GH Update Friday 7/26/13

General Hospital Update Friday 7/26/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonnyís home, Sonny looks at a copy of the Port Charles Press, telling Connie that ever since she left the paper, circulation is down.  Sonny asks if Connie could do both the paper and Crimson, but Connie says that she has to focus on Crimson and fixing it. They are interrupted by Carly storming into the house. Sonny tells her that he already knows about Franco, but Carly says sheís not there about Franco. Sheís there about the wedding that Sonny needs to stop.

Morgan and Kiki walk through the hospital as Morgan assures Kiki that Patrick is the best in the business. Kiki tells him that she hopes so, because it sucks to finally get a father and then lose him as Silas overhears from the steps, out of sight.

At ELQ headquarters, Tracy happily comments that she is taking the company back, and that the legacy will be safe and sound in her hands. Ava steps off the elevator, asking Tracy if sheís counting her chickens. Tracy is confident that she will take the company back, thanks to her deal with Ava and having Francoís proxy. Ava tells her that they have to act fast, because if Franco dies, the proxy is worthless.

At Kellyís, Britt looks at a text, asking Brad what happened with Michael. She sees Nikolas, thinking he is avoiding her. Nikolas says that heís pressed for time, and needs to get to the hospital. Britt says she knows when sheís getting the cold shoulder. She asks Nikolas if she did something wrong.

Felix is helping Michael get ready in his apartment when thereís a knock at the door. Felix reminds Michael that Brad is a lightweight, so one glass of wine should get them what they need. Michael is worried that something will go wrong, but Felix promises to be hiding close by in case something does go wrong. Felix tells Michael to get all the information he can from Brad. Felix hides out of sight as Michael lets Brad in. Michael offers Brad some wine, as Brad tells Michael that he has a nice place, but it doesnít look as good as Michael. He wonders why Michael invited him there.

Ava reminds Tracy that one bump in the road could kill their plan. Tracy isnít worried. She tells Ava that things are looking up for her, while things are on the downswing for AJ.

In his office, AJ finishes a business call as Elizabeth waits for him. AJ share good news about a much needed deal about to close. He then wonders why Elizabeth needed to see him right away.

Silas joins Morgan and Kiki, as Morgan asks Silas what Silas wants. Silas says that some courtesy would be nice. He wants to talk to Kiki alone. Morgan wants to know why, and Silas asks who Morgan is. Morgan tells Silas that heís Kikiís fiancťe, but Silas doesnít buy it. He nearly tells Morgan that Kiki is his daughter, but covers, telling Morgan that Kiki is his patient. Morgan tells him that Kiki giving a DNA sample to test for Daniel doesnít make her his patient. Silas tells him that it does, and leads Kiki aside. Morgan tries to stop him, but he tells Morgan that Morgan isnít family yet.

Sonny offers Carly some food, then tells her that a hello would be nice. Carly wonders why Connie is there, and Connie tells Carly that she and Sonny are back together. Sonny asks Carly to congratulate them. Carly says she will give them a party after Sonny stops the wedding. Sonny assumes Carly is talking about Jax and Brenda, but Carly tells him it has nothing to do with Jax and Brenda, it has to do with their son. Sonny and Connie assume sheís talking about Michael, and Connie asks who the lucky girl is.

Brad invites Michael to join him as he sits on Michaelís couch. He tells Michael that things seem to have gone downhill since he caught Michael and Kiki kissing. Michael reminds Brad that he blackmailed Michael. Brad tells Michael blackmailed him right back, but heís let it go. Michael tells Brad that he let it go, too. Michael tells Brad that the thing with Kiki is over since she is getting married, so itís time for him to move on, too. Brad wonders what Michael is talking about, and Michael asks him what Brad thinks heís talking about. Brad asks Michael if he is gay. Michael sees Felix behind Brad encouraging him to tell Brad that he is gay.

Nikolas tells Britt that heís been distracted by Danielís situation. Britt tells him that she knows it has to be difficult, especially when a baby in involved. She asks if a match has been found yet. Nikolas is surprised that she is so concerned about the situation. She reminds him that she is an OB and is having a baby, so of course she likes kids and is concerned. Nikolas reminds her that she is having Patrickís baby, and that Patrick has another child. He asks her how she gets along with Emma. Britt guesses that he has spoken to Elizabeth.

AJ tells Elizabeth that she is making him nervous. He wonders if something is wrong. Elizabeth tells him that she wanted him to know that Franco is in brain surgery. AJ asks if she will think less of him if he tells her that he canít bring himself to care about Franco. Elizabeth refuses to comment. AJ explains that he doesnít consider Franco his brother, despite DNA. He explains to her what Francoís 10% means to the company as well, especially with Franco and Ava trying to get a majority of ELQ. Elizabeth wonders if that could really happen. AJ tells her that thereís a chance that it could, but he would have Tracy and Michael on his side.

Tracy tells Ava that they need to get Kiki there. Ava tells Tracy that she canít guarantee that Kiki will vote for Tracy. Tracy tells her that Kikiís 5% doesnít matter, but she does need to vote. Ava tries to leave to call Kiki, but Tracy stops her. She wants Ava to give Francoís proxy back. Ava reminds Tracy that the proxy names Ava as Francoís agent. Tracy just wants to show it to AJ.

Elizabeth wonders if AJ is able to trust Tracy. AJ tells her that he and Tracy have a common cause for once. Tracy walks in, telling AJ that he is on the way out, while she is about to take his place.

At the hospital, Alice catches up to Morgan, and asks if thereís news about Franco. Morgan tells her not yet. She tells him that she and Cook 2 thought that Morgan and Kiki could use some food. She tells him that he needs calcium intake to heal his hand, and she again apologizes to him. Morgan tells her that it wasnít her fault. He tells her that he doesnít have time to rehash the whole thing. Alice asks if something is wrong. Morgan says he hopes not.

Kiki wants to know what Silas wants. He says that there was a mistake. Kiki wonders if she is a match, but Silas tells her that sheís not. He tells her that they need to correct some information about her for their records. Kiki wonders what things. He says that they need to correct basic information, starting with her birth date.

Michael tries to avoid answering the question of whether or not heís gay, but Brad presses him to answer.  Felix listens out of sight, hoping Michael tells Brad that heís gay. Michael waffles around his answer, asking Brad if everyone isnít a little bit gay. Brad tells Michael that he practically tap danced out of the womb, but Michael says that he isnít like that. Michael says that he is conflicted. Brad thinks that Michael has self-loathing and thought that anything was better than being gay, but he tells Michael that things are a lot better if Michael accepts who he is. Michael says he isnít ready, especially to tell his family because they would freak. Brad advises Michael to start by telling someone who wonít freakÖ.like him. Michael wonders if Brad can trust him, given that Brad tried to blackmail him. Brad asks how to make things right. Michael suggests an exchange of information, since everyone has secrets. Brad claims that he has no secrets. Michael asks about Brad and Britt.

Britt tells Nikolas that she can take whatever he tells her Elizabeth said. Nikolas wonders what makes her think that Elizabeth talked about Britt at all. Britt tells him about the conversations she and Elizabeth had after Lamaze class. She tells Nikolas that Elizabeth tried to warn her off, telling her that she wouldnít allow Britt to have anything to do with Nikolas. Britt guesses that when she wasnít chased off, Elizabeth went right to Nikolas to tell him all about her.

AJ suggests Elizabeth may want to go. Tracy suggests likewise, telling Elizabeth that she is going to ruin AJ. Elizabeth tells them that she wants to stay. AJ is angry, telling Tracy that they had an agreement, but Tracy says that plans change. She tells him that Ava and Franco are not taking over ELQ, but she is.

Carly tells Sonny to stop jumping to conclusions. She tells him that Michael isnít getting married, but Morgan is. Sonny doesnít believe it. Carly tells him that Morgan proposed to Kiki, Kiki accepted, and she wants to know what Sonny will do about it. Sonny wants to know how it happened. Carly tells him that it isnít her fault, because sheís been against Kiki from the start. Connie wonders if maybe thatís why Morgan proposed, then quickly adds that she knows itís none of her business as her phone rings. Connie steps out of the room to take her call. Sonny tries to calm Carly by assuring her that Morgan wonít get married because heís too young. Carly reminds him about Kristina, but Sonny says that Kristina only got married because of an agenda. Sonny takes some responsibility by saying that he tried something different with Morgan by staying out of his way, and Carly reminds him of how that isnít working well. Sonny promises to deal with it. Carly says him that he said that when he found out that Morgan was living in the same house with Morgan, then asked if Sonny was responsible for Francoís beating. Sonny tells her that he had to send a message to Franco. Carly tells Sonny that Franco could die. Sonny wonders why she cares since she wanted Franco dead in the first place.

Ava steps off the elevator at the hospital. She sees Morgan gesturing to where Silas and Kiki are talking. Kiki wonders why Silas wants her information if she is not a match for Daniel. Silas tells her that she could match someone else as Ava approaches. Ava asks Kiki if there is any news on Franco. Kiki tells her not yet. Ava says that when she saw Kiki talking to Silas, she thought that maybe there was a new development. Kiki tells Ava that thereís a mix up in Kikiís information. Ava tells Silas that it is a very trying time for their family, so he can wait. She leads Kiki away from Silas, telling her that she knows Kiki is worried about Franco, but to remember that no news is good news. She then tells Kiki that she is needed at ELQ for shareholderís meeting right away so that she can cast a vote.

AJ thinks that Tracy is bluffing, because Tracy doesnít have the votes. She tells him that itís up to him, but he will find out at the shareholderís meeting that she called so that she could unseat him. Elizabeth thinks that Tracy canít do that, but asks AJ if she can. AJ tells Tracy that she needs at least 50% of the vote, and she only has 42.5%, so she doesnít have it unless she managed to convince Kiki to vote with her, but that still doesnít give her 50%. Tracy shows AJ that she doesnít need Kikiís 5% when she has Francoís 10% which puts her over the top.

Nikolas confesses that he has some background on Britt that gave him something to think about. He says that he canít reconcile the Britt heís come to know with the one who has a problem with Emma. He concluded that it must be a misunderstanding. Britt tells him that he is mistaken. She tells him what happened between herself and Patrick and Emma. She tells him that sheís not proud of her behavior with Emma. Nikolas asks if thatís all.

Michael tells Brad that he needs a sign that he can trust Brad enough to confess to him. Brad flashes back to Britt telling him that Michael is leading him to a trap. Brad tells Michael that he wants to believe Michael, but heís been burned in the past by guys who got what they wanted and left him. Michael promises not to do that. Brad wants reassurance. Michael tells him that he likes him. Brad is worried that Michael wants to get him fired, but Michael says he wants to be with Brad. He needs a symbol of faith. Brad says that he will tell Michael what he wants to know, but he needs his own symbol of faith. He wants a kiss from Michael. Felix watches from around the corner as Brad tells Michael that if he gives him one kiss, he will tell Michael everything he wants to know.

Sonny wonders if Carly is going soft on Franco. Carly says that Franco wasnít in his right mind. She tells him what she witnessed, but Sonny has a hard time believing that Franco wasnít faking. Carly tells him about Francoís brain tumor, and that he had a seizure. She blames Sonnyís ordered beating. Sonny asks if sheís sure about it.  Carly tells him that Franco is in surgery right now, and that they can wait and see if Franco is changed when he wakes upÖif he does. She tells Sonny that Franco could die on the operating table. Sonny says that would solve one problem.

Silas approaches Morgan, asking when he and Kiki are getting married. Alice tells Silas thereís no date yet. Morgan tells Silas it will be soon. Silas wonders if they are both of age. Morgan tells Silas that they are. He says that both he and Kiki are 19. Alice corrects Morgan, telling them that Kiki is 21. Morgan isnít happy, and Silas is intrigued.

Kiki canít believe that thereís a shareholderís meeting now. Ava tells Kiki that Tracy is taking over ELQ, and that Kikiís vote is important. Ava tells Kiki that she and Franco are supporting Tracy. Kiki isnít surprised, but Ava assures her that thereís nothing in it for her, but she needs to secure Kikiís future. Kiki then tells Ava that she wonít mind if Kiki votes for AJ. Ava tells her to vote however she likes, that she should vote her conscience.

Silas tells Morgan and Alice that someone else told him that Kiki was under 21. Morgan tries to cover by saying that Alice is confused, and that Kiki is 19. Alice swears that Kiki is 21 because sheís seen Kiki drinking at the house. Morgan continues to try to cover by claiming that Alice is so wholesome that she wouldnít believe that anyone under aged would drink.

Britt tells Nikolas that sheís sure that Elizabeth didnít leave anything out. She says sheís not ashamed and will tell him anything he wants to know. She starts with her idea to announce her pregnancy at the Nursesí Ball. She shares how her being scared and hurt pushed her to do that. Britt says that sheís not proud of that moment either, but sheís not perfect. She says that if Nikolas wants perfect, stick with Elizabeth.

Tracy starts making redecorating plans as Elizabeth asks AJ if what they are seeing is real. AJ tells her that it looks like it is. Tracy confirms that that it is real. AJ asks how Tracy got Francoís proxy. Tracy tells him that they got the signature from Franco before he went into surgery. She tells AJ that her 52.5% is enough to call a meeting and vote him out. AJ canít believe that she was able to arrange it in the last half hour, but Tracy tells him that itís all about preparation. Tracy tells him that his few supporters wonít be able to stop the outcome.

Brad pushes a nervous Michael for a kiss. Michael says that he doesnít just kiss anyone. Brad reminds him that he said he wanted to be with Brad. They are interrupted by Michaelís phone signaling. Michael looks at a text from Felix telling him that itís just a kiss, and that he should close his eyes and do it for Sabrina. Michael tells Brad that it was a text but he was expecting a call. Brad tells Michael that heís obviously not serious about this, and that Michael should let him know when heís serious about coming out. Brad starts to leave when Michael stops him. Michael asks if itís just a kiss. Brad tells him to pucker up and find out. Brad starts to kiss Michael when his phone rings with a call this time. Felix is frustrated in his hiding spot. Michael answers a call from AJ telling him that heís needed right now because Tracy is on the warpath. Michael promises to be right there. Michael tells Brad that he has a family emergency, so he could see himself out. Brad slams the door shut behind Michael as Michael leaves, wondering what that was about. Felix comes out of his hiding spot, telling Brad that Michael would rather chicken out than kiss Brad.  Felix tells him that he is not afraid, and that Brad is going down.

Michael rushes into the ELQ conference room where Tracy, Diane, AJ and Elizabeth wait. He asks what is going on, and AJ explains about Tracyís bid to take over as CEO. Michael wonders if someone from Tracyís side would switch to AJís side. AJ says he doesnít have time to win anyone over. Diane confirms that Skye, Ned, Dillon, Brooklyn and Maya are all logged into the meeting online. She says that unaccounted for are Monica, Kiki and Alice. AJ hands Diane Monicaís proxy, and Tracy tells her that Alice and Kiki are on the way. She then turns away from the room and orders Alice to hurry and get there or she will be fired. Alice is on the way.

Ava and Kiki tell Morgan that Kiki has to leave on family business. Morgan offers to go with, but Kiki asks him to stay there so he can give any news of Franco should Franco come out of surgery. Morgan agrees, and Kiki leaves with Ava. Silas asks Morgan about Kikiís age again. Morgan wants to know why it is so important. Silas shares with Morgan that Kikiís age is the difference between her being Silasí  daughter or Francoís. He tells Morgan that if he cares about Kiki, he would want her to know the truth.

Sonny promises to straighten Morgan out, and Carly thanks him. Carly makes him promise not to scream and yell. Carly leaves as Connie returns, and Sonny apologizes to Connie for Carlyís interruption, saying that Carly always causes a bit of chaos. Connie says thereís a lot of that going around. Sonny asks whatís wrong. Connie says she is going to lose her magazine.

Brad is upset that Felix was spying on him. Felix calls out Brad for his shameful behavior with AJ, and Brad returns the favor by calling out Felixís past behavior with Milo. Brad then calls Felix out for pimping Michael out to him. Felix tells Brad that Michael is a friend who was doing him a favor. He says that Michael was helping him trying to help Sabrina save Patrick from falling in love with a baby that they all know isnít Patrickís. Felix accuses Brad of only caring about getting laid. Brad tells him that is the only way he knows how to get Felixís attention. He shares his feelings for Felix with him. Felix says he almost wants to change his mind about Brad, but he needs proof just like Brad did with Michael. He asks if Brittís baby is Patrickís.

Nikolas tells Britt how heís as imperfect as Britt, but he is worse. He tells Britt that his family is various degrees of insane. Britt assures Nikolas that he is not insane. Nikolas shares his flaws with Britt, then tells her how he pursued Courtney when she was with Jax, then how he betrayed Lucky with Elizabeth. She asks if they ever fixed things, but Nikolas says the jury is still out on that. Britt asks if the jury is still out on her. Nikolas says that he has decided that he needs as many friends as he can get. They decide to ignore what everyone else thinks.

Ava, Kiki, and Alice arrive to the ELQ conference room. Tracy berates Alice for taking so long getting there, and orders Alice to vote for her. Kiki is upset that they called a meeting while Franco is in surgery. AJ apologizes, and tells her that he didnít call the meeting. Kiki knows that it was Tracy and Ava, then promises AJ her shares in the vote. AJ is grateful, but says he needs another backer or Tracy will win. Diane and Tracy call the meeting to order. Diane communicates with the people online, then calls for a second for the meeting to happen. Ava seconds the meeting.  Diane wants to know why Ava is participating. Ava explains that she holds Francoís proxy. Tracy is ready to vote to oust AJ.

Silas tells Morgan that there is a very real possibility that he is Kikiís father. Morgan tells him that he canít just call himself Kikiís father. Silas encourages Morgan to help Kiki find out who she really is, because sheís not Francoís daughter. Morgan tells Silas to talk to Ava, but Silas says that he has, and Ava has a problem with a truth. Silas urges Morgan to protect Kiki. Morgan sees Carly come off the elevator. He says he canít help Silas and he leaves.

Connie tells Sonny that her call was from Derek Wells, and that he blames her for the drop in circulation when she was working on the newspaper. He has ordered a game changing story by next week or else. Sonny tells her that he knows she will find one. Connie says that she does have a lead. She knows that there is some trouble brewing at ELQ.

Tracy tells everyone that with the votes as they stand, she wins, 52. 5% to 47.5%. Diane confirms the tally. Tracy is gloating when Diane says she needs to finish her statement. She says that the tally is 52.5% to favor of AJ. AJ is surprised as he looks around the room, Tracy is furious.

Carly approaches Morgan who says he doesnít want to fight. Carly says sheís just there for an update on Franco. She then sees Patrick standing in the stairwell.

Nikolas and Britt leave Kellyís together, and Nikolas tells her that heís going to the hospital. The vow to be in each otherís thoughts as Nikolas leaves.

Felix urges Brad to tell him what he knows about the baby. Brad says that he canít because Britt would kill him. He would lose his job. Brad says he wants to help. Felix tells him to just help then. Brad says he will say this much: if he wants to know what is up with Britt and her baby, ask Brittís mother. He leaves.

Britt is about to leave when she hears her mother telling her to stop smiling, because her life is about to go up in smoke.

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