GH Update Wednesday 7/24/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/24/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

In The Baldwin's hotel suite, Scotty has breakfast waiting for Laura.  "Wake up Sleepyhead, come get the coffee while it's still hot!" he calls to her.  Laura comes out of the bedroom with a suitcase, which raises the question, "What's with the suitcase?" Laura tells Scotty, "I've got a place to catch!" Scotty looks surprised.

At the Quartermaines, Morgan enters the living room, greeting Ava "Hey A, have you seen Kiki?"

At Michael's apartment, someone keeps pounding on the door. Michael, in his shorts, runs to answer it. "Where's the fire? " he asks. "Geesh" he opens the door, and finds Kiki.

At the hospital, Brad is reading a sleazy magazine, as he steps off the elevator, Felix pounces on him. "Hey, party's over, Brad. I know what you did."

At the Drake household, Patrick and Sabrina are still in bed, of course. Patrick wakes up Sabrina to talk about a patient, Franco.

At the hospital, Diane has shown up to see her client. The guard reminds us that Franco's been sedated since last night, since he kidnapped that kid, and tried to "off" himself. Diane is shocked.

Elsewhere, in the hospital, Carly has found Sam and Silas, and asks them how Danny is. Sam says that considering everything Franco put him through, he's doing pretty good. Sam then thanks Carly for saving Danny, and Franco's as well. Carly is confused.

In his room, Franco has woken up.

In their hotel suite, Scotty wonders where Laura is going. He's not well-pleased that she's going after Luke. "Laura, I thought we were done with him. Why do you have to find him." "Because he's dying." says Laura.

Back at the hospital, Brad tries to intimidate Felix, but Felix won't have it. "Don't play dumb! I know you tried to blackmail a straight boy into bed."

At Michael's apartment, he asks Kiki what she's doing at his place. She's there to tell him that she and Morgan are getting married. Michael has already heard the news from AJ. He offers congratulations, then asks "When's the wedding?"

At the Quartermaines, Ava tells Morgan that she hasn't seen Kiki, and was just trying to call her. Kiki didn't pick up , so Ava thought she was still sleeping. Morgan tells her that she wasn't in the boathouse when he woke up, he thought she went up to the main house for breakfast. He ran into The Dominator, who said that she hadn't seen her either. Ava wonders if she went to the hospital, and worries about Kiki running into Silas. She worries about Kiki figuring out that Franco is not her father, and that Silas is.

At the hospital, Carly is stunned that Sam thanked her for saving Franco. Carly thought that Sam wanted Franco dead, and Sam is surprised too. Sam tells her that she needs Franco alive. When Carly asks her why, Silas chimes in that Danny needs a bone marrow transplant, and they haven't been able to find a match. Carly mentions that Michael was tested, and Sam says that all of the Quartermaines were, even Heather Webber. None of them were a match. Silas says that Franco is the only blood relative that hasn't been tested yet. He could be a match.

At the Drake's,  Sabrina's surprised to hear that Franco is Patrick's patient. She thought that the seizure was caused by he beating he received. Patrick says that the beating may have been exasperated by a pre-existing condition. Patrick tells her that when Franco came out of the seizure, he appeared confused and disoriented. He claimed to be his twin brother, Jason Morgan, so Patrick ordered a Cat scan. They found a tumor in the frontal lobe of his brain.

In his room, Franco relives the nightmare of the night before. He focuses in on Carly helping him. He's starts calling for Carly, which Diane can hear in the hallway. She bullies her way into Franco's room, by using the "lawyer" card. Diane immediately chastises her client for his recklessness, and that he's "exasperated" his case by adding all these charges. She says that she's going to have a find some way to defend you. She tells him that she usually cautions silence, but not when you're having a private conversation with your attorney. "What the hell the hell do you have to say for yourself?" she demands. "Carly." says Franco. "I want Carly."

"Well, thank God, that Franco didn't kill himself last night?" Carly says . "I pray to God that he's a match for Danny." Sam says that knows her reasons for wanting Franco alive, but she doesn't understand Carly's. She avoids the question by asking Silas, how soon they out the tests results. She wonders if Franco being Franco's twin improves the odds, but Silas of course says there are no guarantees. Sam doesn't let her off the hook. She wants to know why Carly stayed behind, once she had Danny. "Why did you talk Franco out of killing himself?"

In the Baldwins' hotel suite, Scotty has finished reading Luke's medical records. He understands the whole radiation poisoning thing, but wonders why "that fool" isn't in the hospital receiving treatment. Laura tells him the of story of the DVD that Helena had sent him. She tells him about the clue, that said the cure is not at General Hospital. She explains to him about Jerry Jacks, poisoning the water supply, extorting 88 million from the richest folks in town. Scotty still doesn't get the connection to Spencer. Laura tells him that Jerry wanted to buy himself a cure. She tells him that Luke went looking for Jerry Jacks, because he has radiation poisoning too. "What are the odds?" says Scotty, sarcastically. Laura tells him that it's possible that Jerry found himself a cure, and that's what Luke needs now. "So Spencer is off on some scavenger hunt, But, Laura," he asks. "What does this have to do with you?"

At Michael's, Kiki doesn't understand his reaction to her announcement. Michael doesn't understand Morgan's 180. How did Morgan go from being furious with both of them, to proposing to her the next.

At the Quartermaines, Ava and Morgan are arguing over their secret, and Kiki finding out the truth about who her father is. Morgan thought Ava was going to take care of Silas. A frustrated Ava says that she hasn't come up with a plan yet. Morgan says that he has to marry Kiki right away, before she finds out the truth. Morgan then boldly asks Ava for her credit card again. "You're lucky you're cute. " she says as she hands it to him. He goes shopping online, and quickly finds one that he thinks Kiki will like. He shows it to Ava, who says "She'll love it!" Ava appears distracted, but then Morgan kisses her on the cheek and says, "Thanks, Mom." Ava appears to have composed herself, and is now back in control.

At the hospital, Brad tries to play dumb, and makes a speech about not being into labels. Felix tells Bad that he knows that he tried to blackmail Michael into sleeping with him. "He should be so lucky." Felix tells Brad that he knows that Michael has something on Brad and Dr. Westbourne. He also knows that it has something to do with P. Diddy. "Sean "Puff Daddy" Coombs" asks Brad. "No, Patrick Drake." says Felix.

Back at the Drake household, Sabrina says that she wouldn't wish a brain tumor on anyone, but Franco's hurt a lot of people. Patrick explains that the tumor could be responsible for that behavior. He tells her that by the size of it, it 's been growing for years.  Sabrina wonders how removing it will affect Franco's behavior. She asks him if he's going to operate. He says that one way or another, Franco may die.

In Franco's room, he's still asking to see Carly. Diane tells him to forget Carly and focus on his case. Diane tells him that they have to come up with a way to save his case. "This changed man situation is not gonna fly." Diane thinks he's well-rested, and they need to brainstorm.

Silas isn't surprised that Sam has a temper, she is surprised that she wants a man dead. Sam explains that Franco has caused her, and Carly and her family a lot of trouble. There's a lot that he doesn't know about. Sam still doesn't understand why Carly didn't let Franco off himself. Diane has come looking for Carly to let her know that Franco is asking for her. Diane needs him to calm down, and it seems Carly is the only one who can do it. Carly asks Diane if he still thinks that he's Jason. Diane doesn't know, but just needs Carly to come with her now. Carly looks to Silas and Sam, then decides to leave.

"Still defending Franco, Miss Miller?" asks Silas. Diane look from Sam to Silas and asks "Are you two on speaking terms now?" Silas tells her that he's Danny's doctor. Diane is surprised considering the bitter custody battle over Rafe. She's glad that they let bygone be bygones, and hopes that when the time comes, they can do the same for Franco. Diane says that something made him snap, between the beating, and kidnapping Danny. Silas tells her that Franco has a brain tumor.

Franco is lying in his hospital bed, repeating "Protect Danny. Trust her?" Just then, the police officer lets Carly into the room.

In the Baldwins' suite, Laura tells Scotty that she has to find Luke or he will die. "So?" Scotty says callously. Laura tells Scotty, that Lulu would be destroyed if she never got a chance to say goodbye to her father. Luke promised Lulu that he would be there for the birth of her baby. Scotty says that Maxie isn't near ready yet, and Spencer has plenty of time to return. It's not the first time he's broken promises to Lulu. She pleads with him that Lulu doesn't even know that Luke is sick. Scotty still can't believe that Laura wants to go chasing after him. "What about me?" he asks. "I'm your husband!" Laura surprises him by saying "Then come with me!"

Meanwhile, Kiki tells Michael that she went looking for Morgan after he found out about their kiss. She tells him that Morgan wouldn't even let her explain, before he got down on his knees and proposed. She tells him this is the best thing to stop their feelings for each other, is for her to marry Morgan. She needs to move and he needs to move on. Just then, Penny comes out of the bedroom (in his Pickle Lila T-Shirt) to ask Michael if he's coming back to bed. "Oh," she says, "You have company." Kiki looks like she's about to blow a gasket.

At the hospital, Brad is denying that he's scheming with Dr. Westbourne. He says that he's the only one who's nice to her. Felix doesn't buy it, and confronts Brad about switching the paternity of Britt's baby. "Am I warm?" he asks. "Hot." Brad says, trying to come on to Felix. Felix tells him to stop, or he'll report him to Dr. Monica Quartermaine, for trying to blackmail her grandson. Brad fights fire with fire, and tells Felix that her grandson is banging his cousin. Of course, that's when Morgan steps off the elevator, and hears him.

Still in bed, Sabrina and Patrick are talking about Franco's chances of surviving the operation. They're also not sure, whether or not, his memory and personality will remain intact. Sabrina tells him that Franco is lucky that Patrick is the surgeon. She just knows that Patrick will be amazing.  Patrick thanks her for her support , and appreciates for being in life. She kisses him, "Feeling better?" she asks. "Yes!" , says Patrick, "But I'd like some more!" Sooooooooo.....

At the hospital, Diane doesn't know whether to laugh or cry, after hearing about Franco. Diane tells Sam that she doesn't like Franco anymore than she does. She realizes that he could walk from this, and is suddenly excited to have found her defense. She's goes off in search of a precedent. Sam isn't sorry to see her go.    Silas tells her to focus on more important things like Danny. Sam says that if wasn't for Silas, they wouldn't have gotten Danny stable enough to make it through the night. He thinks that Franco's results should be ready now, or the lab technician will find out how Silas feels about delays. Sam thanks Silas for staying with her and Danny all night. He tries to brush her off, but she grabs his arm. Just then, Ava comes down the hallway, and sees this.

In Franco's room, he asks Carly if last night was real, and she says yes. He asks her if he hurt Danny, and she assures him that Danny is okay. He asks if he was going to kill himself, and she says yes. He wonders why she stopped him. Franco is confused cause he knows that she hates him, but she told him that she loves him. He wants to know why.

In the Baldwin's hotel suite, that she makes it hard to say no to her. Laura kisses him, thinking that he's coming with, and is eager to make plans. Laura is stunned, when he turns her down. Scotty reminds her that he's running for District Attorney again, and she's starting a new business with Lucy. He's starting to rebuild his life here, and he thought they were starting life together. Laura dismisses his concerns, especially for the spa, which she says, that Lucy can handle. She tells him that this a matter of life and death. He gives her an ultimatum, saying that's life and death of their marriage, if she leaves him.

At Michael's, there's awkwardness going on, and her name is Penny. Michael introduces Penny to Kiki, his cousin. Penny says that she thought it was the girl that Michael was trying to get over. But it's just his "cousin." "How awkward would that have been, right?" Kiki gets upset with this and says that she has to go and see her father. Michael follows her outside, and tells her that he wasn't going to bring Penny home last night, but the thought of her and Morgan getting married. She tells him that he's moving on too, and that's great. She leaves to see Franco.

At the hospital, Morgan approaches Brad and Felix and says "Banging?" Felix says that maybe that word was a little strong. Brad says that he did catch them kissing in an exam room. He says that Morgan almost walked in on tem, too Morgan asks when this was, but says it doesn't matter. He tells Felix and Brad that and Kiki are getting married. He takes off as Brad offers congratulations. As soon as Morgan is gone Felix pins Brad against the wall, and asks him " "Do you enjoy making people miserable?" "No, but I am getting off on this." he says. Felix goes to punch him out, but Sabrina comes out of nowhere and stops him. Felix sends Brad on his way. Sabrina asks what he's done now. Felix tells her that he tried to blackmail some kissing cousins.

Silas acknowledges Ava, who tells Sam that she needs to speak to Dr. Clay. Silas says that he's working. "Is that what you call it?" says Ava. Sam says that she' going to heck on Danny. Ava just wants to be sure that they are clear about her daughter. "Your daughter." he says, "With Franco." He says that she had to seek him out, to remind him of that, again. Ava denies this, and says that she just ran into. She's there to check on Franco. Silas tells her that she better hurry, he's going for surgery soon. "Why what's wrong with him?"

Franco asks Carly if she told him that she loved him She tells him that she was talking to Jason. Franco doesn't understand, and Carly tells him that he thought he was Jason. Franco asks her what's wrong with him, what's happening. Before she can tell him, Patrick enters the room. Carly tells him that Franco is confused about what's going on, and she thinks that he should tell him. Patrick tells him that he has a brain tumor in is his frontal lobe. It's been responsible for his personality, judgment and everything else. Franco tells Patrick that his brain is pushing against his skull, and that it's going to explode. He feels like it might kill him, which Patrick says it will, if he doesn't operate. Patrick pushes a consent form in front of him to sign. He asks Franco if he is lucid enough, and Franco says he thinks so. Patrick, with Carly as a witness, warn Franco that this operation can kill him.

Back to the Baldwin's hotel suite, Laura can't believe that Scotty just gave her an ultimatum. Scotty still can't believe that Laura has to go chasing after Luke. She tells him that she knows how to take of herself. Scotty questions whether or not , she's really doing this for Lulu. He tells that they've been through this before, and it didn't turn out well especially for him. Laura promises that history is not repeating itself. She tells him that this is about Luke's family, and them having closure. "What about me?" he asks. Laura promises that when all this is over, she will devote the rest of her life to him. Laura tells him that she needs his support. She needs his strength to get through whatever she has to face, and come back to him She needs his blessing.

Back at the hospital, Sabrina  is disgusted when she learns what Brad tried to do. She and Felix think Michael overheard something about the paternity of Dr, Westbourne's baby.

At Michael's apartment, he and Penny are dressed, and getting ready to leave. Penny says that it seemed pretty intense with your cousin. Michael tells her that Kiki's Dad is in the hospital, and it's been tough on her.

Morgan shows up at Franco's room, but the police officer won't let him in, cause Dr. Drake's in there. Morgan says that his daughter is my fiancée, and she should be in there, too. The officer tells him, that he can guarantee she isn't. "Well should've known," says Morgan. "Should've known what?" Kiki asks, as she catches up to him. Morgan tells her that he was worried about her. He asks how her dad is.

Franco asks Patrick what the chances are that he could die. Patrick can't give a straight answer but tells him that it's a complicated procedure. Franco asks if he doesn't have the procedure, Patrick says it's a guarantee that he will die a slow and painful death. Patrick says that he can't give him anymore guidance. Franco looks to Carly, but she doesn't say anything. He signs the consent form.

Ava is having trouble digesting what Silas is telling her about Franco's brain tumor. Silas is surprised that Ava hasn't spent the night at Franco's bedside since they're so close. She says that she hates clingy couples, and he says so does he. He wonders why a seizure didn't bring them closer together. Ava says that he thought it was a conspiracy to keep Silas from digging into her history. Silas tells her that he still doesn't believe anything she's said about her, Franco or Kiki. He says "Excuse me", and leaves her to head right to Danny's room, where Sam is fussing over Danny. He asks if Danny's still sleeping, and she tells him tells him yes. She asks him if he's okay, and he says yea. She asks him about Ava, and she noticed that Silas seemed surprised that she had a daughter.

Kiki and Morgan are outside of Franco's room, which is suddenly chaotic. Morgan asks why the nurses are going in her Dad's room. Kiki says that she doesn't know, which makes Morgan ask her where she's been all morning. Kiki sees the nurses take her father out of his room. "Franco." she calls to him "What are you doing here?" he asks. She asks him where he's going. He tells for a little surgery, and Kiki gets upset. He tells not to worry, that he's got someone looking out for him. He looks toward Carly, and calls her his secret weapon. She asks him what's going on, and why he needs surgery. "So I can be a Dad." he says. "Ok Dad, you get better." "I will" he says, cause she just made it worth it. Patrick interrupts, and says they have to go. Morgan and Carly watch this emotional scene.

At the Baldwin's suite, Scotty has finally given Laura his blessing. He tells her that he really doesn't want their marriage to end over this. Scotty and Laura profess their love for each other before she leaves. She tells him that she'll call him as soon as she lands. Scotty has held his anger in long enough, and pushes a hair over.

At the hospital, Carly has explained to Kiki about her Dad's brain tumor. She tells Kiki that Patrick is an amazing surgeon, and he's performed miracles before. Kiki is upset when she learns that her dad may need a miracle, because of the size and placement of the tumor. Kiki is scared that she might lose the father, that she's just getting to know. Morgan tries to be strong for her. He tells her that they are in this together now, and always will be no that he's her fiancée. Carly perks up, "What's that you just said?" she asks. Morgan apologizes for not telling her before, and announces that he and Kiki are getting married.

At Michael's, Penny says she'll see him around or not, and goes to leave. She opens the door to fellow nurse Felix, who is pleasantly surprised. Michael gets snarky with Felix, and asks him what's doing there.

At the hospital, Sabrina sees Patrick and the other nurses taking Franco to surgery. "Franco agreed to surgery?" she asks. Patrick says that Franco really didn't have a chance. Sabrina goes all cheerleader on Patrick, and gives him her mother's stethoscope for luck. She tells him to take it, and he'll have an angel watching over him. Patrick is touched,

Ava finds Franco, waiting for the elevators. She and Franco makes jokes and tries to keep things light. Just then, she has him sign the proxy, just in case. She tells him that he can trust her, but Franco's not so sure. Then she uses the Kiki card, so he signs the paper.

In Danny's room, Silas is about to tell Sam about Ava, when Brad comes in with Franco's bone marrow results.

At Michael's, Felix says that he didn't come over to snoop. Michael apologizes for being defensive with him. Felix says that obviously Michael's a gentleman, and he appreciates that. He wouldn't want a coworker holding a grudge because a date went bad. Michael says that Penny's nice, and Felix is glad he thinks so, cause now he needs a favor from Michael. Michael asks what the favor is, and Felix says that he needs his help .

At the hospital, Sam and Silas bombard Brad with questions.  He tells them that Franco is a perfect match.

Ava walks to the other side of Franco's bed, and wishes him good luck. He tells her that he could die on the table. Patrick says the OR is ready, as they take Franco onto the elevator.

In Danny's room, Sam is overjoyed that Franco is a match.

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