GH Update Wednesday 7/3/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/3/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny, Max and an unhappy Milo escort Olivia inside Sonny's mansion. Olivia is complaining about all the fuss, and wonders why the Giambettis aren't enjoying the holidays. Sonny tells her not to worry and says that the boys don't mind. He even asks them, and while Max is enthusiastic, Milo is less so. On the way in, Milo receives a phone call. He stops to take it.

At the lake house, Alexis keeps looking at the door for someone to arrive. Molly asks her if Shawn is coming, and Alexis flashes back to her last conversation with him.

At Kelly's, Shawn is thinking of the same thing. Shawn snaps out of it, when TJ tries talking to him. He tells TJ to handle the morning rush cause he has some business to take care of. TJ wonders what kind of business could be open on the 4th of July. Shawn tells him not to worry, cause he'll be back to pick him up. Shawn is looking forward to seeing Alexis, until TJ tells him that he's not going. Shawn, who is almost out the door, turns around and asks why. TJ tells him that he and Molly broke up again.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Molly that Shawn and TJ are on their way. Before Molly can tell Alexis about the breakup, the doorbell rings. She goes to answer  it and finds Michael. She tells Michael that she needs a favor that involves his cousin. Michael, who has Kiki on the brain, thinks she means her.

Kiki is being led blindfolded by Morgan to the boathouse. The boathouse has been magically transformed into a romantic getaway. Kiki is suitably impressed!

At the park, Mac and Felicia meet up with Patrick and Emma. (They walk past an advertisement for "The Lone Ranger"). Emma is excited to see her Uncle Mac who swoops her up in his arms. Felicia says they have the best spot in the whole park. Patrick reminds Emma that Mac and Felicia are getting married. They have something important that they want to ask her. Felicia is ready, but Emma says that Sabrina isn't there yet.

Sabrina, is at home, where she has just told Felix about the paternity results. Felix can't believe it and both are in shock. Just then Britt comes out, and says you better believe it. She taunts them with the news that she and the baby aren't going anywhere.

At Sonny's, he fusses over Olivia as she sits on the couch. When she mentions that she's a little chilly, Sonny yells for Milo to bring in the bags. He sends Max out to get him and says to Olivia that he doesn't know what to do about Milo. Milo is still out front talking to Lucy and is very flattered by her offer. An angry Max comes out to tell him the boss is looking for him.  

Back at Kelly's, TJ explains what happened between him , Molly, and Taylor. Shawn observes that Taylor doesn't like been dumped. TJ believes Taylor's excuse that she thought Molly already knew. TJ took Molly at her word about them having a clean slate. Unfortunately, now Molly wants nothing to do with him.  Shawn just sighs.

At the lake house, Molly tells Rafe how disappointed in TJ she is. She thought their first time would be with each other. Rafe doesn't understand why TJ would cheat on her. He punched him in the face, he loves her that much. Molly tells Rafe that TJ saw them kissing.

Michael snaps out of it when Alexis mentions that it's about Danny. Michael asks how Danny's treatment is going so Alexis tells him that Dr. Clay suggested they get all family members and friends tested for a possible bone marrow transplant. Alexis wants him to talk to Kiki for her.

Kiki is amazed at the transformation of the boathouse. Morgan tells her that he and "The Dominator" spent all night fixing it up. When Kiki scoffs at Alice, Morgan tells her to have some respect, she's a big wrestling star. Kiki can't believe that he did all this for her. "Don't you get by now how much I care about you" says Morgan, sincerely.

Sabrina notices that Britt isn't using her wheelchair, and Britt says that she's on bed rest not an invalid. Felix makes a sarcastic remark about using the dinner bell. Britt says that she's feeling better since the paternity test proved her right.  All this "drama" has woken up Taylor. Felix has a war of words with Britt, making Taylor realize that Patrick is the baby's father. Taylor tells them that they owe Britt an apology.

At the park, Patrick talks Emma into listening to Mac and Felicia, before Felix and Sabrina arrive. Mac kneels down in front of Emma, takes her hands, then he and Felicia ask her to be their flower girl. Emma squeals yes in delight, so Mac and Felicia present her with a gift. A doll that imitates a real baby. Emma gets upset, and throws the doll on the ground. "I don't want this stupid baby." She storms off.

Britt, surprise! surprise!, agrees with Taylor about an apology. Felix refuses, and reminds Sabrina that they're going to be late for Patrick's BBQ, and his appointment with Lucy Coe. Sabrina stops to tell Britt that she does regret going behind her back for the paternity test, but she refuses to be bullied by her anymore, and that they all should learn to just get along. She and Felix take off, and Britt says "I didn't hear a sorry in there." Taylor tells her that's all she'll ever get from those two.

Michael is taken aback when Alexis mentions Kiki. Alexis can't be tested because of her cancer. They need Kiki cause Franco is Jason's twin, but Alexis doesn't know Kiki. She's already contacted Ned and Monica, and she heard that Michael and Kiki have become close.

Kiki is still amazed at what Morgan did. He tells that he promised to take her away from her parents. He doesn't have any money, thanks to the online poker fiasco. She reminds him that he now owes Michael money, too. Morgan says that this was best compromise. He asks Kiki if she likes it, and she says she loves it.  They start to make out.

Sonny brings Olivia a glass of water and a blanket. He tells her that he ordered lunch from Kelly's. Olivia keeps telling he doesn't have to go through all this trouble. As he gives her the blanket and he takes her hand, he tells her that he'll do everything he can to take care of her. Olivia takes her hand away, and says that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Milo tells Lucy he has to go, and hangs up. Max chews him out for keeping the boss waiting. Max asks Milo why Lucy would need a bodyguard. Milo tells him that Lucy offered him a job, and he might be taking it.

At Kelly's, Lucy greets her other potential employee, Felix, like a long lost friend. Felix wants to know what the emergency is, so Lucy begins her presentation. Felix is still disappointed that he never received his Golden Duck status with CoeCoe Cosmetics. Lucy says that she is about to offer him something much better, something that will "change your life".

Back at his apartment, Taylor congratulates Britt, who complains about the side effects of being pregnant. She's no closer to Patrick, and begins to wonder if it's worth it.

Patrick is telling Emma to apologize to Mac and Felicia. Felicia apologizes for her insensitivity about the baby. Emma sticks to her guns and says "I don't want this baby, and I don't want a brother or sister." Mac tries to apologize to her, but Emma spies Sabrina, and runs to her. Sabrina asks her what's wrong.

Sonny doesn't understand what the problem is. Sonny is surprised when she tells him that Connie might be jealous. Outside, Max asks Milo why Lucy would need a bodyguard. Milo tells Max that she offered him a job as a fitness director. Max is take aback, and reminds him that he already has a job. Milo tells him that maybe he doesn't want to do this job anymore. They argue about what Max had to do to get him this job. But Milo has had enough of being picked on by Sonny, and belittled by Max and their father. Max doesn't believe it, and orders him to pick up Olivia's lunch at Kelly's. "Fitness director," he scoffs.

At Kelly's, Lucy is trying to persuade Felix to join her at the spa. The spa is dedicated to mind, body, and spirit, and you. Felix is puzzled so Lucy paints him a picture of a one stop beauty shop, including face lifts and Botox. Felix has nothing against those and is flattered, but he eventually turns Lucy down.

Back at the park, Emma complains to Sabrina, that she doesn't want Daddy to have another baby especially not Britt. Sabina understands how she feels, but she tells Emma that they have to be supportive of Patrick because this baby will be a part of him, too. Emma says that she will hate the baby. Sabrina convinces her that they will have to learn to love the baby because of Patrick.

Britt and Taylor are talking about Patrick, too. Britt denies getting pregnant just to hang onto Patrick. She reminds Taylor that sex doesn't always mean you get the guy. Taylor scoffs, cause she's all too aware of that. Britt gives Taylor some bad advice, and they complain about their mousey rivals. Taylor is quite capable of taking care of her rival herself. She tells Britt that she "accidentally" told Molly about her and TJ.  Britt applauds her.

At Kelly's, TJ and Shawn are still talking about Taylor and Molly. TJ knows he made a big mistake, but now Molly wants nothing to do with him. Shawn tells him that if you care about someone enough, then you'll do anything to keep them.

Back at the lake house, Molly tells Rafe how TJ and Taylor saw them kissing. Molly again says that it was two friends saying goodbye. Rafe says that he asked for that kiss, so it's all his fault. Molly, on the other hand, blames TJ and Taylor. Molly tells Rafe how Taylor has been out to get her since she came to town. Molly knows that Taylor has an agenda. Molly and Rafe leave the room, when Michael and Alexis come in. Michael acts squirrelly around Alexis when she mentions Kiki. She tells him that Molly told her that Morgan and Kiki were living with him. Michael tells her that they have since moved out. Alexis thinks that Michael is the perfect person to ask Kiki to donate. Michael says that he can't.

Morgan wants to "christen" their new place. He starts to blindfold Kiki, and says that he saw 50 Hues of Blue on her e-reader. He starts kissing her, but then Morgan turns into Michael, leaving Kiki breathless. She breaks away, and tell Morgan "We can't do this!" Kiki says that she just wants to see him. Morgan has been watching too many porn sites. Things are still all 50 Shades of Grey with Morgan and Kiki. He ties her to the bed, then thinks of whipped cream. He leaves her like that while he goes to the Quartermaine kitchen.

At the lake house, Alexis wonders why he can't speak to Kiki. She thinks it's because asking for a donation like this must be hard. Michael denies it, but Alexis thinks that she knows why. Alexis tells Michael that she knows what happened on the Haunted Star and Pentonville. She understands that it might be uncomfortable because of Franco. Michael doesn't blame Kiki for anything that her father has done. Michael tells her that he told Sam the truth, and came back to face what he did. Michael decides Danny's health is more important, and goes to call Kiki. Alexis thinks it should be done face-to-face.

At the park, Emma makes amends with Mac and Felicia. Felicia offers to get her another present, but Emma wants to keep the doll now. Mac is firing up the grill while Felicia plays with Emma. Patrick thanks Sabrina for her help with Emma.  They end up confessing their love to each other. Emma and Felicia walk by the lovebirds who are kissing.  Emma says "Ewww!" and Patrick grabs her playfully. Mac announces the grill is ready, and who wants a burger. Suddenly, we hear Britt say, "I do. Make it a double. After all I'm eating for two."

Back at Kelly's, Lucy is disappointed that Felix won't be joining her at the spa. As Felix tells her how much he loves nursing, Milo enters and can't help but overhear the conversation. TJ agrees to fight for Molly. Shawn grabs Sonny's order and hands it to Milo on the way out. Milo joins Felix and Lucy and says that he didn't mean to "eardrop." He wants to talk to Lucy about the job offer. Lucy is overjoyed.

Sonny is confused by Connie's jealousy. He tells Olivia that there's nothing romantic between them, so Connie will get used to Olivia being there. Sonny leaves to fix up her room, and Olivia is clearly heartbroken.

Back at the apartment, Britt is proud of Taylor's behavior with Molly. Taylor isn't giving up on keeping Molly and TJ apart. Britt compares Sabrina to "Ugly Betty". Britt encourages Taylor to be there for TJ when Molly dumps him.

Rafe thinks Molly should warn TJ about Taylor's agenda. Molly is disgusted with both of them, and thinks that they deserve each other. Rafe starts to apologize for TJ, but Molly turns around and calls him "a horny jackass".  Rafe is determined to cheer Molly up for the Fourth. He wants to take her down to the take her mind off things. Enters Alexis who asks "Off what?" Molly isn't ready to talk to Alexis. She tells her that she's upset over Danny. Rafe tells her that they were going down to the lake, and invites her to join them. Alexis is going to wait around for Shawn.

TJ talks to himself and says " How am I going to make this right?" Felix turns up at the counter, and wants to know the same thing. Taylor shows up at the diner, just in time to stop Felix, from beating down TJ. He warns TJ not to hurt his sister again. When Felix leaves, TJ apologizes to Taylor. Taylor accepts then asks to watch the fireworks with her.

Shawn finally makes it to Sonny's, and says that he has to talk to him. He asks Max to take Olivia to her room.  Sonny realizes that Shawn has something to say to him. Shawn is about to tell Sonny that he quits, but Milo bursts in, and beats him to it.

Michael talks to himself as he walks to the boathouse. He mutters that there is nothing sexual about this. He knocks on the door, and doesn't wait for Kiki to finish. She thought it was Morgan. Michael is shocked when he finds Kiki tied up. They both seem to be turned on by it.

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