GH Update Friday 8/2/13

General Hospital Update Friday 8/2/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny’s home, Shawn walks in as Sonny finishes a phone call, telling someone that he is glad to have someone on his side. As Sonny hangs up, Shawn tells Sonny that he has plenty of people on his side, but clearly there is someone who is not.

Duke and Anna take a seat outside of Kelly’s, as Duke tells Anna that he’s been investigating Ava. He tells Anna that Ava has a silent partner. Duke says that he knows next to nothing about the silent partner, and he could get no information about the partner. Anna isn’t satisfied, and she wants to know, and then deal with Ava herself. Duke believes that Ava’s silent partner is a Jerome.

At the Crimson office, Ava and Julian greet each other. Ava tells him that he looks good for a dead man, then tells him to give his baby sister a hug.

At the hospital, Sam tells Alexis that since Franco is not able to donate his bone marrow, her father may be Daniel’s only hope. Alexis tells Sam that she hasn’t seen her father since their one night together, and all they have to go on is the letter “J”. They both watch as Kevin comes out of his office and joins Lucy. Kevin tells Lucy that he was supposed to meet her at Kelly’s. Lucy tells him that she finished her meeting early, and she wants to discuss the idea of steam room group therapy. Kevin tells her that the idea is impractical. Sam runs over to Kevin, interrupting them, telling Kevin that she and Alexis need his help.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy leaves another message for Luke on his voicemail, asking him to call her to let her know that he is ok. Connie barges in as Tracy hangs up. Connie notices that Tracy is upset, and asks what is wrong. Tracy tells Connie that she thinks she’s lost her only friend.

At the bank in Switzerland, Luke is searched by a guard. The banker walks, and the guards tell her that Luke is clean. She wants to know what she can do for him. Luke tells her that she can save his life. The banker thinks he is exaggerating, but then notices that Luke is not well. He sits down, explaining that he is there on behalf of the one percenters, looking for Jerry Jacks. He explains that Jerry extorted money from them. The banker checks the records, then lets Luke know that Jerry did have business there, but he is deceased. Luke has to wonder if Jerry is dead, who withdrew the money. The banker tells him that she cannot tell him any business other to confirm that Jerry had business there because he is listed as dead. Luke stresses urgency that he gets that information, because if he doesn’t find the money, he will die.

Sonny asks Shawn if there’s a problem. Shawn informs him that the guys who came after Shawn, Olivia and Connie are still in business, so they could still be a threat.

Connie tells Tracy that she is still Tracy’s friend. Tracy shares with Connie her troubles with ELQ, and how she was betrayed by Alice. Connie tells Tracy that Alice may not be the only one betraying her. She tells Tracy that Ava is, too.

Julian tells Ava that death isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Ava tells him that she’s bracing for another “woe is me” tale from Julian, telling him that even Victor used to complain about Julian’s whining. Julian reminds Ava that Victor is dead, thanks to Lucy Coe.

Lucy tells Sam and Alexis how sorry she is about Daniel. She then tells them that Kevin can help them, but not now, because he’s busy, but maybe tomorrow. Alexis and Sam tell him that they are desperate because Daniel’s life depends on them talking to him. Kevin agrees to see them, and apologizes to Lucy. Lucy is understanding. He wishes Lucy luck with Laura, then asks Alexis and Sam what he can do to help save Daniel’s life. Alexis tells him that he can help her try to figure out who Sam’s father is.

Ava notices that Julian is happy. Julian tells her that he happy, and tells her that as far as the Port Charles authorities are concerned, the Jerome crime family is dead and gone. Ava tells him to try to convince Duke Lavery of that.

Duke asks Anna if she can find out who Ava’s silent partner is. Anna isn’t sure, telling him that she’s being pressured by the mayor to solve the unsolved Falconeri case. Anna says without probable cause, she can’t investigate Ava through legal channels. Duke asks what about illegal channels.

Tracy doesn’t know that Ava is betraying her, even if Ava didn’t deliver Kiki’s shares. Connie tells Tracy that Kiki’s shares don’t count because she isn’t a Quartermaine. Tracy tells her that Kiki is a Quartermaine through her father, Franco. Connie says that Franco is not Kiki’s father, and Ava knows it.

Ava tells Julian that she’s been fending off Duke, swearing that she never knew Julian. Julian says she should have changed her name. Julian says he changed his name because Julian had a target on his back, but Derek Wells is a law abiding businessman. Ava adds that “Derek” is a businessman with an agenda.

Anna tells Duke that she’s tempted to use illegal channels, but she is the commissioner, and there has to be a legal way to find out if Ava is involved with the Jeromes. Duke tells her that he isn’t suggesting that they break the law, just speak to someone who does break the law.

Shawn tells Sonny that the men behind the gambling ring who threatened Morgan are re-organizing. Sonny wants to know who is pulling the strings, but Shawn says he hasn’t been able to find out. Sonny wants Shawn to find out so he can get rid of them.

Luke tells the banker how ruthless Sonny is, and how if Sonny came personally, she would be dead by now. He also tells her about Carly, Johnny and Connie, telling her how dangerous they are. He then tells her that the worst of all goes by the name “Spanky”, and that she is the reason that he has to return in one piece.

Tracy asks Connie if she’s sure about Kiki. Connie tells her that she is sure. Tracy tells Connie that this changes everything. Without Kiki’s five percent, she and AJ are tied, and all she has to do is convince the person with the one share who can break the tie to vote with her.

Lucy arrives at Kelly’s to find Scott. She assumes that Scott is there, because he’s interested in Laura’s work. She mentions that Kevin had a last minute patient to attend to, and that she has some great ideas for the spa. She says she will share them when Laura arrives. Scott tells her that Laura isn’t coming. Lucy thinks that Laura hasn’t forgiven her, but Scott says that she has. Lucy wonders what Scott did. He tells her that he didn’t do anything, but Laura left town with more important things to do. Lucy wants to know what is more important than their partnership. Scott says that Laura is chasing after Luke.

Luke again stresses urgency, but the banker still refuses to give the information to him. He says he only needs to know who withdrew Jerry’s money. The banker repeats that their records show Jerry to be dead. Luke says that records lie, and so do bankers. He pleads with her to help him. She then tells him that she will help him.

Tracy asks if Connie can prove that Kiki’s not a Quartermaine. Connie says she cannot. Tracy asks how she knows. Connie tells her about the conversation between Sonny and Morgan that she overheard. Connie also tells Tracy that she had to promise Sonny that she wouldn’t tell anyone about Kiki.

As Sonny shows Shawn to the door, Sonny tells Shawn to let him know who the guys are working for so he can do what needs to be done. They open the door to find Anna and Duke outside. Anna tells Sonny that they need to talk to him. Shawn leaves, and Sonny asks what they want. Duke tells him that they need to discuss the Jerome crime family.

Julian wants to discuss Ava’s agenda. He wants to know what happened to her hooking up with Franco and stealing ELQ. She tells him that it didn’t work, and Julian is not surprised. Ava tells him that she threw in with Tracy. He comments on how she couldn’t even get Tracy Kiki’s shares. He tells her that he advised her to be tougher on Kiki, but she wouldn’t listen. Ava asks what he knows about being a parent.

Sam tells Kevin that her father could be Daniel’s only hope. Alexis tells him that she’d only know Sam’s father from the one night at the bar, and that she isn’t even sure that he told her his name. Kevin tells them that he knows how stressful having a sick child is, and offers to schedule therapy for them. Alexis tells him that she doesn’t want to discuss her feelings, then asks if it is possible that she’s blocked his name in her subconscious, and if that’s the case, she wants him to figure out how to retrieve it.

Julian tells Ava that he may not know about being a parent, but now she’s reaping what she has sown from letting Kiki do whatever she wants. Ava says that she is a single mother who did the best she could, then accused Julian of not helping her. He tells her that if he’d helped, it would have put them all in danger, and that he needed ELQ. Ava tells him that he is where he is with ELQ only because of her. She tells him to play nice because he needs her in his plan to take on Sonny.

Anna tells Sonny about the Jeromes, and how they terrorized a lot of people, especially Duke. Duke tells Sonny that he and Anna lost a child because of the Jeromes. Anna tells Sonny that if he’s heard anything about the Jeromes, they need to know. Duke thinks that it is unlikely, but Sonny tells them not necessarily.

Lucy is surprised to hear that Laura is with Luke, and how Laura swore to her that she is not with Luke anymore. Scott says that was before Laura found out that Luke is dying. He tells her how Helena poisoned Luke, and how Luke is looking for a cure. He tells Lucy that Jerry had the same poisoning. Lucy says she knows what happened, but Jerry is dead. Scott tells her that they never found Jerry’s body, so he may not be dead, and Luke is looking for him. Scott says that Luke has no idea where Jerry is, but he is following the money.

The banker tells Luke that he is not the first person to ask about Jerry’s money. The WSB and Anna have both asked about it. She says that they had no jurisdiction over their bank. She says that if she didn’t tell Anna or the WSB, she’s not going to tell him anything either. The banker tries to dismiss Luke. Three masked, armed people barge in. The security guards come in and try to stop them, but the masked men tell them to drop the guns or they will kill the banker. The banker tells the guards to do what the gunmen say, and they drop their guns. One of the gunmen shoot the security camera. One of the masked men removes his mask, and wants to get to business. Luke tries to leave and is stopped.

Tracy tells Connie how important the information is to her, and Connie says it’s important to her, too. She tells Tracy about Derek and his threat, and how the story of a fake Quartermaine fits the bill. Tracy asks what the problem is, since she has her big story. She asks why Sonny is trying to block the story. Connie tells her that it’s complicated. They both comment on how their individual happiness is counting on that story. Tracy tells her that the only reason she isn’t running ELQ is because of fraud. Connie reminds Tracy that she made a promise to Sonny, but Tracy doesn’t care.

Sonny tells Anna and Duke about men who approached Johnny in prison, and how they were involved in online gambling. He tells them that it affected Morgan, but Anna knows the connection to Morgan. Sonny tells them some men harassed Connie and Olivia, but he chased the out of town. He tells them that the men have re-organized and returned. Anna wonders if it could be the Jeromes. Sonny says that he doesn’t know if it’s them, but he’s heard that the Jeromes were sloppy, violent and crazy. He says that if they are back, there’s no telling what they’ll do. Sonny says that the way to deal with people like that is to shut them down. Sonny says that his son is about to marry a Jerome, so if they are back, he wants to know, too.

Ava tells Julian to remember the plan to get control of Sonny’s territory. Julian says that he has been planning for years to take over everything that belongs to Sonny. Ava promises that it will happen.

Alexis promises Sam that she will do her best. Sam leaves Kevin and Alexis to talk. Kevin asks Alexis if she has anything to go on. Alexis tells him that she sort of does, then tells him about Molly, Rafe and the Ouija board.

Ava tells Julian that they will get rid of Sonny, reclaim their territory and their power. Julian reminds her that they need ELQ to do that. She tells him not to worry, that she has ELQ under control. Julian tells her that it doesn’t look that way.

Tracy tells Connie that Connie told her about Kiki because she wants Tracy to make the decision about printing the story for her. Tracy tells her that either Tracy can pursue it alone, or they can work together to save their enterprises. Connie wonders how many people have worked with Tracy and lived to regret it. Tracy promises that Connie won’t be one of them, and encourages her to stand up to Sonny, and do what she knows in her heart is right.

Lucy tells Scott that she’s sorry that Luke is going through what he is going through, but she hopes that he is onto something with the cure. Scott couldn’t care less about Luke, he cares about Laura. Lucy says she knows that, but tells Scott he could be a little understanding. Scott says that Jerry is a ruthless killer, and if Laura gets in the middle of things, she could get herself killed.

The banker asks Luke to do what the armed men say. Luke tells her that they aren’t going to shoot anyone. One of the armed men shoots Luke, and he goes down. The banker panics that they killed Luke. One of the gunmen tells her that now hopefully she understands that they mean business.

Ava tells Julian how much she has done for their plan, starting with Kiki marrying Morgan. She reminds him that it is their gambling ring that brought Kiki and Morgan together in the first place.

Kevin puts Alexis under hypnosis. He tells her that they are going to go through the night she met Sam’s father. He reminds her that she sneaked out of her boarding school. He asks her where she went. She says she went to a bar. He asks if she remembers the first time she saw Sam’s father. She tells him about Sam’s father walking in and what she sees. She tells him about talking to Sam’s father. Kevin asks if he tells her his name.

Ava tells Julian that Kiki and Morgan are engaged thanks to her convincing Kiki to come to Port Charles. Julian tells her that Kiki marrying Morgan could be useful. Ava tells him that Morgan even owes her money. Ava tells him to think twice before accusing her of screwing up. She says that Victor always said that Julian worried too much. Julian says that Victor said that Ava never worried enough.

Tracy promises to get back at Ava, no matter what Connie does. She asks Connie what she is going to do. Connie says that Crimson is her dream job, but she promised Sonny. Tracy asks if Connie trusts that Sonny loves her enough to understand why she’s doing it. Connie tells her that they are going to save ELQ and Franco. She needs evidence. Tracy tells her where Ava and Franco’s room is. She encourages Connie to search since no one else is there, and she leaves to talk to Lucy and get her vote.

Lucy points out that Laura survived the Cassadines, so she’ll survive Jerry. She tells Scott that they just need to push ahead. Scott asks if there is a problem with Deception. Lucy says that there isn’t, but she needs Laura to round up more investors since the cost of building Deception is growing, and she doesn’t want to approach Nikolas again. She just needs a cash infusion to be able to keep going, and she needs it soon.

The armed men orders the banker to enter her security code to open all of the records. She tries to go for the silent alarm, but is caught. She enters her code. He and one of the armed men take the banker and the guards out of the room while the third armed man closes the door, and gets to work on the computer. Luke opens his eyes from the floor. Luke gets up, grabs the gun, points it at the masked man. He says it worked like a charm except for the injury from the rubber bullet. He then thanks “English” for the assist. The armed “man” takes off the mask to reveal Holly.

Scott tells Lucy not to look at him, because the only reason he’s not out chasing Laura is because his money is tied up in is election campaign. Lucy tells him that she will find the money somehow, someway. Tracy walks in, calling out to Lucy who seems less than thrilled to see Tracy. Scott asks if Tracy is there to spread doom and gloom, but Tracy says that she’s there to spread good cheer. She says that Nikolas told her about Lucy’s business. Lucy then encourages her to buy a membership. Tracy says she wants to invest. Lucy wants to know what Tracy wants in return. Tracy says she just wants Lucy’s one percent of ELQ.

Connie goes up to Ava and Franco’s room, and she begins to search for her evidence. She feels something in a pillow, tears it up and finds a lockbox in the pillow. As she tries to open it, someone slams the door shut.

Anna tells Sonny that as Robin’s mother, she appreciates Sonny’s honesty, but as a cop, she has to warn Sonny against taking action. She wants him to let her handle it if there’s a new crime family in town. Sonny says he does what he needs to do to protect what’s his.

Julian says he is looking forward to knocking Sonny off the top spot. He says he hasn’t had a good fight in ages. Ava says she hasn’t seen his smile in a long time. It reminds her of when he was younger.

Alexis continues to tell Kevin about drinking with Sam’s father. She says he didn’t tell her his name while they were at the bar. Kevin encourages her to continue with the story. She tells him how Sam’s father took her to his car, how they kissed and started to have sex. She says that she heard someone knocking at the window, and she heard that person say something. She opens her eyes as she realizes that the name of Sam’s father is Julian.

Julian encourages Ava to go, because he feels it’s best that they’re not seen together right now. Ava agrees to go. As Ava heads out, Sam walks in and stops.

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