GH Update Monday 7/22/13

General Hospital Update Monday 7/22/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

A girl named Penny tries to get Michael talking about ELQ at the bar. But he has his mind elsewhere. She asks if he has just gone through a break up, or something. Not knowing exactly how to answer that question, Michael repeats: “or something”.

Morgan proposes to Kiki who is very baffled and demands to know what he's doing. He clarifies to her that it's very simple. He's asking her to be his wife.

Ava is alone drinking remembering Dr. Clay demanding to know if Kiki is his daughter or not. AJ comes out of nowhere and observes her. She asks how long he's been there. He replies long enough to be able to tell that something or someone has driven her to drink.

Monica is at the hospital when she remembers a confrontation with a previous hospital rival.

Dr. Clay and Carly rush to find Sam who is passed out on the floor of her home. They are very worried that she might be breathing or even dead.

Franco (who may believe he's Jason or faking it) takes baby Danny with him on his motorcycle in the dark.

Kiki tells Morgan she's a little confused. He asks her why. Doesn't she know what marriage is all about. He then recalls her mom telling him that if Kiki finds out that she's not a Quartermaine, it will probably send her right to Michael's bed. He tells her that he does not want anything or anybody coming between them. She asks if this has something to do with Michael.

At the bar, Michael apologizes to Penny for being rude. She tells him it's completely ok. She knows very well what it's like to be going through a breakup. And she suggests that they stop the “ex's” talk. He tells her that sounds like a good idea.

Tracy finds Monica and demands to know what happened to the testing results. Monica tells Tracy she knows that Luke more than likely took them. Little do they know it's Laura's mom who stole the files. Lesley tells Laura that she “appealed to Monica's maternal side”. And she tells Laura that we mothers will do anything for their children.

Ava informs AJ that Franco had a seizure right in front of her. He asks what has become of that. She assures him that her ex husband is alive. And that's all that matters. But “lets just say”, she tells him, Franco is: “not himself”

Franco acts “protective” of Danny alone and unseen, revealing that he may seriously believe he is Jason.

When Carly and Dr. Clay revive Sam and she comes to, she assures them she is ok. She has the mistaken idea that Franco is upstairs with Danny.

Franco is alone with the baby holding him and telling him there is no one else in this whole town that he can trust. Suddenly, Elizabeth appears and asks him what about her?

Monica tells Tracy that she has to get back to work and does not tell Tracy what she implied she has to warn her about. Tracy calls to her demanding to know what she was going to warn her about.

Lesley shows Laura something that might scare her about Luke's test results.

Penny plays pool with Michael as they talk about their respective situations. But he keeps seeing, and cannot get his mind off of Kiki.

Kiki instantly demands to know if it's because she and Michael kissed. Is Morgan afraid of losing her. He tells her yes. She means so much to him. But he clearly does not tell her that primary reason for why he's proposing to her. He tells her that he was really upset that she and Michael kissed. But he is now certain that even before the two of them found out they were cousins, she has realized that Michael is not the one for her and he is.

When Franco sees Elizabeth on the bridge in the dark, he appears to be Jason and surprised to see her but trusting of her to know his secret. He tells her that he won't let Franco ruin her like he's ruined Sam. But right at that moment, a guy who looks just like Franco appears out of nowhere.

AJ talks to Ava about what would have happened if Franco died. He remarks that that would have ruined her master plan. Right then, Tracy enters and AJ tells his aunt that she might want to know about Ava's plan to take over ELQ.

Kiki tells Morgan he must realize that it's a little soon for the two of them to settle down and get married at their young age. She then remembers talking to AJ about the fact that she obviously has stronger feelings for his son, her cousin, than she has for Morgan.

While Michael is with Penny, although his mind is clearly elsewhere, she asks him if he wants to go somewhere alone.

Lesley tells her daughter she needs to brace herself for the fact that Luke's chances are not good. And the one person they might need to rely upon is Tracy.

AJ asks Ava why she is suddenly getting back with Franco when she hated, wanted to kill him and didn't want her daughter to know anything about him. It's obviously so that she can have voting shares with ELQ. Tracy listens and asks Ava if that's true. But before she can answer, Morgan and Kiki enter and he announces that they are getting married.

Dr. Clay tells Sam after she's suffered the bump on the head, she needs medical care. But she tells them she has to find Danny. But she agrees to go with him while Carly stays behind to try to find Danny.

When Franco appears, he holds a knife to Elizabeth and Franco (who believes he's Jason) points a gun on him demanding he lets her go. But then the gun goes off and Elizabeth falls to the ground.

Michael's mind is clearly elsewhere when Penny asks if he wants to come home with her. She tells him there are no hard feelings. He is clearly not over that girl.

When Morgan and Kiki announce to Ava, AJ and Tracy that they are getting married, AJ remarks that they are barely 10 years old. Tracy then assumes that Morgan must have knocked up her niece. The three of them watch the two “young lovers” trying to appear like they are meant for each other but don't buy it for a minute.

Carly goes to find Dante and tells him that although she did not believe a word Franco said and thought he was obviously faking a “belief” that he is Jason, she now is considering that it might really be what's happening. It could be that he's been so disgusted for who he is, he wants to be Jason and seriously believes that. Now she knows that the main thing they have to do right away before anything else is find Danny.

On the bridge, Franco appears to believe he's Jason protectively holding baby Danny and incapable of saving Elizabeth from” the demon” who kills her and throws her in the river. And “the demon” tortures him that it's just the two of them.

Elizabeth is alive and well at the hospital, proving this whole scene to be a figment of Franco's imagination. Not far away, Sam enters after getting knocked out by Franco.

Franco “hears” the demon telling him that “he” (as Jason) obviously has had an imaginary love with Elizabeth. It was the only way to get Sam to notice him. So there's obviously a reason why Franco has created this person. The guy tells him (addressing Jason) that “he” has had it all. But “he” (Franco) has had nothing. So he's going to get revenge upon Jason.

Monica notices Sam and demands to know what Franco did to her and to Monica's grandson. Dr. Clay tells them that Franco does in fact have a brain tumor and it's entirely possible that he really does believe that he's Jason.

Franco again hears “himself” (the demon addressing Jason) telling him that Monica and the entire family welcomed him into the family and showered him with love and affection. But “he” (Franco talking to him) talks about how he was switched at birth and they all wanted him to be a Moore instead of Monica's son. He demanded to know about his birth and life and they told him about this twin brother he had. And he's discovered that Jason's life was supposed to be his. Franco holds baby Danny, faces the guy, and while playing Jason, asks why Franco did not find him., The guy tells him he did find him. He's finally back after having everyone believing he's died.

Carly urges Dante to let her come with him to find Franco. But he tells her the cops have to do this alone and she needs to stay out of it.

Franco hears the guy addressing him, as Jason, telling him that the killer was in both of them. And that's how Jason made his living. Franco had to “create him” just like Jason. And he tells him that he “created” the demon.

Laura tells Lesley that she is determined to find Luke. Even though she's married to Scotty, she has to find Luke. Her mom tells her that maybe she has to give Luke what he wants which is letting him go. Laura asks if she should let Luke die alone. That is not an option for her, for her kids or grandkids. They all need him. Lesley then agrees.

Tracy tells Morgan and Kiki that she will break out the drinks to celebrate. Alone with Kiki, AJ tells her it's obviously sudden and he thinks he knows what prompted this. She tells him that Morgan asked her. He asks her why Morgan popped the question clear out of the blue. She obviously cannot answer that. In another corner, Ava takes Morgan aside and demands the same answer. He tells her that sooner or later “the truth” will come out. And she has incentive to keep a secret for him so that he keeps a secret for her. Right then, Kiki calls to her mom and boyfriend and asks what they were talking privately about. AJ goes to privately call Michael on his phone to inform his son that Kiki and Morgan are getting married. Michael is clearly outraged and his father is not surprised although he tells his son that that was probably Kiki's attempt to get over him. He suggests that Michael do the same, but Michael obviously is not about to do that.

On the bridge, Franco hears “the demon” telling him that he brought out this madness that was lurking inside him. Franco plays Jason and tells the person he believes is Franco that he brought it all on himself. But the demon tells him that they are all a family of madness. They and Heather are the way they are. Jason should be grateful that Jake died. He could have turned out like him. Franco, as Jason tells him to shut up and walks away. But the demon tells him that maybe he realizes that Danny could turn out the same way. So maybe “Jason” has to accept the fact that his son may die. He smugly tells Jason that he has an obvious solution. He has to “end” Danny. The demon jumps in the river and disappears. Franco is obviously spooked.

At the hospital, after Monica hears Dr. Clay telling her and telling Sam that it's entirely certain that Franco believes he's Jason, Sam urges her mother in law not to buy that. Monica tells her it's entirely possible that the brain tumor is causing just that. But she's not worried. Sam must know if Franco believes he's Jason and has Danny with him, he definitely will not hurt him.

After hearing that Jason's son might be “doomed” to carry the bad seed of their family, Franco faces Danny, holds him up looking out over the water and tells the baby that this may be the only way to save him. Before he can drop Danny, Carly appears and calls to Jason. He turns to see her startled and hesitates before he can end Danny's life.

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