GH Update Monday 6/24/13

General Hospital Update Monday 6/24/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy and AJ talk about all the things that happen at the metro court and she reflects she can't believe a woman was almost murdered there not long ago. He informs her that Olivia will be ok. She is happy to know that and encouraged to hear him admit that he believes he has a bright future with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is with Nikolas in the park who is wondering whether or not to reveal to her that AJ is not the quality person she believes he is and that he slept with Carly.

Kiki is talking to Michael and Morgan about the revelation that she is not only Franco's daughter but also Michael's cousin.

Kiki's mom tells Franco that she might strike a deal with him but she knows that he poisoned both Tracy's and AJ's pickle relish on The Chew.

In the park, Nikolas plays the tape-recording of Tracy confirming with AJ that he slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. Not only she but both hers' and Nikolas's small boys hear it. She is shocked.

Lucy encourages AJ to set his sights on having a relationship with Elizabeth. Laura and Scott Baldwin walk in. She tells them she needs to talk to Laura privately. The y wonder why.

Tracy confronts Luke while accompanying him to a doctor's appointment. She is not only worried about his drinking and his future. She tells him about the battle she is waging with AJ. He does not want to hear the diagnose he's waiting to hear from his doctor. But she demands he does not go anywhere.

Kiki and Michael talk about the fact that they kissed and had sexual feelings for one another and are now discovering they are first cousins.

Morgan eavesdrops at the door and overhears Franco and his daughter's mom having a “secretive” conversation. Franco knows instantly that they are being overheard. He opens the door and catches Morgan listening in at the door.

Carly and Shawn talk alone in the interrogation room. He tells her that he believes the right thing to do is turn himself in and not let her pay for her involvement in the shooting. Dante comes in to ask what they are privately talking about.

The doctor takes a lot of time to get back to Luke and Tracy with his diagnosis. He admits that he assumed that Mr. Spencer would not stick around or want to hear the diagnosis. Luke asks him to assure Tracy that his (Luke's) liver is in great shape. And surprisingly, the doctor confirms that is true and there's nothing wrong with Luke's liver.

Lucy takes Laura aside and tells her she wants to choose a new career that excites and enlightens her. Laura asks Lucy what that would be. Lucy replies it's deception.

When Elizabeth hears Nikolas' tape-recording of AJ confirming to Tracy that he slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back and didn't want her to know about it, she asks him if that is really true. He replies it is true.

Anna and Dante know that Shawn and Carly have a deep dark secret that they are keeping from them. But they can't prove that either of them have anything to do with the shooting. Carly then asks if she and Shawn are free to go.

Franco finds Morgan and asks if he is sleeping with his daughter, who is also Michael's cousin. He confirms that he knows that Morgan is eavesdropping but realizes he has no idea how much he might have heard of their conversation.

Kiki finds Michael and tells him she hates her father for all he has done, and she blames herself. He tells her she should not feel that but they both admit there is something “not right” about the two of them having “feelings” for each other that are not appropriate for first cousins to have.

At the hospital, Luke smugly tells Tracy and the doctor that he has the liver of a Mormon, but she does not buy that. The doctor tells them the numbers indicate that his liver is not as good as he'd like but is not a serious cause for concern in his opinion. Luke confirms, that in that case, they have nothing to worry about and Tracy needs to get off his back, but the doctor tells them there is another very serious problem that Luke has.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas where and when AJ slept together and why he has this recording on his phone. He tells her that Tracy recorded it and gave it to him. She asks how that could happen knowing that Tracy does not “give” anyone anything without wanting something in return. He admits that Tracy wanted money which he paid her. She asks him if he went to this drastic measure just to have this recording on his phone so that he could break up her and AJ.

After Anna and Dante try and fail to get the information about Carly and Shawn, the two suspects walk out the door but still are unsettled.

Franco talks to Ava about their marriage and previous relationship. He tells her he remembers when she “used to” smile. She asks if he can blame her for no longer smiling. He tells her yes. He can blame her. She has taken his child form him for her entire life. She yells back at him that he was not ready. He was crazy. She could not have that around her daughter. He reminds her that Kiki is “their” daughter. She tells hi that she remembers at one minute she was elated to have a baby with the man she loved. And the next minute, she was horrified to have been knocked up by a psycho. He tells her that she gets to decide who loves whom, how people are loved and what is right for their daughter. And he demands she tells him what they are going to do about their daughter's boyfriend overhearing and knowing their secrets. She admits there is nothing they can do about that.

Kiki and Michael conclude that they need to stay out of each other's lives. He reminds her that they both see Morgan and haven't seen the last of each other, and they both travel in many other similar circles. Morgan then appears and overhears their conversation.

Ava tells Franco that she and their daughter will be just fine without him. And she remembers all that he did to his brother. He tells her that he does not care what she thinks. The only person on this planet whom he cares what she thinks is their daughter. She tells him that he won't be able to do that. He talks about devoting his life toward redeeming himself to his daughter. And the first thing he does when he comes back to Port Charles is poison the relish and almost kill people on national television. She tells him that she can keep that secret from him under the condition that he takes the shares away from AJ. He tells her he can agree to that deal. But he has a condition for her.

The doctor informs Luke and Tracy that he found out that Luke has a serious illness with a toxic substance. He is certain that is what caused Luke to pass out. Tracy then asks if this toxic substance has a name.

Lucy tells Laura she wants her to be her partner. The two of them are going to perfect a company called Deception. She informs Laura that she talked to Scott, and he's completely on board with that. Laura asks Lucy if she has any money or investors. Lucy does not answer that and won't take no for an answer from Laura.

In the park, Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he was not certain whether to reveal to her about AJ's secret. So he discussed it with Alexis who advised him not to do it. She asks why he keeps this recording on his phone. He replies for “insurance” in case AJ hurts her.

At the police station, Dante and Anna find out that someone other than Carly, Shawn and Sonny fired the bullet that shot Olivia. Carly and Shawn find out the same thing. They are very relieved to know that but realize that if the bullet he was going to use on Franco has not been used. They can't find it. And they have to in order for no evidence to come back to haunt them.

Ava tells Franco that if she lets AJ know that Franco poisoned his relish, Franco's prospective deal will go up in smoke. He tells her she is bluffing. She tells him he may “try” her. She asks him just what he wants. And it's very obvious what he wants from her is to help him win their daughter over.

Scott joins Laura and Lucy when she informs him that she and Laura are going into partnership...although Laura has not agreed.

The doctor informs Luke and Tracy that something very serious is infesting Luke's body. He tells them he'd like to hope that something can be done about it. But he knows one thing in that whatever happened to him did not occur naturally. It was “introduced” into his system.

After the startling revelation, Elizabeth gets a call from AJ who is ready to have a pleasurable evening with her. He confirms that she is ready to meet him soon. She agrees and says nothing about what she’s just discovered. She then asks Nikolas to watch her son for her while she goes. He agrees.

Carly finds AJ waiting for Elizabeth and reminds him she can ruin his hopes of having a relationship with Elizabeth.

Anna and Dante realize that if they cannot suspect Carly or Shawn of the shooting, they haven’t a clue who did in fact do it.

Eva tells Franco that she will not let her baby girl get hurt. He promises her that he will not hurt Kiki. He admits that she may have been right to have kept their daughter from knowing anything about him. For a long time, he was not fit to be a parent. But things have changed. And he thinks that she would like her daughter to have a relationship with her father as much as he does.

Morgan notices his brother and girlfriend together and suspects nothing.

Franco tells Ava that they can do this together. They may be a broken family. But they can't be any worse than the Quartermaines. She then, somewhat reluctantly agree to his terms if he agrees to hers.

Luke and Tracy are both uneasy with the new prognosis.

Laura agrees to go into business with Lucy and they announce it to Scott.

Ava reminds Franco that “somebody” intended to kill him and they don't even know who it is. Whoever it is is still out there.

Carly and Shawn discuss the fact that if his bullet did not hit Olivia, someone else's did.

The person who intended to shoot Franco was Ava.

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