GH Update Tuesday 7/23/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/23/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Imaginary Franco has just jumped to his death on the bridge. Franco as Jason, tells Danny that he hates imaginary Franco, because he might be right. He thinks that maybe Danny will turn out to be like him. He says that there is a sickness inside him. He doesn't want this life for Danny, and he knows what he has to do.. He holds him up and tells Danny that he loves him. Just as it looks like Franco is about to drop Danny into the river, Carly shows up. She calls out his name, and Franco turns around. "Carly, what are you doing here?" he asks. "I'm looking for you."

Laura has barged her way into the Quartermaines, followed by Tracy. "Laura, which part of not a good time, don't you understand?". Laura turns around and says, "I don't know what kind of time this is, Tracy. I know you lied to me." Tracy has a stunned look on her face.

At the Floating Rib, Taylor is picking out songs from the jukebox. TJ arrives after being texted by Taylor. He asks her "So what's up?" She says "This is." And plants a big ole kiss on him.

At the park, Rafe is sitting on the steps, when Molly shows up. He asks her if there's any news on Danny, and she tells him that it's not good.

Nikolas and Alexis have returned to the hospital. She thanks him for getting her out of here for awhile. Nikolas asks her if she remembers what she ate, and Alexis says no. She tells him, "I'm sure it was good, cause you picked the restaurant." They enter Danny's room and immediately wonders where her grandson is. Nikolas tries to calm her down and says maybe they took him for tests. Like Sam before her, Alexis says that he wasn't scheduled for any tests. Nikolas then suggests that maybe Sam took him. Alexis concedes that Sam does take Danny for walks when he gets fussy. Alexis buys that answer.

In an exam room, Elizabeth explains to Sam that the tumor is severe. She and Silas are there to look after Sam, because she was knocked out by Franco. She tells her that the tumor is in the area of the brain that affects memory and personality. "And we all know that Franco was obsessed with Jason, and now he's become him." Sam turns to Monica in surprise, and says "You buy this? " Monica tells her that it may be genetic, and reminds her about Jason's tumor. Sam puts her head in her hands, in frustration, and says, "Yes, I know Jason had blackouts and memory loss." She suddenly realizes that Danny in the hands of a man losing touch with reality. Silas chimes in and says the police will find him. Monica tries to be reassuring, and says that if Franco thinks he's Jason then perhaps he won't hurt Danny. "There's only one problem with that, " says Sam. "Franco isn't Jason."

On the bridge, Carly says that it's good to see you, but Franco tells her that she's wrong about that. Carly approaches him carefully, and says "Jason, everything is gonna be okay. You need to give Danny to me.

In the meantime, Laura confronts Tracy about her lying about Luke. She tells her that she knows the truth, thanks to Monica. Tracy scoffs at her for believing that anything that Monica says. She tries to tell Laura that Monica is in early onset Alzheimer's and was thinking of reporting her to the hospital board. Laura laughs off that suggestion so Tracy insists that she's lying. She rattles off a long list of Monica's crimes, and Laura says that she doesn't care whether Monica is lying or not. She pulls a file out of purse, and says "These medical records aren't."

At the Floating Rib, TJ is taken aback by Taylor's kiss. He doesn't care for the open display of affection. Taylor, of course, doesn't care and wonders what his problem is. TJ stammers, but before he can say anything, but he just wants to be friends.  Taylor realizes that he's still hung up on Molly.

Molly is telling Rafe that so far, that they find a bone marrow donor for Danny. He says "That's it, so everyone in the family has been tested?" She answers "Not everyone. There's still Franco."

Back at the hospital, Alexis and Nikolas are still waiting for Sam and Danny to come back. Alexis is pacing, when Nikolas asks her what Dr. Clay meant , when he said that Franco was pretending to be Jason. Alexis says that Franco is a psycho who will do anything to get what he wants. Nikolas says there's no point in figuring out Franco's motives. Alexis is upset that Franco is the only hope for Danny. Nikolas apologizes for not being match. Alexis says that at this point she'd take anyone. Alexis blames herself for putting Sam in this situation. Nikolas assures her that it's not her fault. Alexis is upset with herself for not being able to remember Sam's father's names.

In the exam room, Sam is also anxious, and feels helpless for not being able to help Danny. Silas and Monica both try to talk her out of it. Monica reminds her that she was hit in the head and had a concussion. Sam persists that she's fine, but Silas argues otherwise. Sam is about to leave, when Dante shows up.  "Did you find Franco?"  she asks.

Carly is carefully approaching Franco, who still thinks that he is Jason. Carly tells "Jason" that a lot or people are looking for him and Danny. He wonders how she found him, and she tells him that she knows him better than anyone.  "Jason" tells her that Danny will be fine. "As soon as this gets done." he mutters. Carly calls him Jase and asks him why he wants to hurt his son. "Jason" tells her "because Franco told me, too."

Back at the hospital, Dante doesn't have good news for Sam. Monica get upset when Dante mentions that Franco took the motorcycle, plus Danny. She wonders if he knows how to drive that thing. Dante says that they haven't received any accident reports. Sam says that the motorcycle has been sitting in the garage since, but can't bring herself to say death. Dante tells her that they got the security footage from the garage, and it looks like he was heading west. Silas asks Dante what's being done, and he tells gives him the list. Elizabeth is standing by, looking worried.  Sam says that Silas and Dante don't know what he's capable of. Jason could get past city limits, and slipped away so many times. Dante tells her that they have every cop in the city looking for Franco, not to mention Carly.

Carly is still negotiating with "Jason". She is surprised when "Jason" tells her that Franco was here, but now he's gone." Carly asks why Franco told him to hurt an innocent little boy. "Jason" says that he's innocent now, but he might not be when he grows up.  He tells her that he and Franco are twins, and have a sickness. and he thinks that he's passed it onto Danny. Carly tells him that none of what he's saying is true, and he's not going to pass on some dark streak to Danny. She moves in closer, and tells him, that Danny is very sick, and needs to go to the hospital. She tells him to give Danny to her right now.

In the park, Rafe tries to keep Molly's spirits up. Rafe tells her that he's been doing research online, and tells her that there are websites where you can raise awareness, and help people get tested. Molly thinks that's great, but she's still worried about Danny. She still thinks that it's a million to one chance of finding a donor. He says that everyone in the family has been tested except Franco. Molly says not everyone, and brings up Sam's father.

Back at the hospital, Nikolas tries to calm down Alexis. He tells her that she was rebelling against their morbidly, dysfunctional family, and that isn't a crime, is it? Nikolas tells her that she couldn't have known that she would've needed that little detail. Alexis says that she knows that rationally, but emotionally all she can think of, is her sick grandson. She wonders if Sam's father had children or if there is other family they can have tested. Nikolas tries to play devil's advocate, but feels too remorseful to listen. Alexis suddenly goes on about how Mikkos sent to her away to boarding school to protect her from Helena. And now she can't protect Danny. She called it a Greek tragedy, and Nikolas chuckles at the irony. She calls this the real Cassadine curse, and we're never going to be free of it. "It's the gift that keeps on giving, Alexis". Nikolas tells her.

Molly tells Rafe Alexis's story of how she was sent to boarding school , snuck out one night, got drunk and ended up pregnant.

At the Floating Rib, Taylor compares Molly to Stephanie Myers, who has a thing for vampires. Taylor calls Rafe "Vampire boy", but TJ tells her that doesn't matter. He tells her, that he just can't get over Molly. Taylor gets that she's getting dumped, and wants to go have a drink. TJ says she has one in front of her, but she wants a real drink. TJ reminds her she's not 21, and asks if she has a fake ID. "Who needs a fake ID?" she asks, as she sashays over to the bar. There's a sleazy looking  guy there, who introduces himself as Van. Taylor asks Van to buy her a drink.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy still denies knowing anything of Luke's condition. Laura doesn't buy it, and keeps pushing Tracy, who's at her wit's end.  Laura angrily mentions that she has kids, and grandkids with Luke. She demands to know what happened. Tracy finally breaks down, and tells her that it wasn't an accident, Luke was poisoned. Laura wants to know who did this, and Tracy tells her to think about it. Who hates Luke more than anyone else in the world? Oh my God!" she says.

In Danny's room, Nikolas and Alexis are talking about the Cassadine curse, and whether or she passed it onto Danny. Of course, they're not being serious, because it's her fault that she can't remember that name of Sam's father. Nikolas tries to be supportive, because Alexis feels so helpless. He wonders about Molly's theory, that Sam's father's name begins with a J.

In the park, Molly and Rafe are also discussing Alexis, and Sam's unknown father. Rafe suggests that they make a list of everyone Alexis knows that begins with a J.

Back at the hospital, Monica is unhappy to hear that Carly in involved. Silas is confused and asks if it's a good thing or bad thing that Carly is looking for Danny. In unison, and standing together, Elizabeth and Monica say "BAD!"  Sam doesn't necessarily agree, and asks Dante what happened. Dante says that Carly came to the penthouse, and told him about Franco, thinking he was Jason. He told to stay out of the way, and he would have a squad car take her home. When he got back, Carly had taken off, much to Monica's distress. Elizabeth tries to defend her, saying that she's only trying to help. Dante says that Franco might end up with two hostages instead of one. Silas chimes in and says that Franco may become increasingly erratic, because of the brain tumor. Silas tells Dante that that's also the reason Franco thinks he Jason. He tells Dante to warn his men. Just what Dante needs right now. Sam hopes that Carly can talk to Franco, because she knew Jason better than anyone. Sam admits that she didn't like it, but it's true. They discuss how Franco studied Jason, and with the special bond that Carly and Jason shared, maybe she can get to him, where we couldn't.

Carly is trying to do just that.  "Jason" thinks that Carly is lying to him, and that Franco got to her, like he got to Sam. She tells "Jason" that she could never lie to him, because, he always knew when she was lying.  Carly pleads with him to let her have Danny, because he has leukemia, and they have to get him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Elizabeth suddenly realizes where Carly might be. She calls Carly's number, but the phone just keeps ringing.

Carly continues to plead with "Jason" to let her have Danny. She says that he can trust her with his life, because Carly has always trusted Jason with hers. Carly manages to get Danny away from "Jason" , and finally answers the phone. Elizabeth tells Carly, it's her, and Carly tells her to tell everyone that she has Danny. Carly is off the bridge, and turns around when "Jason" calls her. He puts the gun to his throat, and says "I just wanted to say goodbye." Carly looks horrified, than asks "Jason" "What are you doing?"

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth keeps tries to keep talking to Carly, but the phone has gone dead. Silas asks her if she heard any noises or if she could tell if she was outside. Elizabeth says no, then Dante says that they might able to track her through the GPS. He asks Elizabeth for her phone, and she gladly hands it to them. Dante leaves to check the GPS. Hopefully Carly left her phone on. Monica hugs Sam, as Silas quietly watches.

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy has finally told Laura, about the DVD that Helena sent Luke. She tells her it was like Helena was gloating from the grave. Laura is horrified that Helena used Luke's own earring.  Tracy agrees that it's horrifying, then Laura asks her, why he left town, and refused treatment.  Tracy says that even the cure wasn't guaranteed. Tracy tells her about the clue that Helena left, saying that the cure wasn't at General Hospital. Tracy tells Laura that Luke thought that he figured it out, and wanted to look for it. Laura wonders if Luke is on a wild goose chase, and doesn't even know what's he looking for. "Not a what." says Tracy, "But a who"

In the park, Rafe and Molly are writing down all the men that Alexis knows that begin with a J. The first name on the list is Jerry Jacks. Rafe makes the mistake of asking who Jerry Jacks was. Molly tells him that he this total  psychopath who tried to poison the water system last year. "Another total psychopath?" says Rafe. "We do have a lot of them don't we?" When Rafe asks, Molly tells him, that Alexis had an affair with Jerry Jacks. She insists that Jerry couldn't have been Sam's father. She thinks that Alexis would've remembered if she had sex with him as a teen.

Back to The Floating Rib, where Van hands Taylor her drink, Sex on the Beach. TJ has been hovering in the background watching. Van says "I've done that for you. What are you going to do for me?" Taylor asks, "What do you want me to do?" TJ thinks Taylor is asking for trouble, and steps up. He tells Van that she's with me. Taylor says that they're just friends, like he said before.

In the park, Molly and Rafe keep trying to come up with names.  Molly is discouraged, but not ready to give up on finding help for Danny.

At the hospital, Alexis scoffs at the idea of using an Ouija board, but Nikolas laughs, and says considering our family. Nikolas lists a couple of famous plots  involving the Cassadines. Mikkos building an ice machine to control the world, and his father surviving a fall from a bottomless pit. "Please," says Alexis. "With Cassadines, not even death and taxes are certain." Nikolas says to her that if there's even the slightest possibility that the letter J could led them to a donor, isn't it worth considering?

Dante comes back to Sam's exam room and tells Sam and company, that Carly's phone is at the top of Allenford drive. Elizabeth realizes that it's the bridge, where Jason liked to go for rides. Silas says that he has to go with Dante, in case, Danny needs medical attention. Sam says that she's going too. Danny's her baby, and nobody's stopping her. She rushes past Dante and Silas, who have no choice, but to follow her.

Carly tries to talk "Jason" out of killing himself. He tells her to take Danny to the hospital. Carly tells him that she's not leaving him behind. "Jason" is haunted by his hallucination of Franco holding Elizabeth at gunpoint. Franco tells him that they're not that different. "Jason" is taking Imaginary Franco's words to heart. He tells Carly that he kills people, he killed Elizabeth.  He tells her that he was trying to Franco, but he killed Elizabeth instead, and now she's gone. He tells her that her kids are going to grow up without their mother because of him. Carly tells him that Elizabeth is alive, and she just spoke to her. "Jason" is convinced that he threw her  in the water, and that Franco jumped in after her. "Jason" tells her that it's his turn, and Carly desperately says that he can't do this to himself. Carly tells "Jason" again, that Elizabeth is alive, and he is just confused. "Jason" is frustrated, and says that his head hurts, and he wants to end it. "Jason" breaks down in tears, and tells Carly that he's got this thing in his head that feels like it's going to explode, and he just wants it to be over. "Jason" aims the gun at his throat, and as Carly clutches Danny, he says "Forgive me."

In the park, Molly and Rafe are still trying to come up with ways to find Sam's father. Rafe says that he' starving so they go and get something to eat. "As long as it's not Kelly's" says Molly. I don't want to run into TJ.

At the Floating Rib, Taylor is trying to ignore TJ, who's trying to get her away from sleazy Van. Van and Taylor start to leave, until TJ tells Van that Taylor is only 16. TJ says that he could be charged with rape. Van gets smart, even though Taylor says "I'm almost 17." Van doesn't want the hassle, and walks always. Taylor goes off on TJ for interfering.

Back at the hospital, Nikolas and Alexis are still going over the ways of how to find Sam's father. Like Molly and Rafe, they are still unaware of the drama going on around Danny. Nikolas plays shrink and tries to Alexis remember that night.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy tells Laura about Jerry Jacks and how he tried to poison the water system. Laura says that she thought Jerry Jacks died in an explosion. Tracy tells her that they never found the body. She tells her that Luke think that Jerry took the ransom money to pay for a cure. She says Jerry is the one chance that Helena was referring too. Laura gets Tracy upset when she says that Tracy let Luke, go off on a wild goose chase. Tracy tells her that she did try and go with him, but he ditched her. Tracy tells her about the note that he left. She had just finished reading it when she and Lulu showed up. Laura tells her that he may have gone without Tracy, but he's not going without her.

In the meantime, "Jason" holds a gun to his chest, while Carly tries to talk him down. She tells him that it's not evil ins his head, it's a brain tumor, and it's been there a really long time, and it's changed him. She tells him that's why he's in pain, and he's always had a good heart. She goes on to tells him that how she knows he would never hurt Danny, even if she hadn't shown up when she did. She tells him that even if Danny had some evil in him, he would've given him a second chance. Carly makes an emotional plea to Jason to put the gun down. She tells him that she loves him, ad can't lose him again. "Jason" breaks down. Jason is about to put the gun down, when Dante yells "Freeze!" He and Carly turn around to see Dante and two cops aiming their guns at them. Dante tells "Jason" to drop the gun, while Sam rushes up to Carly, and grabs Danny. Sam runs off while Carly stands in front of "Jason" refusing to move. There is a stand-off between "Jason", Carly and Dante and the cops.

In the meantime, Laura thanks Tracy for her help. Laura says that she's going to find Luke. Tracy asks what about your current husband. Laura tells her that her husband is her business. Laura tells Tracy that she thinks that Luke needs someone, and she thinks it her. Laura flounces off, but Tracy still looks upset.

At the Floating Rib, an angry TJ asks Taylor if she was really going to have sex with a stranger, just because he said he wanted to be friends. TJ tells her that he does care about her as a friend. "Why couldn't you just like me enough?" TJ reassures her that he does like her, and gives her a hug. Of course, that's when Rafe and Molly walk in. Molly wants to go someplace else.

Back at the hospital, Nikolas is still encouraging Alexis to remember. Elizabeth and Monica come in and Monica asks if there's any news. They wanted to be here when the police brought Danny in. Alexis is clueless, and asks "Why would the police be involved." Monica realizes that she doesn't know.

Near the bridge, Sam and Silas are checking out Danny, who seems to be okay. Carly tells Dante that "Jason" isn't going to shoot. Dante tells her to move, but she keeps talking to "Jason." Carly keeps telling "Jason" that he's going to be okay, and he can trust her. "Jason" realizes that she's saving him. He drops the gun, breaks down,  and collapses into Carly's repeating "I'm sorry."

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