GH Update Friday 6/21/13

General Hospital Update Friday 6/21/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth and Cameron are in the park with Elizabeth telling Cameron to behave for his Uncle Nikolas when they are joined by Nikolas and Spencer. Cameron and Spencer run off to play, leaving Nikolas and Elizabeth alone. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for arranging the playdate and starts to leave when Nikolas asks her to stay.

Duke is waiting at AJ's office, looking at his laptop as AJ arrives. They comment on how bleak the stock value for ELQ is, regardless of the announcement that both relishes were tampered with. AJ comments that they won't be able to turn the prices around without finding out who tampered with the relishes.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco reads an article on his tablet about ELQ's declining stock value as Ava walks in, calling out to the Quartermaines. Franco tells Ava that if she's there to take Kiki away, she's too late because Kiki and Morgan are already settling in at the mansion.

In the Quartermaine boathouse, Michael and Kiki are joined by Morgan. Morgan calls out to Kiki asking her what is taking so long finding a bathing suit.

Alexis approaches Sonny at the hospital. She asks how Olivia is, and Sonny says that she woke up and is alert. He tells her that the doctors say she's going to be ok. Alexis comments on how relieved he must be because he is the reason she's in the hospital anyway.

Dante walks into the PCPD asking what is going on, and is told by an officer that they found the weapon used by the shooter.

We have a replay of Shawn and Carly talking in the park as Anna arrives, telling Carly that Carly is just who she is looking for.

Morgan pulls Michael out of the boathouse, wanting to know why Michael is in there with a naked Kiki. Michael and Kiki both explain to Morgan that Michael didn't know she was in there. Morgan calls Michael a perv for leering at his own cousin.

In the PCPD interrogation room, Dante looks over the weapon they have in evidence. The officer tells Dante that they found the gun in a landfill a mile away from the Metro Court. Dante notices that the serial number has been filed off. Dante mentions that the casing matches the bullet they found, so they found their weapon.

Sonny tells Alexis that he would never hurt Olivia. Alexis agrees that he would never do it intentionally, but he gave Shawn the order, and as per usual for Sonny, someone innocent got hurt. Sonny tries to tell Alexis that she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Alexis tells him that Shawn confessed to the shooting to her.

Carly wants to know why Anna wants to question her. Anna asks her to come to the station, telling her that it's just routine. Carly tells Anna that she can question her right there, but Anna wants their discussion on record. Carly asks if she should call her attorney.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth to stay and keep him company. Elizabeth tells him that she's meeting AJ in an hour, but Nikolas asks her to just stay an hour with him, then. Elizabeth claims that it wouldn't be a good idea, but Nikolas continues to try to convince her to stay, telling her that while he doesn't understand her choosing to be with AJ, it is her choice and he respects it. Elizabeth agrees to stay if Nikolas agrees not to make snide remarks about Nikolas, telling him that he's welcome to share his opinions when they change.

AJ tells Duke that he thought Tracy tampered with his relish until hers came up tampered with as well. Duke assures AJ that the investigation is ongoing. AJ wonders who would tamper with their relish since none of their chief rivals are in the relish business. Duke suggests considering Ava Jerome.

Franco and Ava discuss Franco's bonding with Kiki. Franco mentions that he has a rocky relationship with Kiki thanks to Ava keeping her from him, but Ava says they were just fine without him in their lives. Franco comments on not understanding what Kiki sees in Morgan, but if he's the reason that Kiki stays in the mansion, he supports them so he gets more time with Kiki. Ava tells Franco that she thinks that Morgan's a very nice boy. Franco reminds her that her attempts to get Kiki to sign her shares over didn't work. Ava claims that Kiki will come around, then says that she has business with AJ. She said AJ wasn't in his office and asks if he is there at the mansion. Franco tells her that she just missed him, then asks what business she has with AJ. Ava tells him that she's offering AJ his head on a silver platter.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the deal is that if they're going to be friends, he needs to respect her choices. Nikolas flashes back to a conversation he had with AJ at the hospital about Nikolas having the recording of AJ asking Tracy not to say anything to Elizabeth about him and Carly. Nikolas then gives Elizabeth his word that he won't interfere in her life. Elizabeth then agrees to stay.

AJ is surprised to learn that Duke knows Ava. Duke says that Ava was there earlier, looking for AJ. AJ tells Duke that Ava is Kiki's mother, then reveals that Kiki is actually Lauren. AJ is curious as to why Duke is convinced that Ava is after ELQ. Duke tells him that it's not about what Ava said, rather who she is.

Ava tells Franco that AJ may want to kill him when he gets to know him better. Franco tells Ava that AJ does want to get to know him better and fold him into the family. He is convinced that AJ will think of him as family soon. Ava asks if he believes that when AJ finds out that Franco poisoned his relish.

Morgan tells Kiki that maybe Michael didn't know Kiki was there, but he was enjoying what he saw. Michael tells Morgan that he was looking for him. Morgan asks what is so urgent that Michael was looking for him. Michael tells Morgan that it's about Morgan stealing is credit card.

Dante tells the officer that they need to confirm that the strike marks match the fragments taken from Olivia. He asks that the officer have forensics put a rush on the tests.

Anna tells Carly that she does have a right to call her attorney, but she doesn't see why Carly would need to call her. She tells Carly that she just wants to ask about security and staff schedules, so why call an attorney. Carly agrees not to, and both women leave Shawn to head to the PCPD.

Sonny tells Alexis that things didn't happen the way she thinks they did. Alexis doesn't care about how things went down. She reminds him that Shawn had PTSD and asked if he didn't think that the hit would affect Shawn. She tells him that Shawn has had tough times and has made bad decisions. She tells him how Shawn was doing an honest job at Kelly's, even if it wasn't a glamorous one, but then Jason died and Sonny recruited Shawn. Sonny reminds Alexis that Shawn is a grown man and could make his own decisions. Alexis tells him that no one turns him down. Sonny says that she doesn't understand what happened, and Alexis asks him to make her understand.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas what he has been doing since he got out of business with Tracy. He tells her that he's working on acquiring a company in Port Charles, but assures her that it isn't ELQ, but also that he's not ready to share which one yet. Nikolas says that the business will keep him in Port Charles, then asks if that will be a problem for her. They are interrupted as Cameron and Spencer run over and squirt them with super soakers.

AJ mentions to Duke that he didn't know that the family Duke was involved with was the Jerome family. Duke says that he thought that the Jerome family was gone. AJ asks if he knew Ava, but Duke says he only knew Victor's two children, Olivia and Julian. AJ mentions that Jerome is a fairly common name, so perhaps Ava isn't related. Duke says he thought the same until he realized her demeanor was like she was hiding something, playing cat and mouse, and actually enjoying it.

Ava shares her theory with Franco that he tampered with the relishes. Franco claims that he was busy coming back  from the dead and that his art is more intimate. Ava feels like this was intimate because it affected four people and very publicly, tanking ELQ in the process. Franco asks how Ava intends to prove her theory. Ava says it's not a theory. She says she knows he did it, and she has the proof.

Morgan accuses Michael of trying to deflect from the situation but accusing him of stealing his card. Michael says that he got a call from the bank on a fraud alert, telling him that someone maxed out his card on a gambling site. Kiki hears this and asks Morgan if he's been gambling again.

Alexis asks Sonny who is responsible for Olivia's shooting if it wasn't Sonny. Sonny flashes back to his conversation with Shawn where Shawn tells him that he accidentally shot Olivia due to Carly telling him that the hit was back on. Shawn interrupts Sonny and Alexis as he joins them at the hospital. Alexis tells Shawn that he's off the hook because Olivia woke up. Shawn says that he's glad to hear it, and Alexis is sure that he is. Shawn tells Sonny that he needs to discuss something with him. An irritated Alexis leaves them to go find Sam. Shawn makes the excuse that Alexis is upset over Daniel. Sonny tells Shawn that Alexis believes that he ordered Shawn to carry out the hit. Shawn is surprised that Sonny didn't give up Carly. Sonny says that no one needs to know that the mother of his children is responsible. Shawn tells him that he thinks Anna may suspect it.

Anna escorts Carly to the interrogation room, then steps outside into the bullpen with Dante. Dante is surprised that Carly agreed to come to the station. Anna tells him that he told Carly that it was just routine questions. She is pleased to hear that Olivia is awake. Dante fills Anna in on the rifle they found. Anna says she's hoping for more answers when she questions Carly. Dante wants to be there when she questions Carly, and Anna agrees on the condition that Dante stays calm and keeps his temper. 

Cameron and Spencer tell Nikolas and Elizabeth that they just wanted to cool them off. Nikolas agrees to give the super soakers back as long as they agree to just squirt each other. As the boys run off, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he planned to take the boys to the pool, and that he brought an extra shirt, which he offers to Elizabeth.

AJ tells Duke that he had Ava checked out but no red flags in the initial investigation. Duke then says that he's sure it's nothing, but AJ tells him that first impressions can be trouble. He shares with Duke that he wonders about Kiki seeing Morgan and living with Michael. He comments that Michael didn't know that his own cousin Kiki would kiss him.

Kiki is upset that Morgan is gambling again, and Morgan tries to deny that he stole the credit card and is gambling. Michael says that he saw Morgan's laptop, and that's enough to have Morgan confessing. Morgan says he was just trying to win the money to pay Sonny back. Michael reminds Morgan that now he has $10,000 on Michael's charge card in addition to the $50,000 he owes Sonny.

Franco asks what Ava's proof is. Ava explains that she saw an advertisement for AJ and Tracy to appear on The Chew. She said that she made a detour to the studio. She says that she spoke with the producer who told her that there was an unauthorized person in the green room, and that she knows that it was Franco back there.

Anna questions Carly, asking her who had access to disabling the security cameras at her hotel. Carly says that the security team, hotel management and the owners have access. She asks if Anna thinks that Connie was involved. Dante tells Carly that they don't think Connie was involved, but they think she was.

Shawn tells Sonny that Anna took Carly to the PCPD to question her. Sonny is concerned about his sons losing their mother. Shawn says it doesn't have to happen. He offers to go to the PCPD, tell Anna that he acted alone and turn himself in.

Elizabeth puts Nikolas' shirt on, commenting on how big it is on her. Nikolas realizes that the water ruined his phone. Elizabeth suggests he put the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. Cameron then says that maybe he can fix it. Elizabeth tells Nikolas how good Cameron is with technology. Nikolas agrees to let Cameron try.

AJ tells Duke that because Michael and Kiki kissed, he asked Michael to stay away from Kiki. He confesses that this puts a monkey wrench in their plans because he wanted Michael to get closer to Kiki to convince her, and ultimately Franco, to vote for them. He says that Michael getting close to Kiki would be a recipe for disaster.

Kiki is upset that not only is Morgan gambling again, but he is stealing from his own brother. She worries that the debt collectors will come after Michael next. Michael tells them that his card was declined. Morgan tells Kiki that he was gambling for her. When Kiki asks him to get his story straight, he says that he was gambling to pay off his debt and to help get Kiki away from her father, because he knows how much she dislikes him.

Ava comments on how the relish was tampered with in New York, then suddenly he's showing up in Port Charles. Franco asks why he's not been questioned by the police if the producer recognized him. Ava confessed to having bribed the producer to keep quiet. Franco asks what she had to gain by protecting him. She mentions that she knows that he tampered with the relishes to drive down the price of ELQ stock so that he could take over the company.

Sonny tries to convince Shawn not to turn himself in. He tells Shawn that he's only in the situation he's in because Carly lied to him. Shawn says that the police already suspect him, so it's only a matter of time before they get the evidence to arrest him. Sonny cautions him against making assumptions. Shawn says that he doesn't turn himself in, and the investigation continues, it could lead back to Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells him that it's happened because Shawn works for him. Shawn says he's in the situation he's in because he shot an innocent woman, and he can't believe he missed Franco so badly. He says it's time for him to take responsibility for his actions.

Dante explains to Carly that the head of security never cuts off the cameras, and Connie has an alibi, which leaves Carly. He asks how Carly will look Olivia in the eye now that Olivia is awake. Carly is surprised to hear that Olivia is awake. Dante comments on how relieved she must be. He then tells her that it's only a matter of time before the hit is traced back to one of Sonny's men. Carly says that it wasn't Sonny. Anna wonders who it was, then.

Morgan tells Kiki how he wants to take care of her, but Michael reminds Morgan that Morgan stole his credit card. The two fight over returning the card, Morgan quitting gambling and Michael gawking at Kiki. Kiki apologizes for Morgan, but Michael tells her it's not necessary. Kiki clears up that she didn't know that Morgan was gambling again. She also suggests that Michael keep a closer eye on his credit cards. Michael tells her that they have a bigger concern: the two of them.

Ava confesses that she was going to turn Franco over to AJ for a healthy payment, but she suggests they combine their interests. She tells Franco that if he wants her to keep quiet about the relish sabotage, he will cut her in on the takeover.

AJ tells Duke that they will have to finish strategizing later, because he has a date with Elizabeth. Duke is happy to hear that things are moving ahead with Elizabeth. AJ says that he had a small hiccup, but it has been worked out, and nothing is going to stand in the way of his being happy with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she needs to go get ready for her date with AJ. Cameron and Spencer return with Spencer announcing that Cameron fixed Nikolas' phone. Elizabeth is proud of her son. The play button on Nikolas' phone is hit, allowing everyone to hear the recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth that he slept with Carly.

Dante presses Carly to tell him who is responsible for Olivia's shooting if it wasn't Sonny. Carly asks to be able to call her attorney, and Anna agrees. As everyone steps outside, an officer asks to speak with Anna and Shawn walks in. Carly asks if it's true that Olivia is ok. Shawn tells her that it's what Sonny says. He asks her what's going on, and she tells him that she's decided to call her attorney. Shawn says that it's not necessary, and announces that he has something to say.

Alexis returns to where Sonny waits at the hospital, asking where Shawn is, assuming that he's doing business for Sonny. Sonny tells her that there's something she needs to know. He tells her that Shawn went to the PCPD. Alexis asks if he was arrested, but Sonny says that Shawn is turning himself in.

Dante asks if Shawn has something to tell him. Anna asks Dante to come and see her, and they step aside. Carly takes Shawn into the interrogation room. She tells Shawn that he doesn't have to confess, but he disagrees. He says it's the only way.  Outside in the bullpen, Anna shares the news that the strike marks from the rifle don't match the fragments taken from Olivia. The bullet that hit Olivia didn't come from the gun they have.

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