GH Update Monday 7/8/13

General Hospital Update Monday 7/8/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu finds herself awakening from a nightmare where she hears hers' and Dante’s (Maxie's and Spinelli's) baby cry after they've taken her home...and she wakes up in shock sensing that the baby is gone and someone has taken her.

Sam is at the hospital and has a “vision “of Dr. clay coming to tell her that they've searched but failed to find a bone marrow donor for her infant son in order to save his life, but she finds that she is only having a nightmare.

Kiki awakens and is startled to find out that she is having fantasies about Michael who is her cousin when she is seeing (and supposed to only be having sexual interest in) Morgan.

Olivia awakens after kissing Sonny and having sexual fantasies about him when she gets a call form her cousin, Connie. How does she tell Connie that she' has “taken” her cousin's man.? Connie suspects nothing and just wants to make certain that her cousin is ok after being recently released from the hospital. Sonny is with her and asks who called and what happened. She admits to him that she lied to Connie.

Ellie awakens beside Spinelli and asks her boyfriend what he's doing on his computer. He replies that he looking all over for a genetic link for bone marrow match for baby Danny. He can somehow sense that she's had a dream and it might be about Maxie's baby.

Maxie is awake at the Crimson office and is shocked to see a picture of a young woman who looks just like her with a baby.

Lulu awakens and gets up with Dante and tells her husband about the “very real” dream she had about somebody taking the baby from her crib. He is not worried and assures his wife that everything is good. Maxie is in her second trimester. The baby is healthy and they will have her soon. She tells him he's probably right, but she's not entirely convinced.

At the hospital exam room, Brad takes the sample for Sam and tells her that they can only keep their fingers crossed. She walks outside and notices Michael. He is ready to donate. She tells him that they have a list of donors but has come across one name she is not familiar with and asks him whom Kiki Jerome is. He replies she's his cousin.

When Kiki awakens from her dream, Morgan asks her what was on her (unconscious) mind. She replies it was about her parents. She realizes that she is becoming “detached” from him and cannot lie and pretend she is not having the feelings she has been having. He asks her what is wrong.

Sonny asks Olivia what she “lied” to Connie about, indicating that he hasn't a clue what is going on with her. She asks if he is not aware of their moment together when they kissed and she spent the night in his home although not in his bed.

Connie asks Maxie what is up and is not satisfied with her job performance. Maxie can tell her boss is in a bad mood and asks her what is up. Connie reveals that she'd also be in a bad mood if “another woman” was moving in on “her man”.

Spinelli suspects nothing about what is going on with Ellie and assures her that she is a good person and everything is ok with them while he kisses her.

Dante has a surprised for Lulu in a bag. It's a pink baby t shirt with a heart. She is happy and remarks he's already in love with their baby. She knows that the baby's father will not be content to have to share her with her mom. She tells Dante she knows their daughter will have a terrible time when she starts having boyfriends with her protective her dad will be with her and wonders what will happen if their daughter dates a cop.

Morgan suspects nothing about Kiki and wants to “pick up where they left off” before Michael walked in on them and expressed his “very strong opinions” about their sexual behavior together.

When Sam asks Michael about his cousin whom she's never met, she can kind of sense that Michael might have a secret going on. He then walks into the room and announces he's the next candidate to be tested, and Sam's “premonition” comes back to her when she runs into Dr. Clay getting off the elevator.

When Lauren goes to the hospital to get tested for baby Danny and leaves Morgan alone in their private cabin, Ava walks in. She seems ok and has no suspicions, but he reveals that he bets the reason her daughter left so soon was because she wanted to be alone with Michael.

Michael is alone in the exam room ready to fill out a form when Kiki walks in unexpectedly.

Lulu tells Dante they have not found a name for their daughter. He wants to name her Julia, but she does not want that name when it reminds her of the girl who stabbed herself. They talk about their plans for the future of their adopted daughter's social life and career endeavors, but she knows that they have to find her a name ASAP. He tells her they need to go and have some breakfast and brainstorm for names, but they want to mess around first.

Spinelli and Ellie are having fun together in bed, but he has Maxie's baby on the brain although only she knows that he is the father of the baby. She tells him that they need to prepare themselves for unforeseen things happening that they are not prepared for, but he tells her that he wants them to get dressed and have breakfast at Kelly's.

Maxie talks to Connie about a very similar situation of as soon as one finds out that they are in love with a guy, he's with someone else and illustrates herself, Spinelli and Ellie. She asks Connie whom this “mysterious” other woman in Sonny's life is.

Sonny is not worried about what “might” be happening between himself and Olivia, but she is and asks what about Connie.

Connie reveals that “the other woman” is her cousin and best friend. She admits that she is not entirely certain that there is something going on, but realizes if it is, it’s her own fault.

Sam asks Dr. Clay what he’s doing in General Hospital when he is not a member of their staff. He tells her he is today. She asks what he's doing today. He told her he has been offered a job by the chief of staff, and Dr. Quartermaine asked him if he knew of anyone highly qualified in the field of oncology. He told her he did, and Monica offered him the job.

Morgan tells Ava that she thinks that Kiki and Michael are attracted to each other. They agree it's creepy given the fact that Michael is his brother and Kiki's cousin. She tells him even if that is the case, it won't last forever. He tells her that although he has not known Kiki for very long, he believes he is in love with her.

At Kelly's, Dante and Lulu both run through baby names. They still can't agree on the long list of names they each go through. Ellie and Spinelli enter. They inform the other couple that they are having an opinion and ask for some suggestions (still neither having a clue that Spinelli is the bio father of their baby).

Connie informs Maxie that Olivia did ask her if she was ok with her cousin staying at Sonny's home. She told Olivia it was ok, and now she regrets that. Maxie tells Connie she made the biggest mistake of her life with that.

Sonny tells Olivia that Connie told him that they cannot be together. So now he has to move on and consider other people. Olivia admits to him that she’s not entirely certain that she can do that as comfortably as he can.

Ellie and Spinelli sit down at the table with Dante and Lulu as the adoptive parents talk about how they will raise their daughter and their decisions regarding when to allow her to date. Spinelli chimes in almost as if he subconsciously knows how he needs to look out for their baby.

Maxie shares with Connie that she kept Spinelli at a distance, made him wait for her, denied her feelings for him and waited too long, and now he's with someone else. So she's lost him. So she tells Connie that her advice is to not let the same thing happen to her and Sonny with Olivia.

Sonny admits to Olivia that it was easy for him to be with her because they know each other. He's had to realize what Connie has decided. He does not believe that last night they did anything wrong, and it felt right to him, and he kisses her.

At the hospital, Kiki admits to Michael that last night while she was in bed with Morgan, she had a dream that he was there with her. He tells her that does not surprised him. He is having similar feelings, but they have to stay away from each other. It's just plain “wrong”, but they both somehow know that they universe keeps pushing them into each other's directions.

Ava encourages Morgan not to give up on her daughter.

Dr. Clay tells Sam that he believes he is the best person to be Danny's primary care provider and he has fired her present pediatrician at a moment's notice.

At the Crimson office, Maxie tells Connie her best advice for her is to not wait with Sonny.

Sonny kisses Olivia and she pulls away although he tells her there's no reason to stop.

Michael tells Kiki that they have to stay away from each other although she tells him they've already tried that and it does not work. He tells her they have to try harder, and doesn't she care what she's doing to Morgan? Before she can answer or there can be any further discussion, they kiss passionately again.

Ava gets off the elevator to look for her daughter, and she is startled to see Dr. Clay, revealing she knows him.

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