GH Update Tuesday 7/2/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/2/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaines, Ava celebrates their victory over Carly, regarding Morgan. Franco reads the newspaper with "New Wrinkle," and stuns Ava when he tells her that he knows that she was the second shooter. Ava feigns innocence, when he says it was her bullet that hit Olivia.

Connie shows up at Olivia's hospital room, bearing gifts, minestrone and cannoli from Bensonhurst. Connie is excited thinking that Olivia will stay at her place while recovering. She's even hired Connie's favorite nurse Rodrigo. Olivia reluctantly tells her that she's already accepted Sonny's invitation to stay with him.

At the same time, Sonny is giving Max and Milo instructions about how to Olivia proof the house. Max is taking notes when Milo asks about Sonny's room. Once again, Sonny goes off on poor Milo. Things have not been the same for him, since he let the amnesiac Lulu stay with him. Max tries to intervene without success.

Lulu and Laura have shown up at Luke's suite, only to find Tracy. Tracy hides Luke's letter.

Nikolas is at Kelly's, where Elizabeth left him. He's trying to decide whether or not to delete Tracy's recording. Lucy Coe shows up and plops herself down at her table. Lucy is on a mission called "Deception."

Elizabeth has turned up to ELQ to talk to AJ ,so Michael takes off. Elizabeth and AJ talk about the future of their relationship. She tells him that she regrets never having the chance to make amends with Jason before he died. She doesn't want the same thing to happen with AJ.

Lucy hands a reluctant Nikolas her business plan for "Deception" Lucy brings up the condiment fiasco, and how untrustworthy Tracy is. It's still a sore subject for Prince Nikolas, as she keeps calling him. Nikolas is still hedging, when Lucy brings up that his mother is involved.

In Luke's hotel suite, Lulu calls out for her Dad, but Tracy insists that he's not there. Lulu thinks that he's hiding somewhere like he's done before, but Tracy says no. Lulu wonders why he would leave so soon after Tracy's. Laura senses that there is something serious going on. She asks Tracy if those tests were for Luke not her.

At the Quartermaines, Ava is denying things as well. She tries to turn the tables on Franco, but he's too quick for her. She tries to blame Carly for everything, but Franco reminds her that there were two shooters. Ava displays a touch of jealousy when Franco voices his admiration for Carly. Franco tries to get her to admit that she tried to kill him.

At GH, Connie is stunned, and a bit jealous to learn that Sonny has offered to take care of her. Connie asks when this happened, and Olivia nervously tells her, just this morning. Connie doesn't take the news well. Connie is upset, because Olivia never thought to ask her for help.

At the Corinthos mansion, Sonny is still chewing out Milo for harboring the amnesiac Lulu. Max tries to stand up for his brother, but poor Milo doesn't make it easy. Sonny still thinks that Milo wasn't loyal for not reporting her whereabouts to him . As Sonny continues chewing him out, the doorbell rings, but Sonny ignores it, to continue his rant. He finally sends Milo to answer it, while Max goes to bat for his brother. Just as he tells Max, "You know what happens to people who betray me!" Milo brings in Carly, who obviously heard what Sonny said.

Lucy has got finally got Nikolas's attention by mentioning that Laura is her business partner. Nikolas is surprised by this, but listens when Lucy tells him that the wellness center idea was Laura's. She explains how Laura's journey to wellness is what gave his mother the idea. Nikolas recognizes that Lucy's presentation is slightly different than Laura's. She implores to help his mother, and "think of Laura," as Lucy looks to the heavens. Nikolas can't help but follow his gaze.

In Luke's suite, Lulu and Laura attempt to get Tracy to come clean about Luke's health. Tracy stands her ground.

At the Quartermaines, the mind games continue between Ava and Franco. He hands her a drink, and she downs it quickly. She tries to leave but he grabs her. Franco is upset with himself because he didn't see her as the shooter. He leans her up against the wall, as he pieces it together. Ava continues to deny it. He wonders how Sonny would react to learn that she shot the mother of his child.

Back in Olivia's hospital room, she is defending her decision to Connie. She tells Connie that Sonny feels responsible for her getting shot. Connie argues that now he knows he isn't, she shouldn't feel obligated to accept his offer. Connie thinks that Olivia is just trying to help Sonny ease his guilt. Olivia tells Connie that she's not doing that. Connie tells her to call Sonny to let him know that he's off the hook.

At his mansion, Sonny orders Max and Milo to leave. Carly says that she's glad that Olivia will be okay. Sonny says it will take time and home care, but she will be. Carly offers to pay for the home care, but Sonny brushes her off. Carly thinks everything is okay because her and Shawn have been exonerated. Sonny is still obviously upset with her because he feels betrayed. Carly asks him if would've gone through with his threat to kill her.

At ELQ, Elizabeth tells AJ that his being with Carly was a wake-up call for her. She tells him that she's made plenty of mistakes, and has no right to judge him. She tells him that she believes that he's changed. She talks about taking risks, and AJ tells her that he would take the risk to be with her. Will she take one to be with him? AJ asks if she forgives him, and Elizabeth says that there's nothing to forgive.

Max and Milo turn up for BLT's at Kelly's, but Milo isn't very hungry. Milo's upset over Sonny chewing him up. Max tells him to smarten up and do his job, and not question the boss. If he doesn't learn to follow orders, he will lose his job. Milo tells Max that he wouldn't mind if he did. Milo is thinking about a change in careers.

At the Quartermaines, Franco warns Ava about Sonny, whom she hasn't met yet. He tries to scare Ava with Sonny's reputation especially when it comes to his family. Ava says that her name would mean nothing to Sonny. She describes herself " I suppose you'll have to explain to him how your ex-girlfriend, a mild-mannered, single mother and art dealer from Tribeca, moonlights as a sniper. " Franco taunts her by telling her, that he knows that there is much more to Ava than she lets on.

At GH, Connie and Olivia are talking about Sonny, too. Well, arguing again is more like it. Connie wants Olivia to back out of Sonny's invite. Olivia says that she can't because Sonny is getting the house all tricked out. Connie doesn't think it's Sonny's job, because he's not family. Connie is clearly disappointed, and asks Olivia who she would prefer, her or Sonny.

Sonny is dealing with Carly who wants to know if he really would've killed her. Carly wants to know if he still loves her, and he says that he does. Carly wonders why he would threaten someone he loved, unless he loves Olivia, too.

In Luke's hotel suite, Tracy doesn't give in to pressure from Lulu and Laura.

Back at the Quartermaines, Ava cozies up to Franco, but he's onto her. He says that since she failed to kill him the first time, she's just resorting to "Plan B." She'll kill him after they takeover ELQ, when she's gotten her money.

Back in Olivia's hospital, Connie tells Olivia that she's always had a soft spot for Sonny. Olivia tries to deny it, but Connie thinks they Olivia still carrying a torch for him. Connie thinks that Olivia wants to move in with sonny, to what could happen. Olivia tells Connie that if she wants Sonny back then she better tell him.

Carly is asking Sonny that same thing, but he avoids the subject. He asks her if she came to talk about Connie and Olivia or him and Carly. Carly asks him if there is a way back for them. Sonny is still mad, that she broke his trust. He tells her that she can't cross that line again. She apologizes and they embrace.

At Kelly's Max is still lecturing Milo on how to behave around the boss. Milo tells his brother that he's just not feeling the job anymore.

Lucy tries to keep Nikolas's attention by describing the wellness center. Nikolas says that he will look over the business plan, but when Lucy wants to go over it with, he says no. Lucy predicts that he will say yes, if only to help Laura. Lucy leaves in search of some able-bodied men, when she spots Milo.

In the meantime, at ELQ, AJ is thrilled to be back together with Elizabeth, He kisses her then tells he'll be on his best behavior, except if Nikolas starts something. Elizabeth tells AJ that she will let Nikolas know where they stand.

At the same time, Milo tells Max that he doesn't feel good about his job anymore. Max teases him about wanting "a calling." Max's cell phone rings and as he leaves to take the call, he jokes, "Oh, look. I've got a calling!" Milo is not alone for long, because Lucy sidles up to him. She's got a cat who ate the canary look on her face. She makes idle chatter, until she's ready to make him an offer he might not be able to refuse. She leaves him her card. When Max returns, he asks what Lucy wanted, Milo says it was nothing.

Elizabeth returns to Kelly's where Nikolas invites her to join him. Elizabeth is just there to tell that she and AJ are back together. At ELQ, AJ calls Monica to tell her the same thing.

At GH, Connie is confused about whether or not she's able to go back to Sonny. Olivia tells her that beyond being her cousin, she is her best friend. If Connie doesn't feel right about Olivia moving in with Sonny, she wants her to say so. Connie lies to Olivia when she tells her, that she's okay with her moving in with Sonny.

Back at Sonny's, Sonny wants Carly to back off Franco, but Carly tells Sonny that's hard when Franco is cozying up their son. Sonny thinks she means Michael, but Carly tells him that it's Morgan. Oops! Looks like someone forgot to tell Dad, that Morgan is living with the Quartermaines. Sonny tells Carly that he will take care of Franco. Like Shawn before him, Sonny tells Carly to go home and spend time with Josslyn. Carly asks if they're they are good, Sonny says yea, we're good.

At the same time, Ava wants to spend the night with Franco, if only to convince Kiki that they're back together. She walks away, and he watches her go up the stairs. She stops on the stairs to see if he's following. He sits down in a chair, with an unusual look on his face.

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