GH Update Wednesday 7/17/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/17/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital. Britt thanks Nikolas for going with her to the childbirth class. Nikolas tells her it was fun, and to call him if she needs him to pinch hit, or just to talk. They go their separate ways. Britt heads to the nurses' station, where Elizabeth asks her "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

At the Corinthos mansion, Sonny is on the phone with Connie, wondering where she is. She tells him that she sent him a text about seeing her therapist, and he says that he received it. He asks her how it went, and she tells him that he gave his approval for getting back together. He wants to know when she's coming home, and she tells him soon. She doesn't tell him that she is at the loft to see Olivia.

Shortly after, an angry Dante turns up, and Sonny asks about Olivia. Dante yells at Sonny that he lied to him.

Danny is sleeping in his room, when Alexis comes to check on him and Sam. Sam is upset because the chemo isn't working, and that Danny still needs a bone marrow transplant. Sam and Alexis discuss Sam's father, and if she remembers anything more about him. Alexis apologizes for not remembering anything else.  Things are still tense between them ,since Alexis told her about her father. Alexis hopes that the relatives that have been tested will be enough to save Danny. Molly walks in and overhears them mentioning Sam's father. "Did you just say your father?"

Michael and AJ meet up at Kelly's where they discuss Carly's theory about Ava and Franco trying to take over ELQ. Michael tells AJ that Kiki told him, that Ava lied to her about her father being alive. AJ says that he never bought the whole romantic reunion thing. He tells Michael that they have to find a way to bust up this coalition. Michael tells him that he can't be involved because of Kiki.

At the boathouse, Kiki goes to get something to drink, when she notices blood splatter. "Is that my father's blood?" she freaks out. Morgan flashes back to Franco arriving at the boathouse, and tries not to make a big deal about it. Kiki can't believe that someone would follow him into the boathouse, and beat him up. "Who would do that?" Morgan recalls Sonny giving him money to leave, before Franco's beating.

At the Corinthos mansion, Sonny tells Dante that if he's there bout Franco, he has to talk to his lawyer. Dante tells him that he knows better than to ask him. He knows that he was behind the attempt on Franco's life. Sonny reminds him that he and Carly were cleared from those charges. "Of my mother's shooting." Dante reminds him. He then reveals the reason that's he there, because of Olivia. Sonny asks if Olivia is okay, and Dante says no. He goes on a rant about not taking care of Olivia Sonny says that she was fine when she left. Dante tells him otherwise, and says that Sonny broke his mother's heart.

Connie asks Olivia if she can come in, and Olivia tells her that Lulu is sick. Connie asks her to step outside so they can talk. Olivia tries to brush her off, but then Connie says that it's about Sonny. Olivia congratulates her on getting back together with Sonny, and again tries to get rid of her. Connie won't go anywhere until they talk it out. Connie tells Olivia that she and Sonny talked, and he told her that something happened between him and Olivia. Olivia tells her that they share a son, but Connie knows whatever happened has nothing to do with Dante.

In Danny's room, Alexis tells Molly that her conversation with Sam is private , but she already heard them talking about Sam's father. She says that's so weird, and Sam asks why that's weird. Molly starts to tell them about them about the Ouija Board, when Brad interrupts.

Patrick tests Franco after his seizure, who claims to be Jason. He's demanding to see his wife and son. He wants to know who Ava and Silas are. "What the hell is going on?" asks Ava. Silas says that he'll tell her what's going on. Franco is faking. Franco still thinks he's Jason, and doesn't know who Ava is. Silas thinks he's pretending, but Patrick goes along with it. When Silas calls him Franco, he gets upset with him.

Dante is ranting to Sonny how heartbroken Olivia was, when she showed up at their place. Sonny tells Dante that Olivia said she was fine, and that she won't admit she's upset, until she can't deny it anymore. Dante tells him that she can't deny it now, and it's all Sonny's fault. Dante takes him to task for using Olivia as a fall guy, every time he breaks up with Kate or Connie.

Morgan lets slip that he knows who beat up Franco. He makes up a story about the second shooter, which Kiki doesn't buy. Morgan doesn't understand why Kiki cares, all of a sudden, especially since all the stories they know about Franco are true. Kiki tells Morgan that Franco said the sweetest thing to her in the hospital. She tells him that Franco said that, the look of concern on her face was almost worth getting beaten up for. Morgan think that's weird, but Kiki believes that Franco has some good in him somewhere. Kiki wants a chance to get to know him on her own.

At Kelly's, AJ apologizes to Michael for trying involve him in the whole Franco/Ava/Kiki thing. He hopes that Michael is keeping away from her. Michael has to tell him about the latest incident at the hospital. Michael says the timing was weird, that Kiki showed up at the same time to be tested. AJ hopes that he got out of there, and is frustrated when he hears that Michael and Kiki locked lips again. Michael has more bad news to tell him. He tells him that they got caught by this guy that wanted to have sex with him.

Brad tells Sam, Alexis, and Molly that he has the bone marrow results , and is about to tell them, when Nikolas arrives. Nikolas apologizes for being late, and Brad is rude to him, until he gets a good look at him. Brad gets flustered, but when Sam pushes him, he admits there is no match. They just received Franco's sample so, they will have to wait for those results. Sam gets upset but Alexis tries to keep things positive. Sam can't believe that they have to rely on a psycho like Franco.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth wonders what's up between Britt and Nikolas. Britt wonders why she's interested, and Elizabeth starts to tell her that they've been friends for years. Britt stops her, and tells Elizabeth that Nikolas subbed for Patrick for her birthing class. Elizabeth still has questions, and wonders how Nikolas and Britt knew each other. Britt tells her they met on the 4th of July, and how she was having a really bad day. Nikolas saw how upset she was and invited her to watch the fireworks with him and Spencer. Suddenly it dawns on Britt that Elizabeth is the one who screwed Nikolas over.

Franco is upset that Silas called him that, because he still thinks he's Jason. Silas tells "Jason" that Franco is very much alive. Patrick tries to calm Franco down, cause he doesn't want him to have another seizure. Patrick asks Ava and Silas to leave. Franco is holding his hand and groaning, like he's got a bad, bad headache. Silas closes the door behind him, and asks Ava if she put Franco up to that. Ava asks why she would do that, and Silas retorts "Why do you do anything?" He tells her that, that not's rhetorical question She says "Neither is this. She wants to know he can tell that Franco is faking." Silas tells her that he's not faking the seizure. He thinks that he's faking about being Jason, to get out of revealing the secret that Ava's keeping.

Sonny and Dante are still going at it over Olivia. Sonny says that he thought that Dante didn't want him and Olivia back together. Dante says he doesn't but he doesn't want his mother hurt either. Sonny tries to defend himself by saying that he thought that Connie was out of the picture for good. He tells Dante that Olivia left on her own accord. Sonny tells Dante that he doesn't want to hurt Olivia. "Why did you do then?" asks Dante.

Olivia wants to know what Sonny told Connie about them. Connie says that she knows that they kissed a couple of times, and that things would've gone further if she hadn't showed up. Olivia says, but she did show up, and Connie wanted to talk to her, but Olivia left right away. Connie said that it seemed like Olivia gave up too quickly, and that she was passing Sonny off to her. Connie asks Olivia if she's really okay with her and Sonny, because it doesn't feel like she is.

At the hospital, Britt continues to badger Elizabeth about Nikolas. Elizabeth tries to deny it, but Britt is like a dog with a bone. Britt wonders how Elizabeth could move on with someone like AJ Quartermaine. She thinks that Elizabeth regrets it now, so Elizabeth tells her that her relationship with AJ has nothing to do with Nikolas or her. Britt retorts in kind about Nikolas. Britt thinks that she hit the nail on the head then leaves. Brad catches her at the elevator and tells her that they have to talk. Britt is horrified to learn that Michael Corinthos knows about them.

Nikolas can't believe that Franco is Danny's only chance to live. He says that there has to be someone else. Molly pipes up and says that he isn't, and asks about the National Registry. Sam says that Silas has been checking constantly and there's nothing yet. Sam is devastated. Brad says that he has to get back to the lab, and check on Franco's results. He drools over Nikolas as he back out the door, and says "Maybe you'll get lucky, so to speak." Nikolas looks at him strangely.

At Kelly's, Michael tells AJ about Brad, leaving AJ to ask "The move star?" Michael looks at him like really, Dad, and tells him that Brad is a lab tech, and that he saw him and Kiki kissing. Michael goes on to say how Brad tried to blackmail into having sex with him. AJ wants to kill him, but Michael says that he handled it. AJ wants to know how, so Michael tells him about the conversation he heard between Brad, and a shady doctor. He tells AJ that he used it to make Brad back off, so AJ wants to know what he has on him. Michael says that Brad and Dr. Westbourne have something that they really don't want exposed.

"Jason" is still freaking out after overhearing that "Franco" is alive. Patrick tries to keep him calm, and tells him that Sam and Danny are safe. Danny is very sick, and Franco needs a CAT scan. Franco says that there's nothing wrong with him.

Silas, on the other hand, thinks he's a nutjob. At least that's what he tells Ava, in the hallway. He still thinks that Franco is pretending to be Jason to get out of telling him what secret Franco and Ava are hiding. Ava calls him narcissistic and arrogant but doesn't admit to anything. She leaves to see Franco, but he's still insisting that he's Jason Morgan. Patrick talks him into having a CAT scan, but then "Jason" wants to see his wife and son.

Sam is holding Danny in her arms, devastated by the news. Alexis is comforting Molly, who's also upset. Nikolas says that they can't possibly have run out of family members to test. "Not unless there are surviving Cassadines that we don't know about. If we talk to them, hoping they plot against us." Sam says that there is one person, her father. Alexis shakes her head, and says that she doesn't know his name. Molly perks up, and wonders what just happened. Alexis tells her that Sam asked her about her father to see if he could be a potential donor match. Nikolas tells her that she doesn't have to do this, but Alexis says that she does. Alexis tells Molly the story of how she met Sam's father. She tells Molly that all the rules she's given her are because of the mistakes she made. Molly is sympathetic, but Alexis feels guilty that she doesn't know who Sam's father is. She never asked him for his name. Molly says Oh my god, and Alexis thinks that she's ashamed of her. But Molly is thinking of something else. "Is it possible that his name started with a J?" she asks.

An orderly comes to pick up Franco for his test, and "Jason" gets upset when he calls him that. Patrick tells him that there's another name, and the orderly says "Right, Franco Quartermaine." Franco insists that he calls "Jason Morgan" Ava hovers in the background, while Patrick goes along with "Jason" to get him to cooperate. Silas applauds his performance, after they leave. He still thinks that it's an act to keep something from him. He can't wait to see the CAT scan results. Silas leaves the room, but Ava can't breathe easy just yet.

At the boathouse, Morgan tries to comfort her, and wants to do something fun. Kiki gets uncomfortable, and wants to go to the hospital to check on Franco. Morgan wants to go with her, but she tells him that she doesn't think that's a good idea.

At the hospital, Brad reports to Britt that Michael overheard them, but doesn't know how much he heard. Britt reminds Brad that Michael is Monica's grandson, and if he says anything, then they're toast. Brad reassures her that Michael won't say anything, because he doesn't want anyone to know about that he's panting after his cousin.

Michael is telling AJ about the deal he made with Brad. AJ is proud of him for locking down Brad, but he's still worried about Michael and his feelings for his cousin.

Speaking of cousins, Connie is still badgering Olivia about how she really feels. Olivia is frustrated because she's been encouraging Connie to get back with Sonny. She reminds Connie that she asked her constantly, if she was okay with her staying at Sonny's. Connie didn't say anything, she says, because she wasn't with him at the time, and didn't think she would be. Olivia tells Connie some hard truths. She says that when it comes to Sonny, she's always puts Connie first, and the sad thing is, Connie's never done that for her.

Dante is asking Sonny the same thing, and wants him to stop using his Mother as the fall guy. Dante also tells Sonny some hard truths, when he tells him that he can't be alone. He tells him that there is always some woman waiting in the wings. Sonny tells Dante that neither he nor Olivia knew that Connie could come back strong enough to be with him. Connie is an adult, says Sonny, and made her own choice to come back to him. Dante tells him that he doesn't know what's really going on. Connie came back to him because she was afraid of losing him to Olivia.

Olivia tells Connie the same thing, but Connie tries to deny it. Olivia says that if Maxie had to light a fire under her ass to get a move on before she loses him. Connie says that she came back because she loves Sonny, not because she was in competition with Olivia. Olivia calls her out on her real motives.

Sonny is in denial too, so Dante tells him about Maxie. He tells him that Connie told Maxie that Sonny was slipping away from her. Maxie encouraged her to make her move her before she lost Sonny. Sonny can't believe that Connie would do that just so he couldn't be with Olivia. Dante says one conversation with Maxie, and the next thing you know, Connie was at his doorstep. He tells Sonny that it doesn't sound like a well thought out decision to him. He wonders if Connie is as stable as he thinks she is. Dante leaves him with that thought.

Connie is still trying to prove herself to Olivia, who also wonders how Connie will cope with Sonny's life. Connie swears to Olivia how much she loves Sonny, and that she is strong enough to be with him. Olivia isn't convinced that Connie is telling the truth. She still thinks it was because she and Sonny were getting closer. Connie admits that she took Maxie's advise but didn't mean to hurt Olivia. "What do you want me to do, bow out?" she ask. "That's what I did." Olivia says quietly. " That was your choice." says Connie." "And you made yours," says Olivia, before she goes back to check on Lulu. Connie pleads with her, but she's stunned ,when Olivia shuts the door on her.

I guess today is Sonny's day to have a visit from unhappy sons, cause Morgan turns up. Morgan and says he ran into Dante, who looked pissed. He wonders if it's about Franco, but Sonny tells him it was something else. Morgan tells Sonny that he's not going to say anything about what he did to Kiki's Dad. Sonny, once again, says that he didn't touch Franco. Morgan says someone beat him up, in his apartment, right after, Sonny paid him to leave. Morgan wants to return the money that Sonny gave him, out of respect for Kiki. Sonny tells him to keep it, because it's insulting to return a gift. Morgan wonders if it's truly a gift, or "hush money". Sonny gets up, and faces Morgan, and tells him that he is his son, and why would he have to buy his loyalty. Morgan refuses to keep the money because he feels guilty about costing Sonny 50 grand, and lying to Kiki.

Kiki arrives at the hospital to find Ava in Franco's room, but no Franco. Ava tells her that she's waiting for Franco, and that it might be awhile. She tries to get Kiki to leave before they run into Silas Clay, but Kiki refuses to leave. She says that she feels a connection to Franco, and is worried about him. She asks Ava where he is again, and Ava says. The better question to ask is who is he?

The orderly is taking Franco to the elevator, when they run into Elizabeth. Elizabeth is freaked out, when he talks to her as "Jason". "Why is he saying that?" she asks the orderly. "I don't know, I just work here." he says. "Jason" moves the wheelchair towards her, but she stops him. He tells her that he's sorry for hurting her feelings by choosing Sam, but he'll always care about her. He warns her that Franco is alive and will come after her. He wants her to be safe. Thankfully the elevator comes, and the orderly takes him away. 

Britt is giving Brad heck about his lewd behavior. She tells him that if he stops coercing Michael into having sex with him, we shouldn't have anymore problems. As she tells Brad, to be more careful on how they cover their tracks, Patrick turns up. He asks if he's interrupting something, and Brad says nope not all, before he slinks off. Patrick asks if Brad was bothering her, but Britt says she was just telling him about her birthing class. Patrick apologizes for missing the class, but Britt says that Nikolas was an excellent substitute.

In Danny's room, Molly asks Alexis if Sam's father's name could begin with a "J". Alexis wants to know why, so Molly tells her the story of Rafe contacting his father with an Ouija board. Alexis asks if they did, and Molly excitedly tells her yes. Rafe Sr. told Rafe that he loved him. She goes on to tell them, that they asked him several questions, one of which if he knew who Sam's father was. Alexis wonders why it would even occur to her. Molly quickly tells her that it came up earlier, when they were talking. She insists that they didn't manipulate the planet, and it stayed on the J. Just then, Silas turns up to speak to Sam. She tells him that they' having a family discussion. He starts to leave, but then changes his mind. He says that Franco had a seizure and is calling himself Jason. He just thought that she would want to know." Sam says, "I'll kill him" and takes off, before he can tell Sam the rest. He goes after her.

Sonny puts the money back in Morgan's hands and said he's not asking him to lie to anybody. Morgan tells him that he knows what happened, and he will lie to his girlfriend about it. but he doesn't want to be paid off. Sonny goes all "Sonny" on Morgan and tells him that Franco is a dangerous man and a threat to their family. He just wanted to send him a message. Morgan says that he thinks Franco got the point, but Sonny is more worried about Morgan. He tells Morgan, in no uncertain terms, that he is his father and he will do anything to protect him.

"Who is my father?" Kiki asks. "What do you mean?" Ava says she'll explain later and again tries to get Kiki to leave Franco's room. She stubbornly refuses, because she wants to know how her father is.

Connie returns home, where Sonny asks if everything went okay. She asks him if he thinks they're doing the right thing, getting back together. He takes her in his arms, and says, "Of course, I do" but his look says otherwise.

Dante returns home to find Olivia collapsed in a chair. He asks how Lulu is, and Olivia says she's asleep. She says to let her sleep, because she won't get enough when the baby comes. He gives her a kiss. It's obvious that Olivia's been crying, but they both pretend it's just the sniffles. "Maybe I'm catching Lulu's cold," she says.

Alexis is venting to Nikolas about Franco, and because she can't remember Sam's father's name. Molly persists with the letter "J," but Alexis gets frustrated. Nikolas steps up and says they should let Danny sleep, and says they should go for a walk. He escorts them out.

Patrick and Britt are walking the halls, talking about Nikolas subbing for him . She sings Nikolas's praises, and Patrick tells her that he'll be there next time. Elizabeth turns up and wants to know what's going on with Franco. "Why? Did you catch him hugging Nikolas, too? " Britt quips. She walks off, and Patrick wonders what that's all about. Elizabeth says nothing, and wants to know why Franco is pretending to be Jason. Patrick says that he's not sure if he's pretending, but they're running tests and will find out very soon.

Back at Kelly's, Michael and AJ are discussing his "Kiki" problem. Michael says that they can't be together as long as Franco is her father.

In Franco's room, Ava finally agrees to wait for Franco, when Sam shows up looking for him . Danny is awake and alone in his room, but not for long. Franco is there to visit him and tells Danny that he's his father.

Sam is still searching for Franco when Silas catches up with her. He tells her that Franco had a seizure and was taken for a CAT scan. Kiki draws his attention when she asks why Franco needed a CAT scan. Silas asks Kiki who she is, and she points to Ava, and says "Her daughter." Uh oh.

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