GH Update Thursday 7/25/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/25/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor takes Britt to lunch at Kelly's to thank her for all the times she listened to her vent, but Britt realizes that Taylor's really hoping to run into TJ. Her hopes are dashed when she realizes TJ is not working. Taylor then confides that TJ rejected her last night and just wants to be friends. Britt gives Taylor the awful truth that there is no such thing as a knight in shining armor. Taylor now sees that sleeping with TJ didn't mean the same thing to him as it did to her.

Nikolas approaches the nurses' station and asks Elizabeth why she wants to talk to him. He doesn't look pleased when she says it's about his relationship with Britt Westbourne. She warns him to stay far away from that woman who is nothing but trouble. Not appreciating the advice, Nikolas tells Elizabeth it's none of her business, so she proceeds to set him straight on who did what to whom. Britt has led Nikolas to believe that Patrick's the bad guy for getting her pregnant, then dumping her for someone else. Elizabeth admits that Patrick did dump Britt, but it was before he knew she was pregnant and after she scared the life out of his daughter.

TJ surprises Molly at the hospital, saying he's there for her and wants to talk to her alone. Molly agrees and sends Rafe off to see Danny. TJ sympathizes with her about her nephew and claims he can't stop thinking about her, but Molly saw him last night at The Floating Rib with his arms around Taylor. He explains that he was just giving her a hug after he told her they could only be friends.

On the phone, Tracy yells at Ned to check and make sure no one on her side has flipped, because she believes Franco and Ava are planning a coup. Suddenly, Ava appears in the room, asking if she's talking about her. Tracy hangs up the phone and warns Ava not to even try back-stabbing her, because she will fail. Before Tracy can go order Alice to throw all of Ava's belongings off the balcony, however, Ava tells her she has a new plan. She then tells her about Franco's life-threatening brain tumor, which is responsible for all the terrible things he did, then whips out the paper he signed giving her control of his ELQ shares.

Carly is upset when she hears that Morgan is planning on marrying Kiki and tells them it will happen over her dead body. Realizing she's upset Kiki who's worried about her father, Carly apologizes and tries to assure her that Patrick is an excellent surgeon. She then wonders why Kiki accepted Morgan's proposal and asks if Ava knows about it. She smiles knowingly when Morgan says that Ava's very happy for them.

Felix goes to Michael's apartment and asks for a favor regarding the lab manager, Brad. Even though Michael wants nothing to do with that guy, Felix appeals to him with his need to know the big secret between Brad and the Britch. After Felix informs him that Brad's already told him what he has on Michael, he asks him to invite Brad over and romance the truth out of him. Michael doesn't feel comfortable doing that, but Felix continues to state how important the goal is to stop Britt from coming between Sabrina and Patrick. Also, Brad should be stopped from running the GH lab, because he's a liability to Michael's grandmother, and he's making Ellie crazy. Finally, Felix gives Michael Brad's number and puts the phone in his hand.

Sam is happy that Franco is a bone-marrow donor match for Danny until she hears that he could die on the operating table. Silas is surprised that Franco's already in surgery with Patrick working on the tumor in his frontal lobe. Upon her insistence, he tells Sam that Franco could die before he can donate the marrow that could save Danny's life. Determined not to let that happen, Silas grabs the phone, but it's too late, the procedure's already begun. Sam cries on his shoulder. As Silas is telling Sam how important she is to him, Rafe interrupts and asks what's wrong.

TJ apologizes to Molly for letting his jealousy of Rafe get the best of him and asks her not to make the same mistake with him and Taylor. There is just one difference: Molly and Rafe never slept together. TJ wishes he could take a lot of things back, but all he can do now is apologize and promise never to do it again. He wants only to be with her and asks for another shot. When she's not sure what to think, TJ agrees not to pressure her but is happy that she thinks they do have a chance.

Britt is all smiles as she confides to Taylor that she has made a new friend and his name is Nikolas. Both find it nice to have someone to talk to who understands what they're experiencing. Just as Britt wishes she could escape what she's done, Brad pops his head in the door with the real labs confirming she doesn't have HG. After sending Taylor away, Britt asks Brad what his problem is not being able to spew his mouth off in public about their misdeeds. As Brad sadly states he hasn't heard from Michael again, his cell phone rings and it's Michael, claiming he's confused and wants to hang out.

Elizabeth continues to fill Nikolas in on what a bad person Britt is until he asks why she's telling him all this. As she claims to only want to inform him on what kind of a person he's getting involved in, Nikolas brings up the fact that she's with AJ, so why does she care who he's with? He also finds it hypocritical of her to try to control who he spends time with after her declaration that Nikolas not tell her who she can be with. Then he proceeds to state all the ways that AJ is actually worse than Britt who never shot her father in the back. Finally, he suggests that maybe Britt has changed, too, just as Elizabeth is so sure AJ has.

After he hears the news about Franco, Rafe suggests they keep looking for Sam's father, the elusive "J," but she has lost hope. Silas suddenly decides to be Mr. Optimism and encourages Sam to think that Franco will come through just as well as Jason did when Patrick operated on him. He urges her to "keep the faith." Sam agrees that she has to stay positive for her son's sake then gets on her knees and prays to Jason's spirit to be Franco's angel and look out for him until their son is okay. In the hall, Rafe thanks Silas for looking out for Sam and begins to think that maybe he's not so bad after all. Silas returns to Danny's room and finds Sam sobbing on the floor. Silas apologizes for intruding, but Sam wants him to stay. Then he helps her to her feet and they face each other.

While Carly wonders why Ava would want her daughter married so young, Morgan recalls his conversation with Ava about Franco not being Kiki's father. He's certain that once Kiki finds out she and Michael are not cousins, they will get together. Coming out of his reverie, Morgan assures Carly that Ava respects the fact that he and Kiki can make their own decisions and gave them her blessing. Determined to stop them, Carly leaves the hospital. When Kiki has second thoughts about her and Morgan, he asks if she still wants to marry him. She flashes back to talking with Michael about why Morgan would propose to her after being so mad at her for kissing her cousin. She decides she needs to move on and assures Morgan that she does want to marry him. Hugging her, he assures Kiki he's there for her for the rest of her life, but she doesn't look so sure.

As Tracy looks over the legal paper, Ava divulges her plan to propose a resolution of "no confidence" in AJ as CEO. Once he's removed, Tracy would be the likely successor, but only if they can settle the matter speedily before Franco dies. Tracy wants to know what's in it for Ava. Suddenly, Carly storms in accusing Ava of loving Kiki's stock certificates more than her daughter and not caring enough about Franco to be at the hospital supporting him. Ava sets her straight by stating that the matter of whether Franco lives or dies means everything to her. Carly assures Ava she will find out what her secret is and leaves the Quartermaine mansion. Before she will throw her lot in with Ava, Tracy needs to hear exactly what her price is.

After Elizabeth mentions the debacle of the Nurses' Ball, Nikolas emphatically insists that he's not getting involved with Britt. As he gets in the elevator, he accuses Elizabeth of being jealous. She stops working long enough to call AJ and ask to see him.

Britt stops Brad's celebration over hanging out with Michael all night long with a good slap to the back of his head. She then warns him that Michael doesn't want to have sex with him; he wants to trap him, and Britt wants Brad to let him, so they can find out who's behind it.

Back at Michael's apartment, Felix is sure their plan will work once he'd done giving Michael a make-over. After unbuttoning a couple of his shirt buttons, Felix assures Michael he'll be hiding nearby in case things go wrong. Felix greets Michael at the door with a couple of shots of his breath freshener.

Nikolas goes into Kelly's to get food for Sam and the kids and ignores Britt who's sitting only a few inches away.

When TJ happily saunters into Kelly's, Taylor approaches him and asks why he's in such a good mood. TJ's not eager to share, but Taylor insists they're friends and she wants to know, so he says he and Molly might be getting back together.

Walking together in the hospital, Molly tells Rafe she has to think about TJ's proposal to get back together. She can't decide while Danny's so sick. Rafe says there's something she should know.

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