GH Update Friday 8/9/13

General Hospital Update Friday 8/9/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Michael walks into the Quartermaine mansion, and sees the paper on the table. He guesses itís Tracyís way of being less than subtle. He is interrupted by the doorbell, and answers the door to find Silas there. Silas starts to say who he is looking for, and Michael guesses they are both probably there for the same reason, as he holds up the newspaper.

In Ireland, Luke and Holly approach a house. Holly is apprehensive, but Luke tells her that they are there because thatís where the trail leads them. Holly says that the most important thing is getting Luke better. He asks if she is with him, and she says she always is. They knock on the door to be greeted by two large men. Luke asks if the master of the house is in, but gets no answer. Luke asks Holly if they still speak English in Ireland, and a young woman comes to the door. She asks why they are bothering her groundskeepers, and Luke tells her that they are looking for their friend Sean Donely.

At the hospital, Alexis gets off the elevator, then joins Sam who is running the bone marrow drive. Sam guesses that Alexis just came from the Floating Rib as she smells like barbeque. Alexis tells Sam that she thinks she convinced three people to get tested, while Sam says that they arenít getting as many people to test as she would have liked. Sam blames Derek Wells for the slow turn out.

At his office, Julian reviews Sonnyís coffeehouse records as Ava storms in. Ava asks him what he thinks heís doing. Julian tells Ava that heís looking for Sonnyís business vulnerabilities. Ava says that sheís not talking about that, sheís talking about the front page story about Kiki.

At the courthouse, Kiki is surprised by Morganís suggestion to get married right away. She tells Morgan that she thinks they shouldnít do it. Morgan asks why, and Kiki tells him because of Michael.

In the Quartermaine living room, Elizabeth pleads with Tracy to make peace with AJ and work with him before AJ self-destructs. She is met with silence, then continues on, pleading with Tracy to treat AJ like family.

At Sonnyís home, AJ cannot believe that Connie is suggesting that AJ start over with a new company. AJ tells her how much ELQ means to him. Connie tells him that sometimes you just need to start over. AJ grabs her by the throat, telling her that he blames her for his losing everything. Sonny walks in with a gun in hand, telling AJ to let Connie go or he will kill AJ.

Julian tells Ava how surprised he is that Connie actually has something. He tells her that papers are selling out all over town, and how if they keep that up, it could turn the paper around, but Ava doesnít care about the paper. Ava tells him that the paper may have ruined everything for her.

Alexis tells Sam that they shouldnít be so hard on Derek Wells. She tells Sam how she tore into Derek until Mac had to step in. Sam tells her that she was justified in it, but Alexis reminds Sam that while the bone marrow drive is personal to them, but Derek doesnít know Daniel. Alexis sees the headline of the paper and asks what it even means. Sam tells Alexis that Franco is not Kikiís father. Alexis asks who Kikiís father is, and Sam tells her that Silas is her father.

Michael guesses that Silas is there looking for Kiki, and Silas says that he is. Silas tells Michael that as soon as he knew that Ava had a daughter, he knew something was up. Michael guesses that Ava was lying to Silas the entire time. Silas says he obviously wasnít the only one.

Morgan is surprised that Michael is the reason that Kiki wants to wait to get married. Morgan reminds Kiki that she and Michael are cousins, and that they canít be together. Kiki says she knows this. Morgan wants to know why she is letting Michael keep them from getting married.

Tracy notices that AJ means a great deal to Elizabeth, confessing that Elizabethís plea was touching and persuasive. Elizabeth asks if that means Tracy will let AJ work with her, and Tracy says no. Tracy tells Elizabeth that AJ got what he had coming to him. Elizabeth asks where her compassion is, but Tracy says that she has compassion, but she wonít waste it on AJ. She says that AJ losing is not her problem, but it is Elizabethís problem.

AJ releases Connie with a shove and steps away. AJ accuses Sonny of being happy that AJ lost everything. Sonny claims he doesnít care, but AJ accuses him of not being able to stand that things were going well for him, so Sonny had Connie print the story. Connie defends Sonny, telling AJ that Sonny had nothing to do with the story in the paper, so he needs to blame her. AJ assures Connie that he does blame her.

Luke and Holly tell the young woman that it is important that they speak with Sean. The woman asks what they want with her father. Luke and Holly are surprised to hear this. The woman introduces herself as Anna Donely. Luke introduces Holly, then himself. Anna knows Luke as the man who shot and temporarily paralyzed Sean. Luke tells her it was an accident, and Holly backs him up. Anna tells them that it doesnít matter, and that they wasted a trip because Sean isnít there. Luke asks Anna if they can wait for Sean. Anna claims that Sean is out of the country on an extended trip. They ask if they can come in, and Anna lets them in. Holly whispers to Luke that she canít believe that Sean would hide Jerry, but Luke reminds her that Sean transferred Jerryís money, so Sean isnít guilt free. Luke tells Holly that they look for an opportunity to split up to look around. Anna offers them a seat, and Luke asks for the restroom. After being directed where it is, he walks off. Holly tells Anna how happy she is to meet Anna, and to hear that Sean and Tiffany are together. Anna tells Holly that sheís not that good. She says that Sean and Tiffany taught her how to spot a scam, just like the one Holly and Luke are trying to run on her. She wants Holly to tell her why they are there.

Julian doesnít understand why everything is ruined. He thinks that he just fixed things by outing Silas as Kikiís father. Ava still insists that Julian has ruined all sheís done. Julian tells her that they need ELQ for their front. Julian tells her that she would be better off meeting with Tracy, and confirming she still had her job with ELQ than staying there and biting his head off. He tells her that the story insured that Tracy and Ava won, and he asks why she didnít use the information earlier.

Alexis says she wasnít aware that Silas and Ava knew each other, and asks how long Silas was going to keep the secret. Sam tells Alexis that Silas had no idea that he had a daughter.  Alexis says that while the situations arenít exactly the same, she can relate. She asks how Silas is doing. Sam doesnít have any idea, because Silas took off after seeing the story.

Kiki tells Morgan that when she mentioned Michael, she only meant that he is Morganís best man, and that she thought that Morgan would want him at the wedding. Morgan agrees that he does, and apologizes to Kiki. She says that she thought that Morgan asking Michael to stand up for him was a way to bury the hatchet, and Michael says it was. Kiki asks if he intended to bury the hatchet in Michaelís back.

Michael asks Silas who else besides Ava knew that Kiki isnít Michaelís cousin. Before Silas could answer, they are interrupted by Elizabeth walking out of the living room. She asks Michael if heís seen AJ. Michael thought AJ was with Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells him that AJ was with her until Tracy shared the news about Kiki with him, and that Michael could guess how well that went. Silas asks Michael if it is ok for him to look around. Michael tells him that itís ok, and Elizabeth suggests he is careful. Silas says he will, and leaves them. Michael asks why Elizabeth is still there if AJ is gone. She tells him she was trying to reason with Tracy, even though it was pointless. She tells Michael how livid AJ was. She flashes back to her trying to calm AJ down. She then tells Michael that AJ was especially furious with Connie.

Sonny warns AJ about coming into his home, shouting and making threats. AJ tells them that Connie brought it on herself by ruining him. He tells her that she could have warned him, let him get time to regroup and talk to Lucy. He accuses her of ruining his relationship with Michael. Connie tells him that his relationship with Michael would be fine. AJ scoffs, telling her that she has no idea because of her track record as a mother who abandoned her son, then killed him. Sonny pistol whips AJ, knocking him to the floor.

Holly claims to not know what she is talking about.  Anna tells her not to insult her, telling her how her parents warned her about Luke, and how they didnít trust Holly either. A moment later, a guard leads Luke back to the living room. Luke claims he was looking for the bathroom, but the guard says that he was looking through the desk drawers in Seanís office. Anna demands to know what they want. Luke refuses to tell her until they talk to Sean. Anna continues to insist that Sean isnít there. Luke looks past her, saying that sheís been misinformed. He sees Sean being wheeled in via wheelchair by another guard. Luke tells Sean that itís been a long time.

Sonny grabs AJ, telling him that nothing has changed. He tells AJ that Michael is the only reason that AJ is still alive. As Sonny goes to hit AJ, Connie pulls him off of AJ, while Michael and Elizabeth rush in. Sonny tells Elizabeth how AJ broke in, threatened Connie and how he had to shut AJís mouth. Michael makes sure that Connie is ok, while Elizabeth checks on AJ. She notices that AJ needs stitches. Sonny orders Michael to get AJ out of his house. AJ tells Connie that Sonny hurting him was her fault, too.  AJ says that Sonny had Connie run the article to ruin him. Sonny continues to tell Michael to get AJ out of his house. AJ starts to tell Michael how the whole thing is Sonnyís fault. Connie tells Michael that Sonny had nothing to do with the article, that it was her decision to run it. AJ tells her that if she wants to claim responsibility, she will pay for it alone. Michael and Elizabeth get AJ out of the house.

Silas walks into the living room, interrupting Tracy. She asks who he is, and he introduces himself.  Tracy seems happy to see him. She offers him a seat and a drink, but he declines both. Tracy happily tells him all that he has done for her. She pours him a drink anyway, but he doesnít drink it.

Ava asks Julian why he thinks she hasnít said anything. He said he wants to know that.  She said that she didnít want Silas to figure out he is Kikiís father. Julian is surprised that she thought that a serial killer was a better choice of a father. She tells him it had nothing to do with Franco. Derek wants to know what it has to do with, and what is so terrible that sheíd risk sabotaging everything they worked for.

Tracy tells Silas that she doesnít understand why Ava didnít tell her about Kiki. She says that once Ava sided with her, then revealing the truth about Kiki would have saved a lot of trouble. Silas says he doesnít know why Ava insisted on lying, but he intends to find out.

Ava tells Julian that she doesnít owe him any explanations about her personal life. Julian says it doesnít matter now, because the truth is out. He fixed everything. She tells him to go to hell and she leaves. He picks up the paper and notices the story about the bone marrow drive.

Mac arrives at the hospital, and Alexis tells him that with him getting married, he should be getting the gifts, not giving them. Sam thanks Mac for coming in. Alexis comments on how happy both he and Felicia look. She tells him how happy she is for him. She asks if he is ready. He said that he got his marriage certificate, and tried to get to the courthouse early, but found a lot of people had the same idea.

Morgan says that he asked Michael to stand up for him when they were going to have a big wedding, but now that itís just the two of them, he isnít sure that heís buried the hatchet enough for Michael to be there for that. He tells her how much Michael coming would upset everything and everybody. He doesnít want to wait, though. He says that only Kiki matters, and that she says she loves him. She flashes back to her kissing Michael. Morgan then tells her to marry him now, right there.

Anna tells Sean that he shouldnít have taken the risk, and that she was getting rid of them. Luke says they will leave when they get some answers. Anna insists that Sean doesnít have any answers for them, but Luke disagrees. Luke wants Sean to tell him where to find Jerry. Anna tells him that Jerry is dead, last that she heard, from a boat explosion. Luke tells her that before Jerry died, he extorted money from people in Port Charles and put it in an account in Switzerland. He tells Anna that Jerry didnít withdraw the money from the account, but Sean did.

Sonny makes sure that Connie is ok. She tells him that she is, but he shouldnít have it AJ. She tells him that the whole thing was surreal, but she had it coming. She said that he did to her what she did to him. She aired his dirty laundry by printing the truth in a newspaper, but he threw her truth in her face. Sonny tries to convince Connie that she didnít kill her son. Connie tells him that sheís glad he got there when he did. She thought he was ignoring her calls. Sonny confesses that he was, but Olivia convinced him to go back and hear her out. She tells him that it was predictable they had one fight and he ran right to Olivia.

At the hospital, AJ comments on Sonny and Connie being a match made in hell. Elizabeth tries to calm AJ as she tends to his wounds, telling him that getting upset is making things worse. She tells him that she needs a doctor to finish the job, then asks Michael to try to keep AJ calm. She leaves them to go find a doctor. Michael tells him that he understands that AJ is upset, but there are better ways to handle it. AJ apologizes for Michael getting caught in the middle.  Michael says he knows how important ELQ was to AJ, but he canít go breaking into Sonnyís house. AJ says that it isnít about ELQ, itís about him and Michael. He says itís about two generations running ELQ together, side by side. He was trying to prove that he is worthy. Michael tells him that he doesnít need ELQ for that. Michael reminds him how he wanted them to get to know each other, and how he didnít go away. Michael promises that heís not going away either. AJ tells Michael how Tracy must be having a field day with the whole thing, and how Monica hasnít been this happy in a long time, and how proud Monica was of her. Michael tells him how both he and Monica wanted AJ to have something that cared about. Michael says that if he knew about Kiki, he would have done something.  AJ says that he was so wrapped up in the situation with Connie, that he didnít think about what it meant to Michael. He tells Michael that he and Kiki can be together now. Michael says except for Kiki is marrying Morgan.

Morgan asks Kiki if she wants to travel around the world with him for the rest of their lives. Kiki flashes back to her telling Michael that she will learn to love Morgan. She then tells Morgan that she wants to marry him right there.

Silas tells Tracy that he wants to find Kiki. Tracy suggests checking the boathouse as thatís where Kiki and Morgan are living, then tells him where to find the boathouse. Silas heads out to find the boathouse. Ava walks in behind Tracy, steals her drink and downs it. She accuses Tracy of stealing the birth certificate out of her room and asks how she could do it. Tracy is equally upset that Ava didnít share news with her that could have gotten her ELQ sooner. Ava says that she has her reasons. Tracy tells her that her reasons just cost her the job she had at ELQ.

Mac tells Alexis and Sam that he will be waiting in line with Felicia, fingers crossed. Alexis and Sam thank him, but he says to thank him when heís a match. As Mac leaves, Sam bemoans that everyone being tested is a long shot. Alexis tries to keep her thinking positive. Sam tells her that the best chance they have is a family member, and they are out of family members. Alexis tells her that she has enough faith for both of them that someone in the hospital will be a match for Daniel. As Alexis speaks to Sam, Julian steps off the elevator.

Anna looks at the papers that Luke is showing her. He tells her that they are retinal scans that prove that Sean withdrew the money from Jerryís account. Anna wants to know how they got confidential information from a bank. Holly tells her that they have their ways, and that Sean should know that. Sean admits that they got him. Luke asks if Anna knows what Sean is up to. Anna insists that heís done nothing wrong. Luke tells her that both he and Sean are alike when it comes to money: hardass, greedy bastards. Luke guesses that Jerry got sick, went to Sean and made a deal for the cure. He asks Sean if heís right. Sean says heís doing just dandy.

Julian approaches Alexis and Sam, telling them how alike they look, and how thatís why Alexis must have looked familiar to him. Alexis tells Sam that ďMr. WellsĒ is a charmer who thought that she was Samís sister. Julian tells them to call him ďDerekĒ. Sam asks him what heís doing there.

Ava reminds Tracy of their agreement for her job. Ava says itís not like sheís asking to be co-CEO. Tracy asks why Ava did aim so low for a job. Ava just says that she held up her end of the deal, so Tracy needs to hold up her end. Tracy asks why she would keep someone she doesnít trust in her company. Ava tells her that if Tracy doesnít keep her word, she will take her vote to AJ, putting him back in charge. She asks Tracy if they still have a deal.

Michael tells AJ that Morgan loves Kiki. AJ asks if Kiki loves Morgan. Michael says that they are adults, and if they want to be together, heís not going to stop them. AJ says that if he thought Michael was doing this to screw Morgan over, heíd tell him to back off. He asks if Kiki returns Michaelís feelings. Michael says that he doesnít know, but he guesses so. AJ then says that Kiki deserves to know the truth.  AJ encourages Michael to find Kiki and talk to her. Michael agrees, and AJ asks if he plans to do it next week, then urges him to go now.  Michael thanks AJ, and AJ wishes Michael luck. Michael rushes out of the room to find Kiki.  Mac comes around the corner and suggests Michael try the stairs. Michael asks if the elevator is broken, but Mac tells him no. He tells Michael that heís going to want to hurry if he wants to get there in time. Michael looks at Mac in confusion as Mac mentions City Hall, and it being the big day. Michael asks what big day. Mac tells him how he and Felicia were getting their marriage license and they saw Morgan and Kiki doing the same thing. Michael is surprised to hear that they are getting their license already.  Mac tells him that they needed it because theyíre getting married right now.

Morgan hands his license to the judge who notices how new the license is. The judge then suggests getting started. The judgeís assistant looks at Kiki, then asks if she knows Kiki from somewhere.

Sonny tells Connie that he didnít run to Olivia, but he ran into her when he went to the Metro Court to find Carly, and discuss the situation with Morgan. Connie is upset that Sonny discussed their private problems with Olivia. Sonny tells her that Olivia put things into perspective and convinced him to talk to Connie. Connie asks if this is how things are. She asks if she makes decisions that he doesnít like, sheís the bad guy, and Olivia is the saint. Sonny reminds her that she betrayed his trust by printing the story.

Kiki tells the assistant that they donít know each other. The assistant says that she looks so familiar. Morgan becomes anxious to get started with the ceremony.

Anna hands Lukeís papers back to him, then tells him that Jerry isnít there. Luke wants to know why Sean withdrew the money. Anna says that he needed the money. Luke wants to know what he needs the money for. Sean becomes upset and shouts at Luke that he needs the money because of ďthisĒ, and shows him a small brown vial.

Julian tells Alexis and Sam that he wants to show his support for the drive, especially after he had to bump the story from the front page. Alexis tells them both that they did their best to get the word out about the drive despite the change in circumstance. Julian tells them that he is there to do his part and get tested. He says itís the least he can do, and that you never know where a match can come from.

Tracy tells Ava that she wins, and will keep her job as long as Tracy keeps her job. She wonders why Ava wants the job so badly because itís a thankless position. Ava says that sheís just a charitable soul.  Tracy walks out as Ava smiles and flashes back to her conversation with Julian, discussing their plans for ELQ and Sonny. She then asks if the day can get any worse. Silas walks into the room.

Elizabeth finishes taking care of AJ, then urges him to concentrate on picking up the pieces and forgetting about Connie. AJ says that Sonny makes that difficult. Elizabeth tells him that she doesnít know what happened, but sheís sure that Sonny had no right to pull a gun on AJ. AJ tells her that they are lucky he wasnít armed because he would have killed Connie right then and there.

Connie tells Sonny that he is letting Morgan play on his guilt, and letting him use Kiki. Sonny says he doesnít want Morgan with Kiki at all, and that Kiki could be dangerous. Sonny then starts to tell Connie about the Jeromes. Connie asks if Sonny has told Morgan about the Jeromes. Sonny says there is no point because the harder Sonny pushes, the harder Morgan holds onto Kiki. He is hoping that Morgan will realize that he is too young to get married. Sonny says that now that the story about Kiki is out, he doesnít know what will happen next. Sonny tells Connie that she should have let him make the decisions that have to do with his family. Connie stands by what she did. She says that that it not only hurt her, but Sonny hurt his sons.

Michael rushes into the courthouse, then bursts into the courtroom, shouting for Morgan and Kiki to stop, newspaper in his hands.

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