GH Update Friday 7/19/13

General Hospital Update Friday 7/19/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Leslie is interrupted by Monica as she looks at Lukeís medical records. Monica demands to know what Leslie is doing and why she is breaking into confidential medical records, then threatens to throw Leslie out of the hospital.

At Jakeís, Michael orders a drink, then is joined by Felix. Felix asks how things have been going, but gets the feeling that things are not going well for Michael. He guesses that Michael is experiencing girl trouble.

Kiki runs into the Quartermaine living room to find AJ there. AJ asks if there is something wrong, then offers to listen to Kiki and help her. Kiki says the only way he could help is if he were to find Morgan and apologize to him for her.

At the hospital, Morgan demands to know why Ava lied to Silas about Kikiís age, saying that she is 19 instead of 21. Ava accuses Morgan of eavesdropping. Morgan concludes that Franco is not Kikiís father, but Silas is.

Silas grabs Danielís file as he walks into Danielís room to find him gone. A nurse walks in, and Silas asks what she did with his patient. The nurse says that she thought Daniel was with Silas.

Sam rushes into her penthouse, calling out for Franco. Franco comes down the stairs, dressed in Jasonís clothes, telling Sam that they donít have to worry because Franco is not there. They are alone.

At the hospital, Patrick explains to Carly about Francoís brain tumor, and how it could cause delusions, causing Franco to believe that he is Jason. Carly tries to convince Patrick that Franco is faking, bribed a tech or hacked into the database, but she believes that he is faking. Patrick offers to order another set of tests, but is confident that they will come back exactly the same. Patrick and Elizabeth try to convince Carly that there is no way Franco is faking.

Franco tells Sam that they need to talk about their son. Sam wants to know where Daniel is, and demands that Franco tell her. Franco asks Sam if she is ok, then tells her that he is Jason.

Leslie attempts to play the friend card with Monica, but Monica tells Leslie that they were never friends. Leslie then tells Monica that she was checking her e-mail. Monica still isnít believing it as she notices that Leslie is wearing a doctorís coat. Leslie says that she is, in fact, a doctor, but Monica says that she is not a doctor in that hospital, and starts to call security. Leslie tells her that she is consulting on a case for a colleague. When Monica requests the name of the colleague, Leslie says that it is none of her business. Monica insists that it is her business since she is the Chief of Staff at the hospital, and she needs to look out for all those who work there. Leslie snips that the only doctors Monica cares about are the ones she can trick into her bed.

AJ attempts to help Kiki think of where Morgan could be. After determining that Morgan has been away from Port Charles too long to have any friends, AJ offers to call Carly and Sonny for her. Kiki says it is a conversation that she canít have with them and she starts to leave. AJ goes after her to stop her, but she tells him that she will find Morgan on her own. AJ then tells her that they need to have a conversation about Michael.

Felix notices that Michael is having quite a bit to drink. Michael promises not to drink too much, and Felix comments that it is a good policy not to have too much as it messes with decision making skills. He then reminds Michael that Michael disappeared to Brendaís room with her during the Nursesí Ball. Michael is surprised to hear that this is common knowledge, and Felix mentions that it was all over Twitter. Felix tells Michael that he got over served and ended up in bed with the wrong woman, but it wonít happen again. Michael tells him to guess again.

Ava warns Morgan to stay out of their business. Morgan tells Ava that Kiki is his girlfriend, and asks if he is expected to stay quiet. Ava tells Morgan that thereís nothing to say. Morgan says he heard the conversation, and how Ava lied about Kikiís age to throw Silas off track. Ava guides Morgan into a private room and confesses to having been involved with Silas a long time ago, but it ended because Silas would make baseless accusations. Morgan asked why she would lie to Silas. Ava claims a misunderstanding, so Morgan asks if she has a problem with him tracking Silas down and clearing things up, if thatís the case.

Silas asks the nurse why he would have Daniel. He asks if another nurse has Daniel or if more tests were ordered as he doesnít see any on the chart. He asks the nurse if Sam has Daniel, but the nurse says that Sam was looking for him, too. Silas asks where Sam is. The nurse tells him that Sam had an idea where Daniel is and left. Silas asks where Sam left to go.

Carly tells Patrick that she knows Jason wasnít his favorite person, then appeals to Elizabeth as someone who loved Jason to tell Patrick how ridiculous the story is. Carly continues to insist that Franco is playing a game and pretending to think heís Jason. Patrick says he isnít dismissing that possibility, but tells Carly that the tumor is real.

Franco insists to Sam that he is Jason. Sam tells him that his saying that is sick, even for him. He tells her that he fought to get back to her so that they can be a family. Sam tells him that they are not a family. Franco tells Sam that she has forgotten, and thatís his fault. He says he needs to remind her. He grabs her and kisses her.

Monica tells Leslie that ďitĒ was 30 years ago. Leslie asks which ďitĒ she is talking about, then proceeds to remind her of several times that sheíd been unfaithful. Leslie then reminds her of how she vouched for her with Steve Hardy when her job was on the line, and how she delivered AJ for her. Monica apologizes for her attitude with Leslie, citing family issues. Leslie has heard about Daniel, and asks if a donor has been found yet. Monica tells her not yet. Leslie expresses condolences, then offers to help if there is anything she can do. Monica thanks her and apologizes as well. Leslie asks if she wants to prove that sheís sorry.

AJ assumes that Kikiís problem involves Michael. He says that he knows what happened between Kiki and Michael. She is surprised to hear that Michael told AJ about it. Kiki tells him that she and Michael didnít know that they were cousins when they first got together. AJ asks how it happened. She tells him how she hated Michael at first, but came to realize that he was just being protective of Morgan because he loves Morgan. She comments on what a good person Michael is. AJ tells her that Michael had been through a lot, and it has made him the person he is today, but they need to end it. Kiki tells him that she and Michael are over, but she has to find Morgan or she and Morgan will be over, too.

Ava tells Morgan that thereís no reason for him to put himself into a family issue. Morgan tells her that Kiki is his girlfriend, so it involves him, too. Ava tells him how she has gone out of her way to support their relationship, and how much she has done to help him. She tells him how much she likes him, but she doesnít like this side of Michael. She tells him that if he speaks out of turn, he will hut Kiki. Morgan tells her that he saw how upset Kiki was when she found out that Franco was her father, then saw her reaction to Franco being brought into the hospital, beaten up. He tells Ava that Kiki has the right to know if someone else is her father. Ava asks if Kiki should know, even if it pushes her into Michaelís arms.

Michael tries to change the subject away from is love life. Felix asks if he is still sleeping with Brenda, but Michael says he is not, and never had slept with her. Felix tells him everything he heard about that night, but Michael confesses that Brenda set the whole thing up to upset Carly.  Felix wonders how Sonny would have felt since Brenda used to be Michaelís stepmother. He then muses that at least Brenda wasnít a blood relative. Michael puts his head on the table and Felix halfheartedly comforts him.

Silas tries to call Sam but gets no answer.

Sam pushes Franco away from him and punches him.

Carly proves to Patrick that Franco was able to hack into the hospital system by reminding Elizabeth how Franco kidnapped Aiden using that very same method. She tells Patrick that Jason had a brain tumor, too, but it didnít do this to Jason. Carly tells him of all the things that Franco does, and how he does it to mess with people, and how he enjoys it. Patrick tells her that brain tumors are very unpredictable. Carly tells Patrick to go ahead and believe his test results she will get the truth out of Franco, no matter what.

Franco asks Sam why she hit him. She tells him if he touches her again, she will kill him. She starts to call the police when Franco takes her phone. He is convinced that Franco has gotten to her and has convinced her that he is not Jason. She asks where Daniel is. Franco tells her that Daniel is fine and is upstairs sleeping. She starts to go get him when Franco stops her, telling her that sheís not going anywhere near Daniel.

Monica is surprised that Leslie wants restitution after 30 years. Leslie suggests calling it a ďfavorĒ. She confesses to Monica that she is not there to consult with a colleague, but on a family matter. After assuring Monica that Laura is ok, she tells Monica about the situation with Luke. When Leslie tells Monica that she doesnít even know if the test results are under Lukeís name, because they claimed to be there for Tracy, Monica says that explains it. She tells Leslie that there has been talk about tests for Tracy, but nothing could be found in the hospital records. Leslie tells Monica that the tests were for Luke, and that Laura is afraid that Luke is seriously ill. Leslie tells Monica that she promised Laura that she would find out for her. She tells Monica that she canít get the information without her help.

AJ tells Kiki that if things are over between her and Michael, thereís no reason she would lose Morgan. Kiki tells AJ that Michael confessed everything to Morgan. AJ is upset over the potential for an incest scandal for the family.

Michael orders another drink as Felix tells Michael that drinking alone is never a good idea. Michael points out that Felix is there with him, but Felix tells him that he is there with friends, as he indicates the two ladies at the bar nearby. Felix tells Michael that he is there to drink to forget Brad cornering him in the locker room. Felix tells Michael that Brad doesnít know the meaning of the word no, and Michael agrees. Felix asks him what he means by that, and Michael tells him that Brad tried to blackmail him into having sex with him. Felix asks for more details.

Morgan tells Ava that Kiki isnít getting with Michael, and Ava tells Morgan not yet. Morgan tells Ava how solid he and Kiki are. Ava reminds Morgan of his concerns over Kiki and Michael. Morgan is confident that Kiki doesnít want Michael. Ava asks if Kiki is with Morgan because she wants to be or because she canít have Michael. She advises Morgan that as long as Kiki and Michael continue to believe that they are related, Kiki will have no reason to be with Michael. Michael asks if itís true that Michael and Kiki are not related, and Ava confirms to Morgan that they are not. She then urges Morgan that he doesnít want that to get out any more than she does.

Carly rushes into Danielís room, looking for Sam just as Silas finishes a call. Carly and Sam introduce themselves, and Carly tells Silas that she was hoping that Sam could help her find Franco. Silas tells Carly that Sam isnít there. Carly asks if Silas can help her find Franco. Silas refuses to give her the information, due to hospital policy. Carly threatens to check every room in the hospital for Franco. Silas tells her that would be bad for the patients, then suggested she tell him why she is looking for Franco. Carly tells Silas that Franco is faking a brain tumor.

Franco continues to refuse to allow Sam near Daniel. He says that she is confused, and it is clear that Franco got to her because she doesnít know who he is. He tells her that when she calms down and is reasonable, he will let her see Daniel. As he speaks, she goes to her closet and retrieves a gun from the gun box, then loads it. She tells Franco that she warned him that if he touched her again, she would kill him. She trains her gun on Franco, ordering him out of her way or she will keep her promise.

Morgan tries to process the information that Michael and Kiki are not cousins while Ava encourages him to accept it. Morgan wants to know why itís such a big secret that Silas is Kikiís father. Ava wonít share that reason, and urges Morgan to keep the news about Michael and Kiki secret, telling him that he isnít lying to them, just keeping the news from them. Morgan tells her that itís too huge, and that it defines who Kiki is. Ava admires Morganís principles, but reminds him that the truth will cost him Kiki. She tells him that the minute Kiki finds out the truth, she will go straight to Michael. Morgan disagrees, saying that Kiki loves him, and will choose him. Ava asks if heís sure enough about that to gamble on it.

Kiki canít believe that AJ is concerned about the scandal, and doesnít seem to be concerned over how much Michael is hurting. AJ tells Kiki that Michael is his top priority. He tells her how hard Michael worked to help save ELQ, and that if the stock tanks that will hurt Michael. He also tells Kiki how hard the press will hit Michael if they learn what happened. Kiki tells him that the press wonít hear anything because the only kiss that Morgan knows about is the one that happened before she and Michael knew they are related. Kiki tells AJ that she has to find Morgan to do damage control before Morgan dumps her. AJ asks why she is bothering. He wonders if she cares enough about her relationship with Morgan to try to save it.

Felix asks what Brad has on Michael, but Michael doesnít want to say. Michael tells Felix he neutralized Brad by warning him that if Brad bothers him again, he is giving Brad up to Monica. Felix finds it hard to believe that he would tell Monica what is going on with Brad. Michael tells him that he will tell Monica that something sketchy is going on between Brad and Britt. Michael says that they were definitely scheming against someone. Felix guesses that the someone in question is Patrick.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that Franco is going to require major surgery. Elizabeth goes to clear Patrickís schedule, but Patrick tells her how such a new case is already messing up his life with Emma and Britt. They discuss how friendly Nikolas and Britt are becoming. Patrick is sure that Nikolas will eventually see Britt for who she is.

Monica asks Leslie if she is supposed to ignore her ethical and legal obligations to her patients. Leslie says that they can call it that, or they can call it one mother helping another. Leslie tries to convince Monica how important their children are, and how much they would do for them. Monica tells her that Luke is entitled to his privacy, and that if he wanted Laura to know, heíd tell her. Leslie tells Monica that this is true, but sometimes mothers have to do things to help their families that trump other considerations. She reminds Monica of all she did to help AJ. Leslie asks Monica to look away for two minutes so she can get her information.

Silas asks Carly how she knows Franco is faking a brain tumor. Carly tells him itís because she knows Franco, and knows how he loves to play mind games. Carly tells him that even if the tumor is real, thereís no way that Franco believes that he is Jason. Silas tells her that he was there when Franco regained consciousness, and he thought that Franco was faking it. Carly tells Silas that he is.  Silas tells her that if Patrick is right, and the tumor is real, even though itís rare, it is possible that Franco could believe that he is Jason. Silas gets on the phone and requests the whereabouts of Franco.

Franco tells Sam to put the gun down, but Sam orders Franco out of the way. She tells him that Daniel is sick and needs to be in the hospital. Franco tells her that Daniel is not safe in the hospital. Sam warns him that if he doesnít move, she will shoot him. Franco tells her that this isnít her, and that she will not shoot him. She cocks the hammer of her gun and tells him to watch her.

Ava tries to convince Morgan that Kiki is conflicted between Morgan and Michael. She tells him that things will be less complicated and chance if Kiki never knows the truth. Morgan asks what will keep Silas from asking questions if he keeps Avaís secret. Ava tells Morgan that she will deal with Silas, he just needs to deal with Kiki, and do whatever he needs to do to hold onto Kiki.

AJ tells Kiki that if she was distracted enough by Michael to kiss him, maybe her relationship with Morgan isnít what she wants. Kiki tells him that she had never really thought about the future, and that Morgan is not someone she is going to mess around with and then drop. AJ wonders if Kiki is trying to convince him or herself of how much her relationship with Morgan means to her. Kiki tells AJ what Morgan means to her. AJ hopes sheís telling the truth for everyoneís sake. He urges her to take time to think about the future, because she may not have a future with Michael, but she could with Morgan.

Michael tells Felix that whatever Brad is hiding is important enough for him to drop his demand for sex. Felix tells Michael that Brad is not representative of the gay community, because most of them know not to lust after straight men. Michael tells Felix that Milo is straight. Felix says that while he admired Milo, thatís as far as it went. Felix tells Michael that Brad crossed the line, then apologized on behalf of gay men everywhere for Bradís behavior. Felix offers to make it up to Michael. Michael thanks him, but says all he needs right now is help getting over a girl.

Leslie tries to urge Monica to let her have the time to look at the records. Monica tells Leslie that she thought she just heard herself being paged. She tells Leslie that she should only be gone for a minute, two at the most. Monica leaves Leslie to look for Lukeís records.

Silas gets off the phone after ordering that security be contacted. He tells Carly that Franco isnít in his room and the staff has lost track of him. Carly isnít surprised. Silas thinks that Franco is gone, and must have taken Daniel with him. Carly wants to tell Sam, but Silas is sure that Sam knows. He urges Carly to think like Jason, and try to figure out where Franco has taken Daniel. Carly says that she has an idea, then tells Silas to come with her as she leaves.

Sam warns Franco that he has the count of three to move. As she counts, he tries to talk her into putting the gun down. When she refuses, he approaches her, they struggle over the gun and there is a gunshot.

Leslie is able to find Lukeís records and finds that Luke has been poisoned with Polonium 210. She prints out the records as Monica returns. Leslie thanks Monica, but Monica asks her for what. For letting her check her email? Leslie leaves her.

Elizabeth tells Patrick how Britt is going to make Nikolas feel sorry for her, but Patrick says she doesnít have to convince him, because he knows what sheís capable of. Elizabeth tries to convince Patrick to talk to Nikolas, but Patrick asks why Elizabeth doesnít talk to Nikolas since theyíre close. Elizabeth doesnít want Nikolas to think she has an ulterior motive, and sheís also concerned over what AJ would think.

AJ tells Kiki that he hopes he didnít overstep with her. Kiki assures him that he hasnít, and that he also gave her something to think about. AJ leaves to give her some privacy. As AJ leaves the room, Morgan arrives through the back door.

Felix asks who the girl Michael is trying to forget is. Michael says that he canít say. Felix guesses that the girl in question is special, then asks what the problem is. Michael asks him if he has ever fallen for someone that he couldnít have. Felix leads Michael away from the bar, telling him that thereís a surefire way of getting over a girl he canít have, and thatís but getting with another girl. Felix introduces his two lady friends to Michael, telling them that Michael is single.

Morgan tells Kiki that he was looking for her at the boathouse. Kiki says that she looked for him there, too, but they need to talk. She says she knows that Michael talked to him, but Morgan doesnít want to talk about Michael. Morgan takes her hand, gets down on a knee and asks her to marry him.

Ava looks at a photo of herself with Kiki, then at Kikiís birth certificate, looking at Silasí name on the birth certificate.

Carly takes Silas to Samís penthouse. Silas opens the door to go in first.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that he will consider talking to Nikolas, but no promises. Patrick says he needs to go find Franco to share the news about the tumor with him. Elizabeth tells Patrick how ironic it is that Franco tortured Jason, and now he thinks heís Jason. Patrick tells her that whether itís ironic or not, if Franco isnít operated on, the brain tumor will kill him soon.

Silas walks into the penthouse to find Sam unconscious on the floor. He rushes to her, calling out to her, then looks her over.

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