GH Update Tuesday 6/18/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/18/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Kiki are upset to find out that they're cousins.

TJ and Taylor see Molly and Rafe kissing. Molly and Rafe say an emotional goodbye.

Shawn has confessed everything to Alexis, and she wonders if he's even sorry about Olivia. He tells her that he'll never forgive himself if Olivia dies. "What about me?" asks Alexis. He wonders if she'll turn him in.

Carly returns home and is startled to find Sonny sitting in her living room. He's sitting in the dark, and holding a gun. Carly assumes that Olivia has died, and becomes upset. Sonny says nothing has changed with Olivia, but he just wanted her to know how serious he is. If Olivia dies, so does Carly!

At the Quartermaines, Kiki tells Michael that her full name is Lauren Katherine Jerome. Michael realizes that he kissed his cousin.

In the limo, TJ is devastated after seeing Molly and Rafe kissing. Taylor takes advantage of the situation. Molly and Rafe have no idea they were being watched.

In the park, Rafe realizes that Molly still wants to be with TJ. He encourages her to go after him, because he doesn't want her to be alone when he's gone. While riding around in the limo, TJ is still reeling from thinking Molly has moved on. Taylor hands him a flask to cheer him up.

Alexis is still convinced that Sonny ordered the hit. Shawn thinks back to his conversation with Carly. Shawn doesn't admit that it wasn't Sonny.

Carly tries to defend herself to Sonny, but he's on the warpath.

Dante is having a hard time thinking that his father is responsible for his mother getting hurt. Lulu reminds him that a lot of other people had reason to want Franco dead. Dante looks at Lulu, and she says. "Carly!"

Carly is still being yelled at by Sonny, because he feels betrayed. He's furious that she didn't listen to him. "Franco isn't dead!" he says, "And now he knows that we are responsible." Carly tells him that Franco told her that he wouldn't say anything. Sonny snaps at her!

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaines, Franco sensing something amiss between Michael and his daughter, tries to mediate. Unfortunately, he mentions the rape during his monologue, Morgan becomes upset. Michael attempts to calms him down.

Back in the park, Molly explains to Rafe how she feels about him and TJ. She cares about both of them, but in different ways. In the limo. Taylor is working hard to make TJ forget about Molly. When he complains that the booze isn't working, Taylor offers something better, and leans in to kiss him.

Over at GH, Lulu tells Dante what she witnessed between Sonny and Carly earlier. Dante surmises that they both have reason to hate Franco. Dante realizes that they could've been in on the hit together.

Alexis and Shawn are arguing about who ordered the hit. Alexis worries what will happen if Olivia dies, Sonny will come after Shawn. Shawn tells her that as mad as Sonny is at him, he is even more angry at someone else.

Over at Carly's, Sonny is still yelling at her for not thinking about the consequences. He asks her if she thought about Shawn. He reminds her that Shawn only agreed to it because of Carly. Sonny wonders how long it will Alexis to figure it out. Carly tells him that Franco said he wouldn't rat them out. Sonny doesn't care.

AJ and Kiki watch in horror as Michael has to tell Morgan about the rape. He explains that it was a long time ago, and that Jason killed the guy. He explains that Franco wanted to mess with Jason, but Carter had other ideas. He says there is a tape to prove Franco called it off, but it was too late. Kiki is disgusted hearing this about her father. Franco tries to reach out to her, but she pulls away. She upset and mention that Michael talked to her about the rape. She feels horrified that it was her father. Morgan realizes that he's been seriously left out of the loop.

In the limo, things are moving too fast for TJ. In the park, Molly and Rafe talk about Taylor. She tells him what she saw at Kelly's, and how it made her feel. She says that Taylor saw her, but TJ never did. Taylor waved at her and looked like she was happy that Molly saw them together.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn't know what to do. She says that she couldn't feel any worse, but Sonny says that she could. He has no sympathy for her at all. He tells her that Anna and Dante are working on the case. He wouldn't blame Shawn for ratting her out because she betrayed him. Sonny puts his gun away and says "You've got a lot of praying to do." as he walks out.

Alexis wants to know whose sparing Shawn from Sonny's wrath. Shawn changes the subject, and want an answer to his question. He tells her how happy he's been since he's been with her. Will she turn him in? She tells him that she can't.

Morgan becomes upset that Kiki knew about the rape before him. He becomes suspicious of this new found closeness between his brother and his girlfriend. Michael makes a joke but it doesn't fly. Michael and Kiki get defensive, and flashback to the kiss. Franco intervenes but Kiki gets upset when he calls Morgan "kid!"

Back in Olivia's room, Lulu and Dante talk about their new theory. Dante says he won't give up on finding out who hurt his mother, even if Sonny was involved. Just then, Lulu sees Sonny in the doorway.

TJ backs off but Taylor tells him that she came to Port Charles to meet new people and have fun. Taylor tells him that she feel for him the minute she laid eyes on him. She talks him into having sex with her, after she shows him a condom.

Molly thinks that TJ wouldn't go for anyone like that. she's wrong. Rafe makes her smile, but it doesn't last, when they realize this it. He leaves in the morning with Uncle Silas. Rafe has taken Molly home, for what they think is the last time.

Alexis moans to Shawn about her history of choosing dangerous men. Shawn asks if that's how she sees him, but she didn't. Alexis tells him that her decision has nothing to do with him. When he asks her who, she tells him Sonny.

Sonny enters saying that he didn't hear anything. Lulu says that there was nothing to hear. Dante tells Sonny that there's been no change in Olivia's condition. Lulu uses this as a chance to leave saying she need to change clothes. She asks Dante and Sony if they want anything. Sonny says no, but Dante asks for coffee. Sonny talks to Olivia and tells her he's sorry.

Alexis tells him it's attorney client privilege, and if she turns him in, she'll have to turn Sonny in, too. Shawn asks her if she thinks that he's a murderer now and she says yes. He tells her she is, too and brings up Kiefer. She says that it's apples and oranges but Shawn uses it against her.

Sonny tells Dante how Olivia helped him out when Dante was looking for Lulu. Sonny calls her his lifeline, and how scared he is of losing her. Dante asks him why he let earlier.

Lulu turns up at Carly's doorstep. Carly gets scared about Olivia, but Lulu assures her that there's no change. She tells Carly that she's there to apologize for hooking up with Franco. Carly accept that explanation, but is really there on a fishing trip.

Michael, Franco, and AJ leave the room to give Morgan and Kiki a chance to talk. She deftly handles Morgan, while Michael and AJ talk about the kiss. Michael gets pissed at AJ for not telling him Kiki's name. AJ apologizes and says that he didn't know it was important. Kiki comes out, ostentatiously to look for beer, and runs into Michael. AJ takes his leave so they can talk. Kiki tells Michael to forget the kiss.

Alexis and Shawn are arguing when Molly goes rushing past them. Shawn tells Alexis to go to her, because they are finished. He walks out. In Olivia's hospital room, Dante questions Sonny about where he went and why. Dante says that all he really cares about is getting the person who is responsible for hurting his mother.

Lulu makes Carly feel uncomfortable, and she gets rid of her.

AJ interrupts Franco's cryptic conversation with Morgan. Morgan leaves to join Kiki and Michael in the foyer. He apologizes to Michael for his earlier outburst. Michael accepts and watches as Morgan and Kiki go up to their new digs.

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