GH Update Monday 7/29/13

General Hospital Update Monday 7/29/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick informs Carly and Morgan that although there were worries about Franco making it through surgery, he did and will be ok.

Outside Kelly's, Britt runs into Sabrina and reminds her that she is having Patrick's baby. Sabrina is uncomfortable but making certain that Britt is eating correctly and not drinking coffee with caffeine during her pregnancy. She also notices that Britt is talking to a lady nearby and asks whom Britt's “friend” is. Britt not only is not ready to introduce Sabrina to her mother, she tells her that she's never seen “this woman” before in her life. When Sabrina departs, Britt's mom once again reminds her daughter how she's failed in her “endeavor” to accomplish what they need to accomplish with Patrick.

Sam, Alexis and Molly find Carly and Morgan who are happily able to tell them that the donor they need to save Danny's life will be able to donate bone marrow.

Sonny is talking to Connie about the future of both of their companies and empires.

Tracy, Kiki, Ava, AJ, Michael and Elizabeth all meet with Diane who reveals the legal outcome of the voting proxy. Tracy demands to know who has voted against her and with AJ so that he's outnumbered her votes. And right as soon as Alice appears, she is able to tell, as Alice confirms, that Alice voted for AJ and is the reason Tracy lost the voting share competition. Hearing that, AJ praises Alice and tells her she is his beloved friend while Elizabeth and Michael revel in his victory. Tracy then angrily confronts her and asks if she does not owe some loyalty to Luke, and in turn, to Tracy. Alice admits to Tracy that she believes that Tracy is a bully and does not care about her own family. Although Tracy protests that she has good reason not to care about Franco, Alice acknowledges that he is a family member and willing and able to save the life of Jason's son. And she tells Tracy she (Tracy) does not care about her own deceased father. Tracy attempts to strangle Alice while Tracy's supporters are unhappy and AJ's supporters are contented.

Outside Kelly's, Felix finds Sabrina and tells her he has some joyous news for her. He tells he “highly suspects” that Britt is lying about her baby being Patrick’s. At first Sabrina is happy to hear that assuming that proof has been obtained. But Felix tells her although there's no conclusive proof, he is “almost certain”. She's less than overjoyed however with no way to confirm their suspicions.

Alone with Britt, her mom tells her she has to “change some things” or she will “never get Patrick”. Britt reveals that she may no longer be concerned with winning Patrick over or doing what her mother wants her to do.

Morgan finds Michael and congratulates his brother for achieving the victory with his father and the ELQ voting shares. He reminds his brother that “congratulations” are in order for himself also as he's going to marry Kiki. Michael is obviously less than happy to hear that. Morgan gets a call from Sonny urging him to meet his dad immediately over a very urgent matter. He tells his brother and girlfriend he has to depart although he's clearly a bit apprehensive to leave the two of them alone.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Carly that although it appears Franco has made it through surgery, he cannot promise much more than that. There may have been some serious side effects of what was done and he cannot guarantee the state in which Franco is likely to wake up when he regains consciousness.

Felix attempts to explain to Sabrina what he found out in his conversation with Britt. But she is not encouraged to hear that Brad was his source. He tells her that he found out some things about Britt that they never before knew that might be of value for finding out her secret regarding her pregnancy and whether Patrick is really the father of her baby.

Britt is reminding her mom of all of the drastic measures she's resorted to in order to “win Patrick over.”. She mentions she seduced, had sex with him, made all the efforts to move in on him and win Patrick and Emma over. But he and his daughter kicked her to the curb and he is now seeing Sabrina whom Emma adores. She announced that she was pregnant with his child at the completely wrong time and place, did everything she could to guilt-trip and manipulate him into believing she was going to have an abortion when she did not want to. She put Brad up to falsifying that she had a life-threatening illness during her pregnancy so that Patrick would be obligated to put her up on his home and take care of her. But there's a limit to what she can do when no one believes a word she's saying nor likes her, when she's stuck in Sabrina and Felix's apartment, dependent on their nursing care and when they and everyone knows she's lying. .But her mom has no sensitivity or compassion for her daughter's feelings, the condition of the pregnancy of her grandchild or even about the realism behind the fact that Britt cannot do any more than she's already done to accomplish their goal.

When Patrick talks to Sam at the hospital he tells her he's very sorry but although Franco will live and has made it through surgery, he may very well not be able to donate bone marrow for Danny.

Carly goes in to talk to an unconscious Franco informing him that he will be ok and gets to save a life.

Patrick informs Sam that they were not able to remove all of the cancerous tissue in Franco without which he cannot be a viable donor.

At Kelly's, after Sabrina has spoken to and observed Britt with “the strange woman”, Felix tells her that Brad “shed some light” with her about Britt's mother. Sabrina remembers a “creepy looking woman” whom Britt was observed talking privately to who might very well be her mom.

Not far away, Britt's mom berates her daughter for being “unfocused” on Patrick. He should have gone with her to be her birthing coach instead of this “other guy”. Britt reveals that Nikolas Cassadine is a new friend whom she gets along well with and has the right to talk to. But her mom is furious to think her daughter might be “interested” in someone other than the man whom they are holding their secret over.

Sonny calls Morgan to his home and demands that his son explains to him why he wants to get married this early in his life. Why does he want to tie himself down to a girl and make this decision right now. Morgan answers to his dad that it's because if he does not, he will lose Kiki.

Tracy privately talks to Ava about how she needs Kiki's voting share and that Kiki's mom is responsible for persuading her daughter to vote their way. But Ava tells Tracy that her daughter is furious with her for not caring about the condition of her father, won't speak to her mom and is not about to side with them.

Sonny tells Morgan that marrying Kiki is not going prevent him from losing Kiki. He tells his son if this girl is going to “run after Tom, Dick or Harry”, there's nothing Morgan can do to prevent it and maybe he needs to realize she may not be the right one for him. At that point, Morgan clarifies to his dad that he's not worried about “Tom, Dick and Harry'. He's worried about his own brother.

Carly continues to urge unconscious Franco to be willing and able to save Danny's life.

Patrick tells a destitute Sam that he is determined to do everything he can to save Danny's life although the odds are not as hopeful as they want.

When Britt's mom continues to berate her daughter, Britt reminds her mom that she (her mom), is no less of a loser with the way she manipulated Britt's father to marry and do what she wanted by getting pregnant. She tells her mom that she does not want to turn into her and become a sick and pathetic, bitter old woman who has failed to win the love of the man who impregnated her. Her mom grabs a hold of her and slaps her. She admits for the first time that her daughter is right. She did fail to win the love of her daughter's father and that was a serious mistake she made.

Elizabeth goes with AJ to celebrate and he suggests going to Paris. She has other plans but they are mutually happy to be together and celebrating their victory.

Britt's mom tells her daughter the bottom line is does she or does she not love Patrick. She admits there's no reason to go forward if Britt does not. Britt then replies that she does. She is not proud of it and knows it's not the right thing to love someone who does not love her back. But she does. She does also reveals the fact that the baby is not his child.

Patrick tells Sam he promises not to give up on enabling Franco to donate bone marrow for Danny. But, he tells her, if he were her, he would not give up on looking for another donor.

Carly continues to talk to Franco while he remains unconscious.

Tracy reminds Ava that it's entirely possible that Franco is not Kiki's father. He could change her decision about her loyalty to him. Although Ava realizes what she realizes, she tells Tracy she knows that her daughter is a Quartermaine.

Sonny tells Morgan he needs to realize that he needs to stop worrying about Michael being in love with his cousin. Morgan reveals that she is not Michael's cousin. Sonny asks why on earth not. They both know that Michael is a Quartermaine. Morgan tells his dad he happens to know that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. She is not Franco's daughter.

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