GH Update Monday 7/1/13

General Hospital Update Monday 7/1/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis talks to Shawn and tells him that they cannot get back to what they had. She no longer trusts him and there's no excuse for his part in the shooting intended for Franco that could have killed Olivia.

Carly goes to confront Franco and Ava who tell her that they are back together and she cannot prevent their daughter from seeing her son. She asks why they think that they can overrule her decision to keep Morgan and Kiki apart. Franco reveals to her that he knows she was involved in the shooting and the unsuccessful attempt to kill him that resulted in Olivia almost getting killed. He tells her that he and his daughter's mom will keep their mouths shut and not implicate Carly if she agrees to let Morgan stay with them and their daughter. That way, Franco will be able to bond with his daughter, convince her that he's getting back with her mom and let his daughter stay with her boyfriend as she wants to do. Carly furiously asks him if he thinks he's going to blackmail her into putting her son in danger. He assures her that Morgan is in no danger with him.

AJ talks to Michael about how he has to stay out of the house where he will run into his cousin Kiki and his brother. He tells his son he can clearly see that he does not want to be prevented from running into Kiki.

Lulu , Laura and Nikolas are at Kelly's. And she reveals to them, for the first time that not only did she agree to marry Stavros, he told her they had to “consummate” their marriage. He refused but he told her that her family would be shot if she did not. So she faces Nikolas and tells him she is responsible for his getting shot although he assures her he does not blame her. He tells her that all he wants her to focus on is her baby. He is looking forward to meeting his little niece. He tells his sister and mom he has to go. Alone with Lulu, Laura tells her daughter.

Tracy confesses to Luke that he must know how much he means to her. She no longer has her son or her brother or her mother. All she has is him. And she's not going to let him ruin or risk his life with the most present diagnosis. He tells her he doesn't see how that could happen. He knows that she is too engrossed in winning ELQ. She tells him he's correct about that. She wants to run her father’s company and defeat AJ. But the company cannot comfort her or dazzle her. Only one person can do that. And if Luke is not there, what is the point? Besides, she reminds him, he told her she is his new partner in crime. He confirms that yes. He did say that and he meant that.

Alexis asks Shawn what is wrong with simply working at Kelly's. He tells her he wants more in his life. He wants excitement and risk and to be tested like he was while in the marines. She tells him she knows what he means. And if he doesn't like his job, he can get another one. There are many jobs out there to that do not require him to commit murder. What he needs to do is stop working for Sonny. He then concludes that he can do that under one condition; she needs to do the same.

AJ tells Michael that he needs his son to work with him at ELQ. He confesses that Michael is not just his son. He's pretty much the only friend AJ has. Hearing that, Michael asks his dad if he does not still have Elizabeth. AJ replies not any more.

Elizabeth sits with Nikolas at Kelly's and admits that she is done with AJ.

Meanwhile, AJ admits to Michael that the truth is, his relationship with Elizabeth was over before it started. Michael asks his dad why. AJ replies that she found out that he (AJ), slept with Michael's mother. Hearing that, Michael spits out his drink.

Ava tells Carly she knows that Carly was married to a murderer who pretended to be a coffee importer. So she's a hypocrite to judge Franco's life of crime or his ex and future wife's choice to be with him.

Franco invites Morgan and Kiki into his living room to announce to him that his mother has changed her mind about something. She admits to her son that she will “let” him stay there at Franco's home. Morgan seems perplexed and wonders why the sudden change of heart from his mother. Ava tells him that Carly has finally come around after she convinced his mother how much their daughter means to him. Morgan finds that hard to believe since he has been unsuccessful in convincing his mom of that very thing.

When Michael hears AJ confess that he slept with Carly, Michael is not happy. He tells his dad he thought that he and his mom hate each other. AJ confirms to his son that is true. And he reminds Michael at least Carly is not his first cousin. He urges Michael to know that it was only one time. He was very upset to find out that Elizabeth was back with Nikolas. Michael asks if finding that out is what caused Elizabeth to break up with him. He confirms it, but it's not her fault nor Carly's that it happened. It was Nikolas' fault. He played the tape for her.

At Kelly's Elizabeth and Nikolas discuss the same thing. He protests to her that the kids accidentally played the recording on his phone. But she finds it hard to believe that the revelation was completely accidental and if he did not want her to hear the recording.

Luke tells Tracy that she must know how he feels about her. But this life and death stuff changes everything. She tells him she knows he needs her and she promises not to let him down. And she's not going to take no for an answer. He tells her he knows that they are wasting time arguing so she needs to pack her clothes and a suitcase full of cash and travel with him.

Laura informs her daughter that she ran into Luke just yesterday. He was engrossed in his computer and looked like there is something secretive going on with him. They then conclude that this might be another time when Luke disappears. Laura tells her daughter that even though she is no loner married to her daughter's father, she is going to find out what is going on with him.

AJ tells Michael that what happened was he urges Elizabeth to come back. She did not tell him absolutely no but told him she needed some time to think about that.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she thinks that he should have told her the minute he overheard Tracy tape-recording AJ's confession that he slept with Carly. He did not do that because he didn't want to sound like he was giving her an “I told you so." She tells him that she would have preferred that he told her the truth. And she admits that she is not entirely certain about the future with either him or with AJ.

Shawn admits to Alexis that he does not want to lose her. So he will accept her terms and conditions. And he kisses her.

Carly talks to Morgan and Kiki about how she's “begrudgingly” agreed to not prevent them from seeing each other. Morgan can tell his mom is still not ok with this although she says she's accepting it. But she tells them a very firm condition is that if anything happens that hurts her son, she will hold both Franco and Ava responsible for that. They both assure Carly, Morgan and Kiki that they are happily together and Carly has nothing to worry about involving her son and their daughter being together. As soon as the kids are gone, Carly tells them that even if they believe they've won this round, they better not think that she's not going to get to the bottom of this game they are playing. This is not over yet. She leaves. Ava gleefully tells her ex husband that they completely put this woman in her place. He then tells her that he knows what is really going on. Carly may or may not have had anything to do with both of the shootings. Carly probably arranged for the first one, but he thinks the other attempt on his life was from Ava.

Shawn leaves Alexis' home. She tells him she wants to be very clear that she wants him to stop working for Sonny. He tells her he will do what she wants and rushes out the door. She appears to not be completely convinced.

Nikolas sits alone at Kelly's playing the tape that Tracy gave him of AJ confessing that he slept with Carly. He seems to not be complete or confident of his future with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth goes to see AJ. He admits that he's afraid that she's come to tell him that it's all over.

Tracy talks to Luke about where they are going, what the weather will be like and what types of clothes and stuff she should take with her. Then she sees she is talking to an empty room. Luke is gone. He only leaves her a letter in an envelope. He tells her she may be his partner in crime. She may be his Bonnie and he may be her Clyde. But that is the very thing that he is afraid of. He doesn't want to involve her in his mess. If something happened to her while being with him, he will never forgive himself. So he has to make this decision this way. And he reminds her that he's counting on her not to tell anyone about his plans to disappear yet again. She hears a knock on her door. She goes to see who's there and is startled to see Lulu and Laura at the door obviously there to find Luke before he leaves for good.

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