GH Update Friday 7/5/13

General Hospital Update Friday 7/5/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the park, Britt joins the Scorpio and Drake families and Sabrina. Emma is not happy that Britt is there, but Sabrina tries to assure her that it will be ok. Patrick asks Britt why she is there. Britt tells him that she is going stir crazy and felt like she and the baby should celebrate Independence Day, too.

In another part of the park, AJ is starting a barbecue for himself, Elizabeth, and Aiden. Elizabeth comments on how she's glad that Cameron is with a friend, because he'd want to try to start the barbecue himself, but AJ tells her that if he did, AJ would make him wear a fire suit.

At the lake house, Alexis is preparing a romantic dinner for two, complete with champagne when there is a knock at the door. Alexis answers the door to find Nikolas there, though she is apparently expecting Shawn. Nikolas asks if she is expecting someone else.

At Sonny's house, Shawn is about to quit working for Sonny, when Milo barges in and quits first.

At the boathouse, Michael is horrified to find Kiki tied up in bed.

Patrick tells Britt that she's supposed to be resting, and comments on him making Emma uncomfortable. Britt tells Patrick that she wants to make things up to Emma, but Patrick tells her it is not the time or place. Britt implores Patrick, telling him that it is a family holiday, and her family is in Europe, and she is alone. Patrick reminds her that she is on bed rest, but Britt points out that she's already there. Patrick relents and lets Britt stay and eat with them.

AJ tells Aiden that he has some marshmallows for them to toast before the fireworks, then sends him off on a special mission to find sticks for roasting the marshmallows. Once Aiden runs off, Elizabeth praises AJ's picnic skills and his handling of Aiden. AJ tells her that it's the least he can do after all of the chances she has given him. Elizabeth tells him that the important thing is that they make the most of the new chance, and she tells him how she thinks he is worth it.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he got her message, and offers to be tested to see if he is a match for Daniel. Alexis thanks him on behalf of herself and Sam. Nikolas asks Alexis what the dinner is for, if Alexis is giving Shawn an elegant break up. Alexis tells him that Shawn is in her life for now, on the condition that he quits working for Sonny.

Sonny thinks that Milo is quitting because he was hard on Milo for letting Lulu stay with him. Milo tells him that's not the reason at all. He says that being Sonny's guard never felt right to him and likely never will. He tells Sonny that he wasn't born for it, and doesn't have it in his blood the way Shawn does.

Michael starts to call the police, but Kiki stops him, telling him that Morgan tied her up so that they could play sex games. Michael is disgusted by it, while Kiki tries to convince him that it's ok, Michael insists that it isn't ok.

Britt and Felicia introduce themselves to each other, and Felicia tells Britt that she used to be her daughter's doctor. Britt figures out that Felicia is Maxie's mom. Felicia asks Mac if he met Britt. Mac and Britt tell her that they met on Britt's first date with Patrick at the Floating Rib. Britt tells Felicia that Patrick was mortified that he took her there, because Patrick didn't know that she was a vegetarian. Mac says that Patrick clearly got to know her better, and Felicia suggested that perhaps this is why Patrick and Britt broke up.

Emma asks Patrick why Britt is there. Patrick explains that Britt is alone, and that she's having a hard time with the pregnancy, so it would be nice for them to share their day with Britt, and keep their eye on the baby, too. Sabrina agrees that she wouldn't want to be stuck in her apartment on Independence Day either, then tells Patrick that Britt actually managed to make Sabrina feel bad for her. Emma tells them how her doll doesn't feel bad for Britt. Both Patrick and Sabrina tell Emma that nothing will happen, and that everything will be fine.

Britt surprises Mac and Felicia by eating a burger. Felicia wonders if Britt is no longer a vegetarian, but Britt says that she is, but the baby isn't, suggesting that the baby gets that from his father.

AJ and Aiden work together on the barbecue with AJ telling Aiden that if the dinner is good, it is because of Aiden. Elizabeth again compliments AJ on how good he is with Aiden. AJ tells her that he is enjoying himself with Aiden, then tells her how he never got to do this with his own son.

Morgan returns to the boathouse to find Michael untying Kiki, and he is not happy about it. Kiki tells Morgan that she tried to tell Michael that they are ok. Michael tells Morgan that he is upset that Morgan tied Kiki up and just left her, accusing him of disrespecting Kiki. Morgan asks if Michael is upset that he feels Kiki is being disrespected or if he is upset because Morgan tied her up, and Michael didn't.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she made it very clear to Shawn that there is no relationship as long as Shawn works with Sonny. She tells Nikolas that Shawn is talking to Sonny, quitting working for him right now.

Sonny tells Milo that he wants him to pursue whatever makes him happy. Milo was worried that Sonny would be angry, but Sonny assures him that while he's disappointed, he is not angry. Milo assures Sonny that he will never say anything to anyone about Sonny's business. Max walks into the room, telling Sonny that Olivia is settled in, and watching TV, then asks Milo why he didn't take Olivia's food in to her. Sonny tells Max that Milo just quit. Max offers to talk to Milo, then heads out into the hallway to talk to Milo. Sonny tells Shawn that he never saw this coming. Shawn says that he didn't either. Sonny then asks Shawn what he was going to say before Milo interrupted them.

Max tells Milo that he can't quit, but Milo says that Sonny told him that he can. Milo tells Max that he's going to be the fitness director for Lucy's spa. Milo tells Max that Max said he wasn't good for anything but being Sonny's guard. Max assures him that he didn't mean it, especially if that's why he's leaving. Milo tells him that he appreciates everything Max has done for him, but it's time for him to spread his wings.

Shawn tells Sonny that he just wanted to apologize again for the hit going bad. Sonny tells him that it's probably better that Shawn missed, but Shawn promises that it won't ever happen again. He then tells Sonny how right Milo is about him, that he is meant to work for Sonny as his enforcer. Sonny appreciates it, but then asks if Alexis is expecting Shawn. Shawn tells him that she is, then heads out, running into Max in the hallway.

Shawn asks Max if everything is ok. Shawn asks Max if he is ok. Max tells Shawn that he broke the news about Milo to their father, and how upset their father was over the news. Shawn tells him that sometimes people have to hurt the ones they love, and all they can do is hope that the loved ones understand.

Olivia enters the living room, and asks Sonny if he's ok. Sonny says he's ok, telling her that he's just glad she's there.

Alexis and Nikolas remember their last conversation, and how neither of them was particularly optimistic. Nikolas shares with Alexis that Elizabeth has decided to give AJ another chance. She tells him that she's sorry to hear that, but Nikolas tells her that it's ok, and that it just made him realize that it was time for him to move on.

AJ convinces Aiden to eat his vegetables before they toast marshmallows. Elizabeth tells AJ how sorry she is that he never got to do these things with Michael. He tells her that he wasn't in any condition to be a father at that time, but he is glad for the second chance that he now has with Michael. AJ tells her that he feels like he is a bad father to Michael. Elizabeth wonders why. AJ explains that he wants Michael to be happy and to take his troubles away, but he can't. He says that there is some complicated stuff going on with Michael that he can't help with. Elizabeth tells him that he's being too hard on himself, and that all he can do is be there for Michael when Michael needs him.

Michael asks Morgan if he actually thinks that Michael wants to tie Kiki up for sex himself, and he refuses to apologize for untying her. Morgan accuses Michael of not understanding that Kiki is Michael's cousin, because Michael is always around her. Morgan tries to kick Michael out so that he and Kiki can continue with their plans, but Michael says that he can't do that.

Sabrina reminds Emma of their talk about Britt, then suggests that Emma shows Britt her new doll. Emma asks if she has to, and Sabrina tells her that she doesn't have to, but it would be a nice thing to do. She promises to stay with Emma. Sabrina and Emma go to see Britt, and Emma shows Britt her new doll. Emma offers to let Britt hold the doll to practice being a mommy. When the doll wets on Britt, she flings the doll into the air and it lands onto the barbecue, upsetting Emma and ruining the doll. Sabrina comments that she hopes that Britt is more maternal with the baby.

Michael and Morgan fight about Michael's refusing to leave and his disapproval of Morgan and Kiki's games. Michael says that the reason he is not leaving is because their cousin needs their help, and it is a matter of life and death.

AJ asks Elizabeth what is wrong. She tells him that she misses having Cameron there with them, then comments on how AJ & Aiden seem to be bonding. She shares with him how she wants a male presence in her sons' lives for them. She starts to mention Nikolas, then stops and apologizes. AJ tells her that he understands that Nikolas is a part of her past, and he accepts it, but hopes he stays in her past.

Alexis assures Nikolas that he will find the right woman one day. Nikolas leaves to get Spencer to pick him up to take him to see fireworks. As he leaves, Shawn arrives and walks in. Alexis notices Shawn's mood, then asked if Sonny was upset when Shawn quit. Shawn breaks the news to her that he didn't quit.

Sonny makes Olivia comfortable, and tells her that Milo had quit. He tells her that Milo wasn't really cut out for the business, then tells her that for a moment, he thought that Shawn was going to leave. Olivia assures Sonny that she's not going anywhere.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma bury Emma's doll as Sabrina assures Emma that the doll is going to heaven, because she was a good girl. Britt apologizes for ruining the doll, telling everyone that she was just surprised and would not have thrown the doll if she had known the doll wet. Emma is worried that the doll won't go to heaven with a leg missing, but Sabrina promises Emma that she will, because all she needs is a good soul. Emma asks if there are people who don't have good soul. Britt decides it's time to leave. Patrick offers to drive her home, but she declines and leaves. Sabrina tells Emma that when the fireworks start, that means Emma's doll is in heaven. Emma asks if the doll is with her mommy, and Patrick says she is.

Morgan tells Michael that he had no idea that Daniel was sick. Kiki offers to have her bone marrow tested to see if she's a match when the time comes. Morgan is concerned that the procedure will hurt Kiki if she's a match and her bone marrow is needed. Michael tells them that it can be involved and painful. Kiki still offers to help when the time comes. Michael tells Kiki about Jason, and how he wants to help Jason's son, no matter what it takes. He thanks them, and says he'll be in touch about being tested. Morgan tells him to make sure he contacts them by email, then invites him to leave.

Max offers to help Sonny with Olivia, but Sonny tells Max that he's got it handled, and tells him to go enjoy his holiday. Max apologizes for Milo, but Sonny has accepted the situation.

Nikolas chases Spencer who has gotten away from him, and Milo catches him. Nikolas asks if Sonny gives them paid holiday leave. Milo tells Nikolas that Sonny does give good benefits, but his leave is unpaid as he just quit working for Sonny.

Elizabeth tells AJ that after she sorted out the whole situation between AJ & Carly, she told Nikolas that she was giving AJ another chance, and he will have to accept it. AJ asks if Nikolas accepted it. Elizabeth tells him that Nikolas doesn't have a choice.

Milo tells Nikolas that he quit about an hour ago, deciding to choose his heart over his job. Nikolas comments that there seems to be a lot of that going around, and that Sonny may need to do some recruiting.

Olivia tells Sonny that she wishes that she can see the fireworks. Sonny assures her that they can see the fireworks from his terrace. They reminisce about a Fourth of July they spent together in Bensonhurst. Olivia tells him that nothing will ever top that Fourth of July for her.

Alexis asks if Shawn was unable to quit because he couldn't find Sonny, but Shawn says he saw Sonny. She then worried that Sonny threatened Shawn, but he says that didn't happen either. Shawn tells Alexis how he was about to quit when Milo walked in and announced he was quitting. He then tells her about Milo's speech to Sonny, and how that got Shawn thinking that Milo was right. Shawn is doing what he is meant to do, and what he wants to do. He tells Alexis how much he needs the job for Sonny, explaining that he does it to protect people. He tells her that he never knew how much he needed the job until he almost gave it up, then asks her if she can find a way to live with it. Alexis tells him that she can't.

Michael leaves after Morgan tells him that he and Kiki live there for privacy. Morgan tries to get the mood back with Kiki once Michael leaves, but Kiki is not in the mood anymore.

AJ, Elizabeth, and Aiden watch the fireworks together as Nikolas and Spencer come across them. Spencer asks if they can join AJ, Elizabeth and Aiden, but Nikolas tells him that they need their privacy, then takes him to find another spot.

Felicia tells Mac how the fireworks make her ring sparkle, but Mac says he'd rather look at the way her eyes sparkle. Patrick, Emma and Sabrina enjoy the fireworks together. Emma asks if the grand finale is going to be scary. Patrick promises that it won't be and that everything is fine because they are together.

Nikolas and Spencer come across a crying Britt, and Nikolas asks if she is ok. Britt says that she's just had a bad day. Nikolas invites her to join him and Spencer to watch fireworks, and Britt accepts.

Max and Milo sit together, eating hot dogs and watching fireworks. Max assures Milo that even though they don't work together anymore, Milo will always be his brother.

Shawn and Alexis step out of the lake house. Shawn tells her that he's sorry, and she tells him that she is, too. Shawn assures her that he really does love her, but Alexis tells him that he just doesn't love her enough. Shawn leaves a teary Alexis at her home.

Standing on the balcony, Sonny and Olivia fondly remember their favorite spot to watch fireworks at Jones Beach, then kiss.

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