GH Update Tuesday 6/25/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/25/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy and Luke are at The Haunted Star, where he pours himself a drink to celebrate his healthy liver. He ignores Tracy's concerns about the toxins the doctor told them about. He downs his drink anyway.

At the hospital, Connie is happy to hear Olivia complaining again. Connie tells Olivia that she saw how much Sonny cares about her. Olivia tells her that Sonny cares about Connie, too. After all, it was the first thing she saw when she woke up. As they continue this debate, Sonny watches them from outside Olivia's room.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Elizabeth plays the recording of AJ's confession for him. She tells him to have a nice life and starts to walk away. AJ follows her and begs her to hear him out. He asks her where she got the tape. She accuses him of only being worried about getting caught. AJ figures it was Nikolas who ratted him out.

Shawn is with Carly on the restaurant terrace. He has found his bullet in the planter that Franco was sitting in front of. It proves that he wasn't the shooter. They are both relieved to find that they aren't responsible for hurting Olivia. Of course, Carly wonders who the second shooter was.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco tells Ava that he knows who tried to kill, and they know that he knows. The second shooter turns out to be Ava, as we see during her flashback.

On The Haunted Star, Luke continues to drink while Tracy continues to give him a hard time. While they are arguing, a delivery boy arrives with a gift basket. It says "Get well Soon" which cause yet another argument between Luke and Tracy, when he accuses her of blabbing. Bob, the delivery man, makes the mistake of asking Luke for a tip. "Never rub another man's rhubarb -- unless, of course, you're planning to make cobbler." [Clicks tongue], says Luke. Bob leaves while Tracy can't find a card, but there is a DVD that says "Play Me". Who would send me a DVD, asks Luke. "Franco?" asks Tracy.

Franco is at the mansion dealing with a curious Ava Jerome. He tries to change the subject about who tried to kill him, but Ava is persistent. Franco flashes back to his conversation with Carly, after Olivia was hit. Ava's on a fishing trip to see if he suspects her. When he tells her that it's none of her business, Ava says that he's very wrong.

AJ goes off on Nikolas. Elizabeth responds that Nikolas isn't the one who slept with Carly. AJ complains that Nikolas broke the promise he made not to play the tape for her. Elizabeth reminds AJ that she's not something that he can just have. AJ tells Elizabeth how Nikolas has been blackmailing him with this. Elizabeth says that she heard it accidentally, but AJ doesn't believe her. He makes a sarcastic remark that angers Elizabeth.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere with Alexis, who's come by to talk about Shawn. Nikolas asks what's wrong with Shawn. He takes a guess that Shawn isn't the man Alexis thought he was. He's seen the news and he knows that they bought Sonny in for questioning. He's disappointed because Alexis told him that Shawn wasn't involved in Sonny's business. Alexis says there isn't any proof, but Nikolas says that there never is. Alexis isn't any better off with Nikolas than before. He still doesn't like Shawn.

Shawn and Carly are on the terrace very relieved that they didn't hurt Olivia. They are curious about the second shooter, but Shawn is just happy to have the guilt taken away. They are also relieved that Sonny no longer has a reason to kill them.

In Olivia's room, she and Connie are still arguing about Sonny, when he finally joins them. He tells Olivia that he prayed for her. He tells them that he has something to tell them about the shooting. Olivia jumps to the conclusion that her vision was right. Connie guesses that Sonny is telling them that Franco was the target not him. Olivia sees how that could be true, cause Franco has a lot of enemies.

At the mansion, Franco is surprised that Ava is concerned about him. After all, she kept Kiki from him all those years. Franco asks if Ava ever showed Kiki his work, and Ava says she didn't. She couldn't let Kiki how morbid and twisted her father was. She calls him a monster, but Franco objects to that word and insists he's changed. Ava wants to talk about their plan to take over ELQ. Franco doesn't appear that interested.

On the terrace at Metro Court, Shawn and Carly are counting their blessings. Shawn wants to let Sonny know, and Carly wants to go with him. Thankfully, Shawn talks her down, and says it's better that he goes so he can pave the way for her. Shawn tells her to go home, and kiss Josslyn, and Carly eventually agrees. Shawn takes off, while Carly makes the mistake of going through the restaurant.

Elizabeth and AJ are still there arguing over his one-night stand with Carly. Elizabeth spots Carly as she arrives at the bar. "There's the slut now," she announces. 

On The Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy are arguing about who sent him the DVD. Finally, Luke pulls out a computer from somewhere, and they play it. Suddenly, Helena Cassadine appears on screen, "Hello, Luke. Did you miss me?"

Franco and Ava talk about their past. She admits to being attracted to his "dark side" in the beginning. Ava wonders how much of that side Franco is willing to show Kiki. Franco says that he'll tell her the truth, because it's not all bad. Ava says that he'll need her help with Kiki. Franco wonders how that will work, since Kiki isn't even talking to Ava. Franco tries to negotiate but Ava has another idea. She wants to tell Kiki that they're back together.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alexis to leave Shawn. He doesn't want her to end up like Sam, a widow due to violence. She makes the excuse that she and Sam are at different places in their lives. Nikolas continues his argument that Shawn stands for everything Alexis doesn't. Alexis makes a crack about Nikolas being a lawyer that he ignores. He uses Molly as an example, and asks if she wants her to end up like Sonny's children. He assumes that Morgan has come out relatively unscathed. Alexis reminds him that Kiefer is dead because of her. Nikolas says that that wasn't murder. Alexis can't ignore his argument but admits that she loves Shawn.

Shawn has arrived at the hospital, where he knocks on the door to Olivia's room. He drags Sonny away to tell him what he and Carly found. In the hallway, Sonny asks Shawn if he made his confession. Shawn tells him that he nearly did, but the cops uncovered some new evidence that exonerates him and Carly.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly defends herself to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells her that she knows what happened between her and AJ. Carly is shocked that anyone else knew at all. Elizabeth attacks Carly, and asks her why she slept with a man she's dating. After all they've been through with Jake and Josslyn. Carly asks for help from AJ, who says that he never cheated on Elizabeth.

On The Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy watch in horror, Helena delivers her message from beyond the grave. Helena tells them that she made this DVD before she died. She assumes that he's watching it with Laura. She predicts his every reaction to the news that she put the toxin in his body. She tells him that he was always meant to die on The Haunted Star. Luke thinks she's bluffing, until she shows him the earring he always wears.

Nikolas and Alexis are about to end their visit when she asks for his cell phone. He reluctantly tells Alexis, that she'll have to use the landline. As she looks at him quizzically, he tells her that Elizabeth is using it as evidence against AJ.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Elizabeth, AJ and Carly are hashing things out. AJ tells Elizabeth that he didn't cheat on her, because she had dumped him. He goes over the events leading up to the one-night stand. Carly makes snide remarks along the way. Elizabeth recalls how Monica tried to keep her from seeing AJ that night. He realizes that Monica was covering for AJ and Carly. Carly says that she was just trying to get out of there. AJ says that he thought they were through. Elizabeth asks him why he just didn't tell her the truth. AJ says that he didn't want to hurt her.

At GH, Connie and Olivia argue over whether or not Sonny was involved in the shooting. Olivia wants to know if there are any other suspects. Olivia also wonders if Connie wants Sonny. Connie wonders the same. Outside of Olivia's room, Shawn shows Sonny the bullet that proves he didn't hurt Olivia. Sonny asks if there are any other suspects, but Shawn doesn't think so.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco scoffs at Ava idea of them getting back together. She questions whether or not, he's really changed. She ends up planting a kiss on Franco as a reminder.

On The Haunted Star, Tracy and Luke listen in horror as Helena lays out her plan. She tells him that the dose wasn't strong enough to kill him where he stood, but it will soon. Luke goes to shut the computer, but Tracy stops him.

At Metro Court, Carly tries to leave but Elizabeth stops her. Elizabeth has another go at AJ when Carly intervenes, and says that she doesn't want to be the reason they break up. Carly then turns the tables on Elizabeth and says that she is partly to blame. She tells them that they both overreacted then walks out. AJ asks for another chance but Elizabeth has to think about it.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alexis how Elizabeth heard the tape. Alexis wonders if this clears a path for him and Elizabeth. Nikolas doesn't know, which leaves him and Alexis in the same boat.

At GH, Shawn goes to phone Alexis, but leaves to go and find her instead. 

In Olivia's hospital room, the Falconeri cousins are arguing over Sonny again. Connie swears that she doesn't want Sonny back, and especially if he's involved in the shooting. She doesn't want to go back to him, and she doesn't want Olivia to either. Before Olivia can answer, Sonny comes back. He tells them again that he had nothing to do with the shooting. He promises them that he will catch whoever did this and make them pay.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco can't believe what just happened. Ava thinks she has won. "Maybe we can sell this reunion, after all," she says as she leaves. Franco checks the foyer to see if she's gone then plops down on the couch. Ava is behind the door congratulating herself before she leaves.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy and Luke listen to Helena's parting words. She says the cure is not at GH and hopes that Luke is still smart enough to figure it out. She blows him a kiss.

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