GH Update Thursday 7/18/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/18/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Scotty and Laura are at Kelly's, and it's obvious that she's worried about something. Scotty asks if she likes her BLT, and she says yes. Laura says that she's worried about Luke. She doesn't like not knowing where he is. Scotty reminds her that that's Luke's pattern, but Laura feels that Luke seemed troubled. Scotty said that he tried talking to Tracy, but wasn't successful.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy is reading Luke's letter again. She has a hard time keeping it together, and ends up crying. Monica comes into the living room, wondering what Tracy is doing, sitting in the dark. She asks Tracy if she is alright, and Tracy says "It's fine." Tracy quickly wipes her tears away, before Monica can see her. Tracy asks how little Daniel Edward is doing. and if she' a match. Monica says no she isn't, and thanks for asking. They are still looking for a bone marrow donor. Tracy says that she must be very worried about him. Monica says she is but she's also worried about Tracy.

Outside of Kelly's, Morgan is checking to see if he's heard from Kiki yet. Michael comes outside, and says that he was going to call him. Morgan asks Michael why, and he says that they need to talk about Kiki.

Silas catches up to Sam in Franco's room, and tells her that Franco has been taken for a Cat scan. "Why does he need a Cat scan?" asks Kiki. 

Patrick and Elizabeth have walked back to the nurse's station, where he explains to her why they sent Franco for a Cat scan. Elizabeth asks Patrick if he thinks Franco is pretending to be Jason. Patrick tells her that he's on his way to pick up the results, and they will know very soon.

Danny is awake and crying as Franco enters his room. He shushes him, and tells him to be quiet. He fusses over and says "Hello son."

In Franco's room, Silas asks Kiki who she is so points to Ava, and says "Her daughter." Sam wants to go back to Danny's room to check on him. Kiki wants to know what's going on with Franco. Silas starts to leave with Sam but is distracted by Kiki, and says to Ava "I never knew you had a daughter."

In Danny's room, Franco picks him up to comfort him. He tells Danny that he will take care of him, and that everything will be okay. He says that Danny doesn't even remember him He introduces himself as Jason and tells Danny, that "I'm your daddy."

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy tries to brush off Monica's concerns. Monica is sure that Tracy was crying when she came in.

Morgan gets upset with Michael about obsessing over Kiki. Michael tries to get Morgan to remember all the times, when all they had was each other. Morgan is angry and resentful about Sonny and Carly. Morgan appreciates how Michael always had his back, but Morgan tells him that lately he's really been grating on him. Michael wants to be brothers again, and Morgan wants that too. He tells Michael about his run in with Sonny, and he wanted to talk to Michael, but he couldn't. Michael wants to clear the air, and start over, but Morgan doesn't trust him anymore. Morgan wants to trust Michael again, but first he wants Michael to tell him what happened between him and Kiki. Michael looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

At the hospital, Silas is fascinated with the news that Ava has a daughter. Ava tells him that there a lot of things he doesn't know about her. Sam startles Silas, when she asks "What does any of this have to do with Franco?"

Elizabeth is at the nurse's station, when Carly comes marching in. Carly calls after Elizabeth, who tries to ignore her, unsuccessfully. Carly tells her that she heard about Franco and wants to know how he is. "Dead, I hope" Elizabeth tells her, no but that he did have a seizure. Carly asks if he's suffering, and Elizabeth tells her, "No, he's making everyone else suffer."

In Franco's room, Sam demands to see Franco, and Silas tells her that Franco is manipulating everyone into believing that he's Jason. Kiki wants to know how that could happen. Silas tells her that Franco had a seizure, and when he woke up, he told the neurologist that his name was Jason. Sam calls Franco a liar, and says that he wants to hurt her, like he always does. Kiki defends her father and says that if he had a seizure, he might actually be confused. Silas tells them that Dr. Drake gave Franco a Cat scan, and as soon as he gets the results back, he will fill them all in. Sam says she's going to check on Danny. Ava tries to get Kiki to follow suit, but Silas still has questions for her. He asks Kiki who her father is.

In Danny's room, Franco has picked up Danny, and is now comforting him. Franco talks to him as Jason, and says that he will protect him. People don't realize how dangerous Franco is, he tells him, but they need a plan. He holds Danny close and asks him for any ideas. "Aw yes, that's good one. That's what they'll do.

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy gets defensive when Monica accuses her of hiding something. Monica tells her that Alexis told her about Tracy having medical problems. They have a snark off, before Monica tells her that Alexis thought she already knew. Monica wants to know what's up with Tracy, but Tracy goes off on Alexis. Monica tells her that Alexis was concerned that if Tracy were ill, then she wouldn't be able to be a bone marrow match for Danny. Tracy softens a little bit, and tells her that she knows how worried she is about her grandson. Monica says that she's worried about Tracy, too, and took the liberty to look up Tracy's medical records. Monica tells her that there weren't any, and wants to know why. Tracy gets defensive again, and turns away. Monica grabs her arm, and wants to know what's going on.

Back at Kelly's, Scotty is still upset over Laura's concern for Luke, and doesn't think that Lulu is the reason for it. He wonders if she still has feelings for Spencer.

On the patio, Morgan demands that if Michael really wants to be brothers again, then Michael has to tell him what went on between him and Kiki. Michael stammers, then takes a deep breath. He tells Morgan how he didn't like Kiki, at first, because he thought she was using him. Morgan is like, tell me something I don't know. Morgan is still angry with Michael for confiding in Kiki before him about the rape. Michael tries to explain how it messed him up to hear that Franco didn't mean for him to be raped. He says that the whole night was a mess, with AJ blaming Sonny and Carly, and that how he never thought he would have to deal with that again. He tells Morgan that Kiki was just there, and she was great. Morgan says that he's been telling him that all along, but still doesn't understand what changed. Michael tells Morgan that he was protecting him, but Morgan is still upset that Michael confided in Kiki instead of him. Michael tells him that he stopped seeing Kiki as a problem, and more of a friend. Morgan gets snarky because he hasn't heard about this. Michael tells him that right before they found out they were cousins, Kiki came over to the apartment looking for Morgan. She was upset about her father, and they bonded over their fathers, because of everything he went through AJ. Michael stammers to get the words out that he and Kiki got close. Morgan refuses to let Michael off the hook, so Michael confesses that he and Kiki kissed. 

Back in Franco's room, Kiki is getting weirded out by Silas's interest in her. Ava warns Silas to stay away from Kiki, and Silas wants to know why. Ava tells him that Franco is Kiki's father, and Silas asks Kiki if that's true. Kiki is really getting upset with Silas's behavior. Kiki turns the tables on Silas, and asks why he's so interested.

At the nurses' station, Carly can't believe what Elizabeth just told her. As Carly follows her around, Elizabeth tells her how she was at the nurse's station when Franco was brought to the elevators. She says that he called out to her, and told her it was Jason. Carly is horrified to hear Franco trashing Jason's memory, after everything he did to him. Carly is convinced that Franco is using Jason, the same way he lured them all to the Haunted Star, by using Jason's picture. Elizabeth tells her that Patrick said that he was confused but seemed sincere. Carly goes on a rant against Franco, believing that he's doing this deliberately to hurt them. Carly says that they don't need a picture of Franco's brain to know he's lying. "Who does?" she asks "I do." says Patrick, who's returned with the results. He holds up the flash drive, that has a chain on it.

Sam has returned to Danny's room and freaks out, when she finds him gone.

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy admonishes Monica for looking for records that weren't there. She suspects that Tracy hired Spinelli to expunge them. Monica tells her that she knows how she was raised, and that Edward brought her up to be a warrior. Monica says that Tracy doesn't want to appear sick, so that it can't be used against her. She doesn't want to appear weak in her battle to win  ELQ over AJ. Tracy tells her to go ahead, and run to AJ with this news. Monica wants to know where Tracy's records are.

At the same time, Laura is stunned, that Scotty is angry over this. She says that he even agreed to go to Tracy to get  information from her. He tells her that he was trying to a good husband, and go beyond the call of duty. He tells her that he wants her to concentrate on her life, their life together. He reminds her that he's running for District Attorney, and she's starting a business with Lucy. "Spencer can drop dead, so he never has to talk about him again!" he shouts at her. He storms off, as Lesley comes in. "Hello Lesley. Goodbye Lesley." says Scotty. "Hello Son. Goodbye Son." answers Lesley. "What's that all about?" Lesley asks her daughter.

At the hospital, Carly tries to talk Patrick into letting her see Franco's brain scan. Patrick insists that it's medical staff only, and he and Elizabeth leave to go into an exam room. Carly hangs around waiting. Elizabeth rattles on about Franco pretending to be Jason, and wonders if it's possible that Franco has a brain tumor. Elizabeth reminds us that Jason had a brain tumor. Patrick says I remember because that's what brought him to Port Charles. Patrick brings up the image and it doesn't look good.

Sam runs around looking for help, and finally finds a nurse. "Where's my son?" she asks frantically. "Where's Danny Morgan?"

Franco has gone to Jason's penthouse, where he tells Danny that he'll be safe. He says that people don't realize how dangerous Franco is. He still believes that he is Jason. He tells him that it's a father job to keep his children safe.

Silas is still questioning Kiki about her father. Ava intercedes, by telling Kiki that Dr. Clay is Danny's doctor, and he's just making sure, that he's got all the bases covered. He just wants to make sure that all family members have been tested. She tells Silas that Kiki is Franco's daughter, and that she's been tested. "That's all you need to know."

On Kelly's patio, Morgan jumps up from the table, when he hears that Michael kissed his girl friend. Michael follows suit, and tells Morgan that they both felt bad about it. They swore it would never happen again. Morgan explodes saying that it never should've happened because was his girlfriend not to mention that they're cousins. Morgan says that about being brothers, Michael can forget it. Out of nowhere Morgan decks him so hard, that Michael falls down. Morgan takes off, and Michael asks where he's going. Morgan says that he's going to have it out with Kiki. Michael tries to stop him but he's not fast enough.

In Franco's room, Kiki is freaked out by Silas and Ava's behavior. Ava tells her that she has to leave, but Kiki still wants to wait for her Dad. A desperate Ava tells her that they don't know how long the tests will take. She says that things are very confused right now. She's not even sure if Franco will know who she is. She says that he thinks he's Jason, and not Kiki's father. Kiki asks if she thinks he' being legit, because everyone thinks he's lying. Ava says that it seemed real to her, and that he was very agitated. She thinks that it would upset Kiki to see him that way. Ava finally convinces Kiki to go and spend some time with Morgan. Kiki says that this room is to creepy for me. She tells Silas "Congratulations, Doc. You can be weird with my mom all by yourself now." and storms off. An angry Ava closes the door behind her, and turns to Silas asking "What is your problem?" Silas straight out asks her, "Is she my daughter?"

Back at Kelly's, Lesley and Laura are talking about Luke, and Laura's suspicions. Laura tells Lesley that she knows Luke, and when something is really wrong, he is like a wild animal  who's gone off to lick his wounds. She tells her that he needs them badly, and it's heartbreaking to her, cause he won't ask them for help. She tells her that she knows Tracy knows something and that she won't tell them.  Laura is at a loss as to how to help Luke, but Lesley says that she knows what to do.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy is still denying that she is sick. Monica admits that she cares about Tracy, so Tracy asks her to trust her. She says that there is nothing wrong with her, and blames the missing records on GH staff. She tells Monica to basically mind her own business, causing Monica to leave in a huff. "Damn you, Luke Spencer" she swears, after Monica leaves. "The trouble you are bringing me with your secret."

Back at the hospital, Silas badgers Ava about Kiki being his daughter. Ava and Silas end up having a bitter fight. Of course, that's when Morgan shows up. He can hear them in the hallway , and makes the bad decision to listen in.

Kiki has gone to Kelly's, where she freaks when she finds Michael there. She says that he's there, so she has to leave. He tells that he's been trying to call her. She gets upset when he says that because they're supposed to be avoiding each other. She has her back to him, but he pleads with to listen to him. She turns around, and is shocked to see his face. She asks him what happened, and he tells her that Morgan hit him. He tells her that he knows that they kissed.

Morgan is still eavesdropping on Ava and Silas. Silas wants proof that he's not Kiki's father.

In the exam room, Patrick shows Elizabeth, that Franco has a tumor in the exact same place that Jason's was. Carly bursts in, just as he says that.

Sam is back in Danny's room, questioning the nurse she found. The nurse says that maybe another family member took him for a walk. Sam says that they were here when she left, but they texted her about going to get something to eat. She says that she came back and he was gone. No one else was authorized to take him anywhere. The nurse tries to calm Sam, saying that maybe he was taken for some tests. She goes to find out some information.

As Sam looks at the empty crib, Franco talks to Danny and shows him a picture of Jason, Danny, and Sam. He says they were so happy that day. He wishes that they could've frozen time.

Back at Kelly's, Laura asks her mother, "What can you do?" "Well, my darling, you may not remember, but I used to be a big deal at GH." Laura nods her head and says, " Oh yes, I vaguely recall that you were one of the most the brilliant doctors there." They both say it caustically. Lesley says that she will get Laura what she needs. She tells her that she's doing it for Laura, the same way Laura is doing it for Lulu. She then puts in a good word for Scotty, even though she's never been his biggest fan. She reminds Laura that he is your husband, and Laura reassures her that she knows that.

On the patio, Kiki gets upset with Michael for telling Morgan that they kissed. Michael tells her that he was trying to get his brother back. They used to be close , and he didn't want to lose both Kiki and Morgan. He tells her that he wanted to make things right between him and Morgan. "So you confessed to incest and betrayal?" Kiki freaks. Michael tells her that he didn't say anything about the second kiss, after they learned they were cousins.

At the hospital, Silas badgers Ava about Kiki's age. She lies and says that Kiki is 19. Ava reminds him that he is the one who didn't want to talk about their relationship. She reminds him that he was the one, who said to let it go before it ruined them. Morgan is still eavesdropping, trying to make sense of things.

His mother pleads with Patrick to let her stay, and hear his diagnosis. Elizabeth that she understands where Carly's coming from, but Carly states her case that they're all involved in this. Patrick relents and shows Carly the scan, and explains that the tumor is in the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is what determines how a person behaves. Patrick that with the size of tumor, it's been undiagnosed for a very long time. Carly and Elizabeth exchange a meaningful look.

The unfortunate nurse that Sam found, has come back telling her that Danny wasn't scheduled for any tests. The nurse tells her that they are looking into it, and will come up with a reasonable explanation. Sam suddenly knows what it is, and takes off.

At the penthouse, Franco says that he knows exactly how to protect his son.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy is on the phone, leaving yet another message for Luke. She is very upset that Luke hasn't contacted her.  

Scotty returns to Kelly's, somewhat calmer, and apologizes to Laura. He notices that Lesley has left, and says that he's glad that Laura's concentrating on something other than Spencer. Laura looks at him feeling guilty.

Lesley is at the hospital, wearing a doctor's coat, and demanding an intern hand over her computer. The intern says she's using it, so Lesley tells her who she is. The intern tells her that he sang her praises on their intro tour. She wasn't aware that Lesley was working at the hospital. Lesley tells her that she's consulting on a very important case. The intern hands the computer over to her, then Lesley pretends to have forgotten her temporary password. The unsuspecting intern tells her that she's still logged in, so Lesley can use hers. The intern tells her it was an honor to meet Lesley. She tells her " good luck with your studies." As soon as the intern walks away, Lesley types in Luke's name. Suddenly, we hear Monica's dulcet tones saying "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

On Kelly's patio, Kiki wonders if Michael confessed to Morgan, because he doesn't her to be with him. Michael asks if she really thinks that's true, and Kiki tells him that she's all over the place right now. He tells her that she can trust him not to hurt her, and wants her to be happy. "How can I be happy if I'm without you?" she asks. She touches his face, and then says that she has to go and repair her relationship with Morgan. She says that her life is a mess right now, and she doesn't know where she'd be without Morgan. Kiki says that she needs to tell Morgan how much she cares about him, because. She tells Michael they all they ever be are cousins, cause that's forever.

Well, Morgan isn't so sure of that, as he listens to Silas and Ava argue. Ava tells him that they should go back to hostile silence. She sidles up to him, and says it's one of his gifts. Silas says that they're not finished talking about this, but Ava says they're done. She tells him to go and take care of Sam, the patient that he really cares about. Just then, Silas is paged, but tells her, "This isn't it over." before he leaves. Morgan gets out of the way, just in time. Morgan asks Ava why she lied to Silas about Kiki's age. He suddenly realizes that Kiki isn't Franco's daughter.

Silas arrives at Danny's room, where he now finds Danny missing.

Carly is in denial, and tries to convince Patrick that Franco somehow got the results changed. He tells her and Elizabeth that he could be having delusions and hallucinations. "So it's not an act?" asks Elizabeth. Patrick says that Franco could really believe that he's Jason. The look on Carly's face tells us that she still doesn't believe it.

Sam has turned up at the penthouse, calling for Franco. Franco comes downstairs dressed like Jason including the hair. He tells her that Franco isn't here, it's just him and Sam. Sam looks stunned.

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