GH Update Wednesday 6/26/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/26/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Maxie's apartment, she puts on her iPod and the baby starts moving. As Spinelli watches, Maxie talks to the baby like it's hers. Spinelli startles her when he says that she's becoming attached to the baby.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu is crunching numbers and declares "We can't afford this!" Dante assumes that she means The Star, and says that she just reopened, and things will pick up. But, no, Lulu is looking at a baby website, freaking out over how much everything costs.

At Felix and Sabrina's, Britt wakes up Felix, asking where the man in the house. When he says that he's here, she tells him that she meant Sabrina. Felix takes great delight in telling her that Sabrina is probably climbing Mount Drake, as they speak. At Patrick's, apparently, Patrick and Sabrina can't get enough of each other.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Duke and Anna are talking a out walking Emma to day care, when they spot Luke. Luke is fixated on the DVD that Helen sent him, and doesn't even say hello. Duke thinks that he's still upset over losing Anna. Anna, however, guesses correctly that is probably something on the computer.

Tracy arrives at the hospital's 10th floor lab looking for Ellie. She wants Ellie to test Luke's earring for the toxin. Ellie tells her that she already knows what the toxin is.

Laura is the next one to find Luke who promptly closes the computer to talk to her. He gives her a cover story, then changes the subject. He congratulates her on her wedding. He and Laura joke about what Leslie told him, but he really does wish her well. 

Lulu is freaking out about the cost of everything, and Dante is trying to calm her down. Meanwhile, Maxie is snapping at poor Spinelli, who has touched a nerve. They are interrupted by Mac, who has come to pick up Maxie's wedding folders for him and Felicia. Mac notices Maxie's little temper tantrum, and says that they'll talk about her behavior when she calms down, as she pushes him out the door.

At Metro Court, Duke is curious as to why Anna wants to sit where Franco was nearly shot. He guesses that she wants to see another vantage point. Anna admits that she's combining business and pleasure with the pleasure being him. She can't tell him anything because the case is still open. She change the subject to ELQ. Duke tells her about meeting Ava Jerome, who may or may not be, part of the crime family he used to work for.

At his table, Luke lies to Laura about what was on the computer. He and Laura are chatting about Tracy's health, which he also lies about. Laura senses something is up with Luke, but before she can ask, Lucy shows up for their meeting. An overprotective Lucy drags Laura away from Luke. Luke goes back to the computer. Lucy apologizes for being late, but she got ticketed for texting while driving. She doesn't want Laura to be alone with Luke, now that she's married to Scotty. Laura tells her that she and Luke will always be connected through their children.

At GH, Ellie tells Tracy that she can only release the results to Luke or his doctor. Tracy immediately calls Luke to come to the 10th floor lab. He shuts the computer, and takes off.

On the terrace, Duke and Anna are discussing whether or not Ava is related to Victor and Julian. Duke tells Ann that there was something definitely dodgy about Miss Jerome. Anna worries about him being drawn back into the mob, but Duke assures her that he won't let that happen. He takes her hand and kisses it, just as Mac and Felicia arrive. "Aw, it's just like "Downton Abbey", only more contemporary." gushes Felicia. "Just a bit" quips Anna. Duke and Anna ask what Mac and Felicia are doing at the restaurant. They tell them that they have something to ask them.

At Patrick's, he has trouble getting out of bed. Sabrina reminds him that today is the day they find out the paternity results.

Back at the Dubois/Santiago apartment, Felix battles with Britt over Patrick and Sabrina. He tells her that Patrick saw Sabrina before her makeover for the Nurse's Ball and loves her anyway. Britt tells Felix that it took only one time with Patrick for her to get pregnant. Felix lets slip about them finding out whether that true.

Back at Metro Court, Duke is curious about what Mac wants to ask him. Mac tells him that Duke stood by him when Frisco was making his play for Felicia, and was supportive. He asks Duke to be his best man.

At their table, Laura tells a frantic Lucy that she hasn't seen Luke in weeks, and that they have children together. Laura assures Lucy that she loves Scotty and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Lucy calms down and the talk turns to Deception. Lucy is excited until Laura mentions that she's not sure if it's gonna work.

Back at Maxie's, Spinelli mentions how snappish she was with Mac and him Maxie tells Spinelli that Mac will get over it. Spinelli thinks that the reality has set in for Maxie, that she will have to give up the baby soon. He realizes how hard this will be for her.

On the Haunted Star, Dante tries to calm Lulu, who's still stressing about the baby and everything it's gonna need. Lulu confesses that feels left out of the process. She thinks that Maxie gets to do everything, and it's not even her baby.

Back at his apartment, Felix tries to backtrack, but Britt quickly guesses that they've done a paternity test behind her back. Patrick and Sabina are still in bed talking about how they got the test done. Patrick isn't happy but knows that they had to do it. Sabrina thinks that Britt has something to hide. As she tells Patrick, at least, Britt doesn't know, Britt is grilling Felix about the same thing. Felix tries to tell Britt that they couldn't do that because of Brad. Britt defends Brad but says that "fish girl" would do it. Britt tries to wheel herself out of the apartment.

Luke has shown up at the 10th floor lab, where he gets Ellie to tell him test results. Ellie does not have good news. Ellie tells Tracy and Luke that Helena poisoned him with Polonium 210 It's the same stuff they used to build the bomb during WW2. "The old bitch nuked me?" says Luke. He wonders if he'll glow in the dark or just blow up. Ellie says no, but it is very serious. She tells Luke that she's sorry,but Tracy wants answers. Ellie tells them about the chelation therapy to rid him of the radiation. It may or may not work. Ellie wants to call Dr. Beckett, but Luke he's not going to do that.

At Metro Court, Lucy is worried about Laura backing out, but Laura says that she has another vision of Deception.

Duke makes a quip about "Mr. Marbles", and Mac assures him that he'll be there. Duke accepts the offer. Felicia is on the terrace making the offer to Anna to be her maid of honor. Anna wonders about Maxie.

Maxie assures Spinelli that she is giving the baby to Dante and Lulu. Spinelli talks about the great lengths that Maxie went to give Dante and Lulu this child. He tells Maxie that he cares about her and understands how hard this is for her.

On the Haunted Star, Dante is still calming down Lulu, who admits to feeling jealous of what Maxie is going through. She wishes that she was the one who was pregnant. She cheers up when Dante calls the baby Rocco or Juliet. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him.

Felix tries to stop Britt from leaving. He is unsuccessful and immediately calls Sabrina to warn her and Patrick.

At Metro Court, when Felicia asks Anna to stand up for her, Anna asks about Maxie. Felicia says that she already talked to Maxie about it. She tells Anna that after the temper tantrum Maxie had with Mac, it's better that she wishes them well from a distance. She makes a crack about pregnancy hormones, so she and Anna share a chuckle.

Ellie leaves the lab so Luke and Tracy can talk. Tracy wants Luke to do the chelation therapy. Luke wants to unravel Helena's riddle, and thinks he knows someone who can help.

Laura explains her vision to Lucy. She doesn't just want to sell makeup but wants to do something that will help people. She uses her own journey back to wellness. She wants to do something bigger.

At Maxie's, Spinelli apologizes for upsetting Maxie. She says he didn't, but he can see that something is bothering her. She admits to growing more attached to the baby, but before she can say anything else, Dante and Lulu show to take her to her appointment. Spinelli watches as they fuss over Maxie's growing belly. Lulu apologizes to Spinelli for not including him before they leave.

At Metro Court, Mac and Felicia, Anna and Duke are toasting the upcoming nuptials. Anna chokes when Felicia asks when her and Duke are getting married. Laura and Lucy are continuing their conversation, when Laura sees Luke go out to the terrace.

Ellie comes back to the lab, where she tries to comfort Tracy. Ellie asks Tracy where Luke went, and Tracy tells her "to look for another alternative". Tracy begs Ellie to look for another solution, because she's so not letting Luke die.

At Metro Court, Lucy finally notices Luke and mentions that he doesn't look well. Luke interrupts the celebration, because he needs Anna's help.

At GH, Britt finds Ellie at the lab, and calls her an insulting name. Ellie stands up for herself, just as Patrick and Sabrina arrive. Patrick tells Britt it's too late to do anything, because he has the report in his hands. It's time to find out whose baby she's carrying.

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