GH Update Tuesday 7/9/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/9/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli is waiting for Carly at Kelly's. Carly is late and tells Spinelli that she had trouble getting away. Carly tells Spinelli that she wants him to investigate someone. Spinelli asks who.

At Sonny's, Shawn confirms that he's ready to work for Sonny. Sonny asks about Alexis, and Shawn tells him that Alexis isn't in the picture anymore.

At the lake house, Alexis is thinking about her breakup with Shawn, when Sam comes home. Sam asks how Danny is and Alexis tells her that he's sleeping. Alexis asks about Dr. Singh, and Sam shocks her by saying that Dr Singh has been fired, and that Dr. Clay is Danny's doctor now.

At GH, Ava steps off the elevator and asks the nearest doctor, where she can find her daughter. Silas turns around, and it seems that the two know each other.

Morgan is at the boathouse, spending Ava's money online. He's looking at jewelry and thinks he found something perfect for Kiki. Franco turns up and says "What makes you think my daughter can be bought?"

At GH, Michael and Kiki are arguing about their feelings for each other, and it gets heated. They end up kissing, but unfortunately sleazy Brad walks in on them. They quickly break apart when Brad says "What's all this about?"

At the lake house, Sam tells Alexis how Silas managed to wrangle a job at GH from Monica. Alexis is shocked and dismayed at the thought of her daughter dealing with the arrogant doctor. Sam thinks that keeping Rafe in town, and being there for Danny was part of the reason for him seeking a job. He also apparently promised Monica to make GH a premiere cancer care center. Sam says that she can work with him as long as it saves Danny's life.

At GH, Silas reluctantly plays catch-up with Ava. Silas walks away saying he has work to do. Ava begs him not to go.

On Kelly's patio, Anna checks her messages, and is pleasantly surprised when Duke presents her with a flower. Duke is happy to be spending time with Anna, since she's so busy. They talk about the shooting, and Anna is frustrated because they don't have a lead on the second shooter. Anna is disappointed that Carly and "her merry band of mobsters" have been ruled out.

Inside Kelly's, Carly tells Spinelli that she wants him to investigate Ava Jerome. When Spinelli asks why, she tells him that Ava got back together. He asks if she's sure, and Carly says that she saw then kissing. Spinelli echoes Sonny and asks why it matters? "Have you been talking to Sonny?" Spinelli says no and Carly brushes him off when he asks why. Spinelli wonders what could draw Ava back to Franco, and rambles on how it wouldn't be the first time a child brought parents back together. He asks why Carly is concerned, and she tells him that she's worried about Morgan. Carly tells Spinelli that Morgan is living under the same roof as Kiki, Franco and Ava. She's worried about him being in the crossfire. "Like Miss Falconeri!" says Spinelli. Carly is taken aback but continues that she needs to know what Ava is up too.

Brad tells Kiki and Michael not to stop on his account. Kiki says that Michael was just leaving, because he signed all the papers. They argue with Brad, that they could be from different sides of the family. He says they have a point, then asks if they are or not. Brad won't back off, and taunts them on whether or not they're related. He tells them it's J'accuse..... incest!

At Sonny's, he expresses sympathy for Shawn about breaking up with Alexis. Shawn brushes him off, and wants to know about the job he mentioned. Sonny tells him that he wants to deal with Franco. Shawn says the timing is all wrong. But Sonny doesn't want to kill him, he just wants to send Franco a message. Sonny got him out on bail, and Franco is still messing with people Sonny cares about.

Franco surveys the transformed boathouse, but doesn't think much of it. Morgan tells him that he wanted Kiki to have a place to retreat from all the crazies in the house. Franco doesn't take offense at that remark. Franco says that just when he moves in to spend time with Kiki, Morgan takes her away. Morgan laughs and says that Ava said the same thing, and tells Franco that he and Ava are a lot alike. Franco flashes back to the deal he made with Ava about getting back together. He asks Morgan where Kiki is and Morgan tells him that she's not home. Morgan tells him that she's helping her cousin. Franco assumes that it's Michael, but Morgan tells him that it's Danny.

At GH, Ava follows Silas to the elevator, and ask him to take the time to talk to her. She tells him, he won't have to deal with her again if he does. "just one cup of coffee." she asks. Just one cup of coffee, he agrees, as they get on the elevator.

Back at Sonny's, Shawn says he'll start looking for Franco. Sonny tells him that he already knows where Franco is. He tells Shawn that Franco is at the Quartermaines along with Morgan and Kiki. He tells Shawn that AJ and Tracy won't let Kiki out of their sight. Shawn assumes that Morgan is fighting for his relationship. Sonny says that Morgan won't listen to reason but Franco might. Shawn asks what will happen if he doesn't, and Sonny says that you'll just have to make him. They both chuckle on their way out.

At the boathouse, Franco gets upset when Morgan tells him about Danny.

At the lake house, Alexis doesn't want Sam to have to deal with Silas Clay. Sam says that she just wants to focus on Danny getting well. She talks about the list of donors that Spinelli put together. Alexis asks if there's anyone she can call. She wants to do something because she feels helpless. Sam says there is still one person that they haven't contacted, Franco.

At GH, Brad is still harassing Michael and Kiki. He grabs their files and sees that they are first cousins. Brad threatens them with telling their secret to everyone.

At Kelly's, Anna tells Duke that they've made a list of suspects. She's frustrated they can't get anywhere. Duke offers to get information for her from his old contacts. Anna nixes that idea, so Duke says he was just trying to be helpful. She tells him that just being with her is helping. She complains about how thankless the job of commissioner is, and realizes why Mac wanted to quit. Duke asks her if she's having second thoughts, and she says constantly. Anna, however, is not going to let the job get the best of her. Anna says that she's got Duke to help buck her up when she's down. Duke quips "Anytime you want a good buck", and makes Anna laugh. She's determined that Olivia will get justice for the shooting. Just then, Ava shows up with Dr. Clay.

Back at the lake house, Alexis is grossed out that they have to go to Franco for help. Sam reminds her that they don't have that many options. She would even resort to having a baby with Franco to save Danny. Sam just wants Franco to get tested, and goes to leave. Alexis stops her and says that she won't let Sam anywhere near Franco again. Alexis says she's used to working with violent offenders, and leaves to see Franco.

At the boathouse, Morgan tells Franco that Michael and Kiki went to get tested. Franco becomes enraged, when he realizes that no one has contacted him to get tested. Morgan tries to tell him that he doesn't know why. Franco pushes Morgan who ends up on the bed. Franco rants about people thinking he has no compassion, but he's going to prove them wrong. As Franco is about to leave, Shawn and Sonny show up.

Sam tries to talk Alexis out of going to see Franco but Alexis insists that she can handle him. Sam doesn't want Alexis to scare Franco away, and Alexis says that Franco doesn't scare easy. Sam wants Alexis to take Shawn with her. Alexis has to tell Sam that she and Shawn have broken up. Sam is surprised but Alexis tells her that it was a long time coming. Alexis tells Sam that she couldn't deal with Shawn working for Sonny.

Morgan tries to distract Sonny by showing him the redecorating he did. Sonny has other things on his mind. Shawn tells Morgan that maybe he should make himself scarce. Sonny tells Morgan that he needs to talk to Franco. Sonny gives him some money, and Morgan gets the hell out of there. Sonny introduces Franco to Shawn. Franco says that he's a changed man and Shawn will be bored. Franco makes a crack about sculling making him seasick. Franco asks if he's here to kill him. Sonny says no, he's just here to make a point. Franco babbles and Sonny tells him that if he hurts anyone Sonny cares about, retribution will be swift and terrible.

Back at Kelly's, Duke introduces Ava, the art dealer, to Anna, the police commissioner. Ava introduces them to Silas, but Anna has already heard of him. She's amazed at the resemblance to his serial killer brother. Ava tries to be polite but Silas just wants to get going. Both Anna and Duke find the pairing interesting.

Carly asks Spinelli if he'll take the job. Spinelli is sufficiently intrigued enough to say yes. Spinelli asks where he should begin, Carly points to Ava and Silas who have just sat down at another table.

At GH, Brad continues to blackmail Michael and Kiki. Michael asks how much he wants to keep quiet. Sleazy Brad doesn't want money, he wants Michael. He's been thinking about him since the "Magic Milo" routine at the Nurse's Ball. Michael has to explain to Kiki that it was a charity event. Brad continues to proposition Michael, even after he turns him down. Michael tells him he can tell whoever he wants that he kissed his cousin. He's not gay, and he will never ever give in to Brad. Brad calls his bluff and says that he will tell the next person he walks in.

Morgan has arrived at the hospital, looking for Kiki. A nurse directs him to the right place.

At Kelly's, Anna is curious about Ava Jerome. She wonders why she's keeping company with the brother of a serial killer. Carly's wondering the same thing, and also wonders if Silas knows his brother was a serial killer. Spinelli tells her that he does, and isn't very remorseful about it either. He also tells her that he hasn't been nice to Sam, which upsets Carly. He tells her that he's a doctor, and is the one who diagnosed Danny's leukemia. Carly wonders ,what Silas and Ava have in common. Ava tries to talk to Silas about their past, but when she touches his hand, he gets uncomfortable and leaves. Duke tells Anna that he hasn't found any connection to Ava and "our" Jeromes.

At the lakehouse, Sam and Alexis talk about how uncomfortable she is about Shawn working for Sonny. Alexis says she saw it coming, and knew Shawn was taking over for Jason. She asks Sam how she did it with Jason, and Sam tells her that Jason was honest about who he was. She loved him for it. Alexis asks if she had any regrets, and Sam says none. Sam asks if Alexis has any, and Alexis tells her that she has to go and see Franco.

At the boathouse, Franco tries to talk his way around Sonny. It doesn't work, of course, and only annoys Sonny more. When Franco complains about the Quartermaines, Sonny suggests he move out to make room for Morgan and Kiki. Franco reminds Sonny that his trial will be any day, and then he will be gone. Sonny makes a crack about the Quartermaine crypt, but Franco refuses to go, saying he wants to spend time with his daughter. Sonny doesn't buy it, and tells Shawn to get on with the show. Shawn begins beating Franco again.

At GH, Michael dares Brad to reveal their secret. Kiki backs him up, much to Brad's disgust. Brad thinks he's bluffing and Michael says "Try me." Brad tells them that he will tell the next person who walks through the door. Of course, that's when Morgan turns up.

Back at Kelly's, enquiring minds want to know what went wrong between Ava and Silas for them to leave so fast. Carly notices that it was Ava who reached out to Silas and Silas took his hand away. Spinelli says that Carly would make a good private detective. "That's what I have you for!" she retorts. She hands him his retained, and says it's time to get the goods on Ava Jerome. Duke wonders if Dr. Clay wasn't feeling well. When they see Ava leave, Anna says "Must be going around."

Spinelli receives a phone call from Sam, who updates him on getting in touch with people on the list. She tells him that Alexis is on her way to see Franco. Spinelli suggests that maybe they should look outside the family. Sam suddenly remembers someone, but before she can tell Spinelli, someone rings the doorbell. She tells Spinelli that she will call him back. It turns out to be Dr. Clay.

At the boathouse, Shawn beats the crap out of Franco until Sonny stops him. Sonny just wants to talk to Franco, and offers to bring movers to help him out. Sonny asks Shawn how he feels, and Shawn says he's good. Shawn starts beating up Franco again, just as Alexis shows up.

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