GH Update Tuesday 7/16/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/16/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick shows up at the nurses' station, where Sabrina asks if he wants to catch lunch. He tells her that he's made other plans. Sabrina wonders with whom, when Britt shows up and tells her with me.

Elizabeth is in the boardroom gazing at her grandfather's portrait. AJ startles her when he comes up behind her. He sees that she's been crying and takes her in his arms. Nikolas walks up to the boardroom and sees this, he steps back and waits his turn.

A nervous Spinelli waits once again for Carly at Kelly's. This time they are on the patio, where he tells her that his trip to New York was woefully unsuccessful. Although, he didn't find out Ava's secret, he thinks there is something that could lead them to the truth. He's quite sure that Ava is hiding something. Carly says that she already knows that, and Says "At this point, I should just ask Ava myself." Of course, who walks out of Kelly's just then, Ava Jerome. Ava overhears them, walks over and says "This is your lucky day Carly! Ask away."

AT GH, a curious Silas goes to Franco's room to check on him. Franco is fighting off Epiphany, who's trying to take a DNA sample to see if he's a match for Danny. Franco doesn't like the way Epiphany is looking at him, but it's no different than the way she looks at everyone that annoys her. Silas is watching this from the doorway and says. "Will I do?"

At the Falconeri loft, poor Lulu has a summer cold, so she can't go to childbirth class with Dante and Maxie. Olivia is fussing over her, and tells her that she's ordered soup from Kelly's.

Maxie arrives at the childbirth classroom, but when she sees a poster of a mother and child , she turns away guiltily. She leans against the doorway, and talks to herself. She tells Georgie that she can't do it, she can't tell Dante and Lulu the truth. She says "I'm sorry I can't do it." Dante arrives and says "What are you sorry about?"

Back at the loft, Lulu bemoans missing the childbirth class. Olivia tries to comfort her, just as the doorbell rings. She thinks it's the delivery guy from Kelly's. She opens the door to find a zombie-like Maxie carrying a knife. As Olivia freaks out, zombie Maxie goes over to the kitchen, where Lulu is getting a bowl for her soup. She reaches up and stabs Lulu in the back, until Lulu slumps down to the floor.

At the hospital, Maxie snaps at Dante for sneaking up on her. Maxie says that Dante obviously heard her talking to herself, and Dante says he heard Georgie's name. He tells her that she should use the name Georgie for her little girl or boy. Maxie tells him that she feels like she took something great away from them. Dante says that it's nothing compared to what she's doing for them.  Maxie asks Dante where Lulu is, and he tells her that she has a cold, so she couldn't come.

Back at the loft, Olivia's still freaking out, over what she thinks is going on. Of course, it's just the delivery guy from Kelly's. Lulu pays him while Olivia tries to compose herself. When he's gone, Lulu asks her what she saw in her vision. Olivia lies to her and sends Lulu off to have a shower.  Lulu leaves reluctantly, and Olivia immediately grabs her phone to call Dante.

At the hospital, Britt tells Sabrina that Patrick offered to be her childbirth coach. Sabrina had forgotten the date, and is surprised when Britt is civil to her.

In the boardroom, Elizabeth apologizes to AJ for crying all over him, but he doesn't mind. She wonders what he's doing there, and he tells her that he knows what day it is. Elizabeth is touched that he knows, that it's the anniversary of her grandfather's death. He just came by to check on her, and Elizabeth appreciates that. AJ tells her that he has to leave, and they kiss goodbye. Nikolas walks away, before they can see him. After AJ leaves, Elizabeth looks at Steve's picture and asks if he approves. Just then, Nikolas returns.

In Franco's hospital room, he and Silas exchange sarcastic comments about each other. Epiphany introduces herself, and gladly hands Franco over to Silas. Franco asks about Danny, and Silas tells him that it's not good news. Silas takes a cheek swab from Franco, then says "Now that I've had my fingers in your mouth, what do you say we talk about Ava Jerome."  Franco looks confused.

Ava is at Kelly's where she's dueling with Carly and Spinelli. Carly tells her that she was telling Spinelli that Ava talked her into letting Morgan stay at the Quartermaines. She also says that Morgan thinks the world of Ava, and Ava returns the favor. "But I still don't hear anything about a secret." says Ava. Carly tells her that she wondered what her secret was for getting through to Morgan, when she couldn't. Ava says that no harm will come to Morgan while he's living with her. Spinelli is like a spectator at a tennis game watching the two women. Ava gets up to leave, but leans over Carly before she goes, and says, "About that secret, it's called listening, Carly. " Ava makes Spinelli nervous, but Carly's not done yet. She wants him to tail her, much to Spinelli's frustration, because Ava knows his face. Carly is scared of Ava and the hold over Morgan. She tells him that Franco is just as afraid of Ava as she is. Spinelli leaves. Carly goes inside, where she runs into AJ, and he offers to buy her coffee. Carly quickly surmises that Elizabeth has taken AJ back. Carly mocks him by wondering why Elizabeth would hook up with a serial screw-up like him. AJ tells her that Elizabeth believes in him. He also tells her that neither she nor Nikolas can spoil things for him and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas why's he's at the hospital. He tells her that Danny was admitted last night, and he's just there for moral support. Elizabeth asks him to tell Sam that she's praying for Danny. Elizabeth asks him how long he's been there, and he admits that he was there earlier when AJ was there. He also tells her that he's not going to cause a scene by asking her to choose him again. Elizabeth looks sort of happy, but when Nikolas walks away, she actually looks disappointed.

Sabrina continues to be civil to Britt, for Patrick's sake. Britt wants to get going, but Patrick says he will meet her there. Britt goes off but isn't happy about it. Patrick wants to make sure Sabrina is all right with him being Britt's coach. Britt nearly collides with Nikolas by the elevators.

Ava turns up at the hospital to visit Franco. A poorly disguised Spinelli hides behind a bouquet of balloons and sunglasses. Unfortunately, Epiphany blows his cover by walking into the balloons. She pushes him out of the way, and says "Oh, it's you, The Jackal!" Ava turns on him, and tells him that she knows he was in Manhattan pestering her assistant. She breaks his discontinued sunglasses, and uses the arm to burst some of his balloons. She tells him in no uncertain terms, to back the hell off.

AJ and Carly make sarcastic remarks about each other. Spinelli calls Carly to tell her that Ava busted him, and was none too happy about it. Spinelli tells her that she was visiting Franco in the hospital. Carly is surprised to hear this, until AJ tells her about the beating. She tells Spinelli she'll get back to him. Carly asks AJ who beat up Franco, and he quips, "I assume you did it!"

Back at the hospital, Silas is on a fishing expedition with Franco about Ava. Franco tells Silas, that his and Ava's relationship is more than just professional. Just as he is about to tell Silas about Kiki, Ava shows up, and demands to know what Silas is doing with Franco.

Outside the childbirth class, Dante is on the phone with Olivia, who insists that he come home immediately. Olivia won't tell him why, so Dante tells her that he is about to start the childbirth class with Maxie. Olivia insists that he get away from Maxie right away. Dante hangs up and tells Maxie that he has to go. He doesn't want to leave her alone for the class. Suddenly, he sees Spinelli step off the elevator, and he grabs him as he walks by. He ignores Maxie's protests. Dante asks him what he's doing, and Spinelli tells him he's on a case. Dante ignores this, and asks Spinelli to sub for him as Maxie's coach. Maxie tells Spinelli that he can't be her coach.

Sabrina tries to tell Patrick that she's fine with him being Britt's coach. Patrick pushes her some more, and Sabrina admits that she wants to rip her face off. Sabrina tells him that she is with him no matter what.

Britt apologizes to Nikolas for snapping at him. She asks him if he's there for the bone marrow results, and he says he is. He asks how she's doing since she never called him. Britt complains about her baby's father's girlfriend. Just as Nikolas says that he sounds like a real jackass, Patrick shows up. Britt suddenly realizes that Nikolas and Patrick know each other.

At Kelly's, Carly denies AJ's accusation about beating up Franco. He teases her about plotting Franco's death at the hotel. Once again, she reminds AJ that she was cleared, and that he should know something about that. She tells him to stop throwing stones, and to tell her what he knows the beating. Carly is surprised to learn that it was at the boathouse. "Where Morgan sleeps?" she asks. "Where Morgan and Kiki sleep," AJ reminds her. Carly mutters something about Morgan not being there for long. AJ asks why she is against Morgan and Kiki. Carly tells him that she has no issue with Kiki, but she has a huge issue with her mother.

Ava tells Silas that he has no right to be in Franco's room. Silas says that he works here. Franco asks if he's missing something, but they both ignore him. Ava continues her argument with Silas. He eventually tells her that he was taking a DNA sample from Franco to test to see if he's a possible donor. Ava tells him that if he has his sample, then he can leave. Silas says it would be a shame since he was just about to fill him in on his history with you. Ava goes over to Franco and snarls "Don't you say another bloody word!" Franco says "I don't know what you're so upset about, buttercup. I told him that we didn't work together but we do sha........" All of a sudden Franco goes into a seizure, so Silas has to hold him down. Ava freaks out. Sabrina runs in, and asks what she can so. Silas hands her the DNA sample, and tells her to get it to the lab immediately. He also tells her to call someone from neuro. While holding down Franco, Silas tells Ava that Franco could have brain damage or go into cardiac arrest. Ava coldly asks if Franco can die, and Silas just looks at her.

Patrick and Nikolas catch up, much to Britt's surprise. When Patrick asks how he knows Britt, Nikolas tells him that they ran into each other on the 4th of July. Suddenly, Sabrina runs up and grabs Patrick away for an emergency. A disgruntled Britt whines that now she has no coach. Of course, Nikolas gallantly offers his services.

Maxie distracts herself by trashing Spinelli's sunglasses. He senses that there is something else troubling her. She tells him that he can't be her birth coach. He wonders why and she tells him that it's because of Ellie. She's caused Ellie too much trouble already, but Spinelli won't have it. He tells her that there is good news on the Ellie front. He tells her that Ellie has changed her mind, and wants to give Spinelli a child.

Dante returns to the loft where Olivia tells him that she had another vision. Dante tells her that he could've told him that over the phone. When he says that Maxie is gonna kill him, Olivia tells him that they have to stay away from Maxie. Olivia tells him about the vision where Maxie was stabbing Lulu. Dante doesn't understand why Maxie would want to hurt Lulu. Lulu wonders the same thing, when she joins them.

Britt finally accepts Nikolas's offer. She teases him that Epiphany uses electrodes to simulate labor for men. Nikolas almost buys it, until she tells him she was joking. Elizabeth and Sabrina are at the nurse's station, watching Britt and Nikolas. "What's that all about?" says Elizabeth, startling Sabrina.

Spinelli and Maxie are discussing Ellie, and her change of heart.  He tells her that Ellie will be okay with him being Maxie's birthing coach. In a touching moment, Spinelli says how important it was for Dante for Maxie, not to go to the birthing class alone. Maxie is still uncomfortable, until Spinelli suggests he goes with her as a friend. After all, they don't want to disappoint Dante and Lulu, right? Maxie finally concedes.

Back at the loft, Olivia tells Dante and Lulu about her vision. Dante gets upset more than Lulu. Olivia apologizes to Lulu for upsetting her. Dante and Olivia argue over protecting Lulu. Lulu tells him to go back to childbirth, but he tells her that he asked Spinelli to sub for him.

Spinelli and Maxie are getting settled when Britt comes in with Nikolas. Maxie quickly tells Britt that Spinelli is filling in for Dante, the father. Britt says that there's a lot of that going around. Nikolas helps Britt sit down, and says that he wasn't aware that Britt and Patrick were that close. Britt says that she's surprised, since she made a big scene at the Nurses' Ball. Nikolas tells her that he was indisposed that night. Britt asks how well he knows Patrick, and Nikolas tells her that he helped save his life one night. Britt then wonders what he thinks of her, because of all the things she said about Patrick. Nikolas tells her that she's the pregnant woman that he's helping. Enter Epiphany who makes her introductory speech. Spinelli makes a crack that makes Maxie laugh. Epiphany makes him a target. Nikolas then tells Britt that if she can put up working with her, childbirth should be a breeze. Epiphany heard him, and gives him the look.

Patrick is checking on Franco who is stable, thanks to Silas. Patrick is none too happy, since Franco is his patient. He and Silas butt heads, while an anxious Ava watches Franco. Silas tells him that he was taking a DNA sample from Franco to see if he's a match for Danny. Patrick tells Silas that Franco is waking up. Silas turns to Ava and says great, now we can find out what's going on between  you and Franco!

At Kelly's, AJ wonders why Carly is so upset over Ava. He thinks that she sees her as competition. Carly tells him it's because Ava is dating Franco. She wonders why someone who hid their child from her father for years, would suddenly jump back into bed with him. AJ starts to say something, but Carly shuts him up. AJ isn't concerned about Ava cause she has no connection to ELQ. Carly thinks otherwise.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth wonders what Britt is up to with Nikolas. Elizabeth can't help wonder where they were going. Sabrina tells her that they weren't going anywhere together, Britt has a birthing class. "You mean the one that Patrick couldn't attend?" she wonders if Nikolas took his place, but Sabrina laughs it off. Epiphany continues with the class keeping a watchful eye on Britt and Nikolas.

Dante tells Olivia that her vision is not going to come true. Maxie isn't going to murder her best friend. All of this exhausts Lulu, who wants to go back to bed. Dante goes "to tuck her in." Olivia goes to warm up the soup, prays that he's wrong, and the kids are right. Maxie would never stab Lulu in the back.

Maxie is doing her cleansing breaths and enjoys a moment with Spinelli.

At Kelly's, AJ isn't convinced, about Carly's theory. He says that Kiki's votes no longer count. "Unless they're pooled with her father's," says Carly. AJ finally figures out what Carly has been telling him. He needs to worry about Ava after all. AJ and Carly realize that puts them on the same side, for once!

At the hospital, Franco wakes up, so Patrick questions him about where he is and what year it is. Franco gets them right but when Patrick asks his name, Franco tells him "Jason Morgan!" Silas turns to Ava, who looks stunned.

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