GH Update Thursday 8/1/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/1/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Dante joins Michael, Morgan, and Kiki at Kelly's where he is informed that Morgan and Kiki are getting married, but he doesn't take it seriously at first. After congratulating them, he asks if Sonny knows about it. Morgan assures him that Sonny is totally on board, so Dante welcomes Kiki to the family, then goes back to work. Morgan wishes everyone would be as supportive as Dante, as he looks at Michael. Not wanting to get into it again, Kiki leaves the table, eager to just get their food and go. Michael assures his brother that he's happy for him and wants everything to work out, but Morgan wants him to prove it by being his best man.

At his place, Carly can't believe that Sonny actually gave Morgan his consent to marry the woman he loves and is eager to hear what their 19-year-old son said to change his mind. When Sonny talks about how much Morgan loves Kiki, Carly shouts that she doesn't love him back, because she's hung up on Michael. Sonny accuses her of jumping to conclusions, but Carly claims she got her information directly from Michael who returns Kiki's feelings.

Anna meets with Dante at Kelly's to discuss his father. She informs him that Mayor Lomax wants to pin Olivia's shooting on Sonny even without evidence, but Dante thinks Carly went after Franco that night by manipulating Shawn into believing that Sonny gave the order. Since the bullet that hit Olivia didn't come from Shawn's gun, however, Anna and Dante now think there was a second shooter, but they have no leads as to his/her identity.

Connie's boss hands her a cardboard box and requests that she pack up her stuff and vacate the premises, but she refuses and orders Derek to find himself another office. When he threatens to call Security, Connie informs him that she co-owns the building, and she feels a commitment to all those who work for Crimson, so she's not going anywhere.

Ava is disgusted by the headline on the front page of the "Port Charles Press" giving Kiki credit for squashing ELQ's attempted coup against AJ and flings the newspaper to the floor at the Quartermaine mansion. She thinks that Kiki is an ungrateful daughter. Ava pulls Katherine's NY birth certificate out of her robe pocket which names Silas Clay as her father, proving she's not a Quartermaine.

In the hospital lab, Sam is devastated when Silas informs her that Franco isn't an option as a bone marrow donor for Danny, because he has potentially pre-cancerous cells. Alexis tries to comfort her daughter by having her consider alternatives, but Silas thinks the odds of them finding another family member match are not good.

When Derek reminds Connie that she has to come up with something to up circulation, she retorts that she has until the end of the week to do so, or she will introduce him to someone who knows a little something about collecting debts. Derek knows about her powerful mafioso boyfriend as well as her alternate personality, Kate. Connie assures him that there is a whopper of a story at ELQ that will blow their roof off. Derek thinks Connie is bluffing and wants proof. She recalls hearing Morgan tell Sonny that he found out from Ava that Franco's not Kiki's father. She wants to run the story but doesn't want to break a confidence, but Derek suggests she break her promise if she doesn't want to lose her print media.

Morgan wants to put all their disagreements behind them and have Michael assert their brotherly bond by performing best man duties for him and Kiki. Michael balks but eventually agrees. Morgan is relieved that he has his big brother back and hugs him.

In the Quartermaine living room, Duke picks up the paper and reads all about Alice's betrayal of Tracy. Helping himself to coffee, he wonders why Ava's not cozying up to AJ now that her partnership with Tracy has gone belly up. Then he states that Ava should have gotten Kiki's shares as she did Franco's, so she only has herself to blame for her defeat.

As Carly talks about Michael and Kiki being on the verge of incest, Sonny helps himself to a strong drink and remembers Morgan telling him that Kiki and Michael are not related. Carly questions who Sonny is to suggest that that they should allow the marriage to happen to prevent Kiki and Michael from getting together. Carly gets into Sonny's face, because what he's saying doesn't make any sense -- a marriage license isn't going to stop their feelings for each other. Sonny shouts back that it would all make sense if Carly knew the whole story. He then confides that Morgan thinks they love Michael more than him. Even though Carly disagrees, Sonny insists that's how Morgan sees it, and they have to prove to him otherwise and support his marriage.

Sam blames herself for her son getting sicker, but Alexis assures she's a wonderful mother and shouldn't give up on finding a donor for Danny. Sam asks her again to tell her who her father is, so Alexis determines to hire a private investigator to find out. Meanwhile, they'll have donor drives everywhere in the area.

When Duke claims to know who Ava's true partners are, she has enough of him and tries to leave, but he grabs her arm and informs her that he knows more about her than she thinks. Ava says she thought Duke was an English gentleman, but he corrects her that he's a Scot, and he's no gentleman. If he doesn't remove his hand, Ava promises to prove to Duke that she's no lady. He admits he's made inquiries into her gallery in NYC and came to the conclusion that her silent partner is a criminal. Duke accuses Ava of being born into a criminal family, which she calls his obsession. He's surprised that she knows about his lengthy incarceration and rails against what the Jeromes did to the people of Port Charles, including murdering his and Anna's unborn child. Ava shows compassion toward Duke's loss but insists she's not the enemy he wants her to be and exhorts him to leave her the hell alone.

Connie accuses Derek of making unreasonable demands, but he just wants to turn a profit and gives her until tomorrow to get her story together. Once she leaves the office, Derek calls someone to come talk to him in person.

Carly refuses to allow her boys to make messes of their lives, but Sonny insists it's Morgan's life to live and his mistake to make. Carly doesn't agree and leaves in a huff.

Michael apologizes to Morgan for hurting him and promises it will not happen again. Putting his arm around Kiki, Morgan suggests they go check up on Franco and make sure he's well enough to walk her down the aisle.

Once alone in the hospital lab, Silas pulls out all the samples and fixates on Kiki's, remembering when he asked Ava if she was his daughter. Now he wants to see if the DNA proves it. Silas hears Kiki in the hall as she tells Morgan she's excited her father will be at her wedding. Silas swabs his own cheek, hopeful he'll soon know if Ava lied to him.

Connie sees Michael sitting alone at Kelly's counter and asks what's wrong. When he won't say, she asks if it has anything to do with the girl his brother is marrying. As Michael asks what she knows about it, Connie ignores Sonny's call, so he leaves a message asking for her discretion in keeping his kids' problems confidential. Connie encourages Michael to find a solution, but he doesn't see any way out and leaves dejected. Connie wishes she could help him, but she'd have to break her promise to Sonny.

Dante and Anna consider who would try to pull off Franco's murder and decide it has all the markings of a professional mob hit. The other alternative is that the shooter has a personal vendetta against him. As they leave Kelly's, Duke joins Anna who thinks she will lose her job if she doesn't solve the shooting. Sitting down at a patio table, Duke brings up the unsavory subject of the Jerome crime family and how Ava could be connected to them. If that is the case, Anna is determined to deal with her herself.

Looking stunning in a red dress, Ava walks into Connie's office to see Derek but greets him as Julian.

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