GH Update Wednesday 7/10/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/10/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn beats up Franco, just as Alexis shows up. "What the hell are you doing?" she shouts.

Sabrina is at the nurses' station, when Patrick comes up behind her, and starts nuzzling her neck. Sabrina tells him to save for after work. Patrick says his shift is almost over, and he can't wait. They end up kissing, just as Britt arrives, and watches in disgust.

At Kelly's, Laura leaves a worried message for Luke on her cell phone. She tells him that she's got a bad feeling about him.

Tracy is at the Quartermaines', also thinking about Luke. She reads the letter he left her again. "Damn you, Luke Spencer!" she says to herself.

Lucy shows up at Kelly's and Laura wants to know what the emergency is. "Is there something wrong with our business plan for Deception?" she asks. Lucy tells her no, and in fact, she's rounded up an investor already. Laura becomes upset when she realizes that Lucy went behind her back. Lucy tells her that she saw an opportunity, and took it. In fact, he's going to join them, and just then, Nikolas arrives. Laura is surprised to see him.

At GH, Britt interrupts Patrick and Sabrina's make out session. Patrick says "I'm sorry I didn't see you!" Britt ignores the snub, and says "I'm sorry for killing the baby." Patrick and Sabrina are horrified.

Also at the hospital, Michael and Kiki are battling with the evil Brad. Michael tells Brad that he's never ever going to be with him. He can tell whomever he wants, too. Michael and Kiki are united on this. Brad says that he will tell the next person who comes through the door. Of course, Morgan shows up, just then. Brad asks who he is, and he tells him that he's Michael's brother. Brad tells Morgan that he has something very important to tell him.

Sam is surprised to see Dr. Clay, and asks what he's doing here. Silas walks in, and say abruptly, "I'm here for the kid!"

Ava returns to the Quartermaine's, and she looks like she's ready to spit nails. Tracy asks what's got Ava all riled up. Ava fixes herself a drink, and after gulping it down, says "My ex."

At the boathouse, Alexis goes over to Franco, and says angrily to Sonny, "What hell is wrong with you? There's blood everywhere." Franco starts to say "It's oddly beautiful!" but Sonny tells him to shut up. Alexis wants to call an ambulance, and goes for her cell phone. Sonny orders Shawn to take her phone, but Alexis, stands up to Shawn and says, "Is this is what it come to now? Are you going to take me out too?"

Back at the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina think that Britt has killed the real baby. She talking about Emma's doll, Baby Ariel. She reveals that she is still pregnant, much to Sabrina's relief. Britt is insulted that they would think that. She's trying to apologize so she went out, and bought Emma another one. Patrick wants to know why she isn't at home. She's supposed to be on bedrest, but Britt tells him that she's feeling better. Sabrina questions whether or not, she was sick at all. Britt takes offense and a fight ensues between Sabrina and Patrick. Patrick tries to stop it, to no avail.

Both Laura and Nikolas are surprised that he's involved. Lucy skipped the part where she didn't tell Laura, when she spoke to Nikolas. Lucy  tries to smooth things over, but Laura gets angry at her. Laura doesn't want Nikolas to feel obligated, because he's her son. Laura wants to do something for herself. Nikolas assures her that he wants to do it. He went over the business plan and approves of it. Laura and Nikolas get things straightened out, so Lucy invites him to stay and celebrate. Nikolas says that he has to go to the to be tested as a bone marrow donor for his cousin, Danny. Laura recalls how he saved Lulu's life when she was a baby. Nikolas hopes that lightning will strike twice. 

Brad is tries to tell Morgan about Michael and Kiki, but Michael says that he's been tested, and Kiki is next. Michael tells Brad that Morgan has a different father so he can't be a match be a donor. Kiki backs up Michael, so Brad and Michael leave.

At the lake house, Sam is confused as what Silas is doing there. Danny's appointment isn't until next week, so Silas tells her that he's here for Rafe. He says that the custody issues have worked themselves out, since he's staying in Port Charles. Sam says now, and Silas says why not? Sam lists all the reasons, with number one being he's living in a hotel. Silas is in no mood to argue, but Sam sees that someone has pissed him off and wants to know who.

At Monica's house, Tracy guesses that Ava had a run-in with Franco. But Ava says "Who says I'm talking about Franco?

At the boathouse, Sonny, Shawn and Alexis are arguing over Franco. It gets ugly, when Alexis finally cries out, "You may be killing my grandson, too!"

At GH, Britt and Sabrina cause a scene with their arguing. Patrick tries to intervene, to no avail. Britt ends it by saying that Sabrina has won, and doesn't have to kick her when she's down. Britt storms off, and runs straight into Nikolas.

Back at the lake house, Sam tries to deal with Silas, whose still demanding to take Rafe. Sam suggests that he take some time to get know Rafe, by taking him out to dinner or for a cup of coffee. When Sam mentions coffee, Silas blows up at her. "What is it with everyone grabbing a cup of coffee?" Sam asks him what's wrong.

Tracy is doing the same thing at Monica's house with Ava. Ava wonders why, and Tracy tells her that of all the people living in this house, Ava s the one she hates the least.

Silas and Ava tell Tracy and Sam what happened, when they ran into each other today.

Back at the hospital, Brad goes along with Michael and Kiki. but he's not finished with Michael yet. He tells Morgan that's what he thought, that Morgan was here to be tested. Brad and Michael leave the room. Morgan senses the tension, but Kiki tells him that she's just worried about her cousin.

At Kelly's, Laura scolds Lucy about going behind her back with Nikolas. Lucy brushes it off, and tries to carry on with business. This doesn't work, and it turns into an argument. Scotty turns up and says "Well, looks like the partnership is off to a great start!"

At the hospital, Nikolas asks Britt if the baby is okay, and she says yes. She tells him that she just had a massive fight with the baby's father. Nikolas tries to comfort her, but Britt tells him that she and Patrick aren't a couple. Britt tells him it's a case of unrequited love, something Nikolas can relate, too.

At the same time, Morgan tries to comfort Kiki, who's still on edge. Kiki asks Morgan what he was doing there. Morgan tells her that he was looking for her. Morgan tells her that it's great that she's feeling a connection to Danny and her family. He hands her a jewelry box and inside is a golden compass. He then tells her "Yeah. Listen, you're the only one I want to roam around the world with. Kiki Jerome. I mean, we might as well know how to get there, right? And how to find each other if we get lost. " Kiki looks guilty as she turns away from him.

Just in the hallway, Michael tries to buy Brad off, but he still wants Michael.

Kiki takes the compass out of the box, but then wonders how much it cost, and how Morgan got the money to pay for it. She accuses him of gambling again, but he swears that's not what happened.  She wants to know where he got the money.

Ava is telling Tracy about her relationship with Silas. At the same time, Silas is telling his version to Sam. For both of them, it was a passionate affair that ended badly. Both Sam and Tracy asks what went wrong.

Back at the boathouse, Alexis tells Sonny and Shawn that Danny has leukemia. She says that he needs a bone marrow transplant, and Franco may be a match. She needs him alive. Franco thanks her, but Sonny tells him to shut up. Sonny says that they weren't gonna kill him. "Oh thank God for your restraint!" says Alexis sarcastically. Sonny tells her to stay out of it.  Alexis begs Sonny to let Franco be tested. Franco tries to talk but Sonny keeps shutting him up. Franco struggles to stand up and sys that no one has asked to be tested.

Patrick and Sabrina have arrived at Kelly's, where Sabrina feels bad about accusing Britt of lying. Patrick tells her that Britt has given them plenty of reason not to trust her.

At the hospital, Britt explains to Nikolas the kind of relationship that she has with Patrick. Nikolas tells her about Elizabeth, and how she's moved on with someone he doesn't approve of. Of course, they don't use their names. Nikolas suggests that they both move on, and let those we love regret their choices. He makes Britt laugh, and he tells her things are looking up.

The showdown continues at the boathouse. Franco says that he never said he wouldn't get tested, he just wanted to be asked. So Alexis officially asks him and he says yes.  Sonny backs off, and Franco goes on a rant. " I don't know why this is so hard for everyone to understand. I don't know why I did the things that I did back then. I am doing everything I can to try and make things right! I owe a lot of people in this town... especially your daughter. "

Sam is still trying to find out what happened between Silas and "this woman". He quickly changes the subject to Danny, and Sam notes how quickly he shut down. He gets testy, so Sam goes to get Danny so Silas can check on him.

At Monica's house, Ava doesn't give Tracy a straight answer either. "Why does any relationship fail? One minute, this person's your entire world... and then, before you know it... he's gone... leaving you to pick up his pieces. Do you know what I mean?" Tracy most certainly does.

At Kelly's, Scotty tries to referee between Lucy and Laura. Lucy leaves in a huff to go clear her head. Scotty tries to make amends with Laura. He tells her that maybe Lucy saw an opportunity, and Laura may be overreacting just a bit. Laura calms down and agrees, and Scotty wants to know what's really going on. Scotty encourages her to tell him, and she tells him that she's worried about Luke.

Ava asks Tracy who's the guy that Tracy hung up on. Tracy almost says her ex, but changes it to someone she used to be involved with. She goes on to tell Ava that Luke is in trouble, and won't let her help him. "That's always how it is, huh? It's the ones you want to protect the most who push you away. " as she gulps down another drink.

Kiki still wants to know where Morgan got the money to pay for her necklace. He flashes back to Ava giving him her credit card, and telling him it's a secret. He tells Kiki that he cashed in one of Grandma Bobbie's savings bonds that he got for graduation. He asks her if she likes it, and she says of course. She wonders how he will pay back Michael, and Morgan says that he will worry about Michael.

At the nurses' station, Michael is still trying to get Brad to back off. Brad won't give up and tells Michael he'll meet him at 8 p.m. Brad takes off, just before Kiki shows up for an update. Kiki doesn't want him to do anything with Brad. She wants them to tell the truth to Morgan. Michael spies the new necklace, and asks if Morgan gave that to her. Kiki doesn't care, but Michael can't do that to his brother. He goes off to find Brad.

At Kelly's, Scotty is upset that Laura is worried about Luke. His insecurities show up, but Laura tells him he has nothing to worry about. She's afraid that there is something seriously wrong with Luke. Scotty asks where she got that idea. Laura tells him Tracy. Quartermaine.

Tracy tells Ava the story of her and Luke. Ava asks her why she helped him, and Tracy says. "Some people you can't say no to, no matter how long it's been. Is that what it's like for you? " Ava flashes back to her reunion with Silas earlier.

Silas is doing the same thing while Sam bring Danny downstairs. Silas fusses over Danny, who seems to be doing fine. He notices Danny's new truck, and thinks Sam is spoiling him. She tells him that is her brother Danny's birthday, and she always used to give trucks. She tells him the heartbreaking story of her special needs brother whom she used to take care of. Danny died because Sam couldn't protect him, and she doesn't want the same thing to happen to her son. Silas comforts her by placing his hand on her shoulder. 

Laura tells Scotty that she thinks that Tracy was lying to Lulu. She tells him that she thinks the tests were for Luke not Tracy. Laura is surprised when Scotty offers to go and talk to Tracy for her. He then reminds her that today is the anniversary of the first time they got married. He would do anything for her.

Nikolas asks Britt if she's feeling better, and Britt says that she is. She finally asks Nikolas what he's doing at the hospital. He tells her that he's here to be tested as a bone marrow donor. He's supposed to meet someone named Brad, who shows up just then. Brad admires Nikolas's looks before he sends him off to another exam room. Nikolas gives Britt his card, and asks her to call if she needs to talk.

At Kelly's, Patrick says they both have to be a better role model for Emma. They both have to be nicer to Britt, but Sabrina can't shake the feeling that Britt is hiding something

At the hospital, Brad goes on and on about Nikolas but Brad still has a yen for Michael Britt tells him to snap out of it, because she wants him run another test for her. She wants him to make it look like she's not bedridden anymore. Brad wonders to Britt how long they can get away with this stuff.

At Kelly's, Patrick says that they are all gonna have to get used to Britt being around. He tells Sabrina that the baby is a part of his life He wants to know if Sabrina can handle that. Sabrina, of course, say yes! Patrick tells her that Britt isn't gonna come between them anymore, whether or not she's lying.

At the hospital, Britt tells Brad to keep his voice down. If anyone finds out what they've done, they're both goners. That's what Brad is worried about. Britt tells him that she'll be in her office. And guess who is standing there, just around the corner..........Michael!

Ava remembers that she's talking to the enemy. She doesn't want anyone to think they're friends. Tracy, on the other hands, thinks they would make a great team. Ava tells her that she still doesn't know where she'll place her loyalties. Tracy tells her to think, not for herself, but for her daughter.

Kiki comes back to the exam room, where the horny Morgan is waiting. he asks her if she found Brad, and she says not yet. Morgan is frustrated.

Michael looks like the cat who ate the canary. Brad thinks he should be getting ready for their date. Michael tells him that's not going to happen.  Brad threatens to rat out him and Kiki. Michael then tells Brad that he can do the same thing with Brad and Dr Westbourne. He reminds Brad that his grandmother is Monica Quartermaine, Chief of Staff. Brad backs down

Lucy has returned to Kelly's, where her and Laura apologize to each other. Lucy agrees to run things past Laura in the future. Laura tells her that she's worried about something else.

Ava and Tracy are still negotiating when Scotty strolls in. He asks where all the servants are, and Tracy tells him that an unanswered door means go away.  Scotty takes note of Ava and introduces himself. All she does is say Hi, and takes her leave. Scotty tells Tracy they need to talk. Tracy makes sarcastic remarks about Laura and tells him to leave her alone. Scotty stands his ground. "Well, if I took the time to swing by, don't you think that you could take the time for the two of us to catch up? " he says.

Out in the garden, Ava relives the scene with Silas at Kelly's.

Silas tells Sam not to give up that Danny will be fine. He says once they've found a matching donor, Danny will be okay. Sam tells Silas that Alexis is talking a potential donor, but he's the last one they should have to go too. Silas says that he sounds like a black sheep. "One of two." says Sam. She tells him that she's about to go and visit the other one. He asks if she needs backup, and he says Yes!"

At the boathouse, Alexis helps Franco up to take him to her car. Franco says her timing is impeccable. Sonny and Shawn don't interfere, but as she leaves, Alexis turns to Shawn and says. " If I had any doubts about ending this relationship, they're gone now. " Shawn turns to Sonny and says "Now what?" Sonny isn't finished with Franco. by any means. He wants to wait to see if he's a match for Danny, and then he'll finish him off.

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