admits to Britt that he can't wait. And he is falling in love with their baby. As soon as she hears that, however, she admits to him that she has to tell him something.

When Spinelli shows Sabrina the picture of the mysterious Swiss woman, she tells him she knows she's seen that woman. That’s Britt's mother. She knows that they are the same person.

Luke tells Sean and his daughter that he is determined to find Jerry Jacks and get the cure. He tells them he will be back soon. Sean tells him it's a deal and Luke better not blow it.

Duke and Anna talks about Dr. Obrecht, the dangerous woman whom she must bring to justice. And little do they know, she's standing at the doorway right behind them wearing a blonde wig and shades.

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