GH Update Monday 8/5/13

General Hospital Update Monday 8/5/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

We see Luke on the floor appearing to have been shot or incapacitated at the Swedish clinic. Sitting at a desk is a person with their face covered with a black mask typing on a computer. Luke sits up and appears to be pointing the gun at the unseen person. But “they” push his hand away. He then reveals that Holly is with him, helping him get free and wearing the mask. She tells him she's always happy to help but needs to know one thing. And that is why they are there and what his plan is.

At Kelly's, Tracy tells Lucy she will buy or bribe or do whatever Lucy wants to have her on share. Lucy asks Tracy what that tiny share is going to do for her. Tracy smugly answered it can do a lot. Scott Baldwin stands beside Lucy knowing that he cannot trust Tracy.

Connie goes to the Quartermaine house and rushes into AJ's bedroom in search of something hidden under the bed. Monica walks in, catches her and angrily demands to know what she thinks she's doing in their house.

At Kelly's, Scott tells Tracy that she is double-crossing her flesh and blood. But she holds an envelope in her hands and tells him she knows something that defies previous evidence regarding one of the “traitors”. This person, she informs him, is not flesh and blood at all.

Right then, at the hospital, we see Dr. Cyllus Clay overseeing the surgery of Franco while standing outside his ICU room. He's on the phone and appears to be guarding his “patient” and tells his contact that he needs to be able to get the DNA results of Franco asap. Inside, Kiki stands beside her “father” and urges the nurse to tell her what she needs to know regarding whether her father will be ok and the outcome of the surgery. The nurse tells her that her dad is in and out of consciousness and leaves Kiki alone to talk to Franco. Kiki then asks if he remembers who she is not knowing if he still has amnesia or not. He opens his eyes and confirms that he remembers his daughter. And right outside the door, Cyllus opens the door to hear and know what is going on.

When Alexis gets hypnotized in an attempt to remember the name of Sam's father from the one and only encounter she had with him, many years ago, she concludes that she knows his name was Julian.

And right then, we see Ava talking to her mysterious brother, and they reveal that his real name is Julian and he needs to stay anonymous and unrevealed around Port Charles. Right then, unexpectedly, Sam appears. Julian sees her, stares at her and is somehow startled. He asks who the hell she is. She stares back at him equally startled and tells him she could ask him the same thing.

Alexis awakens from hypnosis and her doctor confirms that this does sound credible where she's identified his name. She tells him she will use whatever means she has to in order to save her grandson. And she remarks that there had to have been a reason why she blocked out the identity of the father of her oldest daughter until now.

When Sam realizes she's “interrupted” a meeting between “Julian” and his sister, she apologizes and acknowledges that she knows Ava, Kiki's mother and friend of Cyllus Clay.

 At Kelly's, Tracy shows Lucy an envelope and tells her she does not need Lucy's share. What she needs is a promise from her that she will vote Tracy's way when they have their next corporate voter election. Tracy also appears to have a check for her to cash. Lucy does not question or argue when she thinks of all the ideas she has for her new company, Deception. But Scott Baldwin is suspicious.

When Monica catches Connie in the bedroom, Connie assures Monica that she will not vote with Tracy. She has other interests that Monica might be encouraged to hear about.

At the Swiss Clinic, Holly reveals that she knows where to find Robert Scorpio. He may be awakening from a coma. And she tells Luke that she needs to know why he is putting her up to helping him break into clinics, rob banks and do many other illegal things for his cause. She acknowledges, however, that she would do anything for him, given their history and the fact that they have a son together and all.

Tracy follows Connie while she is confronted by Monica. And she tells Monica that Connie has not broken in and should not be arrested. She will accept the consequences herself. And they clearly all of an interest in the secret that Ava Jerome is keeping.

While Sam and the mysterious Julian (brother of Ava) are introducing themselves, Alexis tells her doc that although she's come up with a name for her daughter's biological father which might be accurate, she still has absolutely no clue how to find him much less get him to be a donor for Danny.

At the hospital, Cyllus pulls Kik out of Franco's room and tells her he could not help overhearing their conversation and wants to tell her about a “mistaken belief” she's gotten on which he needs to set her straight.

Holly tells Luke that after the risk he's put her through, he, at least owes her an explanation. He tells her that's true and admits to her that he does not have much time. Hearing that, she asks him if he's telling her that he's dying.

Monica concludes to Tracy and to Connie that she is in a good mood and not going to get upset nor take action over this mess they've created. She's happy enough that AJ won the voting rights so they may do whatever they want. But as soon as she leaves them alone, Connie is really happy to find out that Tracy has uncovered proof that Kiki is not a Quartermaine and has no voting rights.

At Kelly's, Lucy talks to Scott Baldwin alone and can tell he has something on his mind which he obviously does. He knows that he's married a woman who has her ex on her mind.

Holly tells Luke she's happy that Helena is gone. But they know it's a small consolation when Helena has yet again, had the last word by giving Luke a death sentence. She does not want him to believe that he must say his final goodbyes to her or believe he's going to die.

Alexis tells her doctor that although Julian is not a common name, there must be many people on the planet with that name. He tells her that there was only one by that name who was at that bar on the night when she conceived her daughter with him.

Sam talks alone to “Ava's brother” not aware of him being anything else. And they find themselves strangely talking about her desperate search to find a bone marrow donor in her to save her infant son's life. And he finds himself listening very intently and inquiring if they have sought out all of the family members they can find and hearing her admit they have yet to find her biological father.

Ava goes to find her daughter (and the “two possible fathers” of Kiki) at the hospital. Kiki informs her mom that “Dr. Clay” just informed her that Franco cannot be a bone marrow donor for Kiki's cousin Danny. Yet she has not been informed of the real reason why. Before Cyllus can tell Kiki, “the rest”, Ava makes certain her daughter cannot continue this conversation and pushes her into the room to be with her “father”. Alone with Cyllus she demands that he leaves Kiki alone and get the idea out of his head that she's his daughter.

Sam talks to “Julian” believing he's an important part of the media who can help put her story front and center to see if there is a bone marrow donor somewhere for Danny. When it sounds like he's maybe more interested in selling papers than in saving her son's life, she emotionally demands to know if he has children and if he has any idea what it means to hold a child's little hand it yours' or feel your child's little head nestled up against you in your arms. He is silent and not konwing what to say when she tells him if he had a child of his own, he'd know what she is going through.

Right then, Alexis is talking to her hypnotist (Kevin, Lucy's ex) about the odds of finding Sam's father even if they do know who he is and increasing their options of finding a bone marow donor through him if it's not himself, he could have family or siblings or other kids.

Right then, Lucy talks to Scott about how Kevin has eluded her not unlike Laura is doing to him. He tells her that he cannot be patient and wait while Laura devotes all of her time and energy to Luke.

Lucy concludes to Scott that although he's frustrated and discouraged and she misses Kevin, he's done more for her and for Deception than Kevin has ever done. She was honored to see the way he stood up to Tracy. She takes his hand and declares to him that he's a great friend and a “negotiator extraordinaire”. She admits that she's spent more time with him than with her husband since she's come back to Port Charles. He tells her that they've both spent more time with each other than with their respective spouses since they've gotten married. And that could mean the universe is trying to tell them something.

After Sam tells “Julian” what it's like to need to protect one's child, he then concludes that he's going to be shutting down his paper for a while anyway. So maybe one more day without sales won't make a difference. And he could “afford” to devote his media time to helping her find a donor for her son. She tells him she's very grateful for that.

While Kiki talks to Franco, admitting that they are just newly bonding as father and daughter, outside the hospital room, Ava confronts Cyllus about his need to know if he is Kiki's father.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy urges Connie to print the story that will make ELQ Tracy's and Tracy will help Connie have the power she wants. But Connie is not certain what to decide. She then goes to find “Julian” and tells him he is not going to take over her paper nor be her boss. And she pulls out a document she found.

Alexis goes to meet Sam at the hospital who asks what, if anything, her mom may have discovered during hypnosis with Kevin. Alexis tells her daughter she discovered that she remembers that Sam's bio father's name is Julian.

Connie tells Julian that she's gotten all the proof she needs, from Tracy, about the store she intends to write about ELQ.

Ava then returns to the Quartermaine house to see Tracy “sucking up” to her, fluffing her pillows.

Kevin returns to Kelly's to meet Lucy and sees her alone with Scott. She informs him that Laura is done. He can see that the two of them have been enjoying being together.

When Luke and Holly hack into the computer, they find out that their culprit is named Sean Donelly.

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