GH Update Thursday 6/20/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/20/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is jogging in the park, trying to forget about kissing Kiki. As he slams his phone shut, Carly catches up to him, asking him what's wrong. He tells her that he didn't like the song he was listening too. Carly doesn't buy it, and tells him that he's not a good liar.

At the mansion, Kiki is looking at a picture of Michael, with AJ and Monica, also thinking about the kiss. Morgan enters the room proclaiming "What a beautiful day!" which startles Kiki out of her reverie. She drops the picture, saying that she thought he was her father. He tells her that he was teasing her. She punches him, and calls him a jerk.

At the hospital, Anna talks to Duke on phone about meeting later. Just then Sonny shows up, so Anna lets Duke go. "Are you here to arrest me?" he asks. Anna tells him no, so Sonny tells her to get out.

At the lake house, Molly is pleasantly surprised to see Rafe at the door. She asks him what happened, did he escape? Rafe says that Uncle Silas turned the car around and dropped him off, without saying anything. All he muttered was that he's not at a vampire. Lucy is delighted that she got through to him.

At GH, Sam is also surprised to find Dr. Clay lurking around. "Did you miss your plane?" she quips. He tells her no, it's still going to New York. He admits that she and Rafe have a special relationship and it didn't feel right to leave with everything she's going through.

At the lake house, Rafe, Molly and Lucy are enjoying, whatever time they have together. There's a knock on the door, so Lucy answers it. It's Shawn looking for Alexis, but Lucy tells him that she's at the hospital with Sam and Danny.

At GH, Sam is confused by Dr. Clay change of heart. She doesn't understand why he suddenly cares. He tells her that unlike his brother, he does have a soul. Sam wonders why he's talking about his brother, and he tells her because of her crazy friend. Suddenly, it clicks for Sam. that he had a talking-to from Lucy. She wonders where Rafe is. He tells her at Alexis's. He thinks Rafe will hate him less, but he's still taking him to New York with him. Sam asks where Rafe is, so he tells her that he dropped him off at Alexis's.

At the park, Michael says that he has a lot on mind. Carly admits that she knows what that's like. She asks him if he's heard anything about Olivia. He tells her that he went by the hospital to see Dante a couple of times, but there was nothing much he could do. Carly feels awful about Olivia, and blames herself.

At the mansion, Morgan picks up the picture, wondering why she is staring at a picture of Michael. He says that if she's trying to make him jealous, it's working. He then tells that he was teasing her. She punches him, and calls him a jerk. Morgan wants to fool around but they are interrupted by Ava calling persistently. As Ava tells Kiki, that she just wants to talk to her, we see that she is already at ELQ. Kiki doesn't believe her and hangs up.

At the hospital, Sonny tells Anna that it's a bad time to come around. While Sonny tries to get rid of Anna, Connie and Dante are watching from Olivia's room. Dante comes out and tells his father, that he asked Anna to come by. When Sonny asks why, Dante says to find out who hurt his mother.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis walks by Dr. Clay, and asks what he's doing there. "Loitering?" he quips. Sam tells her, that he's pretending to have a soul. Alexis wishes him good luck with that. He tells her that he's not looking forward to it. Alexis says, that his leaving was the bright spot in her day, except for taking Rafe with him. Alexis ignores him, and tells Sam that she saw Monica. She's with Danny and Spinelli. Monica gave her a list of all the chemicals Danny will need for chemo. Dr. Clay reads the list over Sam's shoulder, and tells her that she doesn't want to do that.

At the lake house, Shawn tells Lucy that he's worried about Alexis and Danny. He just wanted to make sure that Alexis was okay. Lucy tells Shawn that with his support Alexis will be okay. Shawn appreciates the sentiment but isn't so sure. He tells Lucy that she doesn't know him. She agrees, but she knows TJ, and tells Shawn how wonderful TJ was about the Nurses' Ball. She assures him that TJ thinks the world of him, and that Shawn being his guardian says a lot about him. Lucy's pep talk makes Shawn feel even more guilty, so Shawn takes off.

AT GH, Dante tells Sonny that he wants to talk to Anna alone. He tells Sonny to go and be with his mother. Sonny asks if there is any change, but Dante says no. Sonny asks Connie the same thing, when he enters the room. Connie is freaking out because Olivia isn't waking up. Connie sobs as Sonny tries to comfort her.

In the hallway, Dante apologizes to Anna for Sonny's behavior. Anna brushes it off and asks how Dante is doing. Dante is barely holding it together. Dante tells her the reason that he called her. He thinks that someone else may have been involved. When Anna asks who, Dante tells her, Carly.

Michael doesn't understand why Carly feels guilty about Olivia. He jokes that unless she hired a hitman, she wasn't responsible. Carly changes the subject and ask about him. Michael tells Carly that Morgan and Kiki moved out. Carly thinks they went to Sonny's, but Carly isn't prepared to hear they went to the Quartermaines. He tells her that Kiki turns out to be one of them.

Kiki is still ranting to Morgan about Ava. Morgan is more interested in his online poker game. Kiki tells Morgan, that Ava tricked her into coming to Port Charles. Kiki thinks Ava is still after the Quartermaine money. She's not that far off.

Ava knocks on AJ's office door, only to find Duke. When Duke hears the name Jerome, he looks extremely startled. Duke apologizes to Ava for his reaction, then tells her that he used to work for a family with that name. Ava counters that it is a common name while Duke says, not that common. Again Ava denies any knowledge of the Jerome crime family.

Carly is stunned by the news that Kiki is really Lauren Frank. She asks him if he knew but, of course, he didn't. He tells her that AJ called him over to meet his cousin. Carly surmises that AJ wanted Michael to chat up Kiki. Carly can't believe that Franco's daughter is involved. Michael defends Kiki and says she knew nothing of her father or anything that he'd done. Carly says that Michael must've been shocked. Michael says that shocked doesn't begin to cover it.

At the mansion, Kiki wonders if Ava went back to New York. Morgan slams his hand down on the table and yells "Damn." Kiki asks if his porn site froze on him again. Morgan teases her that Michael said almost the same thing. The truth is that he's already over his limit on the poker site. Morgan changes the subject and suggests they go swimming.

Carly senses trouble between Michael and Kiki, but Michael is saved by his cell phone. It's his credit card company about his account being overdrawn. He tells Carly that he has to leave, but he doesn't tell her why. As he leaves, he tells her what happened to Olivia wasn't her fault. Shawn walks up behind her and hears Michael's parting words. "Except it was." Carly jumps at the sound of his voice.

At GH, Dante tells Anna the theory that he and Lulu came up with. He tells her how when Lulu went to find Olivia's doctor, and witnessed the intense scene between Carly and Sonny. She couldn't her anything but the body language spoke volumes. She could tell that there was something really wrong.

In Olivia's room, Connie tells Sonny that since Trey died, Olivia is all she has left. Sonny assures that, that isn't true. he will always be there for her. As he's telling her this, Olivia slowly comes too.

Anna considers Dante's theory, and finds that it makes sense. Anna asks Dante if he asked Sonny if he were involved. Dante tells her that he swore he wasn't involved. Dante knows that he wouldn't incriminate himself to Dante. Carly on the other hand, he tells her how Lulu went to see her. Carly shut her down which makes Anna convinced that something is up.

Alexis tells Dr. Clay to stay out of it, but Sam wants to hear what he has to say. She never wants to regret not doing enough for Danny. Dr. Clay says that Dr. Singh's protocol is okay for a normal person but not for a small child. He says that he uses a different protocol and that it usually works. Sam agrees to it but Alexis asks what if the doctor doesn't. Dr. Clay says, almost jokingly, that he will intimidate him. He and Sam leave.

At the lake house, Molly is worried about Danny. Lucy asks for his St. Michael's medal. Rafe says that when she first gave it to him, he didn't believe in it. Now he does. They form a circle and place their hands on the medal. Lucy says a prayer for Danny.

Kiki and Morgan are at the boathouse, where he's all over her. Kiki backs away and says that she has to change. Morgan jumps into the lake that apparently is very cold. Michael has reached the mansion yelling for Morgan. He find Morgan's laptop and sees that he has used Michael's credit information. "Morgan, you're a dead man!" he says as he storms off looking for him.

Dr. Clay is leaving when Sam catches up to him. He asks how the chemo went and she tells that he's resting. It may take awhile for the drugs to take in. he stands down and tells her yes, it will take awhile. She reluctantly thanks him for his help.

Alexis goes home to tell everyone the good news. Molly rushes to phone Kristina, while Rafe goes to the kitchen. Alexis thanks Lucy for whatever she said to Dr. Clay. Lucy tells Alexis that Shawn stopped by, and that something seemed terribly wrong.

Dante returns to Olivia's room before Sonny can go and find him. Dante is overjoyed ton have his mother back. Dante tells that he didn't know what he would do if he lost her. Sonny tells Dante that Olivia is a fighter. Connie witnessing this touching scene, feels left out. She leaves to find the doctor. Dante tells Olivia that he made a bargain with god. He promised to find out who did this to her. He looks sideways at Sonny.

In the park, Carly and Shawn are talking about the same thing. Carly gets upset when she hears that Shawn told Alexis, but he tells her that Alexis can't turn him because she's Sonny's lawyer. She tells Shawn that he can't turn himself in because Anna will suspect her. Just at that moment, Carly sees Anna standing behind them.

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