GH Update Thursday 7/11/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/11/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Morgan wonders why Kiki seems so distracted. She gets a text message from Michael informing her that he got Brad to back off. He won't be telling anyone about seeing them kiss. Although she's obviously relieved, Kiki pretends that she's just been thinking a lot about her cousin, Danny. Kiki is upset when she sees Alexis dragging a bloody Franco into the hospital.

While babysitting Danny at Alexis' place, Molly tells him in Italian that she hopes he gets well, because they'll be going to Italy on his 16th birthday when he'll be able to appreciate the culture and the food. She'll use the proceeds of one of her best sellers to pay for the lavish trip. Rafe enters the room holding Molly's latest effort and asks where Sam is. Molly informs him that her sister is out tracking down another potential bone-marrow donor for her little boy.

Silas is not happy that Sam dragged him to an institution for the criminally insane to see Heather Webber, who's distantly related to Jason through Susan Moore, his biological mother. Sam tries to warn him about Heather, but he's eager to "just swab the psycho and get out." When he enters the visiting room, Heather grabs a chair for protection and orders Silas to stay away.

At Kelly's, TJ notices that Shawn is upset, but he's trying to act fine, then he's concerned to see blood on his shirt. He questions Shawn who recalls beating up Franco but will only say that it's an occupational hazard. He then informs TJ that he did not see Molly or Alexis on the 4th of July, because they broke up.

While editing a copy of a mother/daughter magazine at work, Maxie feels her baby move and assures her everything's okay, because "Mommy's here." Behind her, Lulu gets off the elevator and approaches. Maxie pretends that she saw Lulu coming with a little mirror she keeps handy so that Connie can't sneak up on her. Lulu buys it then offers to take Maxie out to dinner and asks her to help them name their baby. Picking up a picture of herself and Georgie, Maxie suggests that they name their little girl after her deceased sister.

Bearing pastries, Dante visits his mother at Sonny's and asks if she's okay staying with him. Olivia flashes back to kissing Sonny and assures Dante that his father and his staff are taking very good care of her. Uncomfortable with her being with Sonny, though, Dante wants Olivia to come live with him and Lulu. As Sonny enters the house, Olivia assures Dante that Sonny did not lay a finger on Franco. Sonny assures his son that nothing bad is going to happen to Olivia, because he did not touch Franco, but he recalls how he ordered Shawn to do his dirty work for him.

At the Miscavige Institute, Sam assures Heather that she did not being Stephen Clay to see her. Her visitor is Dr. Silas Clay, his brother. Heather calms down, recalling that her son is also a doctor as well as a murderer. She insists that Steven Lars is really a wonderful boy, but Silas is not convinced. Sam informs Heather that Silas is nothing like his brother, Stephen, who strangled her and dropped her in the water. Silas apologizes for his brother's actions and assures Heather that they did not come to hurt her. Sam asks Heather for help.

Rafe is surprised that his Uncle Silas accompanied Sam on her mission until Molly informs him that he's now Danny's doctor and has joined the staff of General Hospital as an oncologist. Rafe happily realizes that now he doesn't have to move to New York and won't be far away from Molly. She is also grateful that Rafe is there to help her with all her problems, including TJ. Rafe advises Molly to get in touch with her ex, but she can't forgive him sleeping with Taylor after they'd promised to wait. Rafe, however, knows that things can change and anything is possible.

As Franco is wheeled into an examining cubicle, Kiki demands to know what happened to her father, but no one's talking. Standing next to her, Morgan recalls how Sonny and Shawn sent him away from the boathouse earlier when Franco was there, but he doesn't tell Kiki.

Dante senses that there's something Sonny's not saying but doesn't want to talk about the investigation. Saved by his ringing phone, Dante answers and discovers that Franco's been beaten and he has to go take his statement at the hospital. Sonny shakes his head, as though he's surprised at the "news." Olivia stops Dante when he attempts to interrogate Sonny about it, who insists he did not touch Franco.

Hearing about Danny's illness, Heather is concerned but refuses to be tested as a potential donor, because she still holds a resentment against Sam for failing to give Steven Lars her letter. Sam calls her out on her humanity for punishing an innocent child out of revenge. She also screams at Heather for having taken her baby away from her after his birth and tells her to go to hell. While Silas pushes her away from Heather, Sam hopes that one day she'll be sane enough to realize she's crazy for letting Danny suffer. Silas urges Sam to take it easy and assures her that Heather will help.

After Maxie sings the praises of her sister, Georgie, Lulu feels it's sweet that she wants to give this baby her name but doesn't think it would be fair to Maxie, because she should use that name for her own child. Maxie declares there's something she has to tell Lulu. Before she can say more, however, Connie barges in demanding help in her quest to get back with Sonny, even though her doctor hasn't exactly approved such a move.

After Dante leaves, Olivia senses that the reason Sonny is evading her questions about Franco is because he had someone else beat him up. She doesn't need a vision to tell her the truth. Sonny finally admits he did it to protect Morgan and asks if Olivia is going to turn him in.

While waiting to be treated, Franco is heartened by how concerned Kiki was about him when she saw his bloody face. Alexis wants to report the assault to the police, but a nurse informs her that they already did, 'cause it's hospital policy. Morgan won't answer Kiki's questions and just encourages her to go see her father. She walks in as Dr. Rashi orders further tests to check for internal injuries. Franco thinks it's almost worth the pain he's suffering to see the look on her face. As Kiki asks who did this to him, Dante walks in wanting to know the same thing.

TJ is shocked that Shawn is no longer with Alexis and wants to know why. Shawn tells TJ that he and Alexis broke up, because she's not happy about him working for Sonny, which can be dangerous sometimes. Although he won't go into any detail, Shawn assures TJ that he's the most important person in his life, and he will never let anything he does hurt him. TJ knows that and says everything's cool, but then he realizes that wasn't ketchup on Shawn's shirt and walks out of Kelly's. Shawn just sighs.

Taking a different approach, Silas sits with Heather and begins to negotiate with her, offering her a variety of rewards, including delivering a stack of letters to Steven Lars, providing her with a weekly BLT from Kelly's, and a return visit from Franco. She explains that she saw him to return a DVD she kept for him which proved he didn't rape Sam. Heather is glad that Franco has already made everything right. Silas promises to talk to him.

After introductions with Kiki, Dante turns his attention to Alexis, who informs him she's not Franco's lawyer. She just found him and brought him to the hospital. Although Kiki is reluctant to leave him, Franco assures her he's well enough to answer Dante's questions. The first thing the detective wants to know is who is going to tell him the truth. Alexis will just admit to having found Franco at the boathouse. When Franco insists he walked into a door, over and over again, Dante asks if the door had a name, like Sonny Corinthos?

Olivia understands that Sonny's sole motivation was protecting Morgan and assures him she's on his side. Looking at her lovingly, Sonny kisses Olivia, but they're interrupted by a call from Morgan letting him know that Dante is questioning Franco. He realizes what happened at the boathouse. Sonny assures him he'll take care of everything and thanks him for the heads up. Kiki notices that Morgan seems freaked out and asks who that was on the phone.

As Rafe picks Danny up, he notices that he has a really high fever. After Molly confirms it with an ear thermometer, they go off to call Sam and Silas.

Connie hates living without Sonny and wants him back, even though there's no guarantee she won't fragment again. Although Maxie and Lulu advise her to take it slow, Connie is set on getting Sonny back immediately and wants them to help her pick out something to wear for the occasion. Maxie begs Lulu for a rain check on dinner so she can continue working. When Lulu asks what she was going to tell her before Connie walked in, Maxie admits Lulu was right; she should save Georgie's name for her own baby. After Lulu leaves, Maxie sits down and tells her baby that she is hers. Suddenly, the intercom buzzes from Connie's office. Maxie looks aghast when she sees Georgie sitting in Connie's chair.

Neither Franco nor Alexis will tell Dante anything about who beat him up. Dante then talks to Kiki and Morgan. She's surprised that the attack happened where they live, but vouches for her boyfriend, 'cause he's been there with her the whole time. After Dante leaves, Alexis asks Franco why he didn't squeal on Sonny. He gives her two possible answers -- either he deserves to look like that or he loves holding something over Sonny.

Silas performs a cheek swab on Heather and thanks her. She ponders what it would be like if she were a match and Sam would owe her for her son's life. As Silas and Sam leave, Heather smirks. Walking down the hall, Sam remarks that Heather was quite smitten with Silas, who can be rather charming. They promise to keep that just between them. Silas feels confident they will find a match, even if it has to be "The Madwoman of Miscavige." Suddenly, both of their phones ring. It's Molly and Rafe informing them that something's wrong with Danny.

Olivia and Sonny talk about getting back to their lovemaking and possibly taking it further if she's up for it. She thinks she just made a miraculous recovery. They agree to cross the line only if they are honest with Connie. He agrees to tell her tomorrow and resumes kissing Olivia until the doorbell rings. Sonny pulls away and promises to resume their journey up the stairs. He opens the door and sees Connie.

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