GH Update Thursday 6/27/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/27/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Molly approaches TJ at Kelly's to ask about his concern for her because of Danny. TJ is sorry that the little boy has to go through such an ordeal. Molly thanks him and insists she can hardly think of anything else. Scoffing, TJ brings up seeing her with Rafe the night of the prom.

Rafe stares at a picture of Molly & Danny as Sam comes down the stairs at her mother's house and reports that her sick little boy is handling his chemo very well, probably due to Silas' treatment suggestion. She marvels that such an arrogant jerk could be so right. Rafe is afraid that his uncle will drag him to New York sooner rather than later and jumps at the knock on the door.

At the hospital, Lulu and Dante are excited to see what their baby looks like through an ultrasound on Maxie. Sensing that something's wrong with Maxie, Lulu asks her if something happened between her and Spinelli. Maxie denies any tension between them, but she recalls Spinelli making her realize how hard it will be in three short months to hand her child over to Dante and Lulu after having gotten attached. Maxie is reluctant to tell Lulu.

Rafe and Sam are relieved that it's just Spinelli inquiring about Danny. Spinelli is disappointed that his godson is sleeping, and he won't be able to see him, so Sam invites him to stick around and wait until he wakes up. Rafe answers the doorbell to find a smug Silas standing there.

Felix leaves a frantic message on Sabrina's phone about Britt trying to put a stop her baby's paternity testing. Taylor gets up and complains that her brother is disturbing her beauty sleep. Felix rants and raves about the Britch's actions, but Taylor thinks he and his friends should all be arrested for what they're doing to Britt.

Britt shows up at the hospital lab, yelling for "fish girl" to stop running the paternity test. She is surprised when Patrick and Sabrina appear with results in hand. Britt is disappointed in Patrick's complicity in breaking hospital rules, then she turns her venom on Ellie, who Sabrina defends. Finally, Britt threatens to bring everyone before the review board and get them fired unless they hand over the results immediately.

Silas assures his nephew that he's not taking him away today and walks in. Sam thanks him for suggesting a certain combination of drugs which Danny is tolerating well. She just wants her son to get through this quickly, but Silas dashes her hopes by insisting it's far from being over.

Luke apologizes to Anna as he drags her into her office to discuss a matter of life and death. After viewing Helena's revenge recording, a weeping Anna is speechless, knowing that Luke has been poisoned through his earring. He doesn't want anyone crying over his grave before he's even in it. When Luke asks for Anna's assistance in gathering intelligence about a cure for polonium-210 poisoning using her WSB contacts, she agrees.

Realizing that what they're doing is illegal and everyone could lose their jobs, Patrick reluctantly hands the envelope to Britt over Sabrina protests. Ellie thanks Patrick for his concern, but she insists on taking responsibility for her own actions. He thinks there's another way they can fins out the test results. When Britt thanks him for doing the right thing and tears up the sealed envelope, Patrick declares that now he knows for sure he's not her baby's father.

Maxie can't believe that Lulu wants her to tell her about her private conversation with Spinelli. Dante reminds his wife that they should give Maxie her space, but Lulu thinks that as best friends, they should be able to talk to one another if something's bothering them. Dante tries to help by pointing out that it must be weird for Maxie to live with Spinelli's girlfriend. Maxie thanks him for his sensitivity and says that talking with Spinelli reminded her of the situation they're all in.

When Silas reminds Sam and Rafe that this is not the time for victory laps, Spinelli reprimands the doctor for his lousy bedside manner, then introduces himself as Sam's business partner and a close family friend. Calling him "The Jester" instead of "The Jackal," Silas urges Spinelli to calm down and let the grown-ups talk, because they're all on the same side.

TJ bitterly reminds Molly about the little party she and Rafe had in the park the night of the non-prom. Although Molly points out that he went out with Taylor, TJ doesn't buy her statement that Danny's all she can think about, because he saw her kissing Rafe, so she obviously had something else on her mind.

Luke tells Anna that Frisco is having Cassadine Island monitored for suspicious activities. Meanwhile, Anna's been on the WSB database looking for all the polonium-210 poisonings, most notably about a 2006 case of the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, but there are no ties to the Cassadines. Then she spots something more recent that happened right in Port Charles.

Dr. Chu, who has taken over for Dr. Westbourne while she's on medical leave, performs an ultrasound on Maxie while Lulu and Dante watch and marvel. They hear the baby's strong heartbeat and see a tiny image on the screen. Lulu changes her mind about learning the baby's gender to help her prepare for its arrival. Maxie agrees to whatever Lulu and Dante want.

Britt shrieks that Patrick is truly her baby's father, but he and Sabrina don't believe she would try to hide the paternity results if that were true. As Patrick declares he's done and starts to walk away, Britt call for him to wait.

Unable to believe that Taylor is defending Britt, Felix recounts how she basically ambushed the good doctor in the hospital shower for their only sexual encounter, made Sabrina's life miserable, defiled the Nurses' Ball to announce her tawdry pregnancy, and is lying about the identify of the father. Taylor responds that maybe Britt really cares about Patrick and isn't the bad guy here. She knows because Britt has confided in her, just as she told her about her and TJ. Although Felix insists there is only Molly and TJ, not Taylor and TJ, Taylor asks why then did he sleep with her the other night?

Molly tells TJ he shouldn't jump to conclusions, because he doesn't know the whole story. After he apologizes, Molly explains that she was just kissing Rafe good-bye, because he was about to leave town, and she didn't feel anything romantic toward him, not like she feels when she kisses TJ.

Sam and Rafe both castigate Silas for treating their friend so badly. Silas accuses Sam of being more concerned about his personality flaws than about her son's care. Both Rafe and Spinelli defend Sam's concern for her son, but Silas insists she needs to do more. Danny's only hope for a cure is a bone-marrow transplant, and Sam needs to start looking for a match right now.

TJ feels very badly about accusing Molly of having another guy, but she understand 'cause she'd feel just as bad if he had someone else. TJ looks guilty as he remembers having sex with Taylor in the limo, but he doesn't tell Molly the truth. Now that she thinks the air is clear, Molly wonders if they can get back together.

Taylor assures a stunned Felix that she and TJ had safe sex and, besides, it wasn't her first time, so he should stop freaking out. Felix congratulates her on having gotten the object of her desire, but Taylor is not happy that TJ hasn't called her since.

Britt claims the only reason she tore up the test results was to make a point of Team Sabrina violating her privacy, but insists Patrick is the father of her child, and she will prove it with a new test or simply by asking Ellie, who admits she knows the truth.

Since he was out of the country at the time of the water poisoning in Port Charles, Anna fills Luke in on the Jerry Jacks exploits. Jax's brother was shot with a polonium-laced bullet and extorted the town's rich folk for $88 million in order to pay for his cure. Luke wonders if the seller was Helena.

Silas recommends that all of Danny's closest living relatives be tested to be his bone-marrow donor.

After Molly insists she only feels friendship for Rafe and just wants to forget about all their past mistakes, TJ agrees to give their relationship another shot.

Incensed that TJ is ignoring Taylor after having sex with her, Felix wants to go kick the kid's ass to teach him a lesson in respect and manners, but Taylor stops him, though her brother's intentions mean a lot to her.

After Ellie admits she knows the results, Britt gives her permission to disclose them. Ellie apologizes to Patrick and informs him that she is absolutely positive he is the baby's father.

Lulu squeals with delight as she and Dante learn that they're getting exactly what they want -- a baby girl. As they leave the hospital, they declare their happiness, laughing and kissing. Back in the hospital room, Maxie sits up trying to process everything and finally smiles at the thought of having a little girl.

Luke is hopeful that finding Jerry Jacks will lead to him finding his cure, but Anna informs him that he supposedly died in a boat explosion and his body as well as the money was never recovered, despite the WSB's best efforts. Not afraid of long shots, Luke declares he will find the elusive Jerry Jacks but declines Anna's offer to go along, because he needs her to keep feeding him intelligence, and maybe even pave the way for me on both sides of the espionage game. He is confident that he will come out of his last match with Helena victorious and alive.

With Sam's thanks, Spinelli rushes out eager to put together a list of potential donors for Danny and figure out a way to screen them. Silas also departs, promising to keep in touch with them.

As she kisses TJ, Molly is beyond happy at their reunion and promises to text him about Danny's condition. After she leaves, TJ smiles, liking the sound of "clean slate." Molly runs into Taylor outside of Kelly's and gives her a self-satisfied smile, then she informs her nemesis that she and TJ are back together, and there are no secrets between them now. Surprised, Taylor asks if that includes the fact that she and TJ slept together. Molly's jaw drops.

Alone in his apartment, Felix looks at an old picture of him and Taylor together and remarks that they sure grow up fast.

Patrick apologizes for doubting Britt, who only asks that he now accept her and their baby in his life. Sabrina apologizes to Patrick for thinking Britt was lying, but he admits he thought the same thing, and they were both wrong. Britt receives a text from Dr. Obrecht stating that she knew everything would work out, and she should always trust her mother.

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