GH Update Friday 7/12/13

General Hospital Update Friday 7/12/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the lake house, Molly and Rafe continue to try to bring Daniel's fever down and comfort him. Rafe wonders if they should take Daniel to the hospital just as Sam and Silas arrive. Sam takes Daniel, and notices his fever. Sam asks Silas what is wrong with Daniel.

At Kelly's, Spinelli looks at his laptop at a website for Ava's art gallery as he discusses travel arrangements with someone on the phone.

Ava arrives at the hospital, looking for Franco. In Franco's cubicle, Alexis offers Franco some water, then assures him that she only cares for the DNA that he can potentially offer Daniel. Ava joins Alexis and Franco, playing up that she is worried about him, wondering what happened to him, and hurt him.

At Sonny's home, there is a replay of Sonny and Olivia heading upstairs, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Connie.

At Dante & Lulu's apartment, Dante is on the phone, reporting that Franco refuses to admit that he was attacked, let alone identify his attacker. Lulu walks in just as Dante hangs up. Dante is surprised to see Lulu home so soon. Dante asks why she is home so early.  Lulu tells Dante that Maxie has had a flash of inspiration. She tells him that the inspiration is ďGeorgieĒ.

At the Crimson office, Maxie hears her intercom buzzing. She gets up and goes into Connieís office, commenting on how she didnít even hear Connie come in behind her. The chair turns around to reveal Ghost Georgie, who says hello to Maxie.

Ellie is surprised to find Spinelli still at Kellyís. He tells her that he is finishing up some research before he has to leave. He asks why she isnít at work.  She tells him that she isnít happy with the way their last conversation ended. She tells him that he shouldnít feel guilty every time he smiles at a baby. When Spinelli wonders what she is saying, Ellie tells him that if he wants a baby, she can give him one.

Dante & Lulu discuss Maxieís idea of naming their baby after Georgie. Lulu explains to Dante how Maxieís sister Georgie got her name.  Dante says that ďGeorgieannaĒ is a better name than ďViolettaĒ, which was his auntís name. Lulu nixes both Violetta and Georgie as names for their daughter.

Maxie asks Georgie why she is there. She is afraid that she is going to die. Georgie assures her that she is not going to die, but she is making a huge mess of things, and she is there to help. Maxie tries to convince Georgie that sheís doing fine, and that they are in her office, but Georgie knows better. She knows that the office belongs to Connie.  Maxie tells Georgie that it will be her office one day. Georgie tells her it wonít if she doesnít make better choices. Maxie insists that she does make good choices, but Georgie reminds her that she slept with Franco.

Ava asks Franco who beat him up, but he insists that he fell down the stairs at the mansion. Ava then mistakes Alexis for a nurse, asking when Franco can leave. Alexis tells Ava that she is not a nurse, then Franco introduces the women. Ava thinks that they are going to sue when Franco mentions that Alexis is an attorney, but Franco tells her that Alexis is Sonnyís attorney, and adds that Alexis is Samís mother. Ava expresses sympathy over Daniel and asks how Daniel is doing.

Molly explains to Sam that she was talking to Daniel when Rafe noticed something wrong with Daniel, then when she touched him, he felt hot. Sam tells them that they did the right thing calling her. She says that Daniel seems to be cooled down, then ask Silas if Daniel is ok. Silas says that they need to get Daniel to the hospital.

Olivia assures Connie that she wasnít interrupting anything, and that she and Sonny were just about to turn in for the night. Connie tells them that what she has to say canít wait. Connie then announces to Sonny that she wants him back. Olivia feels like itís a private conversation, and tries to leave, but Connie insists that Olivia stay. Connie explains how her goal is to be happy and healthy. She tells Sonny and Olivia that she thought that staying away from Sonny was for the best, and how she spent time at Oliviaís bedside when she was shot. She says that she didnít see any signs of trouble regarding Sonny, but she now realizes that there is something missing from her life: Sonny. She feels that there is nothing standing in hers and Sonnyís way now.

As Sam and Silas prepare to take Daniel to the hospital, Rafe asks if Daniel is going to be ok. Silas says that he will do his best for Daniel. Sam and Silas leave the lake house to take Daniel to the hospital.

Alexis is surprised to hear that news of Danielís condition is common knowledge. Ava explains that she and Franco are Kikiís parents, and that Kiki was just there at the hospital being tested. Alexis thanks Ava, commenting on Kikiís generosity in agreeing to be tested. Franco tells Alexis that Kiki gets her generosity from him, then tells Ava that he agreed to be tested, too.  Alexis dryly comments on how generous and giving Franco is.

Dante tells Lulu that dinner is on the way, then notices that she is distracted. She tells him that she is thinking about Georgie. Dante asks if she and Georgie were close, but Lulu says yes and no. Lulu tells Dante about her history with both Georgie and Dillon. Lulu tells him that she never wants anyone to treat their daughter the way she treated Georgie. Lulu expresses that she never got to make things up to Georgie.

Georgie tells Maxie that she is worried about Maxie. Maxie comments on how Georgie is always worried about her, specifically Maxie and her baby. Maxie tells Georgie that sheís handling it, but Georgie tells her that she is not. She comments on how Maxie is not distancing herself from her daughter, but is bonding with her instead. Maxie protests this, but Georgie points out that Maxie is acting with her baby the way a mother would. Georgie wonders if Spinelli doesnít deserve to know about the baby.

Spinelli is surprised by Ellieís change of heart. Ellie says that she had given it some thought and decided that what is important to her is that her priorities have changed and that her priority is that Spinelli is happy.  She explains that she hasnít exactly changed her point of view regarding children, but if having a child is something that makes Spinelli happy, then she can do that for him.

Maxie tells Georgie that she sounds like Ellie. She is then surprised when Georgie tells her that she knows about Ellie. Georgie and Maxie both comment on how they hate Ellie. Georgie admits that she wasnít over her crush on Spinelli when she died. She asks Maxie if she thinks Spinelli could be happy with a woman who doesnít want children. Maxie says that she knows that Spinelli wants children. Georgie tells Maxie about Spinelliís reaction when he found out that Maxie was carrying a baby girl. Georgie tells Maxie that Spinelli would be a great father if she didnít take the baby from him. Maxie tells Georgie that she canít give Spinelli the baby without taking it away from Dante and Lulu.

Dante asks Lulu what their daughterís name is going to be if itís not Georgie. Lulu tells him that she is too hungry to think about it right now. Talk turns to Sonny and Olivia, and to Olivia trying to convince Dante that he isnít responsible for Oliviaís being shot. Lulu tells him that she thought there was a second shooter, but Dante tells her that for there to be a second shooter, there had to be a first one, and he knows how Sonny thinks. He tells Lulu that he believes that Sonny and Carly set up the whole thing for Shawn to take out Franco, but Shawn missed, allowing the second shooter to hit Olivia. Lulu mentions that Dante needs to find that second shooter. Dante agrees, but then says that it doesnít cancel out that Sonny wants Franco dead, and he just saw evidence of that.

Franco tells Alexis that nothing would make him happier than to be able to help Daniel. Alexis leaves the room to check on when Franco can be tested. Alexis leaves their room, and Ava comments on Alexis being Sonnyís attorney. Franco adds that Alexis is also the mother of one of Sonnyís children. Ava watches Alexis, commenting on how well that works for Sonny, and how handy it is to have an attorney in pocket. Franco tells her that it would be if Alexis was any good.

Alexis urges a nurse to get the swab to the lab when she hears Sam call out to her. Sam tells her that Daniel has a fever. Silas orders a room for Daniel.

Ava asks Franco who put him in the hospital. Franco admits to Ava that Sonny is the reason heís there.

Sonny tells Connie that the last thing she told him is that she wasnít interested in him. She confesses that she must be giving him whiplash with the way things have been back and forth. Sonny reminds her that he had let her go, and told him that he had to accept that they are over. Connie asks him if he had moved on to someone else.

Rafe sees Molly on the phone, and asks if she is texting Alexis about Daniel. She tells him that sheís texting her father to give him an update. She explains that she and Ric lost contact for a while, but they are on contact again now. She says that she and Ric are not close, but they do have a relationship.  Rafe is surprised to hear that Sam doesnít tell Ric herself. Molly explains how Sam and Ric hate each other so they donít talk. She tells him that Alexis knows that Molly is in contact with Ric, but doesnít want to hear about it. Rafe asks if Alexis doesnít think that Ric wants to hear about his grandson. Molly tells him that Ric isnít Danielís grandfather.

Alexis asks Sam where she was. Sam tells her that she was seeing Heather with Silas, and that they got a DNA sample from Heather. She blames herself for Danielís fever, but Alexis assures her that it isnít her fault. Silas orders tests for Daniel. Alexis asks Sam if there is anyone else she needs to contact. Sam tells her that they have Heatherís sample, and Alexis offers to take the sample to the lab for her. Sam asks about Franco.

Franco tells Ava about Sonny, explaining that he is lucky that Sonny didnít have Shawn break his kneecaps. He tells her that Sonny was trying to force him to leave the Quartermaine mansion. Ava asks if Franco turned Sonny in. He says he didnít, because how can he ask everyone to give him a second chance when he isnít willing to do the same for Sonny. Ava guesses that maybe Franco wants something to hold over Sonnyís head. Franco comments on how well they know each other, and that itís no wonder they found their way back to each other. Ava insists that theirs is a business only relationship. Franco says that their kiss didnít feel like business only, and wonders if there is someone else in Avaís life.

Silas orders a rush on Danielís labs. Meanwhile, Alexis tells Sam that Franco agreed to be tested. She again offers to take Heatherís test to the lab and get the nurses to take Francoís sample to get his DNA tested, too.

Spinelli comments on how Ellie is a woman of science, and doesnít just change her mind. Ellie says that when fact demand it, she does. She says that he was willing to sacrifice something he wanted dearly for her, something she doesnít deserve. He tells her she deserves the moon and the stars. He tells her that their happiness is his priority, so he was willing to bow to her principles. She tells him that she thought long and hard about it, then decided that the sacrifice was worth it to her, because thatís what someone does for someone they love.

Georgie stresses to Maxie how much she feels and loves her daughter more every day. Maxie wonders where this leaves Dante and Lulu if she keeps her baby. She tells Georgie that they would be devastated. She tells Georgie that she volunteered to carry a baby for them, and wonders what kind of friend sheíd be if she took the baby from them. She says that Lulu would be destroyed. Georgie points out that Lulu wonít be as destroyed as Maxie will be if she gives up her baby to them.

Dante tells Lulu that Franco has what looks like a professional beating but he isnít talking. He says that Alexis isnít saying anything either. Lulu wonders what Alexis has to do with it. He tells her that Alexis brought Franco to the hospital, and he thinks she witnessed the beating. He believes that sheís covering for Sonny.

Connie guesses that Sonny and Olivia are growing closer, and she should have expected that it would happen, but Olivia swore that nothing was going on between them. Olivia tells her that there is nothing going on. She tells Connie that her relationship with Sonny is only in regards to Dante. She then encourages Sonny to tell Connie what they all already know: that he loves Connie and wants her back.

Maxie tells Georgie that it will be hard, but she will give the baby to Dante and Lulu. Georgie isnít so sure she can. Maxie asks what her alternatives are. She asks If she is supposed to tell them that she lost their baby months ago and that she allowed them to fall in love with a baby that isnít theirs. She asks if she is supposed to rip their hearts out with just a few weeks to go. Georgie wonders if it wonít be worse if it comes out after the baby is born. Maxie asks if Georgie is saying she has to tell Dante and Lulu. Georgie tells her that she has to figure that out. Sheís just sorry she canít be there for Maxie while she does.  Georgie promises to always be there for her, even if she isnít right next to Maxie.

Dante and Lulu discuss which of their traits they hope their baby has. Dante doesnít want the baby to have anything from him because of Sonny. Lulu asks if he would feel better if he put Sonny in prison, but Dante says that he wouldnít. He just wants Sonny to respect the law. He doesnít want Sonny to bend or break the law or hire people to do it for him. Lulu wonders if Dante thinks that maybe Alexis feels the same way. She reminds Dante that Alexis is an attorney doing a job, but sheís also the mother is one of Sonnyís children. Dante wishes Alexis wouldnít lie for Sonny. He laments all of the women in Sonnyís life who defend him, even at their own expense.

Sonny tells Olivia and Connie that things arenít that simple. Connie concedes that she and Sonny would have to work at it, but their relationship is fixable. Olivia offers to pack to leave, but Sonny says she doesnít have to. Olivia tells him that he needs to work with Connie, not take care of her, but Sonny says he can do both. Connie offers for Olivia to stay with her, but Olivia says that it would defeat the purpose, and that Dante has been wanting her to stay with them. Connie reminds her that they are having a baby, but Olivia says the baby isnít coming for another month. Sonny tells her that she doesnít have to go, but Olivia says itís for the best.

Franco wonders who is in Avaís life. Ava tells him that he couldnít have thought that he was the only man in her life. Franco comments that he must not have been good for her to drop him. He wonders what she did to drive this man away.

Silas returns to tell Sam that the protocol isnít working for Daniel. His only hope now is to find a bone marrow donor who matches Daniel. Sam is upset as she tells Silas that he told her that the protocol would work. He tells her that he told her it was the best way to go, but never said it would work. Sam says that Silas told her that Daniel would be ok, and Silas says he knows he did. He tries to calm Sam down for Danielís sake. Silas confesses that he knew there was a chance that the protocol wouldnít work, so now they need to find a donor. He holds her as he tells her itís going to be ok.

Spinelli tells her how much it means to him that sheís reconsidering her views on children, but he wouldnít ask her to have one if she didnít feel right about it.  He says they donít need to make any decisions now, besides Ellie has a lot of work in trying to find a match for Daniel. He tells her that they can revisit the discussion when he returns from New York, but he assures her that he is happy with things the way they are.

Dante and Lulu are interrupted by the doorbell. Lulu says no more talk of Sonny, only Pad Thai and baby names as she answers the door, expecting to find their food delivery there, only to find Maxie there.

Ellie asks Spinelli to text her his flight number so she knows he lands safely. Spinelli promises to, and urges Ellie to find a match for Daniel. As Ellie leaves, ghost Georgie whispers to Spinelli to be happy, and not to be too hard on Maxie when the truth comes out.

Olivia goes to pack to go to Danteís. Connie thanks Olivia for her support and for taking care of Sonny when she couldnít. She goes to pack and Sonny goes to help her. Olivia says sheís glad that this happened before they got too far. She says Connie will never have to know. Sonny assures her that he meant everything he said to her. Olivia wishes Sonny happiness, saying itís all she wants for him. Sonny wonders about Oliviaís happiness.

Alexis returns to Danielís exam room where Sam tells her that the chemo didnít work. Sam tells her that a bone marrow transplant is needed. Sam says theyíll find a match and Daniel will live. Silas starts to leave, but stops to tell them that while they may hate him right now, when it comes to this, he is the best there is. Alexis warns him that heíd better be.

Ava tells Franco that any other men in her life are none of his business. He says he disagrees since they announced to everyone that they are together. Ava says sheís done with the discussion and is leaving.

Rafe is surprised to hear that Ric is not Danielís grandfather. Molly says that she thought Rafe knew, but she, Kristina and Sam all have different fathers.

Alexis assures Sam that they will find a match. She says that they have gone through every living family member they have. Sam disagrees. Alexis wonders who they had missed. Sam says that there is one person not on the list: her father.

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