GH Update Monday 7/15/13

General Hospital Update Monday 7/15/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia tearfully tells Sonny that they must now know that the way things have to be is for them to not see each other again "like this." Now that Connie has come back to him, they can't do this to her, but he's not so certain.

Maxie goes to see Dante and Lulu. They are happy to greet and invite her to help them eat a big meal and they suspect nothing, but she has a serious and non-joking expression while she announces to them that there's something she must tell them about the baby.

Spinelli goes to the Jerome Gallery looking like he's in a "disguise." It appears he's looking for Ava. The woman who notices him informs him that she is Ms. Jerome's assistant, and she might be able to help him.

Molly reveals to Rafe, for the first time, that she, Sam and Kristina all have different fathers so her father could not be a potential DNA match for Danny.

At the same time, after Alexis and Sam have heard to fatal news that Danny’s only chance to live is to find a bone marrow match, Sam reminds her mom that although they've gone through every family member they can think of for Sam's baby, there's one person they have not considered. Alexis asks her daughter who. Sam replies her (Sam's) father. When she notices her mom hesitating, she protests that he might be Danny's only hope. She tells Alexis she knows she may not want to talk about it and she does not want to demand her mom relive her distant past, but they have to save Danny, whatever it takes.

When Ava runs into Dr. Clay at the hospital, they both wonder what to say to each other.

Spinelli goes to the Jerome Gallery and tells Ava's assistant, he is Mr. Millhouse and wants to buy some art. She seems to believe him and suspects nothing but she wonders why he asks her the question of what it's like to be Ms. Jerome's assistant.

Ava tells Dr. Clay that he is really full of himself if he thinks that she is stalking him. He asks why she is there. She tells him she is visiting a patient. He asks her what patient. She points at Franco who has disappeared and they both wonder where he went.

Spinelli wears his disguise and asks Ava's assistant why Ava would have a child with a psychopath like Franco.

Dante and Lulu ask Maxie what she has to tell them about the baby. She hesitates, assuring them that no matter what happens, she loves them both very much. Lulu demands she tell them whatever she has to tell them.

When Connie enters Sonny's home, Olivia leaves and Connie can tells there is something going on. She calls to her cousin but Olivia does not respond and goes out the door. Connie asks Sonny what is going on but he evades her question.

At the hospital, Dr. Clay asks Ava what her "interest" is in Franco. She talks about their history when he was a world-renowned artist and she was just a humble gallery owner. He asks her what is her interest in some psycho artist. She asks why he is judging Franco. He replies that that psycho terrorized the mother of one of his patients. She asks why he'd care about the mother of a patient. He asks why she cares about Franco.

Meanwhile, at the gallery, Ava's assistant gets ready to tell Spinelli all about Ava's past with Franco. When he asks about the relationship between Ava and Franco, the assistant tells him that something tells her that he is not there to buy art, and she asks him to leave.

Right when Maxie is ready to tell Dante and Lulu that "their" baby is really hers' and Spinelli's, once again she does not have the chance when Olivia comes by unexpectedly. She tells her son and daughter in law that she'd like to stay with them if they don't mind having her at their home.

At the hospital lab, Sam tells her mom she understands why Alexis has never told her about her unexpected teen pregnancy that resulted in the birth of Sam. She protests to her mom that he could be alive and willing and able to donate to save Danny or could have family members or something and this is a life and death emergency for her baby. Alexis then agrees to tell her daughter the truth about the man who is Sam's biological father.

Connie is home with Sonny and happily tells him that it's been a long time, since they've been together. She deeply regrets telling him they have to stop seeing each other, but she had to make certain that she was strong enough and now she is certain that they can spend their lives together. He clearly indicates that he has his doubts about them. She asks him if there is something going on between him and Olivia.

Olivia reveals to Dante and Lulu that she is not ok. She breaks down crying and admits that what's upsetting her is the fact that Sonny and Connie are back together.

Spinelli indicates that his boss wants to buy some art from Ms. Jerome. The assistant asks exactly who his boss is. He answers it's Dr. Silas Clay.

Ava tells Silas she knows he's a complete narcissist and only wants to gratify himself, but he indicates that he wants to know about her involvement with Franco. She indicates she does not want him to find out.

After Molly reveals to Rafe that she and both her sisters all have different fathers and they don't know who Sam's bio father is, he tells her that he's been in a similar situation with not knowing whom his father is. He once consulted with Ouija board. His mother prevented him from getting the answer about his father. He admits that to this day, he would like to contact his deceased father but it's too late. Molly tells him it may not be and she pulls out a Ouija board.

Alexis begins to tell Sam about her childhood and teenhood, discussing the fact that Helena hated her, because she was the daughter that Stavros had with his mistress. So although she was not born with the name Alexis, she pretended she was a different person and had that name. She told people she was orphaned in a car crash. She had repressed memories of her mother's murder and believed her father was some distant, intimidating uncle. She is telling Sam that because she wants her daughter to know how much she hated being on that island when she got sent away. She was really happy to be away from Helena. So she was in a very strict boarding school and she was a very resourceful 16 year old, and she was very determined to have an "experience." So one day she got all dressed up and put on makeup and made herself look older so she could sneak out and get into a bar without getting carded. She drank for the first time and that is when she met Sam's father. She found him with a group of "bad boys" unlike the only kind she'd met in the boarding school. She made eye contact with "the cute one" who seemed nice. She went off with him. It was cold. He offered to "warm her up." They got in a car together. She was drunk and 16, and the next thing she knew, she was no longer a virgin and pregnant.

Sonny asks Connie if she wants to know what happened between him and Olivia. He admits that they kissed a few times, and if she's wondering what might have happened if she did not come back, he thinks nothing would have happened. He believes that because Olivia loves her, they should both know that nothing between him and Olivia was meant to be.

But Olivia indicates to Dante and Lulu that she is "not ok" with the fact that Sonny is now no longer available to her.

At the hospital, Ava protests to Silas that now is not the time for him to be interrogating Franco after he's been badly beaten. He tells her he can go and talk to him at another time. She then tells Silas she can see how he's so unafraid to ask questions about her involvement with Franco yet he completely clams up from having any conversation about the two of them (Ava and Silas)..

Spinelli talks to Ava's assistant attempting to pump her for information about her boss's involvement with Dr. Clay as well as with Franco. They each want to ask the other questions but evade the others' questions asked of them. She then reveals that he does not know Dr. Clay.

At the hospital, Silas tells Ava that the strange thing is that she thinks that there is still something between them and smugly tells her that it's been over for him for a long time, but she tells him he's burying his head in the sand not to know what they had together and how good it was.

Ava's assistant tells Spinelli she knows he's spying and not being honest about who he is or why he's there, and she gets on her phone to call the police and remove him from the art gallery.

Olivia is in an emotional state when she talks to Dante, Lulu, and Maxie that this baby is going to be a miracle for her and her family, and Maxie knows she cannot reveal the truth to them about the conception of the baby she is carrying.

Sonny tells Connie that he's always loved her and nothing will change that, and he kisses her.

Rafe gets on the Ouija board with Molly while she coaches him to ask his deceased his father a specific question, and it sounds like his father is telling his son he loves him.

Sam asks her mom if the first time she had sex she got pregnant. Alexis admits she did not even know. She went to the nurse when she got sick. The next thing she heard was that "Mikkos" was coming to get her, and they insisted that she gave Sam up for adoption right after Alexis gave birth to her. She thought there's no way she'd ever see her baby again, but they both now know that's history. Sam asks her mom what became of her father. Did Alexis or anyone ever see him again and did he ever find out he got Alexis pregnant, and what was his name? It looks like Alexis is either incapable or unwilling to answer that.

When Lulu asks Maxie, for the second time, what she was about to tell them, Maxie knows she can't. So after hesitation, she announces what she was going to tell them is she's signed up for a Lamaze class and she was wondering if Dante should go with her alone or if all three of them should join her. Hearing that, Lulu and Olivia laugh and wonder why she was so "afraid" to tell them that.

Sonny kisses Connie and asks her how about if he makes dinner. They can stay up late and talk or do whatever they want to do. She tells him nothing would make her happier.

Silas tells Ava that whatever they had or could have had is over. They both ruined it. She tells him regardless, he cannot tell her that what they had meant something. He tells her she does not want to "go down that road again." They will both regret it. She gets a call from her assistant informing her about a conversation she had with a "Milhouse" guy who asked her many questions about her relationship with Dr. Clay. Ava tells the assistant she hopes she did not tell them guy anything. The assistant assures her she does.

Molly and Rafe ask the Ouija board what Sam's father's name is.

Sam asks Alexis the same question. Alexis cries hysterically when she admits to her daughter she does not know the name of her first born daughter's father.

The Ouija board points to the "answer" about that and shows Molly and Rafe a "J" and nothing else. Molly demands to know who "J" is.

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