GH Update Friday 6/28/13

General Hospital Update Friday 6/28/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In Kelly's kitchen, TJ pretends to play basketball as Shawn comes in and notices that TJ is in a good mood. TJ tells him that the reason for the good mood is that he and Molly are back together.

Outside of Kelly's, Molly tells Taylor that if she's looking for TJ, Taylor should know that TJ and Molly are back together. Molly tells Taylor that she and TJ told each other everything, and that there are no more secrets between them. Taylor asks Molly if that includes TJ telling Molly that he and Taylor had sex. Molly appears to be surprised by this news.

At the lake house, Alexis calls out for her daughters, but gets no answer. She sees the newspaper headline announcing a new wrinkle in the Metro Court shooting, and she wonders what the new wrinkle is.

In the Quartermaine mansion living room, Franco notices that the ELQ stock is down again as Kiki walks in. Kiki mentions that she's in the wrong room, but Ava stops her. Ava tells Kiki that she and Franco have something to tell Kiki. Kiki tells Ava that she already knows about the deal Franco and Ava made, because Morgan told her.

Carly arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to see Morgan in the entryway. She notices that Morgan's arm is broken. Morgan explains that it was broken arm wrestling with Alice, and that the arm wrestling was his idea. Carly insists on bringing in a specialist as soon as Morgan gets home. She reveals that she is there to bring Morgan home with her.

In Olivia's hospital room, Sonny tries to get Olivia to eat something. Olivia asks him to promise her that he had nothing to do with her getting shot. Sonny swears to it, and Olivia says that she wants to believe him. Sonny offers to swear on his son's life. Dante and Lulu appear and Dante asks Sonny he's sure that he wants to do that.

Luke collapses inside his room at the Metro Court as Tracy arrives. She knocks on his door and calls out to him.

Molly can't believe that TJ would sleep with Taylor. Taylor tells her that they slept together on the night of the canceled prom after they went for a limousine ride.

Shawn asks TJ when he and Molly made up. TJ tells him that they made up when he went to see Molly to tell her that he was thinking about her about Daniel being sick. He tells Shawn that he has Shawn to thank for his reunion with Molly. Shawn flashes back to his talk with Alexis where she accused him of trying to shoot Franco.

Sam and Rafe join Alexis at the lake house. Alexis apologizes for not being able to be there for Daniel during his treatment due to a deposition she had to finish. Sam and Rafe tell Alexis that Daniel came through the treatment well. Alexis asks if there is anything she can do for Sam, and Sam tells her that there is.

Ava suggests that perhaps Morgan misunderstood what he heard, but Franco wonders what Morgan heard. Ava flashes back to a conversation with Franco, discussing their options. Ava then confesses to Kiki that she and Franco did make a deal, but claims it has nothing to do with ELQ.

Morgan tells Carly that his arm is fine. Carly tells Morgan that there's nothing fine about the situation, telling him that she agrees with Michael that Kiki is a bad influence on him. Morgan lets it slip that he owes Michael money, but tells Carly that it's just $20. He tells Carly that he isn't going home with her, and that she doesn't know Kiki like he does. Carly tells him that Kiki isn't the issue, her father is. She doesn't want Morgan living in the same house with Franco.

Franco backs Ava's claim that their teaming up has nothing to do with ELQ. Kiki doesn't believe it, then Ava and Franco tell Kiki that they are reuniting.

Sonny insists on swearing on Dante's life that he had nothing to do with Olivia being shot. Lulu tried to play peacemaker, telling Sonny and Dante that their mobster vs. cop dynamic isn't going to be resolved right there. Lulu tells Olivia and Sonny that she and Dante are there with good news about the baby. She tells them that she and Dante went to an ultrasound appointment with Maxie. After teasing Olivia a bit that they were going to have a wolf puppy, Dante tells Olivia and Sonny that they are going to have a little girl.

As a maid passes by, Tracy tries to convince her to let her into Luke's room. After convincing the maid that she is Luke's wife and paying the maid $100, the maid lets Tracy into Luke's room. Tracy finds Luke on the floor in his room. Once he comes around, he tries to convince Tracy that he is ok. Tracy wants him to go to the hospital. Luke tells her that he doesn't have time. He wants to go look for a cure, starting with trying to find Jerry Jacks. Tracy tries to tell Luke that Jerry is dead, but Luke reminds her that they never found Jerry's body, so he is betting that Jerry is alive. Tracy wonders what Jerry has to do with Luke's illness. Luke tells her that Helena says that there's one way to save his life, and he believes that Jerry is the who that will help with the cure. He asks Tracy to help him pack to leave.

Olivia is thrilled that she's going to have a granddaughter. Sonny tells Dante that the baby will have Dante wrapped around her little finger, and Dante tells Sonny that he will be wrapped around the baby's finger, too. Lulu excuses herself to go tell her parents that they are having a little girl.

TJ notices a lack of enthusiasm from Shawn over his news that he and Molly are reunited. TJ tells Shawn that he misunderstood the kiss between Molly and Rafe, that she thought Rafe was leaving and was kissing him goodbye. Shawn asks TJ where that leaves Taylor, the girl he had sex with.

Molly tells Taylor that she knows that Taylor and TJ didn't have sex, because she and TJ agreed to wait. Taylor tells Molly that he must have gotten tired of waiting. She claims that she's just being honest and that if Molly doesn't believe her, she should ask TJ.

TJ tells Shawn that he only slept with Taylor because he thought she was with Rafe. He tells Shawn that he hasn't told Molly about it, and he doesn't plan to tell her.

Kiki still doesn't believe that Franco and Ava are reuniting. She says she is the result of a one night stand between Franco and Ava. Ava tells Kiki that there's a lot she doesn't know about Franco and Ava. Franco tells Kiki that Ava is right, that it wasn't a one night stand. He tells Kiki that what he and Ava had was special, and it still is.

Morgan tries to convince Carly that there's nothing to worry about because the mansion is huge. Carly comments that it's not huge enough. She tells him that Franco is dangerous, and that he has no idea what Franco did to Michael. Morgan reveals that he knows about Michael's rape, and that he found out from Franco because no one else bothered to tell him. Carly tries to tell Morgan that Michael has a difficult time discussing it. Morgan tells him that he didn't have such a tough time telling Kiki about it, and wonders if he told Kiki as a way to get closer to her.

Kiki still has a hard time believing that Ava and Franco are back together, saying that Ava always told her that they were better off without Franco. Franco says that he wasn't better off without them. He always thought that he and Kiki would pass on the street, and that he would recognize her. Kiki says that he never looked for her and she believes that's a good thing. Franco says that the only good thing about the separation is that it's over. Ava tells Kiki that she thought she was protecting Kiki from Franco, but she was wrong. Kiki asks Ava what changed her mind, and Ava says that Kiki changed her mind.

Alexis tells Sam that she will test to see if she is a match for Daniel, and Rafe offers to test as well. He says he understands that blood relations are the best chance to match, but he wants to try. He says he was told that by Silas. Alexis asks if Silas came to take Rafe away, but Sam says that he didn't. He came to help Daniel.

Shawn is surprised that TJ wants to keep his sex with Taylor a secret from Molly. TJ says that he's only keeping it from her to spare her from being hurt. Shawn tells him that he's just rationalizing, then tells him that he owes Taylor an explanation. TJ disagrees, then says that it's wrong for him to sleep with one girl, then show up around town with another. He insists that TJ talks to Taylor. TJ relents and says that he doesn't know why he's worried, since Taylor said it wasn't a big deal to her anyway.

Taylor tries to convince Molly that she and TJ got close fast, and that is due to her sleeping with TJ. Molly still doesn't believe her. As TJ comes outside, Taylor says that now it's Molly's chance to ask him.

Tracy asks Luke if he suffers from the same poison that Jerry suffered through, and Luke believes he was. Luke reminds Tracy that Jerry extorted the money for the cure and since the money hadn't been traced or located, Jerry must have purchased the cure. Luke believes the same cure will help him. Tracy wonders if the money could have been stolen, or if the WSB accountants could be wrong. Luke says that this is his only hope. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, and by Lulu calling out to them.

Stepping away privately, Dante tells Sonny that he is guessing that Sonny knows that there was a second shooter, and that Shawn didn't shoot Olivia. Sonny says he may have heard something about it. Dante tells him that while he doesn't have the evidence, it doesn't change the fact that Sonny, Carly and Shawn conspired to kill Franco and are guilty of attempted murder.

Carly is upset that Morgan seems to be making Michael's rape about him. Morgan says that he's upset that Michael told Kiki, at the time a total stranger, before he told Morgan as a way to get closer to Kiki. Carly wishes that Morgan would respect Michael's way of dealing with the situation if he can't have compassion for it. Carly disagrees that Michael told Kiki as a way to get closer to her, telling Morgan that Michael can't stand Kiki. Morgan disagrees. Carly insists that there is nothing going on between Michael and Kiki, that both Michael and Morgan need to stay away from her, and that they need to find Kiki so Morgan can say goodbye because he's going home with her.

Franco and Ava tell Kiki that realizing that Kiki is the only good thing they've done is what brought them together. Ava tells her that the Quartermaines accepting them as family made her and Franco realize that the three of them needed to come together as a family. Kiki still isn't convinced. Ava says she doesn't know how to convince Kiki, but Franco does. He kisses Ava just as Carly and Morgan walk in.

TJ asks Molly and Taylor what is going on. Molly tells TJ that Taylor is lying, trying to convince her that he and Taylor had sex. Taylor says she told Molly because she thought Molly knew. Molly tries to get TJ to tell her that Taylor made it up, but TJ confesses that Taylor is telling the truth, that he did have sex with her.

Luke tells Tracy that he doesn't want Lulu to know about what's going on with him. Tracy tells hi to answer the door, and Luke does. Lulu asks if it is a bad time to see them, and Tracy says it isn't. Lulu feels like she's interrupting something but Luke and Tracy insist she isn't. Lulu asks how Tracy is, and Tracy insists she's fine, and will be along to give Lulu's baby gifts for a very long time. Lulu is glad to hear it, telling Tracy that she is as much of a mother to Lulu as Laura is. She tells Tracy she can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a parent.

Dante tells Sonny that he doesn't expect Sonny to say anything, but Sonny can't hide anything from him. He knows. Sonny says that Dante doesn't have all of the facts. Dante asks what he is missing. Sonny says that it isn't important, and that he needs to focus on finding the person who shot Olivia.

Carly asks what is going on. Kiki tells her that Franco and Ava are trying to convince her that they are reuniting and that they thought the best way to do that is to kiss. Carly tells Franco that even Kiki knows the truth about him. Franco tells her to be nice to him since someone just tried to kill him. Carly tells him that there are many suspects in town, and that it's just another reason for Carly to keep Morgan away from him.

Lulu tells Luke and Tracy that Maxie is fine. She tells them that they're going to have a little girl. Both Luke and Tracy are happy over the news. Lulu tells Luke that she can't wait for her baby to meet him. Tracy tells Lulu that Lulu is the daughter she never had. As they hug, Lulu notices the suitcase and asks if Luke is going somewhere.

Molly is upset with the news that TJ slept with Taylor. He tries to tell her that he thought that she wanted Rafe and not him. He tries to plead with her, but she isn't hearing it as she tells him not to touch her.

Sam tells Alexis that she loves having the support of Alexis and the family. Alexis tells her how good it is for Daniel for them to live at the lake house. Sam loves her and Daniel being there, too, but she feels like she's getting in the way. She feels like Alexis has no life because of her and Daniel. She asks why was the last time Alexis saw Shawn. Alexis tells her that there's a new wrinkle in her relationship with Shawn. Sam asks if Alexis and Shawn are having problems. Before Alexis can answer, the doorbell rings. Alexis answers the door to find Shawn standing there.

Kiki tells Carly that she can't make Morgan leave, but Carly tells her she can't let Morgan stay with Franco. Franco tries to convince Carly that he won't hurt Morgan, and that he's a changed man. Carly says that even if he's a changed man, he's done too much damage already. Franco tells Carly how he and Morgan are friends. Carly tells them that she's taking Morgan out of the house. Ava accuses Carly of being reactionary, then introduces herself to Carly.

Lulu asks Luke if he's off to another location he won't tell her about, and he said she's right. She makes him promise that he won't end up in another Turkish prison. She also makes Luke promise to be back in time for her daughter's birth in two to three months. Once Lulu is gone, Luke tells Tracy that he just lied to Lulu. Tracy tells him that he did not.

Sonny returns to Olivia's room to Olivia asking if Dante was giving him a hard time. Sonny blows it off, asking her what the doctor had to say. She tells him that she is being released tomorrow. Sonny is concerned that it may be too soon, but Olivia says that if she has someone to help take care of her, she can go home. Sonny tells her that she will come home with him.

Lulu returns to the hospital and is met by Dante at the elevator. She has brought pizza for Olivia. Dante asks if her parents were as excited about the baby as his parents were. She tells him that she couldn't find Laura, but she told Luke. She mentions that Luke is leaving on one of his trips. She shares with him that she thinks this trip may be different, that she sensed it as Luke seemed different this time.

Luke tells Tracy that as much as he wants to, he can't guarantee that he will be back in time for the birth of Lulu's baby. Tracy says that she can guarantee it. Luke asks her how she can guarantee his returning in time. Tracy tells him by going with him.

Rafe tells Sam that she is running low on diapers, then leaves to go get more. Shawn tells Sam that he knows he hasn't been around much lately, but he's been thinking of her and Daniel. Sam thanks him before leaving him and Alexis so she can take a nap. Alexis guesses that Sam won't actually sleep, while Shawn guesses that Sam left them alone intentionally.

Taylor tells TJ that she's sorry for telling Molly about the and hurting her like she did, claiming that she thought Molly knew. TJ tells her that it isn't her fault. As Taylor asks if he is together with Molly, TJ tells her that he isn't anymore.

Molly arrives at the lake house where she sees Rafe outside. He asks her what is wrong as she runs into his arms.

Alexis guesses that Shawn got Diane to represent him and get him out of jail, thinking that he had confessed to shooting Olivia. He decides that she hadn't heard the news. When she asks about the news, he tells her that they have a lot to talk about, especially what will happen with them.

Carly tells Ava that she doesn't know how Ava and Franco came together, but she knows that this makes Ava someone that Carly doesn't want to know. Ava tells her that she's entitled to her opinion, but Morgan and Kiki like each other and as parents, they should want their children to be happy. Carly insists that while she wants Morgan to be happy, its more important that Morgan is safe. Ava tells her that Franco has changed, and if he hadn't, she wouldn't have reunited with him, and that Franco is now harmless. Carly tells Ava that she's either deluded or lying, but she wants Morgan as far away from Franco as possible. Franco dismisses Morgan and Kiki so that he, Ava and Carly can speak privately. Once Morgan and Kiki are gone, Franco tells Carly that either she allows Morgan to stay, or he will tell Morgan that Carly tried to kill him.

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